9 Best AI Essay Writers & Generators for 2024

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked a chain reaction of AI usage in various industries, including education and written communication. AI-powered essay writers have gained significant attention offering great potential in converting user ideas into words.

An AI essay writer can cure your creativity block and can generate relevant written (or typed?) content for you within seconds. Some advanced tools can even analyze the writer’s writing style and generate text accordingly.

Intrigued by its abilities, we set out to find the tools that cater effectively to essay writing needs.

Some of the tools mentioned in our list can do much more than just write essays and help you in your other academic projects.

Let’s learn a new way to write!

List of 9 Best AI Essay Writers of 2024: In a Nutshell

Here’s our list of best AI essay writers, along with their unique feature and their introductory plan pricing.

Sr. No.NameKey features Pricing
1Jasper AIIntegration with Grammarly and Copyscape$99/mo
2Grammarly GOTone and formality editing100 prompts/mo
3WritesonicText expander$16/mo
4RytrRephrase or shorten boring sentences$9/mo
5ArticleforgeCreate bulk content$13/mo
6ContentBotBuilt-in templates$19/mo
7AI writerUp-to-date content$29/mo
8Essay GeniusGenerate essay structure$12/mo
9Textero.AIAI reference finder$16.99/mo

Let’s get started; you make a note of the unique features that these tools have and match them with your requirements.

1. Jasper AI

Formerly, Jarvis, Jasper AI is the most versatile and advanced writing tool with the ability to write Youtube video descriptions, Google ads headlines, Email subjects, and other long-form texts.

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It is capable of adapting to your style of writing and can learn the way you write and help you generate content similar to it. It rephrases your written content and understands the user intent, the target audience, and the overall purpose.

You can read our detailed Jasper AI Review to learn about its amazing capabilities!

Key features

  • Integration with Grammarly and Copyscape
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Live chat support
  • Highlight Quotes & Paraphrases


Jasper offered three plans. We have covered a detailed pricing guide that you can read here to understand which plan is right for you. Besides, here’s a quick overview of the plans.

$99/mo$39/moContact sales

2. GrammarlyGO

The go-to spell and grammar checker now has abilities for more than just correcting and improving a language. Grammarly has launched ‘GrammarlyGO’ – a powerful AI writing assistant.

GrammarlyGO overview

GrammarlyGO is the ultimate powerhouse that brings generative AI into writing compelling content. Any user with a Grammarly account can access GrammarlyGO and generate content from scratch. It also makes writing easy, allowing the user to choose the formality, tone, and profession.

We tested GrammarlyGO to see how it works. You can read our GrammarlyGO Review to learn more about the tool and its functionalities.

Key features

  • Tone and formality editing
  • Helpful prompts to generate content from Scratch
  • Works on Gmail, Linkedin, Slack, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.
  • Buttons to shorten, simplify and improve the content
  • Can be used via extension directly where you type


The GrammarlyGO feature is included in your Grammarly subscription. The number of prompts you can enter varies per the different subscriptions.

100 prompts/mo1000 prompts/mo1000 prompts/user/mo1000 prompts/user/mo

3. Writesonic

Writesonic uses Open AIs GPT 4 language model for its ‘Business’ plan, which is what the latest ChatGPT model uses. This allows Writesonic for more complex research and generates high-quality content. Other features include a Blog Idea generator, paraphrasing tool, and article summarizer.

Writesonic overview

Writesonic is ideal for people who want assistance with long-form content, including essays.

Read our Writesonic Review to know more about how it works, use cases, and more!

Key features

  • Text expander
  • In-built SEO optimization
  • Plag-free content
  • Personalized written content
  • Easy-to-Use Interface


Writesonics free trial gives 100+ templates and a browser extension option. Check out the other subscription plans per user:


4. Rytr

The name aptly puts the tools’ abilities as it is an all-in-one writing platform. Rytrs covers high-quality content for over 40 types of content. Rytr uses Open AIs GPT 3 technology to aid its machine learning process. 

Rytr overview

With Rytr, you can write your content with over 20 different tones of voice. Rytr also possesses an option to reword a particular sentence if you don’t like it and a plagiarism checker that ensures your content stays original.

Key features

  • Rephrase or shorten boring sentences
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy-to-use interface


Rytr has a free plan to generate 10,000 characters and access 40+ use cases. The further subscription plans are

Saver PlanUnlimited Plan

5. Articleforge

Articleforge is a fully automatic AI tool to help you write essays and long-form content. You can enter your AI Essay writers and mention the essay length you want, and Articleforge will write it for you. Articleforge then goes through a process to write high-quality content and generate a result in 60 seconds.

Articleforge overview

The tool ensures that the generated content doesnt get caught under AI writing detectors. Articleforge allows you to generate content in 7 languages and even generates articles in bulk with an option to integrate its API into your content pipeline.

Key features

  • Extend article
  • Create bulk content
  • Skip AI content detectors
  • External research
  • Intuitive UI


ArticleForge offers the user a 5-day free trial post in which they can choose the below plans.

$13/moCustom plan

6. ContentBot AI

It is an AI content automation tool that allows users to write hours of content within minutes. ContentBot helps you change the tone, write paragraphs and generate answers to questions.

ContentBot AI overview

ContentBot uses a GPT 3 model and shows the pages that rank on Google as a base for better SEO. It helps analyze your content, categories, concepts, entities, and AI Essay writers. It has a drag-and-drop blog post builder with over 110+ languages to choose from to write.

Key features

  • Built-in templates
  • SEO insights
  • Supports over 110 languages
  • Drag and drop post builder
  • Create multiple content types with a click!


ContentBot offers a once-off payment option with a $1 per 1000-word plan. The monthly plans include:


7. AI Writer

AI Writer generates full-length article drafts that give you a structure to help you build on. The content generated by AI Writer is, as claimed, always fresh and relevant, SEO friendly, and can be directly published for WordPress.

AI writer overview

It is a smart writing assistant that cites the source it uses to write the content. Its knowledge base is always up-to-date, fueled by current affairs and information updates.

Key features

  • Up-to-date content
  • Includes sources for the content
  • SEO-focused writing coach
  • Discover sub-topic
  • Offers citation to generate quality content


AI writer gives a one-week free trial post which the subscription plans start at $29/mo.


8. EssayGenius

X8 helps you write impressive essays using less time. It is a free AI essay writer using machine learning capabilities to generate written content. 

EssayGenius overview

EssayGenius has a massive library of topics for the user’s interest across subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Finance, Economics, marketing, etc. Whether you are a student or a professional, this is the ideal source of writing and ideas for you.

Key features

  • Generate essay structure
  • Genius feature to – get suggestions, complete a sentence and rephrase.
  • Library of topics to choose from
  • Simple user interface


EssayGenius has a basic plan starting from $12/mo if billed annually.

9. Textero.ai

EssayGenius is your savior while facing writer’s block. This tool aces the academic writing game with ideas to generate unique and relevant content. A distinct feature that EssayGenius has is the AI reference finder. This helps you verify the information you get from the tool.

Textero.ai overview

It can get you the gist out of large documents like academic research papers and PDF documents by summarizing them. The outline generator helps the user think of new ideas and gives that ‘push’ while thinking.

Key features

  • AI reference finder
  • Text summarizer
  • Outline generator
  • Essay generator


Textero.AI has a free plan to generate 3000 words per month with a basic essay quality. 

The unlimited plan costs $16.99/mo with 40 text summarizations and pro-quality essays.

Curious to explore other AI writing tools that might help? Check out our other posts to pick the best AI tool for writing, catering to your needs!

What is an AI Essay writer?

An AI essay writer is your blessing for writers who feel drained to write long-form content. These tools help boost efficiency by saving the time a human writer takes to research and write about a topic.

These provide a well-informed approach to writing content with factual knowledge as the base of the information

How does AI Essay writer work?

These AI tools rely on complex machine learning models to learn and understand the ways of writing. This involves training on a large set of data on writing styles and types of written content.

Upon receiving a prompt from a user, the AI software runs its brains and researches the given topic, understands the relevant information, and generates a result based on the prompt. All of this happens within seconds of a user entering the query.

Verdict – AI Essay Writer Is The Best?

All of the above are impressive in generating essays and will give you a helping hand in your writing journey. With that under consideration, some of the above options for who can do it best and whom we liked the most are:

  1. Jasper AI – Its ability to understand the target audience and the purpose of writing a particular piece of content is very impressive.
  1. GrammarlyGO – A product of the highly applauded grammar checker that provides a hassle-free experience.
  1. Writesonic – Generates plag-free text with the ability to expand texts.

These AI tools can surely help a writer in need and cut down the time required to generate an essay/ content. But as a member of the writer community, I feel that using AI for writing would cut off the writer from the information laid on the paper. 

The words won’t be the writer’s, and they won’t be able to call it their work. For this, a balance between using AI and the human mind should be 


Is there an AI that writes essays like you?

There are many tools that can write like humans. Tools like GrammarlyGO generates content that can also play around with using humor at appropriate places in content.

What AI can write an essay without plagiarizing?

AI writing tools like GrammarlyGO, Writesonic, and Rytr are some of the best to have the ability to generate plagiarism-free content.

Which is the best free AI essay generator?

Rytr, GrammarlyGO, EssayGenius, and Textero.io offers free plans that helps you write your essays for free!

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