Demand Sage: Bringing Enterprise-Level BI To Everyone

Demand Sage:
Building What We Wished We Had

Demand Sage TLDR:

Demand Sage was created under the belief that data and intelligence are necessary for any sales and marketing organization to succeed, but the success relies on more than just thinking about numbers. We were formed to give actionable, enterprise-level intelligence to everyone, by taking data from HubSpot, connecting it to Google Sheets, and turning it into insights.

What We Believe:

Data without wisdom is just numbers on a screen. How you come to results that positively impact your business is reliant on many things: how deep is your BI stack; how many data scientists can you leverage in your organization; how much can you spend on those two things to take an unmanageable firehose of raw data and turn it into real wisdom that you can lean on to make your business even more successful.

We believe that it shouldn’t take this much money, time and effort to discover what, exactly, you should be doing to bring in more customers and delight the ones you have. Even the deepest-pocketed organizations use spreadsheets to do what they can’t in their CRMs and BI integrations, so why not make it easier to have up-to-date information in a spreadsheet at all times, plus Demand Sage’s proprietary interpretations and wisdom on top of the data, completely free for organizations of any size to use?

Wisdom drives growth, and growth should not be solely available to companies that have an unlimited budget to fund it.

Demand Sage HQ
at Boston's Old City Hall

Our Founding

Prior to Demand Sage, Raj and Henry cofounded and built the pioneering mobile analytics company Localytics. Randy joined the company shortly after. Localytics brought powerful analytics to the emerging mobile space and helped the world's leading companies in media, commerce and financial services gain incredible insight into their marketing and customer experience.

However, it was clear that even even for a mid-sized company, this type of insight was not feasible given the cost and complexity of the data infrastructure. Changes in technology and the way marketers work led to the belief that an easy to use and inexpensive marketing intelligence platform was finally possible. Demand Sage was founded to bring this vision to reality.

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