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Here’s how you can get the exclusive Jasper AI 7-day free trial for FREE! 

Follow this guide to claim the Jasper Free trial in 4 simple steps, learn about its pricing, and determine if Jasper AI is worth your money.


Jasper is one of the most popular AI writing software that is widely used by companies like IBM, Autodesk, Airbnb, Logitech, and so on. It helps them write quality content for their blog, business, social media, etc. It is rated 4.7 and 4.5 out of 5 on the G2 and Trustpilot, respectively.

Follow the steps below to claim your free 7-day Jasper AI trial now!

Let’s get right into it.

How To Claim Jasper.ai Free Trial – Four Simple Steps

As of January 2024, Jasper is offering a 7-day free trial for its “Pro” and “Creator” plans. Here’s how you can claim the Jasper AI free trial for 7 days using the easy and quick steps below. 

Note: Follow the red arrows as mentioned in the steps below till the end. Let’s start!

Step 1: Reach the Jasper AI free trial page by using this link. In the bottom right corner, you will see a pop-up message to start your free trial. 

Enter your first name and email. 

Enter Your Name And Email

Step 2: Select your method of sign-in (via Google or email) 

(Via Google or email)

Fill out the Jasper AI survey about your role, industry, and more to get recommendations as per your needs, or choose to skip it entirely.

Fill Out The Jasper AI Survey

Step 3: Select the desired Jasper AI plan and select “Start Free Trial.”

Select The Plan To Start Free Trial

Step 4: Next, you need to add in your e-mail, and payment details, read and agree on the terms of services and privacy policy, and click “Start Free Trial” to complete the process. And that is all.

As you can see in the top left corner, you have successfully enrolled for the Jasper AI 7-day free trial.

Enter Your Payment Details To Start Trial

And that is how you can claim your 7-day Jasper AI free trial for any plan of your liking. 

Note: Once your 7-day free trial ends, you will be charged the amount for the plan that you have selected. If you think that you don’t like Jasper within the 7-day trial period, you can always cancel within 7 days. 

Jasper AI Key Features

Why should you choose Jasper AI? What’s so special about it? Jasper AI has a bundle of key features that eliminates hours of time required to work on a project and is an ultimate project management assistant.

Here are some of the key features and capabilities of Jasper AI, including its newest additions:

  • Conversational AI – Jasper provides an intuitive chat interface to have natural conversations and get helpful answers on thousands of topics.
  • Brand Voice & Knowledge – Jasper’s voice, tone, and knowledge can now be customized to align with specific brand identities or areas of expertise.
  • Jasper API – The API enables developers to integrate Jasper’s conversational abilities into third-party apps and products.
  • Jasper Art – Users can now generate unique AI art & images through conversational prompts with Jasper.
  • Jasper Chat – This provides multi-user shared channels for real-time community chatting with the AI.
  • Campaigns – Interactive story campaigns guide users through AI conversations with visuals and contextual narratives.
  • Safe Content – Jasper is focused on providing helpful, harmless, honest information through its reinforced learning approach.
  • Knowledge Encyclopedia – Jasper can discuss thousands of topics by learning from the Internet and interacting with people.
  • Constant Improvement – Based on user feedback, Jasper continuously trains to improve its conversational ability.

Why Should You Choose Jasper?

Jasper which was formerly known as Jarvis, changed its name because of some objections by Disney (Marvel). The name was intentionally chosen so as to replicate Tony Stark’s assistant – “Jarvis.”

Even with the new name, it offers the same level of quality assistance for a content marketer and bloggers for their writing needs. Jasper is capable of generating content from scratch and is considered one of the best AI writing software for its versatility.

The best part about Jasper is that it is not limited to the English language. It allows you to convert or write your content in over 25 languages. You can end your writer’s block with Jasper and forget writing worries. It caters to all your writing needs, whether you want short & crisp content or long-form content.

Furthermore, it also offers marketing framework templates, blogging & SEO tools, YouTube tools, Social Media related tools, Ads tools, plagiarism checkers, and so on. These are the reasons why you should choose Jasper over any other AI writing software.

I have covered the Jasper AI offerings separately in my Jasper AI review, where I shared my likes and dislikes after working with the software for 2 years.

Jasper Pricing Plans

Let’s check Jasper’s pricing and understand which plan is right for you.

Jasper AI Pricing

1. Creator Plan: The monthly pricing of this plan is $49 per month per seat, and the yearly pricing is $468 per year. You can generate unlimited words in this plan, plus use over 50 templates, 50 memories, one brand voice, and a plagiarism checker.

2. Pro Plan: The Pro Jasper plan is a step further with $69 per month per seat, and $708 if paid yearly. The Pro plan offers user management and collaboration, 3 instant campaigns, 10 knowledge assets, and exclusive access to Jasper Art.

For $20 more you get further extra assets, sharing features, and AI image generation. 

3. Business Plan: Priced custom, the Jasper Business Plan is for businesses and individuals with large-scale requirements, team spaces, document collaboration, personalized AI features, performance analytics, and premium support; Jasper Business is an ideal option.

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Jasper AI recently introduced new pricing plans, so choosing the right one might be difficult for some. That’s why we have compared all three plans in a comparison table below:

Monthly Pricing$49/month69/monthCustom
Yearly Pricing$39/month$59/monthCustom
Unlimited Words✔️✔️✔️
Access To New AI Models✔️✔️✔️
30+ Languages✔️✔️✔️
Tone Of Voice13Unlimited
Jasper Chat✔️✔️✔️
Jasper Art✔️✔️
Custom Templates✔️
Characters Lookback1,5001,50010,000
SEO Mode✔️✔️✔️
API Access✔️
Account Analytics✔️
SupportEmailLive ChatLive Chat

Is there any Jasper Black Friday Deal available?

We keep this page updated with all the latest information. Since the deal isn’t live yet, you can expect it in the upcoming November!

Have a look at the Jasper AI Black Friday deal offered in November 2023 to get an idea of the discounts that you can expect this year.

Is Jasper AI Worth It?

Jasper AI has some powerful features that make content creation a piece of cake. Compared to other AI writing tools in the market, Jasper AI takes the content creation process a step further, and offers quality content within seconds.

In my Jasper AI review, I stated how it helps with different content types. With Jasper AI, I was able to create social media posts, detailed blog outlines, sales copies, and more. Additionally, it lets you customize as per your brand tone. 

Jasper AI also lets you create highly SEO-optimized blogs by following SEO principles. Another amazing part of Jasper AI is that you can integrate it with other platforms and tools too. For instance, you can use add it to Gmail and easily send and create emails within a few seconds. 

If you are still unsure if Jasper AI will be worth it, you can try Jasper for free with its 7-day free trial option. Once you are satisfied with the features, you can move to the paid plan. 

Given my experience of using Jasper AI for over 2 years, it is totally worth it!

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Conclusion: Jasper AI Free Trial (2024)

With the 7-day free trial offered by Jasper, you can really test out all the features of the selected plan without any limitations that usually free trials offer. What’s better is that you can cancel your trial period and get a refund!

Grab the free trial of one of the best AI writing software currently in the market by following the 4 easy steps explained above to start your Jasper journey.

I keep this page updated with the latest information. So, in case there are any latest updates, you can come back and check again.

FAQs On Jasper AI Free Trial

In how many languages can Jasper read & write?

You can read and write 30+ languages on Jasper. It translates into the language you want using DeepL.

Can I create plagiarism-free content using Jasper?

Yes, you can create unlimited plagiarism-free content using Jasper because it comes with an in-built Copyscape plagiarism checker.

Who should use Jasper AI?

Content marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies who spent hours and hours creating unique content should try Jasper AI.

How can I cancel my Jasper AI free trial?

You get to try Jasper AI for 7 days. If you don’t want to get charged for the plan you choose, then you should cancel the free trial from the account settings or just drop them an email at hey@jasper.ai.

Does Jasper offer a money-back guarantee?

Since they increased the number of days in the free trial and also removed the word limit, they no longer offer a money-back guarantee. So, it would be best to try the free trial before buying a plan.

Is there a lifetime offer on Jasper AI?

No, Jasper.ai does not offer any lifetime deal yet. Maybe they will introduce it in the future.

How long is the Jasper AI free trial?

Jasper AI offers a seven-day free trial for both the Creator and Pro Jasper plans, which you can use with access to all its functions. 

What about the Jasper AI Black Friday?

For 2024, the Jasper AI Black Friday deals are not live yet. I will keep this space updated for all the latest Jasper AI Black Friday updates. 

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