Jasper AI Review 2024: Is It Any Better (Verdict)

Out of all the AI writing tools in the market, Jasper AI caught my attention with its features. 

When I started experimenting with Jasper AI (previously known as Jarvis), a lot of features stood out to me. On the other hand, it also had a few areas of improvement. 

While Jasper AI promises to provide “speed and performance,” let’s test it out and see if it actually delivers the same. 

In this Jasper AI review, I will give you a detailed walkthrough of how Jasper AI works, what it offers, security, the content it can generate, the ones it cannot, etc. 

I have also compared it with other AI writing tools in the market to understand if Jasper AI is worth paying for. 

Note: This Jasper AI review was written based on my experience with the tool. The entire review will give you my verdict on the tool and its potential!

Jasper AI Review: Key Takeaway 

Jasper AI has a lot of amazing features. If you are here for a quick review of Jasper AI, you can refer to the table below, which gives a glimpse into how the tool is as an AI writer.

Language Model GPT -4
Security Industry-standard security measures to protect user data
Short-form contentCan generate various short-form content, including social media posts, ad copy, and email subject lines
Long-form contentCan create long articles, blog posts, assignments, etc. 
Best FeaturesLong-form content generation, content improvement tools, AI writing templates, Surfer SEO integration
Major drawbackCan provide repetitive content/words.
Customer SupportDedicated resource section, email support with 4-8 hours of response time.
Price Starts from $39/month
Free Trial7 Days
Free VersionNo
Refund policy 7 Days
Best ForTeams and enterprises

Who is Jasper AI Right For?

Jasper AI is an excellent tool to make your workload easier, beat writer’s block, and increase content output. 

Based on my research and detailed tests, Jasper AI is right for: 

  • Marketers to create compelling copies, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, etc. 
  • Generating long-form content such as blogs and articles. 
  • Social media content
  • Agencies and teams 
  • SEO specialists to create optimized content
  • Students and academic writing
  • Small business owners looking for quick content creation. 
  • Need informative content quickly. 

Who Should Not Go For Jasper AI?

Jasper AI has received more than 4 stars and worldwide praise for its exceptional capabilities. However, that doesn’t mean it is the right tool for everyone.

You should not go with Jasper AI if you want: 

  • Original storytelling
  • Highly technical content. 
  • Factual content or information. 
  • Too much ‘original information.’
  • Industry-specific and in-depth information.
  • Journalists wanting to conduct investigative reporting.

Remember, Jasper AI can improve your existing workflow and increase productivity.  If the above pointers are what you are looking for, you shouldn’t rely 100% on Jasper AI. 

Jasper AI Pros & Cons

Jasper AI did really well in a lot of areas for me. However, Jasper AI also had a few disadvantages. 

Here are a few things I liked and disliked about Jasper AI.

Jasper Pros

  • Provides results 5x faster. 
  • Supports 30+ universal languages.
  • Gives 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • The interface is clean and easy to understand. 
  • I could create SEO-friendly and optimized content. 
  • Helped me in creating long-form content within a few minutes.
  • Tailored to meet your brand guidelines and requirements for targeted content. 

Jasper Cons

  • Sentences were getting repetitive for the long-form content.
  • Jasper needs you to write detailed prompts. If you are going to give a generic prompt, the output you get will also be short. 
  • Jasper AI cannot write personalized content. You will need to write it manually. 

What Is Jasper AI (Overview)

Jasper AI is a robotic writer powered by cutting-edge AI technology. It can curate content 5x faster than an average human copywriter.

With Jasper AI, you receive 100% original content with zero plagiarism. You also get pre-written templates on specific categories. 

Needless to say, Jasper AI writes SEO-friendly content, which means all the content that you get by using Jasper AI is optimized and ready to attract sales and pitches.

Using Jasper AI, you can rank at the top in Google search results, scoop in thousands of frequent visitors, and create loyal website traffic, which you can monetize later.

Ad campaigns, specific niche blogs, informative content, or any type of keyword can be fed to Jasper AI.

It will instantly deliver the desired content in the most rightful format, which results in a smooth workflow with no human-like procrastination.

Jasper AI has a popping interface with easy-to-navigate shortcut tools, making it reliable to use in general. Plus, Jasper AI supports 30+ universal languages.

How to Use Jasper? (A Guide)

As mentioned earlier, Jasper AI has a simplified interface with handy features, which means you do not have to search for tools if you need any.

If you are new to using tech-based software or AI-powered applications, then it might seem a bit tricky for you at first, but eventually, you’ll get used to it with time.

To give a heads-up, I have curated an easy guide on using Jasper AI if you are a beginner.

STEP 1: Picking the right content template in Jasper AI

In Jasper, you get a plethora of content templates. The templates are basically used in order to give context to Jasper AI on writing the desired content.

Jasper.ai Review - Template

The templates include a creative story, long-form content, blog posts, etc.

STEP 2: Feeding relevant information to the template

After you have picked an appropriate template of your choice in Jasper, you need to narrow down the specifics and the data that needs to be covered in the desired content. Hence, you have to be precise on the subject that you let Jasper AI write.

Emphasis on the word “precise” to be taken seriously. If not, Jasper AI might not cover it. Moreover, you can also specify the tone/voice of your content by entering it as well.

STEP 3: Let the magic happen with Jasper

There is no tedious process or opening of unnecessary tabs. You literally have to click “Generate AI content” in Jasper, and boom, you have your freshly curated 100% original content within 10 seconds like a lightning bolt!

Jasper.ai Review - Plagiarism Checker

NOTE: All the content curated from scratch in Jasper AI is automatically saved, and you need not do it every time you compile content manually via Jasper. 

Different Content Templates Of Jasper AI

As discussed earlier, Jasper is all about exciting themes and features, so you get a plethora of content templates predesigned already by the Jasper AI team.

The use of content templates in Jasper AI is effortless. You pick a template in Jasper AI, and that’s it. Yes – it is THAT easy in Jasper AI. Let me list the variety of templates that you’d get in Jasper AI by giving an overview of each template:

  • Text summarizer – You can instantly drop the keyword and get quality content in a summary within seconds.
  • Blog post outline – You can let Jasper AI compile an effective outline for the desired content. In fact, you can also curate a compelling list.
  • Feature to benefit – Instead of simply naming and labeling the features of the desired product, you can enhance the content by converting it into benefits.
  • Blog post conclusion – At times, you might forget to complete your content, so Jasper AI can do it with a compelling conclusion on the endnote.
  • Creative story – Dealing with creative blocks can be tricky. That’s when Jasper AI can come in handy with the creative story template that writes efficiently.
  • Sentence expander – As obvious as it sounds, you can get your content expanded without superficial words, which means you get long, engaging content that adds value and quality.
  • PAS framework – The best part about this template is that it can resolve arising problems via good copywriting.
  • Content improver – I’d refer to it as a way to enhance your content instantly.
  • AIDA framework – Jasper AI ensures to tick all the boxes in AIDA, resulting in better engagement for social media and blog posts quickly.
  • Blog post topic ideas – You can stop squeezing your creative juices because this template will list several sets of prompts that will rank at the top.
  • Video description – Although you might have written good copies for the title, ads, and even thumbnails, Jasper AI can take care of the video copy.
  • Persuasive bullet points – This is close to the general bullet formatted content that you use, yet it can make the workflow easier since it is already designed.

If you are caught up with urgent work or an emergency, you can pick any of the templates listed above and let Jasper AI do all the writing work for you within seconds.

Jasper Brand Voice & Knowledge

This is the latest feature of Jasper, where you can create a unique brand voice, style, and tone that fits your business right. Using this set of rules, you will always create on-brand content. 

Jasper Brand Voice & Knowledge

You can teach Jasper about your company, style guide, brand identity, product catalogs, facts about your business, and so much more in just a few minutes.

Using this feature, you can directly ask Jasper to scan your website so it understands your brand, tone, and style and adapts accordingly.

Using the Knowledge feature, you can teach Jasper anything you want related to your brand and create content to stay on-brand.

You can also just copy-paste any webpage’s URL and ask Jasper to learn from that page, and it will learn everything about it and create content accordingly.

What are Jasper AI Recipes? Everything You Need to Know!

Imagine you want to bake a cake yet do not know how to. 

What is the next feasible option? Yes, RECIPES! You need some user manual, instructions, or at least a guide on how to bake the cake successfully. 

In this case, it is not a cake but content. In order to draft content in Jasper AI, you need to understand how to write commands to Jasper AI.

The commands are not like coding or programming. You don’t need to memorize anything. You simply have to comprehend Jasper AI’s commands.

That’s when Jasper AI recipes come into action. The Jasper AI recipes consist of a series of commands that might efficiently help use Jasper. 

You might doubt if Jasper AI recipes are used only for higher plans. Let me clear it out for you. You basically get pre-filled recipes curated by the Jasper team. 

  • Write about (keyword)
  • Write a conclusion for (keyword)
  • Write a video description for (keyword)

The above-listed commands are Jasper AI recipes. That is how the Jasper AI recipes are structured, so you do not have to spend hours directing the AI in Jasper.

Hit up the Jasper AI recipe and get the work done in a fraction of a second. 

How Effective Is Jasper In Content Curation?

Usually, if you are consuming a product or using a service, then it must reward the user in terms of quality and accuracy. 

In my experience with Jasper AI, did I fully trust the AI in Jasper AI or rewrite the entire content curated by Jasper AI since it was not enough?

I am not going to let you go away with the guessing because I am here to give my honest verdict on how Jasper AI caught my eye and brilliantly did the work for me. 

Although I did not hire a new writer and used Jasper AI, it cannot be considered as a replacement for a potential copywriter because you need to get the facts right.

Firstly, Jasper AI is so powerful that even Hulk might give a tough fight, but the accuracy does not always go hand-in-hand. For instance, I tested Jasper AI myself with several questions on random topics. 

Jasper AI nailed it by providing appropriate answers. Still, some questions were not fully comprehended by Jasper AI, and it vented out biased opinions in a single piece of content, making it confusing and impossible to understand. 

Other than that, Jasper AI was completely responsive and understood the assignment. Regarding Jasper AI’s functionality, I would give 5/5 stars because it was SO EASY to use. 

I mean, there is no other software out there I have genuinely liked using because either it starts lagging or gets outdated, but Jasper AI is different and unique.

In fact, Jasper AI gets updated with the latest templates and features as soon as it is released.

Speaking of templates in Jasper, they were such life saviors because I simply had to choose a relevant template and feed the information.

AIDA Framework — Jasper AI

To be precise, plagiarism-free content. Yet again, the “100% original content” tag via Jasper AI is not fully believable because I noticed that Grammarly detected 20%. 

Hence, I’d recommend using Grammarly as an add-on to secure you rightfully.

Features like rephrasing tools are also disguised in the name of “content improver,” which allowed me to get scraped content fixed instantly with zero errors. 

Bonus: Check how the plagiarism checker works in Grammarly.

Jasper AI also works in 30+ languages, which means Jasper AI can complete your French assignments. Likewise, many more user-friendly tools come in handy in Jarvis. 

If I had to conclude my experience with Jasper AI, I’d say “convenient” because the ease of use was great, and my workflow got smooth.

What Makes Jasper Stand Apart? (Key Features)

Jasper AI has been an absolute treasure since its release, but it might sound like I am bragging about it. Still, it is only fair if I talk about the key features that make Jasper AI stand apart.

As of now, there are big competitions for Jasper AI to fight, yet it still wins!

Jasper AI is intelligent. Let me highlight its best features below:

  • Using Jasper, you can expect SEO-friendly content that can help rank at the top. Jasper AI has strong built-in optimizing tools to elevate your work and take your content to the next level.
  • You can speed up your work up to 5 times faster in Jasper.
  • Jasper AI curates original content without plagiarism, meaning any keyword you give to Jasper AI will be turned into freshly brewed content.
  • The content improver in Jasper AI is an excellent feature that lets you rephrase or rewrite specific content that might need a little touch-up or small tweaks.
  • Speaking of languages, Jasper AI can write in 25+ languages, so you do not have to go through Google Translate anymore since Jasper AI can help you.
Jasper.ai - Language

Other supporting features like 50+ useful templates, free SEO courses, free web copy courses, and guides on using Jasper AI, better called Jasper AI Recipes, are also available.

Jasper.ai Review - SEO Surfer

Jasper AI is indeed beginner-friendly, with a lot of resources that can help you turn into a Jasper AI-certified expert. 

Over time, you can eventually make the best use of Jasper AI!

Jasper AI + Surfer SEO Integration

Back in April 2021, Jasper announced its integration with a popular on-page SEO tool called Surfer SEO. This integration aims to help you create SEO-optimized content quickly that can also easily rank on search engines.

I have been using Surfer SEO for three years now, and let me tell you what a lifesaver this integration is.

Jasper AI's Surfer SEO Integration

With this integration, you can create content using the editor of Jasper. On the editor, you just need to turn on the SEO mode, and it will show you all the suggestions that Surfer offers for that same topic on the left side of your screen.

You need to have a subscription to Surfer SEO and Jasper AI to use this integration. If you are wondering how to integrate Jasper AI with Surfer SEO, check my detailed guide here.

Jasper AI Chrome Extension

Jasper AI recently introduced its own Chrome Extension, which is completely free to use with a free account. It gives you all the features of Jasper AI to use across the internet.

You can create unique content using its AI text generator on platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, Webflow, Canva, YouTube, Gmail, Notion, and many more.

You can use more than 60 Jasper templates to create any type of content.

Jasper AI Chrome Extension

You can generate shareable content within a few seconds using this extension. You can also improve your content on Google Docs or WordPress editor before publishing it online.

It can help you create emails quicker than before, generate responses, and submit them more quickly than before. You can install this extension directly from the Jasper website or Chrome Web Store for free.

What is Jasper Art?

Jasper AI launched a revolutionary tool in August 2022 called Jasper Art, which is an AI image generator. With Jasper Art, you can create amazing art within a few seconds. You can create images from your texts.

Now, Jasper can write unique content with the help of an AI and create unique new images based on your suggestions. 


These images are so unique that you won’t need stock images anymore. Jasper Art is now included with every Jasper plan. To help you understand the workings of Jasper Art completely, we have done a detailed Jasper Art Review here.

Bonus Read: Discover the Best AI for visuals to explore other AI art tools!

What Is Jasper Chat?

After the release of ChatGPT, Jasper AI also launched its own version of a chatbot called Jasper Chat. It simplifies everything that Jasper AI does, and you can easily use it to create content.

You can have a natural conversation with the AI and ask it to generate ideas, create content, revise your content, write jokes, and do all sorts of things.

You can start using Jasper Chat using a prompt or asking a question. 

Jasper Chat

You can also refine your request by providing more info to the AI so it can do what you’re asking easily. This AI chatbot includes all the knowledge of advanced topics and niches that are recent till the summer of 2021.

It also remembers your previous conversation with it, so you can just continue from there. You can get full access to Jasper Chat with any Jasper plan.

Check out our in-depth Jasper Chat review to learn about how to use this chatbot at its best!

Is Jasper AI Secure? 

Jasper AI treats security as its primary concern. It has partnered with Transcend, which gives you maximum control over your privacy and lets you have complete control over your data. 

Additionally, Jasper AI proudly claims to provide enterprise-grade security features. These include SSO Enabled, SOC 2 Compliant, GDPR compliant, etc. 

Some of the security parameters Jasper AI follows are: 

  • Their security parameters are aligned with AICPA Trust Services Principles. 
  • Jasper AI is constantly monitoring to enhance its security. 
  • Conducts penetration testing.  
  • Encrypts user data.
  • Constant networking and logging monitoring. 

You can get Jasper’s Security Whitepaper to understand all the details of how Jasper protects your data here.

As much as I have been testing Jasper AI, I haven’t found any security issues. However, in the end, anything you feed to the internet should be carefully reviewed. Avoid providing sensitive information and data to Jasper AI. 

Jasper.ai Pricing Reviewed: Which Plan Is Best For You?

The pricing in Jasper AI is intriguing and has a different approach. Have you ever seen a customizable pricing structure? Well, Jasper AI has a lot of perks for you.


Commonly, there are three pricing plans in Jasper AI which are quite affordable:

1. Creator Plan: The Creator plan costs $49/month or $39/month, billed annually. You can write unlimited words with the AI, you will also get access to 50+ templates, 50 memories, one brand voice, access to Jasper Art, and Jasper Chat.

2. Teams Plan: The Teams plan costs $125/month or $99/month, billed annually. You will get access to all the creator plan features, three members’ seats, 150 members, three brand voices, etc.

3. Business Plan: The pricing of a Business Plan depends on your requirements, and you can create a custom plan with it. You can get more than ten member seats with this plan. This plan also gives you a dedicated customer success manager and advanced features.

You can also take a detailed look at Jasper Ai’s plans with our detailed guide.

Before you decide to commit to Jasper AI, you can opt for 7-days free. Check our detailed guide on Jasper AI free trial and get started today!

NOTE: You can also request a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with Jasper.

Jasper AI Reviews: What Others Have to Say About It?

My experience with Jasper AI has been good so far. I personally prefer it for writing long-form content. However, my experience alone doesn’t necessarily mean it is the ‘best’ tool out there. 

Before deciding to go ahead with Jasper AI, I went through multiple reviews online. To write this review, I went to Jasper’s official testimonial section, discussion forums, videos, and more. 

JasperAI - Customer Review

Here are some of the reviews I found out, and you can check too. 

According to the reviews on G2 and Capterra, nearly 500 people have rated Jasper AI 4.9/5 stars, which is a green flag that many people love Jasper AI.

Additionally, 1000+ people on Trustpilot voted that Jasper AI is excellent and gave it 5/5 stars. Considering all the reviews and votes, Jasper AI is excellent and worthy software.

However, there is also a thread from Reddit that has mixed reviews from people. But it is worth mentioning that these reviews might be old.

Since Jasper AI has added new features and improved its features, you can try Jasper AI for 7 days for free!

Jasper AI Support | How It Helps?

You should never get blinded by the quality of the product and forget about the after-sales service because once the purchase is over, you should be able to seek help from the respective brand. Regarding Jasper AI support, it has been excellent.

You literally get the response within 20 minutes of seeking help from Jasper AI via email. Gotta credit for that email game!

Plus, the Jasper AI app has a quick help feature that you can access instantly for immediate answers and queries. If you need help from Jasper AI, you can write to hey@japer.ai. You will receive your response within 20 minutes.

The help feature in the application of Jasper AI is beneficial, providing instant answers. If you feel emailing Jasper AI is too much work, you can ask about it within the tool.

Jasper AI has a dedicated resource section with guides, tips, tutorials, etc.

In conclusion, there is no problem with the Jasper AI support, and it is smooth.

Can Jasper AI Replace Human Writers?

AI tools created one of the major concerns in the writing industry. As an active LinkedIn user, I saw posts by people sharing their thoughts on whether AI tools will replace human writers. 

With Jasper AI being an advanced AI writing tool, it is a common concern whether Jasper will replace human writers. 

After testing and experimenting with the tool, Jasper AI cannot replace human writers. In fact, no AI writing tool can replace human writers and editors. 

Jasper AI can assist you in making your work easier and quicker. However, you still need human intervention to ensure the content meets the standard of your requirements. 

Rather than entirely being dependent on the tool, you can merge human + Jasper AI and expect the best output! Doing it the right way only saves you time and manual hassle. 

Is Jasper Better Than ChatGPT?

Our ChatGPT statistics show there are 100 million active users using the tool. With such a major number, ChatGPT is surely coming in handy. However, is Jasper AI better than ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT and Jasper AI both have different targeted audiences. ChatGPT wins when it comes to answering questions, providing guidance on content generation, and catering to everyone. Simply put, it’s more focused on conversational AI. 

On the other hand, Jasper AI is more inclined towards catering to targeted marketing content and creating high-quality content. 

Here is a quick comparison between Jasper AI vs ChatGPT to help you understand the differences. 

ParametersJasper AIChatGPT
Language modelGPT 4GPT 4
Supported languages30+10+
Best featuresBlog posts, articles, website copy, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, ad copyChatbots, virtual assistants, dialogue systems
IntegrationsGoogle Docs, WordPress, Surfer SEO, GrammarlyNo official integrations
Free versionNoYes
use casesWebsite copy, blog posts, social media content, ad copy, email marketing campaigns, etc. Chatbots, virtual assistants, etc.
Best ForMarketers, content creators, freelancers, business owners, etc.Researchers and developers exploring conversational AI applications
Overall Ratings (G2)4.74.7

ChatGPT and Jasper AI both have excellent features. It depends on your requirements and the content type that you are looking for. 

Jasper AI Alternatives You Can Try

While Jasper AI works just fine for people, it might not be able to meet your needs. Therefore, you can opt for some of the best alternatives for Jasper AI. 

Here are my top recommendations that I have tested and tried. You can also read the detailed list of these alternatives

Note: Each tool in this list offers different features and caters to different needs, which I will explain below. 

1. Frase.io 

Unlike Jasper, Frase.io is ideal for SEO optimization and content research. This powerful AI writing tool’s standout features include helping you create detailed content outlines, analyze competitors for you, and give you content optimization suggestions. 

If you are looking specifically for a tool that can help in writing long-form content, Frase.io is the best option. You can also opt for its free trial and test out the tool to see how it aligns with your content requirements. 

You can read our detailed comparison between Frase.io vs Jasper AI to know the differences!

Price: $14.99/month

2. WriteSonic 

WriteSonic is a blend of AI writing, copywriting, and paraphrasing tools. These three top features of Writesonic make it perfect for people who are looking for an alternative to Jasper AI. 

Additionally, Writesonic can help you optimize your content for search engines. Similar to Jasper AI, it has ready-made templates for different content types, making your work easier. Another common feature is that it integrates easily with other tools, including WordPress and SurferSEO. 

I found a lot of similarities between these two tools, making it perfect for anyone looking for a Jasper alternative that offers similar features.

Price: You can enjoy its free version with limited features and limits to GPT 3.5. However, the premium version is priced at $13/month and offers additional features, including access to GPT 4. 

3. Grammarly‘s Generative AI

Previously known as GrammarlyGO, Grammarly’s generative AI is the new addition to Grammarly’s existing features.

I usually use it for quick content creation. For example, responding to an email quickly, dropping a message/email, or getting ideas for social media posts. 

Grammarly’s generative AI doesn’t work best for long-form content. Instead, you can use it for short-term and quick content. Since Grammarly works everywhere you type, the generative AI feature can also be used everywhere you type online. 

Its shortcoming is that even Grammarly Premium puts a limit of 1,000 prompts per month. So, it won’t be ideal for large-scale operations. Rather, freelancers and solopreneurs can find GrammarlyGO handy. 

Read my experience with GrammarlyGO to understand how it works and whether it’s the right choice for you!

Price: You can use GrammarlyGO for free with Grammarly’s free version. However, you can increase the number of prompts allowed by going with the premium version. 

If you want more options, you can check out my detailed list of top AI writing tools in the market. The list is comprehensive and provides a detailed look into all the top AI writers in the market. 

Final Thoughts On Jasper AI Review (2024)

Jasper AI provides excellent features to create different types of content. However, after thoroughly testing it out, it stood out for me in terms of understanding user-specific content. 

Unlike other AI writing tools, Jasper AI understands your marketing requirements and delivers fast and quality content. 

On the other hand, it still needs to work on its accuracy and content enhancement. 

You can use Jasper AI as a helping hand to increase your workflow. However, you still need a human writer and editor to check the content that Jasper AI has delivered. 

In the end, Jasper AI or any AI tool needs human intervention to fact-check and make sure it aligns with your needs (unless you are looking to produce generic content)!

You can test out the tool for free for 7 days. Testing the tool will give you a clear picture of Jasper AI to know if Jasper AI is worth it!

Jasper AI FAQs

Does Jasper AI offer any free trial?

Yes, Jasper AI comes with seven days of free trial, where you will get access to all the features of any plan. To get the free trial, you can make use of our exclusive link here. 

Is the content created with Jasper Ai plagiarized?

No, the content you create with Jasper is not plagiarized. In fact, Jasper AI created 99.9% unique content, which is unique and plagiarism-free.

What languages does Jasper AI support?

Jasper AI supports 30 different languages. It uses DeepL to translate the content in different languages. These languages are supported by Jasper ai — English, German, Greek, Estonia, French, Polish, Russian, Japanese, etc.

Does Jasper come with API?

As per the official sources, Jasper AI doesn’t have any API. However, as per the user’s request, they might launch the API in the future.

Is there any money-back guarantee with Jasper AI plans?

Jasper AI comes with a five-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the Jasper AI, you can send an email to hey@jasper.ai explaining the issue, and they will refund 100% of the money.

Is Jasper AI a mobile app or a desktop application?

No, Jasper AI isn’t a mobile app or desktop application. It’s a cloud-hosted tool that you can access through any browser by following the URL — https://app.jasper.ai/.

How does Jasper ART help you create art?

Jasper ART is an AI image generator that helps you generate stunning art and images. This work switches the GPT3 modules, which enables the AI to create mindblowing and surreal art.

What is Jasper Chat, and how does it work?

Jasper Chat is a chatbot where you can easily ask AI questions and get your answers right away. What’s more, you can generate ideas, revise your content, and much more.

Which is better -Jasper or ChatGPT?

Jasper AI is dedicated more towards marketing. On the other hand, ChatGPT is a versatile AI chatbot. Besides, Jasper AI offers a comprehensive guided experience compared to ChatGPT.

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