12 Best AI Text Generators For 2024 (Reviewed)

This is the ultimate guide to help you choose the best AI text generators for content writing. The list includes a variety of options that are capable of generating top-quality content that is also grammatically perfect!

To shortlist the top AI text generator specifically for content writing, I tested each tool for different writing needs -blog posts, web copy, social media content, and more.

Additionally, I have included free AI text generators as well as paid ones, so you can find the right tool that fits your needs.

With that, let’s dive into the world of AI text generators below!

Top AI Text Generators For 2024: In A Nutshell 

Have a look at the top AI text generators that can be used for a variety of use cases. In the table, I have listed the price, the AI model they are based on, and the key features offered by them.

AI Text GeneratorPriceAI Model UsedKey Feature
Jasper AI$49/moJasper AI engineTeam collaboration
Frase$14.99/moProprietary AI modelSEO optimized content
WriteSonic$13/moGPT 3.5 & GPT-4 32K10,000 free premium words
Copy.AI$49/moGPT-3Generate content as per brand voice
Describely$15/moGPT-3Best for ecommerce related content
Scalenut$16/moGPT-3Give content direction
Writer$18/moPalmyra LLMBuilt-in templates
Hypotenuse AI$24/moProprietary AI modelBulk generation
Article Forge 4.5$13/moNLP and deep learning modelsAutomate SEO efforts
Rytr$9/moGPT-340+ use cases
ContentBot AI$19/moGPT-3Prompt library feature
ChatGPT$20/moGPT-3.5 & GPT 4High-quality creative content

I wanted to test out each of the tools and wanted to check their ability to generate different kinds of content.

While these tools can generate a variety of AI texts, I specifically tested them for special purposes to generate – captions, emails, LinkedIn posts, call to action, customer review reply, etc. 

You can take inspiration and generate the same or explore more of their features!

1. Jasper AI

Whether you are looking forward to writing blogs, social media captions, or copies, Jasper AI stands as one of the best AI text generator tools in the market.

The tool has powerful features that allow you to create content 10x faster, eliminating writer’s block and saving time. 

This powerful AI content generation tool is fueled by OpenAI’s prime AI model – GPT4. This allows Jasper AI to produce copies that convert and are of high quality. 

I found the Jasper AI user interface extremely simple. To get amazing copies, all you need to do is enter your requirements; the tool will automatically create sharable copies. 

Jasper AI -Best AI text generator

Furthermore, it is a surprise that Jasper AI produces 100% plagiarism-free content. To verify it further, you can use Copyscape to check your content, you will find each content generated to pass the plagiarism check.

On top of this, it has Grammarly embedded inside to deliver grammatical-error-free content in no time!

I have used this tool in much more detail and compiled its pros, cons, and ways to use it. Read this guide for a complete review of Jasper AI

Key Features 

  • It supports 26 languages – including English, Japanese, Spanish, and more. 
  • Team collaboration feature to invite your team and work with them within the tool. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with Surfer SEO to write keyword-optimized content. 
  • Comes with a Chrome extension that enables you to use Jasper AI everywhere. 
  • Offers excellent customer support and in-depth resources to familiarize with Jasper AI. 


The tool offers a free 7-day trial that you can use to test all Jasper AI features. The pricing varies depending on the number of words you set. You can always choose to increase the word count as your needs increase. 

The basic price starts at $49/month. You can also check our detailed Jasper AI pricing guide to know which plan works the best!

Tip: You can try Jasper for free by visiting our blog. Test out Jasper’s features and decide how it works for you!

Jasper AI User Review: 

Here are more of Jasper AI reviews on its official website. 

2. Frase

 Prompt entered: Best AI text generation for Content Writing

Generated text “In the age of artificial intelligence, there seems to be no stopping the progress of text generation. Whether you need to create paragraphs for a business pitch, an article for your blog, or just some filler text for an online forum post, there are some excellent AI text generators out there that make the process simple and quick.” 

Frase AI offers an all-in-one content workflow and creates content that will help you outrank your competition. The key feature differentiating this AI text generator from others is its ability to – research competition, create briefs, and write content. 

Frase AI automatically detects keywords, word count, domain rating, and headcount and can generate a content brief within just 6 seconds!

Frase -Best AI text generator

The Frase built-in AI editor makes editing seamless as you create your final draft. Its content analytics feature will come in handy to determine the best content opportunities. Moving to the user interface is straightforward and less cluttered. Using Frase AI should not be challenging, even if you are a beginner. 

Lastly, you can also use Frase for writing social media captions, descriptions, articles, blogs, emails, sales copies, and more. 

Check out our detailed Frase.io review to know how it works and other details!

Key Features 

  • Curate well-researched outlines and convert them into long articles and blogs. 
  • Excellent learning resources and customer support. 
  • Comes with a Chrome extension to use Frase everywhere. 
  • Works effortlessly as a complete content optimization software. 
  • Plagiarism-free content. 


All the plans come with a 4,000 AI characters per month limit. The plans start at $14.99/month. However, you can opt for The Pro-Add at $35/month, which grants you unlimited AI characters monthly and additional premium features. 

To test out any Frase AI plan, you can try Frase AI at $1 with its free trial option!

3. WriteSonic 

 Prompt entered: What are the different AI models used by AI text generators?

Generated text –
Introduction: “AI text generators have revolutionized the way we create content, enabling us to work faster and more efficiently. These powerful tools are capable of producing compelling and on-brand copy, making them invaluable for businesses and content creators. However, it is important to understand that AI writing software still requires human supervision to achieve the best results. In this article, we will explore the different AI text generator models used by various platforms and delve into their functionalities, benefits, and limitations.”

*It generated an entire article of 1353 words and the above is only a glimpse of it*

The next AI text generator tool that serves as a one-stop solution for writing factual articles that can rank #1 on Google. The tool empowers writers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to write their content faster and more efficiently. With WriteSonic, you can create: 

  • Sales copies
  • Social media captions and descriptions 
  • Essays, emails, reports, and ebooks 

WriteSonic comes with AI-driven editing tools built-in, such as an expander, paraphraser, and shortener, to polish your content. The interface of WriterSonic is one of the best and simplest compared to other AI text generator tools that I have compared in this list.  


This tool can assist you to get ideas for your blogs and articles by entering a simple keyword. Based on the topic, you will get an introduction to your content; you can get multiple options to choose from and finalize one. 

Lastly, you can choose the outline that the tool suggests. The outline contains all the subheadings your content should include. That’s all! You now have your entire article written by WriterSonic. 

Lastly, it comes with a Bonus Sonic Editor for Google Docs. The editor comes in handy to make minor changes before publishing the final draft! 

Key Features 

  • The user interface is beginner-friendly.
  • Generate 10,00 words articles and blogs for free
  • Lets you create high-performing Facebook and Google Ads. 
  • Summarize your content with a single click with the help of the Summarize tool. 
  • Generates AI article ideas that are catchy enough to grab your audience’s attention. 


WriterSonic comes with a free trial that enables you to test all the features. However, the number of words is restricted to 10,000 per month. When it comes to premium plans, the tool offers three different solutions, starting from $13/month.

4. Copy.ai

 Prompt entered: "Write a compelling email marketing email for a brand that sells sunglasses"

Generated result –

“Subject: See the world through stylish sunglasses – Shop our latest collection!
Dear [Customer’s Name],

Sunny days are finally here, and what better way to make a statement than with a pair of trendy sunglasses! At [Brand Name], we believe that sunglasses are more than just an accessory – they are an expression of your personal style and a reflection of your confidence.”

Leveraging AI to write your copies and content within a few minutes, Copy.AI has made its name in the market, and caters to top corporates, including Microsoft and Nestle; Copy.AI offers exceptional features to make writing easier and faster. 

The platform comprises 90+ robust tools and templates that take creating content to the next level. 


Choose a project to get started. This could be as simple as a social media caption or a well-researched article on a certain topic. Next, you can briefly describe what you expect from the content. 

This helps the AI to understand your expectations and generate content accordingly. Once done, you can now choose from its multiple options. 

Since using Copy.AI is simple and beginner-friendly, you can begin with writing website content, social media captions, articles, blogs, eCommerce copy, digital copy, and more. 

Key Features 

  • The tool can write content in 25+ different languages. 
  • Helpful resources to learn more about Copy. AI. 
  • Built-in templates to save time and generate 10x faster content. 
  • Priority email supports the paid plan. 
  • Offers grammar and tone checker to ensure your content is free from errors and your content tone is perfect according to your audience. 


Copy.AI has a free version that lets you work on unlimited projects. However, the number of users is limited to one. To increase the number of seats, you will have to opt for their paid plan that starts from, $49/mo.

5. Describely

 Prompt entered: Generate a meta description for Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate, 16 Oz (Pack of 1)

Generated result – Enjoy a delicious and chocolatey treat with Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate. Made with ethically sourced organic ingredients. 16oz pack.

Part of Copysmith but unlike other AI text generators on my list, Describely focuses highly on curating high-converting e-commerce product content. The tool aims to help enterprises and eCommerce by creating excellent marketing content in a few minutes. 

While creating e-commerce product content, it can take days or weeks to brainstorm ideas and create content. But with Describely, that effort is now reduced to a few seconds only.  


This tool lets you generate content in bulk and also helps with keyword data analysis and optimization. Describely lets you connect your store in order to make direct and faster changes, e.g. with Shopify.

Furthermore, the user interface was simple. It didn’t take me much time to understand how to use it or get started with generating content.

Key Features 

  • Supports over 7+ languages. 
  • Optimized content for SEO.
  • Offers bulk content generation feature that lets you create thousands of copies in a minute. 
  • Seamless integration with Shopify, Squarespace, Amazon, Wix, WooCommerce, and more.
  • AI image generation.


Describely offers a limited access free trial for 1 user and allows product generation for five products. The paid “Core” plan with 15 products starts from $15 per month.

6. Scalenut

 Prompt entered: “I am totally unsatisfied with the service that I received from Scalenut. Absolutely worthless product with no means to get my money back whatsoever!”

Generated result“Hello Writer from Demandsage,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to hear that you’re unsatisfied with the product you received from Scalenut. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, and we would like to discuss this further with you. If you could provide us with your contact information, we would be happy to reach out to you and see how we can assist. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We look forward to the opportunity to make things right.

The Scalenut Team.”

This powerful SEO content generator fetches likes from customers by sticking to the existing brand tone. Scalenut helps generate content within six easy steps and is trusted by 100,000+ marketers from leading brands. 

Scalenut helps break writers’ blocks, instantly builds authority for your content, and outperforms the ranking competition on Google. 


Apart from generating text, Scalenut offers useful tools to enhance writing with content optimizer, keyword planner, traffic analyzer, and marketing copywriter. 

Using Scalenut is unlike standard AI content creation. Instead of a prompt, you enter a keyword that you want to generate an article for. Scalenut then analyzes the web and creates a content brief that you can develop. 

Key Features

  • Set a tone of voice.
  • Can be downloaded through the Chrome extension to write whenever you want and easily embed it with Google Docs. 
  • SEO-focused content generation 
  • Content optimizer, keyword planner, traffic analyzer, and marketing copywriter.
  • Create ad copies, social media descriptions, captions, product descriptions and more easily. 


While there is no free plan by Scalenut, you can go for its 7-day free trial. Once the trial ends, you can upgrade your plan to “Essential” which can create 15 SEO articles per month for $16.

7. Writer

 Prompt entered: Write 5 FAQs for this article: [https://www.demandsage.com/ai-text-generators/]

Generated result – 

“1. What are the top 12 AI text generator tools of 2023?
2. What are the key features of Jasper AI?
3. What are the features of Frase AI?
4. What are the features of WriterSonic?
5. What are the features of Copy.AI?”

Trusted by hundreds of popular brands in the market, Writer is one of the leading AI writing assistants. Over the years, the tool has been trusted by some well-known brands like Twitter, Spotify, Figma, Pinterest, and more to create top-notch content and wave goodbye to writer’s block. 

While other tools work according to their commands, Writer is specifically designed to be trained by your brand guidelines and best-performing content.


Writer can be used for – content marketing, demand generation, product and brand marketing, and content design. You can also join Writer’s community, where content leaders share their advice on scaling your content with Writer and creating a powerful impact for your brand.

This AI writer remains transparent and ensures that you do not store your editing or content creation. Other features that make this tool stand out from the rest are listed below: 

Key Features 

  • Save time by automating style, editorial, and brand edits. 
  • Produce distributional content faster and 10x quicker than human writers.
  • Powerful tools to build brand consistency and create a successful buyer’s journey. 
  • Co-write by collaborating with your team members within the platform. 
  • Integrations with popular tools and platforms to increase productivity and efficiency. 


Writer offers a 14-day no credit card required trial. The paid subscription includes a “Team” and “Enterprise” plan. The former starts from $18/mo, while the latter is available at a custom price.

8. Hypotenuse AI

 Prompt entered: Suggest an Instagram caption for a carousel post about the latest SEO Conference in Chiang Mai.

Generated result – Discover the latest SEO trends and insights from industry experts at the recent SEO conference in Chiang Mai. 💡At the conference, leading practitioners shared their knowledge and expertise on technical SEO, content creation, link building and more. 👩‍💻Whether you’re an SEO novice or expert, there were many actionable tips and strategies to boost your search rankings and increase organic traffic. The key takeaway? Focus on high-quality, user-focused content and a seamless mobile experience. Staying up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices is key to success. #SEO #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing #seotips #seoconference”

Hypotenuse AI is a versatile AI generator with the potential to generate blog articles, e-commerce content, paid ads social media copy, emails, and web content all in one!

One of its distinguishing features includes a content detection tool to assist you in researching and writing factual content. Additionally, it also has an AI image generator and bulk content feature that works best for product description and generating images within a few minutes. 

Hypotenuse AI

Working with the tool is easy, it works by first understanding your needs and perfectly delivering high-quality content after analyzing them. The AI text generator has an extensive vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure to ensure your content is unique and stands out. 

Hypotenuse AI integrates with API to generate product descriptions. You can also sync the tool with Shopify directly to save time and maximize productivity.

Lastly, it has excellent and reliable customer support to assist you whenever you get stuck.

Key Features 

  • Supports multiple languages, so you can generate content that your audience can like. 
  • Free plagiarism checker to scan your content to ensure it is 100% unique. 
  • In-built grammar checker to ensure your content is free of errors before it goes live. 
  • Comes with an AI image generator that is watermark-free. 


There are two pricing plans by Hypotenuse AI. “Individual” and “Teams” start from $24/mo and $49/mo, respectively.  

9. Article Forge 

Prompt sample from website – “Things To Do In London”

Generated result “London is a huge, fast-paced city filled with world-class things to do, see and experience. Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge art exhibitions, iconic attractions, secret spots, world-beating theatre or stunning green spaces, London has it all.

Compared to other AI text generator tools on our list, this one stands out the most and works differently.

Article Forge is another SEO-focused AI text generator that generates an article by simply entering the keyword, article length, and custom instructions and getting an article in 60 seconds!

Article Forge 

Each article you get from the tool is Copyscape passed, ensuring you get completely unique content for your website. You can also use the tool for writing different types of content based on your needs.

Additionally, the tool is specifically designed for long-form content. This makes it a perfect choice for people who are looking for a text generator for long-form content.

Key Features 

  • Get up to 1500+ words article within 60 seconds after entering the keyword. 
  • Works best for bloggers who want to save time and money to create high-performing content. 
  • Focuses on multiple SEO aspects. 
  • The plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reliable customer support from experts. 


With the 5-day free trial, new users also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The subscription plans of Article Forge are – Standard and Business. The business plan is custom-priced, while the standard plan is tagged at $13/mo. 

10. Rytr

 Prompt entered: Write a compelling Call to Action for an AI text generator.

Generated result“Unleash the power of words with our AI text generator. Experience the future of content creation and get started today!”

Rytr is an AI solution to generate SEO titles, YouTube descriptions, taglines and headlines, interview questions, testimonials, profile bio, emails, blogs, ads, landing page copies, and much more 10x faster!


7,000,000+ happy writers, the market loves Rytr with the likes of IKEA, Adidas, Ford, PWC, Pfizer, etc. Generating content on Rytr is a simple 3-step process where it works by:

  1. Choosing a use-case
  2. Add input for context
  3. See Rytr magically creates texts

Just like humans, the AI of Rytr also takes into consideration such as societal norms, the latest trends, cultural differences, and jargon based on topics when creating content.

Rytr does not need to give a lot of outputs to create the content; it requires only a few words on the topic and in what tone you want to create the article.

Key Features:

  • Rytr Chrome Extension allows you to create content on the go
  • You can use Rytr’s SEO analyzer to find the best keywords and create a content brief for them
  • More than 40 use cases that you can use to create unique content in just a few clicks.
  • Create content in more than 30 languages with Rytr.
  • Create up to 100 images per month.


Rytr comes with a free plan that allows you to generate 10,000 characters every month. The paid Rytr AI text generation plans begin from $9/mo with the “Saver” plan offering 100K character generation per month

11. ContentBot AI

 Prompt entered: I used the existing LinkedIn template for a post on Contentbot.AI

Generated result

“🚀 Exciting News for All AI Writing Enthusiasts! 🚀

🔗 Introducing contentbot.AI – Your Revolutionary Writing Assistant! 🔗

Are you tired of spending countless hours brainstorming, drafting, and editing content? The wait is finally over! 🎉 I’m thrilled to share a game-changing solution that will transform the way you write, boosting your productivity and unleashing your creativity – contentbot.AI!”

ContentBot AI lets you automate your content generation process by creating workflows for all types of content creators. This includes digital marketers, content marketers, founders, copywriters, SEO specialists, and bloggers. 

This AI text generator can generate content in 110+ languages and generates 95% unique content. A unique feature of ContentBot.AI is the drag+drop AI writer that allows you to simply generate a piece of content depending on the information provided.

E.g. Generating a paragraph/heading/intro on the input – “best AI text generator” 

ContentBot AI

ContentBot AI also has a plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool to help you write quickly without any plagiarism. Over 122K marketers already use this AI writing tool to create the best content for their websites or businesses.

Key Features:

  • Simple UI
  • This AI writing tool is suitable for all types of businesses, content marketers, and website owners.
  • Supports over 110 languages; it can easily read, write, and paraphrase the content in these languages.
  • A drag-and-drop blog post builder
  • In-built commands that help you write faster, so you don’t have to create a command from scratch.


ContentBot AI offers four pricing options. The prepaid plan costs $1 for 1000 words, where you would need to add credits before.

The starter plan costs $19 per month, the premium plan costs $59 per month, and the premium+ plan costs $99 per month.

12. ChatGPT (GPT-4)

 Prompt entered: Generate title suggestions for a blog post on [Travelling to Japan].

Generated result –  “Certainly! Here are some engaging and informative title suggestions for a blog post about traveling to Japan:

“Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun: Discovering Japan’s Wonders”
“Exploring the Hidden Gems of Japan: A Traveler’s Guide”
“Sakura and Sushi: Embracing the Culture of Japan”

ChatGPT is the prime project from OpenAI that has stirred the entire world with its AI generation capabilities. This tool has over 100 million weekly active users who are leveraging its abilities to peak human productivity. 

For writing, ChatGPT is especially preferred by content writers, students, and researchers to analyze any topic within seconds. People have worked to develop useful templates to generate a blog, research paper, web copy, and creative copy to be used in ChatGPT.


ChatGPT was quick to answer this query and suggested 10 good title suggestions for my blog post that would have otherwise taken me hours! You can use ChatGPT (GPT 3.5) for free try the tool yourself and experiment with different types of content. 

Key Features:

  • Free AI chatbot that generates text in an instant
  • Remembers the previous interactions with the user
  • Allows users to edit their requests to improve the responses
  • Users can regenerate responses to get better responses
  • Trained in the latest language model GPT-3.5 and GPT-4


You can use ChatGPT for free, but the ChatGPT Plus version costs $20/month and allows you to use the latest language models and responses quickly.

Which is the Best AI Text Generator for You?

With the many options of AI text generators available for you to choose to write content, how do you know which one’s the best for you? While this guide will help you reach closer to the answer, ultimately, it will also depend on these factors. 

The best-suited AI text generator for content writing should be:

  1. Easy to use

The tool should be easy to use and should have a very short learning curve. You are going to use the AI text generator to cut the time required to generate content. If the tool isn’t straightforward, it defeats the whole purpose of using it. 

  1. Affordable

Another prime factor affecting your choice should be the affordability of the tool. Ensure that you choose a tool that will only charge you for the services you need. 

Alternatively, if you only need basic help, try to look for an AI content generator that can do the job for free, e.g., ChatGPT. 

  1. Create unique and high-quality content 

Always verify the generated content generated from these tools and compare it against human-written content to judge the credibility of the tool. These AI-based tools may often sound robotic and very unnatural. 

Note that this is normal and would vary as per the tool that you are using. Compare many options and opt for the one that gives out the best output for the money. 

  1. Able to generate different pieces of content

A good AI text generator should be able to generate different content and be equally good at all of them. Compare the potential of each finalized option against the content created for

  1. Social media posts
  2. Blog posts
  3. Product descriptions
  4. Emails
  5. Whitepapers

These are some basic types of content that provide a good base to evaluate the AI text generators that range of providing content. 

  1. Providing grammatically correct and plagiarism-free content

Ultimately, the chosen tool should provide original content with the highest standards of grammatical soundness. Some tools have grammar and plagiarism checkers included to eliminate the need for an extra subscription. 

Note: If you are using the tools for professional use, I would advise you to double-check the generated content before handing it over. 

Moreover, you should also consider the model that these AI writing tools are based on. Evaluating these is a good way to ensure the quality of the output received. 

Bonus Read: Explore our ultimate list post featuring the best AI image generators for beginners! We’ve categorized free and paid tools to suit your needs

Some well-known AI models that text generators are based on:

  • GPT-4
  • GPT-4 32K
  • Claude
  • Palmyra LLM

How Does an AI Text Generator Work?

The majority of text generators operate on Large Language Models, which is a way that an Artificial Intelligence program runs. To simplify it, LLM is the structure that most AI tools are based on.

These LLMs train themselves by consuming the content they get and learning to improve with the feedback they get from the user. The models use this knowledge, the basic understanding of sentence building, and the large natural language processing abilities to provide a text output. 

Other AI writing tools that you can check out:

Final Thoughts: Best AI Text Generators (2023) 

With this diverse list of AI text generators, you can start creating any type of content you want. Be it a blog, a caption, FAQs for an article, a formal reply to a bad customer review, an email for your marketing campaign, or even an entire SEO-focused article.

There isn’t really a limit to ways that you can use the power of AI in your text/content-generating needs.

However, if I’m to give a recommendation, I would strongly suggest trying:

  1. Jasper AI – For complete AI content generation and editing.
  2. Writesonic – For free 10,000 premium words that give high-quality content.
  3. ChatGPT – For its creativity and support apart from text generation. 

To find the perfect AI text-generating tool for you, analyze your requirements, follow the checklist listed above, and compare each of the listed tools against it to arrive at a solution.

Which tool are you trying? let me know in the comments section below with the one that you liked!

Bonus: To know the importance of Generative AI in today’s industry, check out here for detailed insights into generative AI statistics.


Which is the best AI text generator for bloggers?

Various AI text generator tools work perfectly for bloggers. However, Jasper AI and WriterSonic are our top recommendations for bloggers who want to save costs and time by getting SEO-optimized content. 

Which is the best free AI text generator?

Copy.AI has a free plan to help you get the tool’s gist. You can explore all the features, and once you are ready, you can upgrade to the premium plan. 

Is Jasper AI better than Copysmith?

Both -Jasper AI and Copysmith have their own pros and cons. While Jasper AI works for every user, Copysmith is more leaned toward large business organizations and teams. 

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