Turn Campaign Investments Into Predictable Revenue

Intelligence is the difference between a successful marketing organization with a growing budget and yet another reorg

Command Your Revenue Pipeline With Confidence

Your sales and marketing funnel is your lifeblood. Make sure you are in control of it by turning your HubSpot data into a spreadsheet full of insights.

Import HubSpot data into Google Sheets to manipulate, report on and share with Demand Sage

Attribute Marketing Impact Across The Funnel

Don’t pigeonhole marketing campaigns by attributing them only to new leads and closed deals; see how your campaigns and content impact the movement of a Contact or Deal at any point of your revenue funnel.

  • Attribute marketing activities to all funnel and pipeline steps
  • Recognize when a marketing campaign influences a Deal, even when targeting non-decision-makers
  • Categorize campaigns into early-, mid- and late-funnel based on real results
  • See first, last and most common lead source at Accounts
Supercharge your ABM by identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Track And Optimize Campaigns Over Time

Use historical snapshot reporting to identify trends across your entire database, ensuring that underperforming efforts are redirected or stopped quickly

  • Trend anything you want by analyzing list membership over time
  • Identify upward or downward trends in campaign metrics
  • Slice campaigns by firmographic, engagement and demographic metrics to profile Contacts impacting a campaign’s trends

Clicks, Views, Interactions, All In One Place

Build a holistic marketing landscape dashboard that pulls all of your digital engagements - anonymous or otherwise - into one centralized report.

  • See your full digital waterfall, all in one place
  • Unlock robust pageview insights without having to use the HubSpot CMS
  • Bring together the website traffic insights of Google Analytics with HubSpot’s downfunnel analytics
Command your sales pipeline

Automatically Connect HubSpot Data to Google Sheets

Command your sales pipeline
Put your reports on autopilot
Command your sales pipeline
Nightly sync ensures your data is always fresh
Command your sales pipeline
Stop manually exporting CRM data into a spreadsheet
Command your sales pipeline

Leverage Best-Practice Insights, Reports And Custom Metrics

Command your sales pipeline
Our library of pre-built reports offer instant intelligence
Command your sales pipeline
Calculated metrics bridge gaps between Contacts, Companies and Deals
Command your sales pipeline
Metric snapshots enable reports over time
Command your sales pipeline

Customize Reporting To Make Your Expectations Reality

Command your sales pipeline
Build custom database queries with no coding required using our visual report builder
Command your sales pipeline
Manipulate HubSpot data as you see fit in spreadsheet
Command your sales pipeline
Use robust Deal, Contact, and Company lists to create flexible engines for report building
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