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The perks of AI text generators are endless. Since more businesses are leveraging the power of AI text generators, you don’t want to fall short in front of your competitors! 

However, when it comes to choosing an AI text generator for your business, you don’t want to pick a random tool. With hundreds of tools in the market boasting about AI text generator tools, finding the right tool that will take your business closer to success can be tricky. 

Since AI text generator is a top topic, we were curious to try out various AI text generators in the market. Fortunately, we were able to pick the top 12 AI text generator tools in the market, and this article will be your best guide to explore our top picks!

We have reviewed each tool in detail so that you can find the right tool according to your needs. 

With that, let’s dive into the world of AI text generators below!

Top 12 AI Text Generators Of 2023: In A Nutshell 

We understand if you are in a hurry and don’t want to make it until the end. You can have a quick glance at the table below to learn our top 12 AI text generator tools! 

Sr. No.AI Text GeneratorKey Takeaway
1.Jasper AIBest overall AI text generator
2.FraseBest for content marketers and bloggers
3.WriterSonicMost affordable AI text generator
4.Copy.AIBest for generating content faster. 
5.CopySmithBest for generating marketing copies. 
6.ScalenutFor SEO-optimized content
7.WriterFor personalized content for teams.
8.Hypotenuse AIBest for writing short to long content. 
9.Article ForgeBest for curating articles. 
10.RytrBest for creating ads copies, blog content, and emails
11.ContentBot AIBest for creating content in over 110 languages
12.ChatGPTBest AI chatbot for generating human-like responses

Now that you have all the top picks, let’s review each in detail below!

1. Jasper AI

Whether you are looking forward to writing blogs, social media captions, or copies, Jasper AI stands as one of the best AI text generator tools in the market. The tool is packed with some powerful features that allow you to create content 10x faster, eliminating writer’s block and saving time. 

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Additionally, Jasper AI is trained to produce copies that convert and are optimized for search engines. When we explored the tool, we found its user interface extremely simple. To get amazing copies, all you need to do is enter your requirements; the tool will automatically create sharable copies. 

AI Text Generators - JasperAI

Furthermore, it is a surprise that Jasper AI produces 100% plagiarism-free content. For insurance, if you use Copyscape to check your content, you will find all the content passing Copyscape. On the other hand, it has Grammarly embedded inside to deliver grammatical-error-free content in no time!  

Lastly, the creative block can hinder our productivity and output. This is where Jasper AI comes in handy. You can spark new ideas with Jasper’s in-built tools to boost your business and maintain consistency. 

Key Features 

  • It supports 26 languages, meaning you can write in 26 different languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, and more. 
  • Team collaboration feature to invite your team and work with them within the tool. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with Surfer SEO to write keyword-optimized content. 
  • Comes with a Chrome extension that enables you to use Jasper AI everywhere. 
  • Offers excellent customer support and in-depth resources to familiarize with Jasper AI. 


The tool offers a free 7-day trial that you can use to test all Jasper AI features. Besides, Jasper AI offers two plans with different features. However, the pricing varies depending on the number of words you set. You can always choose to increase the word count as your needs increase. 

PlanPriceBest For
Creator$49/monthFor beginners who need assistance with the content. 
Teams$125/monthBest for content marketers and bloggers. 

You can opt for the Business plan if you are a large business owner and want to scale up your content game. You can contact the sales department, and they will create a customized plan based on your needs. 

2. Frase

Creating content that outranks your competitors and performs well for SEO is essential for every marketer. While it can take days to write perfectly optimized content, Frase AI lifts the burden off your shoulders! The primary feature that sets Frase apart from other AI text generator tools on the internet is that it analyzes top-ranking content instead of searching the entire internet. This helps in creating better content than your top competitors and ensures your content outranks them. 

One of the best parts about using Frase is that it automatically detects keywords and phrases that will help your content to rank on the search engine. You also get detailed information on keyword density, search volume, CPR, and more. The tools come with powerful functionalities that help in creating content in a few minutes. 


It has a built-in AI editor that makes editing seamless as you create your final draft. Furthermore, the content analytics feature will come in handy to determine the best content opportunities. Moving to the user interface is straightforward and less cluttered. Using Frase AI should not be challenging, even if you are a beginner. 

Lastly, you can also use Frase for writing social media captions, descriptions, articles, blogs, emails, sales copies, and more. 

Key Features 

  • Curate well-researched outlines and convert them into long articles and blogs. 
  • Excellent learning resources and customer support. 
  • Comes with a Chrome extension to use Frase everywhere. 
  • Works effortlessly as a complete content optimization software. 
  • Plagiarism-free content. 


All the plans come with 20,000 AI characters per month limit. However, you can opt for The Pro-Add at $35/month, which grants you unlimited AI characters monthly and additional premium features. 

The three plans are as follows: 

PlanPricingNo. of Articles

If you are unsure about the plans, you can try Frase AI at $1 with its free trial option!

3. WriteSonic 

Another excellent AI text generator tool that serves as an all-in-one tool is WriteSonic. The tool empowers writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and more to write their content faster and more efficiently. You can create sales copies, social media captions and descriptions, essays, emails, reports, and ebooks with the help of WriterSonic. 

Additionally, it comes with in-built AI-driven editing tools, such as an expander, paraphraser, and shortener, to polish your content. Coming to the user interface of WriterSonic, we found it one of the best and simplest compared to other AI text generator tools in the market. 


You can get ideas for your blogs and articles by entering a simple keyword. Based on the topic, you will get an introduction to your content. You get multiple options to choose from, so you can give it a read and decide which is more readable. Next, you can choose the outline that the tool suggests. The outline contains all the subheadings your content should include. That’s all! You now have your entire article written by WriterSonic. 

Lastly, it comes with Sonic Editor for Google Docs. The editor comes in handy to make minor changes before publishing the final draft!

Key Features 

  • Generate 1500+ words articles and blogs. 
  • Surfer SEO integration to write content that feeds search engines. 
  • Lets you create high-performing Facebook and Google Ads. 
  • Summarize your content with a single click with the help of the Summarize tool. 
  • Generates AI article ideas that are catchy enough to grab your audience’s attention. 


WriterSonic comes with a free trial that enables you to test all the features. However, the number of words is restricted. When it comes to premium plans, the tool offers 4 different solutions. Here’s the complete price breakdown. 

Quality PriceWords
Economy $12.67/month190,000

4. Copy.ai

Leveraging AI to write your copies and content in a few minutes, Copy.AI has made its name in the market. With thousands of users, including Microsoft and Nestle, Copy.AI offers exceptional features to make writing easier and faster. The platform comprises 90+ robust tools and templates that make creating content to the next level. 

To get started, you have to choose the project. This could be as simple as a social media caption or a well-researched article on a certain topic. Next, you can enter a small description of what you expect from the content. This helps the AI to understand your expectations and generate content accordingly. Once done, you can now choose from its multiple options. 


Furthermore, you can edit and polish your content before it goes live inside the dashboard itself. Since using Copy.AI is simple and beginner-friendly, you can begin with writing website content, social media captions, articles, blogs, eCommerce copy, digital copy, and more. 

Another thing we liked about Copy.AI is its frequent updates. The platform keeps up with the latest updates and trends to ensure your content does not fall back and stays on top! 

Key Features 

  • The tool can write content in 25+ different languages. 
  • Helpful resources to learn more about Copy. AI. 
  • Built-in templates to save time and generate 10x faster content. 
  • Priority email supports the paid plan. 
  • Offers grammar and tone checker to ensure your content is free from errors and your content tone is perfect according to your audience. 


Copy.AI has a free version that lets you work on unlimited projects. However, the number of users is limited to one. You can unlock all the powerful features by upgrading to the paid plan at $49/month. If you are unsure about the paid plan, you can opt for a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan!

5. Copysmith 

Unlike other AI text generators on our list, Copysmith focuses highly on curating high-converting marketing sales copies. The tool aims at helping enterprises and eCommerce by creating excellent marketing content in a few minutes. When you are creating a marketing campaign, it can take days or weeks to brainstorm ideas and create content. 

Thanks to Copysmith, you can now ease the hassle of generating marketing content. It has pre-made templates for Facebook Ads, emails, landing pages, and more. You can use these templates to generate your marketing content in no time. 


About its ease of use, Copysmith works seamlessly for anyone. Irrespective of your background, you can use the tool without struggling to understand its functioning of the tool. Additionally, it offers a built-in campaign builder that allows you to create campaigns to generate higher sales and repeat purchases. 

If you are skeptical about your content, you can run a plagiarism checker inside the tool itself. This will ensure your content isn’t copied from anywhere. While the tool is best for large business owners and teams, it also works amazingly for bloggers to write their blogs based on your needs. 

Key Features 

  • It supports 100+ languages, meaning you can write your content in any language, depending on your audience. 
  • In-file translation to instantly translate your existing content into different languages. 
  • Offers bulk content feature that lets you create thousands of copies in a minute. 
  • Integrates with various popular tools and platforms, including Frase, Google Ads, WooCommerce, Microsoft Word, and more. 
  • Say goodbye to copy-paste with its powerful integration with Google Docs. 


As of now, there is no free plan by CopySmith. However, you can use its 7-day free trial to explore all the features. Once the trial ends, you can choose between its two premium plans listed below. 

PlanPricingBest For
Starter$19/monthIndividuals and beginners
Professional$59/monthLarge teams and organizations.

6. Scalenut

Thanks to Scalenut, you can now use this amazing AI text generator to level up your content game! It lets you create high-quality content within a click of a few buttons. Surprisingly, you can generate a complete in-depth article in just five minutes with the assistance of its cruise mode feature. 

In addition, if you want to write something from scratch, you can opt for a blank canvas, and the AI tools will assist you in understanding where to improve, what more you can add, and how to create outstanding content. Understanding SEO impact for content, Scalenut aims to provide a detailed content report from your targeted keyword. 


Moreover, it has various templates that make writing easier. You can also generate new ideas for your content with the assistance of Scalenut. One unique feature of the platform is its SEO hub feature which provides thorough feedback on how your content looks. Over here, you can find your content’s word count, NLP terms you have used and missed in your content, readability score, and more. 

Lastly, on a positive note, the UI is simple and clean. You can start by choosing a template and proceeding as the instruction says. The options are easy to navigate and are clearly displayed on the dashboard. This means you do not have to worry about spending your time learning how Scalenut works. Instead, you can focus on creating additional content within a few minutes!

Key Features

  • You can get assistance from industry experts and professionals for your content. 
  • Can be downloaded through the Chrome extension to write whenever you want and easily embed it with Google Docs. 
  • Focuses on SEO to ensure your content ranks better on Google
  • Create copies that improve your conversion rates. 
  • Create ad copies, social media descriptions, captions, product descriptions, and more easily. 


While there is no free plan by Scalenut, you can go for its 7-day free trial. Once the trial ends, you can upgrade your plan to a premium one. There are three paid plans by Scalenut: 

PlanPricing Best For
Individual$17/monthIndividual creators and consultants.
Growth$47/monthStartups and growing businesses. 
Pro$89/monthLarge businesses and teams. 

7. Writer

Trusted by hundreds of popular brands in the market, Writer is one of the leading AI writing assistants. Over the years, the tool has been trusted by some well-known brands like Twitter, Spotify, Figma, Pinterest, and more to create top-notch content and wave goodbye to writer’s block. 

While other tools work according to their commands, Writer is specifically designed to be trained by your brand guidelines and best-performing content. Since each brand’s needs are different, Writer understands that one method cannot work for everyone. This is why Writer can be your AI writing tool designed specifically for your business’s needs. 


Another thing we like about Writer is how secure it is. It remains transparent and ensures not to store your editing or content creation. While you can brainstorm ideas with Writer and create content from scratch, the tool also lets you repurpose existing content into a completely new one. Furthermore, you can count on Writer to ensure it generates SEO-friendly content that ranks at the top of search engines. 

Writer works for multiple purposes –content marketing, demand generation, product and brand marketing, and content design. You can also join Writer’s community, where content leaders share their advice on scaling your content with Writer and creating a powerful impact for your brand.

Key Features 

  • Save time by automating style, editorial, and brand edits. 
  • Produce distributional content faster and 10x quicker than human writers.
  • Powerful tools to build brand consistency and create a successful buyer’s journey. 
  • Co-write by collaborating with your team members within the platform. 
  • Integrations with popular tools and platforms to increase productivity and efficiency. 


There is a 14-day free trial of Writer to test and experiment with all the features of Writer. The paid plan is available at $18 per user/month. However, note that the plan is limited to 1-5 team members. In case you want to add more users, you can contact sales and ask for a customized plan.  

8. Hypotenuse AI

Another excellent AI writing tool, Hypotenuse AI is gaining popularity in the market. It uses multiple modules to create content that sounds more like humans and focuses on solving user intent. Various features of Hypotenuse AI distinguish itself from other tools in the market, which is eventually why it made it to our list. 

One of its distinguishing features includes a content detection tool to assist you in researching and writing factual content. Additionally, it also has an AI image generator and bulk content feature that works best for product description and generating images within a few minutes. 

Hypotenuse AI

Working with the tool is also easy. It works by first understanding your needs and perfectly delivering the high-quality content your business needs. The AI text generator has extensive vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure to ensure your content is unique and stands out. 

Furthermore, it integrates with API to generate product descriptions. You can also sync the tool with Shopify directly to save time and maximize productivity. Lastly, it has excellent and reliable customer support to assist you whenever you get stuck. 

Key Features 

  • Supports multiple languages, so you can generate content that your audience can like. 
  • Free plagiarism checker to scan your content to ensure it is 100% unique. 
  • In-built grammar checker to ensure your content is free of errors before it goes live. 
  • Custom AI models tailored for your brand’s voice and tone. 
  • Comes with an AI image generator that is watermark free. 


There are two pricing plans by Hypotenuse AI. 

PlanPricingBest For
Starter $24/monthBest for individuals and small business owners. 
Growth $49/monthBest for medium to large business owners who want to scale up their content. 

9. Article Forge 

Last but not least on our list is Article Forge. Compared to other AI text generator tools on our list, this one stands out the most and works differently. While other tools assist in researching and guiding you to write your content, Article Forge does the complete work for you. 

For instance, the tool writes a complete article based on the topic you enter while ensuring it contains factual information and sounds human-written. Since AI powers it, you can expect top-notch quality content within a shorter period. Article Forge delivers SEO-optimized content that Google loves, making your brand come into the spotlight and get the recognition it deserves. 

Article Forge 

Lastly, each article you get from the tool is Copyscape passed, ensuring you get completely unique content for your website. You can also use the tool for writing different types of content based on your needs. 

Key Features 

  • Get up to 1500+ words article within 60 seconds after entering the keyword. 
  • Works best for bloggers who want to save time and money to create high-performing content. 
  • Focuses on multiple SEO aspects. 
  • The plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your money is safe. 
  • Reliable customer support from experts. 


The pricing of Article Forage depends on the number of words. You can set the number of words and get the pricing accordingly. The basic plan for 25,000 words starts at $13/month and goes up to $127/month for 500,000 words. 

10. Rytr

Rytr is another great AI text-generating tool that you can use to write reviews, testimonials, profile bios, emails, blog content, Facebook ad copies, landing page copies, etc. More than 4 million writers from famous companies like Dell, Ford, Adidas, Payoneer, etc., use Rytr to write content 10x faster than usual.

To create content, you just need to give the description of the text, and it will create the content in a few seconds, which will seem like it is written by a human. The best part is that whatever content you create using Rytr gives you grammatical-error-free content because of its grammar improvement feature.


Just like humans, the AI of Rytr also takes into consideration such as societal norms, the latest trends, cultural differences, and jargon based on topics when creating content. You don’t need to give a lot of outputs to create the content; it requires only a few words on the topic and in what tone you want to create the article.

Key Features:

  • Rytr Chrome Extension allows you to create content on the go on documents, chatting, and social media platforms.
  • You can use Rytr’s SEO analyzer to find the best keywords and create a content brief for them to give your team of writers.
  • Rytr has more than 40 use cases that you can use to create unique content in just a few clicks.
  • You can create content in more than 30 languages with Rytr.
  • Using Rytr’s AI image generator, you can create up to 100 images per month.

Pricing: Rytr comes with a free plan which allows you to generate 10,000 characters every month. The saver plan costs $9 per month or $90 per year and allows you to generate 100K characters every month. The unlimited plan costs $29 per month or $290 per you and allows you to generate unlimited characters monthly.

11. ContentBot AI

ContentBot AI is an AI text-generating tool that makes content marketing a lot easier. This tool helps all types of creators, whether they are founders, digital marketers, copywriters, bloggers, content marketers, or SEO specialists. It offers various templates that allow you to create tweets, marketing copies, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

This AI writing tool can also write in 110 different languages. One of the best features of this tool is its drag & drop blog post builder. To create a blog post, you just need to add what type of content you want in there, such as titles, listicles, question-answers, paragraphs, and so on. It also has a Discover that gives you an idea to write for featured snippets on Google.

ContentBot AI

This Discover tool can easily help you write SEO-optimized content for your website. ContentBot AI also has a plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool to help you write quickly without any plagiarism. Over 122K marketers are already using this AI writing tool to create the best content for their websites or businesses.

Key Features:

  • This AI writing tool is suitable for all types of businesses, content marketers, and website owners.
  • It has over 45 AI tools that you can use to create any type of content, whether it is for a blog post or tweet.
  • ContentBot AI supports over 110 languages; it can easily read, write, and paraphrase the content in these languages.
  • It has drag & drop blog post builder where you can add whatever you want in a blog post by just dragging and dropping on the text editor.
  • It has in-built commands that help you write faster, so you don’t have to create a command from scratch.

Pricing: ContentBot AI offers four pricing options. The prepaid plan costs $1 for 1000 words, where you would need to add credits before. The starter plan costs $19 per month, the premium plan costs $59 per month, and the premium+ plan costs $99 per month.

12. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the latest invention of Open AI, and it was launched back in November 2022, and within just five days of launch, it reached a million users. Now it has over 100 million users, and it can be used for multiple purposes. It has become one of the best AI text generators, and it can answer any of your questions and create any type of content.

You can also find templates from its community library and create the outlines for your blog post or write an entire blog post with it. You can also generate social media posts, captions, emails, and anything you want it to write. ChatGPT Prompts can help you create content with ease using this AI chatbot.


ChatGPT can be used by researchers, marketers, creators, and anyone who wants to write something. It generates responses as a human and understands things with ease. To use the tool, you just need to go to Open AI’s website, create an account on ChatGPT, and start using it easily.

Key Features:

  • Free AI chatbot that generates text in an instant
  • Remembers the previous interactions with the user
  • Allows users to edit their requests to improve the responses
  • Users can regenerate responses to get better responses
  • Trained in the latest language model GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

Pricing: You can use ChatGPT for free, but the ChatGPT Plus version costs $20/month and allows you to use the latest language models and responses quickly.

Final Thoughts: Best AI Text Generators (2023) 

And that wraps up our list of top AI generator tools! 

All the tools on our list work perfectly to create content 10x faster. However, if you are overwhelmed with the options and need a quick suggestion to understand where to begin, you can try Jasper AI! 

It works perfectly and fits the needs of different businesses. Either way, we recommend choosing one based on your needs and budget. 

We hope this article helped you pick the best AI generator tool. Over to you. Which tool are you trying? Let us know in the comment section below!

Bonus: To know the importance of Generative AI in today’s industry, check out here for detailed insights into generative AI statistics.


Which is the best AI text generator for bloggers?

Various AI text generator tools work perfectly for bloggers. However, Jasper AI and WriterSonic are our top recommendations for bloggers who want to save costs and time by getting SEO-optimized content. 

Which is the best free AI text generator?

Copy.AI has a free plan to help you get the tool’s gist. You can explore all the features, and once you are ready, you can upgrade to the premium plan. 

Is Jasper AI better than Copysmith?

Both -Jasper AI and Copysmith have their own pros and cons. While Jasper AI works for every user, Copysmith is more leaned toward large business organizations and teams. 

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