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Are you looking for a Canva Free Trial? Look no further, I have got an answer to your quest. 

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Canva is the best-in-class design tool for creators!

Canva is a robust graphic design platform cum software suite that offers futuristic designing tools. The software is widely used to create professional presentations, posters, brochures, social media graphics, and visual content. Canva is one of the few platforms that offer a forever-free plan with access to hundreds of thousands of templates, photos, and graphics. 

However, the free plan is only suitable for beginners. If you’re looking for more premium graphic design tools and access to visual content, Canva Pro is the best option. The Pro version is a paid plan, but Canva offers 30-day free access to the Pro plan. If you are a new user, you can claim the Canva Pro free trial. You can cancel your subscription before your free trial ends so that you won’t be charged for the plan.

In this post, I’m going to share a guide on claiming the Canva Pro free trial. I have also included the pricing plans of Canva so that you can upgrade your account after the free trial. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

How to Claim Canva Free Trial? 

You can only claim Canva’s Pro plan for 30 days. There’s no requirement for credit card details to fetch the free trial. Follow these steps to claim the free trial. 

Step #1. Go to Canva’s pricing plan page or click here to reach the page directly. Under the Canva Pro plan, click on the “Try for free for 30 days” button. 

Canva Free Trial  - Overview

Step #2. Log in to your email account to continue. You can also use other log-in options such as Mobile, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc. 

Canva Free Trial - Email Log In

Step #3. Create an account with your name and set up a password. Then click on the Get Started button. A few seconds later, you will receive a six-digit code to your registered email (or phone if you’re using other login methods). 

Canva Free Trial - Create A Account

Step #4. Copy and paste the code, then click on Done. 

Step #5. Next, it will ask you to choose a plan. You can choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan for Canva Pro. After choosing a plan, click on Next. 

Canva Free Trial - Select A Plan

Step #6. Enter your credit card details and click on Get Canva Pro to activate your account on the next page. You can also choose the UPI method for payments. (You won’t be charged if you’re a new user)

Canva Free Trial - Choose  Payment Method

Step #7. Next, the system will ask you to choose your business type and add your team members. After that, you can start using all Canva Pro tools to create beautiful graphics and designs.

This is how you can claim the 30-day free trial for the Canva Pro plan. After the free trial, you can purchase the plan if you’re satisfied with the services. 

Note: Make sure to cancel your subscription before your free trial ends so you can avoid paying the subscription fee. 

Why Should You Choose Canva?

Canva gives you access to plenty of design tools, such as magic resize, brand kit pro, animator pro, Canva planner, and more. You can also invite your team members and collaborate with them in real-time. Canva offers team plans where you can get up to 50 members in just one account. For bigger teams, they offer enterprise solutions and create a custom plan based on your requirements.

Canva also gives you access to royalty-free images, and it is easier to use the tools of Canva. This platform is great for beginners, designers, creators, and artists. Using its amazing templates and elements, you can also use Canva for commercial purposes and create designs, logos, and images.

Canva Pro Pricing Plans

Currently, Canva offers three plans to their customers: A free and two paid plans. Here’s the complete pricing structure. You can also check these Canva Coupon codes to save a few extra bucks on Canva.

No. Of UsersMonthly Plan RatesYearly Plan Rates (Annual Saving)
1-5$12.99$119.99 (33%)
10$47.99$419.99 (27%)
25$152.99$1319.99 (51%)
50$327.99$2819.99 (26%)

Free – $0

If you’re a novice and just started learning graphic designing, the Free plan is the best option. Despite being free, it offers you every tool and feature you need to learn to design better. Here’s what the free plan offers. 

  • More than 250K free templates
  • 100+ different design types for multiple purposes 
  • More than 180K free graphics and photos
  • 5GB Cloud Storage 
  • Member invitation allowed 
  • Real-time collaboration feature 

Pro – $14.99/Month or $119.99/year

If you’re a professional graphic designer, consider using the Pro plan. The plan offers you more advanced features and unlimited access to premium content and tools. You can also upgrade to the Pro plan if you’re using the free version. Here’s what the Pro plan offers. 

  • Access to all the Free plan features and tools
  • Access to 100+ million photos, graphics, audio, and videos 
  • Add up to 5 Members for Free (Charges included for above five persons) 
  • 610K+ free and premium templates 
  • Access to daily new arrivals 
  • Branding options available (100+ Brand kits) 
  • Background remover
  • Magic Resizer (resize up to 25,000X) 
  • 100GB Cloud Storage 
  • Advanced Collaboration options 

Enterprise – $30/Month Per Person 

The Enterprise plan is the ultimate solution for brand-focused professional designers. The plan allows you to add more teammates so you can manage everything in one place. Here’s what you get with the plan. 

  • Access to all Pro plan features and tools 
  • Brand establishment kits
  • Add up to 50 members 
  • Unlimited cloud storage 
  • Control your team’s work and upload
  • SSO integrations
  • 24/7 priority support 

If you are a teacher or student, you can sign up for Canva for Education. It is entirely free for K12 teachers and students. If you are eligible, you can start using the premium Canva tools for free. 

Canva Free vs Pro: What’s The Difference?

Canva’s free version is a great place to start as a beginner. But is it worth upgrading to the Pro version? To help you make this decision, we have created a comparison table below:

FeaturesCanva FreeCanva Pro
Free TrialFree Forever30/45 Days
UsersOne UserOne User
Cloud Storage5GB100 GB
Remove Background✔️
Stock Images1M+100M+
Post Scheduling✔️
Custom Template✔️
Priority Customer Support✔️
Brand Kit Feature✔️
Magic Resize Tool✔️

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Conclusion: Canva Pro Free Trial (2023) 

Canva is one of the most recommended graphic design software, and for a good reason. Canva provides a bunch of advanced tools and collaboration features that every designer looks for. Unlike other platforms, Canva offers a free plan and a free trial to Canva Pro, which makes it more valuable than others. So if you’re a new user, you can try Canva Pro free trial for 30 days.  

FAQs On Canva Free Trial

Does Canva offer a free trial? 

Yes, you can get free access to the Canva Pro plan for 30 days. 

Can I get Canva for free? 

Canva does offer a free-forever plan to its users. The plan is beginner-friendly, and you can always upgrade to a paid plan whenever you want. 

Do I have to pay after the Canva free trial? 

In order to get Canva free trial, you need to add your credit card details, and the subscription fee will auto-deduct when your free trial ends. However, you can cancel your subscription before completing the free trial. 

How many members can you add with Canva free trial? 

You can add five members to your Canva Pro account for collaborative work for free. Additional members will cost you extra fees. 

Does Canva have expensive plans? 

No, Canva offers one of the most affordable plans to its users. The Canva Pro only costs $14.99/month, and if you subscribe to a yearly plan, you can get an additional 33% discount on monthly plans. 

Is there any money-back guarantee on Canva plans?

Yes, Canva has some sophisticated money-back guarantee. If you wanna know more about the money-back guarantee, check the resource page on the Canva blog.

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