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Report Library - Pre-Built Reports To Solve Your Business Needs

Demand Sage provides a set of out of the box reports to get you started.
We are constantly adding new reports so let us know if you don’t see what you need.

Accessing Report Library

To access Report Library, you must first set up Demand Sage.
Report Library will not work until we have prepared your data.
To access report library, navigate to  Add-ons > Demand Sage > View Report Library.

This will bring up the Report Library. Click on any report from the menu to access it.
Every Report will have a "Get Now" button (or "Update" if there is an update for a report you already have). Clicking this will cause a new sheet to be created with this report.

Available Reports

Loading Report List.

Having Issues?

The common problems we see are:

  • Users who are logged into multiple accounts (such as work and personal) may accidentally install the add-on to one account and then open Google Sheets on another
  • Some reports won't work if the authorized HubSpot account does not have access to the underlying data

Other questions? Happy to help!

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