Getting Started

Common Tasks

Compare deal value to the time to close between deals

This exploration starts with our Account Health report. Go to Add-ons > Demand Sage > View Report Library. You will see a list of reports on the left side of the library. Select Account Health and click on GET. The report will be instantaneously copied to your Sheet.

This report allows you to understand how much time an account has spent in the funnel and simultaneously compare at their open deal amounts. We have a Demand Sage-specific metric called Deal Amount vs. Closed Won which compares the total Open Deal Value of an account to the average Closed Won account. For instance, a value 0f 100% means that the account has a total of Open Deal Amount that is exactly the same as the average Closed Won Deal. Additionally, we also give you the total sum of Open Deal Amount to understand what the actual value is.

Finally, use the Time in Funnel (Days) column to understand if high-value accounts are spending too much time in the funnel. Click on the (+) button above the Time in Funnel (Days) column to show each stage of the funnel and understand how long accounts spend at each of these steps.

Having Issues?

The common problems we see are:

  • Users who are logged into multiple accounts (such as work and personal) may accidentally install the add-on to one account and then open Google Sheets on another
  • Some reports won't work if the authorized HubSpot account does not have access to the underlying data

Other questions? Happy to help!

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