HubSpot ABM, Supercharged

HubSpot gives you a platform for digital marketing - Demand Sage turns that platform into true ABM

Intent And Engagement Signals

While HubSpot’s Account-Based Marketing platform does a great job of turning companies, deals and contacts into accounts, there are still holes. Demand Sage fills those holes.

  • Identify engagement signals across all Contacts connected to an Account
  • See when Accounts get hot or cold, and respond quickly and appropriately
  • Track the engagement of key contacts at a company, be it important Buyer Roles or the highest-titled Contact
  • Recognize spikes in Contacts from an Account engaging with your sales and marketing endeavors and collateral
Supercharge your ABM by identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Turn Data Into Account Intelligence

Distill data into actionable intelligence, quickly and accurately identifying next best actions to close an engaged Account, rekindle a cold Account, or put the right message in front of the right Contacts

  • Proprietary calculated metrics for a complete understanding of an Account
  • Side-by-side comparison of Accounts to identify missing activities
  • Account Health metrics to pinpoint gaps in ABM best-practice data
  • Best-performing acquisition channels split by firmographic data to fast-track your pipeline
Turn HubSpot data into actionable account intelligence

Take Command Of Target Account Pipelines

Add intelligence to your ABM process by identifying key characteristics of deals, applying that logic to your existing deals, and taking control of your pipeline by prioritizing your best opportunity Accounts.

  • Leverage lead sources that drive the most first, last and most-common Contacts to Accounts
  • Model Account-level data that contributed to historical won and lost deals
  • Filter existing Companies by firmographic and engagement similarities to your ICP
  • Compare all Target Accounts to ensure ICPs are being worked appropriately
  • Identify campaigns and sources driving pipeline movement
Take command of your target account pipelines by pulling HubSpot data into Demand Sage

Drill Into Target Accounts

Leverage a dashboard that pulls all of the most relevant data and insights about a specific Account into one place, giving you a constantly-updating roadmap of how best to approach pushing the Account further along your revenue funnel.

  • Go back in time to see how metrics at a Target Account have changed
  • See exactly how Contacts at a particular Account are engaging with your content and campaigns
  • Identify gaps in outreach with time-driven metrics on key Contacts
  • Recognize and prioritize acquisition sources that drive more and better-engaged Contacts at an Account
Command your sales pipeline

Automatically Connect HubSpot Data to Google Sheets

Command your sales pipeline
Put your reports on autopilot
Command your sales pipeline
Nightly sync ensures your data is always fresh
Command your sales pipeline
Stop manually exporting CRM data into a spreadsheet
Command your sales pipeline

Leverage Best-Practice Insights, Reports And Custom Metrics

Command your sales pipeline
Our library of pre-built reports offer instant intelligence
Command your sales pipeline
Calculated metrics bridge gaps between Contacts, Companies and Deals
Command your sales pipeline
Metric snapshots enable reports over time
Command your sales pipeline

Customize Reporting To Make Your Expectations Reality

Command your sales pipeline
Build custom database queries with no coding required using our visual report builder
Command your sales pipeline
Manipulate HubSpot data as you see fit in spreadsheet
Command your sales pipeline
Use robust Deal, Contact, and Company lists to create flexible engines for report building
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