WPX Hosting Review 2024 — Is It Any Good? (TRUTH)

There are a plethora of managed WordPress hosting providers out there in the market. But when it comes to choosing a reliable managed WordPress hosting, you might face difficulties. 

When you purchase a website hosting, you expect fast loading times, flexible UI, good customer support, and an uptime guarantee. But in reality, you get server errors, slow loading time, extra charges for migrations, poor customer services, and many other unacceptable things. 

But that doesn’t happen with WPX Hosting

If we talk about managed WordPress hosting, WPX Hosting claims to be the Fastest WordPress Hosting in the world. 

WPX Hosting is not only known for fast loading but it also showed its standard in world-class customer support, free migration, free SSL, free CDN, and so on. 

In this post, we will review WPX Hosting which includes detailed insights into this platform and we will also introduce the facts that make it unbeatable in the hosting world. 

What is WPX Hosting? 

WPX Hosting is one of the most affordable and fastest managed WP hosting providers. 

WPX Hosting Overview

WPX Hosting’s pricing starts from $24/month which is quite less than Pagely and WP Engine. At this price, you get superior page loading times, high-spec SSD servers, and 24/7 customer support with a 30-second average response time. 

Benefits of choosing WPX Hosting 

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free unlimited website migration
  • Unlimited emails
  • Quick repair (whenever your site goes offline) 
  • Superfast CDN servers with 25 geo-locations
  • Free malware remover

Apart from providing the best service to their users, WPX Hosting also does charity work and is committed to helping homeless dogs and cats.

WPX Hosting Features

Most of the customers mainly focus on page loading speed, server performance, and other aspects. Let’s find out what WPX Hosting offers, which makes it superior to others. 

1. Speed Test

While surfing the web, users expect fast loading and other digital experiences. Slow loading speed frustrates them. And it can also cost your potential customers and affect your conversion rate. 

In a research study, we found out that websites that have delays of 3 seconds can experience 50% bounce rates. Recently, Google also announced “Website Speed” as a major ranking factor. 

WPX Hosting Review — Speed Page

Overall, a lightning page-loading speed can benefit you and your websites. 

That’s why we have conducted a speed test where we compared WPX Hosting with SiteGround, WP Engine, GoDaddy, Cloudways, Flywheel, DigitalOcean, A2 Hosting, Bluehost WP Pro, and HostGator. 

The test is known as Divi Speed Test and the tools that were used are GTMetrix.com, Google Page Insights, and Pingdom Tools. In this speed test, we used multiple geo-locations such as London, Dallas, Mumbai, Sydney, Vancouver, São Paulo, and Hong Kong. 

In all those 7 geo-locations, WPX Hosting took an average loading speed of 0.9 seconds which was better than all other managed WordPress hostings. 

As a digital marketer, choosing WPX Hosting services would be a wise decision. Not only site speed but it is also able to give a dramatic impact on increased search rankings and low bounce rates. 

2. Daily Website Backups

WPX Hosting backups your WordPress websites on a daily basis for Free while other web hosting providers usually charge for daily website backup. You can also get access to your daily backups (last 28 days) from the dashboard. 

WPX stores the backup files on secure servers for extra protection. However, if anything goes wrong, you won’t be charged a penny for backup recovery. There are also a few third-party plugins available such as Updraft and BackupBuddy. If you want, you can keep your backups by yourself. 

3. Free Website Migration Services 

Website migration is quite a complex task and must be done by professionals. Most of the web hosting providers charge you for website migration.

As we already mentioned in benefits, WPX Hosting offers you unlimited free website migrations. Once you switch to WPX, professionals will take care of your website migration. 

WPX Hosting Review — Migration Service

The complete migration process will be done by trained WPX professionals and experts. WPX offers website migration with three plans:

  • Business Account – 5 Sites
  • Professional Account – 15 Sites
  • Elite Account – 35 Sites

To initiate a site migration, you must create a ticket from the Support option inside your dashboard. Within 24 hours, their team will quickly complete your website migration.

4. User Interactive Dashboard 

WPX Hosting’s dashboard offers a straightforward dashboard. It’s so easy to use that even a new user can easily relate and will be able to manage their accounts. 

Let’s take a dive into WPX Client Dashboard. 

WPX Hosting Review — Dashboard

Inside an Account Dashboard, users can get options to manage their accounts. They can access the details of traffic, bandwidth, and mail usage for every website. You will also get access to your server space via SFTP & FTP which also allows you to upload plugins and themes. 

5. Email Service 

With every WPX Hosting plan, you will get a free email service. You can use email marketing along with your professional website domain name. 

You can directly set up your free email right from the WPX dashboard. You get options to access emails on webmail, smartphone, and Outlook. There aren’t any options to send bulk emails because no hosting company offers such deals. So like other hosting companies WPX also doesn’t offer bulk emailing. 

6. Superfast Customer Support Staff 

Sometimes visitors experience some unexpected errors while viewing or purchasing products from your website. In such circumstances, if they don’t get immediate support, you will possibly lose a potential customer. 

That’s why on-demand customer support is necessary. Each web hosting providers offer different types of support to their users. WPX Hosting provides 24/7 customer support with an extremely fast response to the customers. 

WPX offers a live-chat option that has an average 32-second response time. If you want to send a ticket, you get the response within 5 minutes. WPX’s customer service has been praised by popular webmasters Matthew Woodward and Matt Diggity. 

Other Remarkable WPX Hosting Features 

WPX also offers a few free and notable features that you probably have to pay for it if you choose other web hosting providers. 

1. DDoS Protection 

Sometimes WordPress websites become defenseless against DDoS attacks. If your website is not DDoS protected, any cyberpunk can easily bring your website down by maliciously attacking your server. 

To avoid such situations, WPX offers enterprise-level DDoS protection. This DDoS protection is hosted by Incapsula, a leading DDoS security company. 

2. Free SSL Certificates

In this modern digital world, an SSL certificate is compulsory otherwise your websites will get a remark saying “not secure”. It is also a major ranking factor. The sites that have SSL installed on it get better exposure and trust from visitors. If you’re selling something on your website then you must install an SSL certificate to your website. This will show the trustworthiness of your products to potential customers. 

WPX Hosting offers free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt which is a non-profitable SSL/TLS provider. Your SSL certificate also gets renewed every three months. You will be notified whenever it gets renewed. You can also ask the WPX team to migrate your websites from HTTP to HTTPS. 

3. Security Coverage 

While choosing a WordPress hosting, users must check all security features that the web host is providing. It is necessary to keep your website secure. 

WPX Hosting offers Sucuri security services. Basically, Sucuri is a top-notch website security solution whose primary plan starts at $199.99/year. WPX offers Sucuri without any cost while other providers like SiteGround charge $199.99/year for such services. 

Sucuri’s premium cloud-based platform scans your website completely to make sure there isn’t any malware attacking your server. If something bad happens to your website, you can simply recover it with the help of it. 

4. WordPress Multisite Support 

WPX allows WordPress multisite installation. If you want it, you just have to enable it from your Hosting panel. With this feature, you can easily manage multiple websites right from a solo WordPress dashboard. 

What Makes WPX WordPress Hosting Stand Out?

WPX offers a custom-built WPX Cloud CDN. In order to provide ideal WordPress performance, the team of WPX regularly tweaks and makes changes to its Cloud CDN. 

Let’s see what makes it beneficial.

1. Lightning Fast Loading Times 

If your business serves an international audience and delivers content across the globe, you must try WPX Cloud. You will start seeing big improvements in your business. 

When you switch to WPX Cloud, your website’s page loading speed will rise up to 300% (depending on the resources and configuration).

2. Supports 20+ Worldwide Locations 

WPX covers more than 20 geo-locations worldwide to offer better performance to your audience. At the same time, it also ensures a smooth loading balance during mass traffic on your website. Compared to Pagely and WP Engine, WPX covers more geo-locations all over the world. 

3. No External CDN is Required 

You won’t need any third-party CDN if you are using WPX Cloud. Why pay extra for other CDN services when WPX is already offering exceptional CDN services for free. The Cloud works efficiently to offer better performance to your websites. 

4. Easy Set-Up

WPX by default activates and configures Cloud CDN of all the active hosting accounts. So you don’t have to sweat it for the setup.

5. Better Security 

You might face technical issues and downtime with other hosting providers. But that doesn’t happen with WPX. The servers of WPX are cloud-based so there are fewer chances you encounter these problems. 

Pros and Cons of WPX Managed WordPress Hosting 


  • Full backup manager 
  • Lightning-fast page loading time
  • Free website migrations 
  • Staging area 
  • Free unlimited SSL certificates
  • Free daily backups 
  • Provides free WPX Cloud (CDN) 
  • No fixing cost in case of malware attacks
  • Top-notch security with enterprise-level DDoS protection 
  • Reliable customer support staff


  • No phone support option except live chat and ticket options 
  • It doesn’t offer traditional cPanel

WPX Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX Hosting offers simple and flexible pricing plans. Compared to WP Engine, HostGator, and other managed WP hosts, WPX offers affordable plans. 

Currently, they are offering three plans to their customers. 

WPX Hosting Pricing Options

1. Business – The business plan costs $24.99 per month. If you choose the yearly plan, it will cost you $20.83/month and you will also get Two Months Free.

With this plan, you will get.

  • Up to 5 Websites
  • 200 GB Bandwidth 
  • 15 GB Storage

2. Professional – This plan charges $49.99 per month. Choosing the yearly plan will cost you only $41.58/month with additional 2 Months Free at no cost. 

With this plan, you will get. 

  • Up to 15 Websites 
  • 400 GB Bandwidth 
  • 30 GB Storage

3. Elite – The elite plan comes with elite features. It will cost you $99.00/month or $83.25/month if paid yearly. With a yearly subscription, you will get additional 2 Months Free. 

With this plan, you will get. 

  • Up to 35 Websites 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (with a reasonable use limit) 
  • 60 GB Storage

All Plans Free Features

  • Unlimited Site Migrations
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Custom CDN
  • Site Speed Optimization 
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation 
  • Free Email
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support 
  • Free Fixes if Site Offline 
  • DDoS Protection 
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee 
  • Automatic and Manual Backups (Up to 28 days) 
  • Malware Removal
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee 
  • 20+ Geo-locations Worldwide 

So the basic WPX Hosting’s prices start from $24.99/month with 5 websites to host whereas other popular web hosts like WP Engine prices start at $35/month with a single website to host. Pagely’s hosting prices start at $199/month which is exceptionally high. 

WPX Hosting Coupon

If you are looking for a WPX coupon, then you won’t have to look anywhere else. We got it right here for you. Previously on DemandSage, we have shared working WPX Hosting coupon.

Currently, WPX is offering an exclusive New Year Deal to their new customers. New customers can get a straight 65% off on their first month of the subscription. This deal is applied to all three plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

WPX Hosting vs Pagely, WP Engine, & HostGator

Now you are already aware of the lightning-fast loading speed of WPX Hosting and how it can increase your conversion rate by simply providing you necessary tools. 

If we compare the features and pricing, WPX Hosting really stands out from other web hosts. HostGator does offer a cheaper monthly price but it barely offers half of the WPX features and availability. 

The same happens with WP Engine but its price is a bit higher than WPX. With WP Engine, you will only be able to host one website at the cost of $35/month.

Pagely does offer the same features as WPX except for unlimited site migrations. But if we talk about pricing, its basic plan starts at $199/month with 15 websites to host. Where WPX offers a free UK location option, Pagely charges an extra $50/month along with the base price. 

As you can see, WPX Hosting is clearly a one-sided winner. You won’t get such exceptional features as WPX offers at this rate.

Conclusion: Is WPX Hosting Worth It In 2024?

WPX Hosting doesn’t have decades of WordPress hosting experience like others but it does surpass them by providing customers value for money. WPX is growing rapidly on this platform. Currently, they are serving 40+ million page views a month and they are just growing. 

At such an affordable price, you won’t get top-notch services like WPX anywhere else. The unbeatable customer service, blazing fast loading speed, free daily backups, and other free unlimited features make WPX stand out from the rest of the web hosts.  

If you are somehow not satisfied with their services, you can apply for the full refund within 30-days of purchase. This way you can also check out all of their features. If you get impressive results, you can carry on. If not, you won’t lose a single penny. So do consider choosing WPX Hosting o get experience with these perks. 

FAQs On WPX Hosting

Does WPX Hosting support WordPress Multisite installation? 

Yes, WPX allows WordPress multisite installation. You can enable it right from your hosting panel.

What services does WPX Hosting offer? 

WPX Hosting offers managed WordPress hosting. Apart from that, it also offers other aspects such as Cloud CDN, Server Uptime, email functionality, and many others. 

Does WPX Hosting remove malware? 

WPX Hosting daily scan and remove malware from all their servers. They don’t charge a single penny for this service. 

Will I get access to WPX’s CDN for free?

Yes, you will get access to WPX’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) for free, which has 26 endpoints all over the world. You will get it in all the plans of WPX Hosting.

How does WPX migrate my data to their servers?

Once you create an account on WPX hosting, just send them a migration request. In that migration request, you will also need to send the account details of your previous hosting service, and after that, you need to sit back and relax while the experts at WPX do all the work for you.

Is there a money-back guarantee on WPX Hosting?

Yes, WPX Hosting allows you to send a refund request within 30 days of your purchase, and they will grant your request as long as you have followed all the account cancellation terms & conditions.

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