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Hey, I am Akashdeep Singh, I am a full time SEO editor and writer at DemandSage. Whenever I am not hitting my keyboards, I play games and watch movies to keep me busy.

ClickFunnels Coupon - DemandSage

ClickFunnels Discount & Coupon 2023 — 58% Off (SEP)

Are there any real discounts available to lower the cost of using ClickFunnels? With prices starting at $147 per month, are there any promo codes or special offers for ClickFunnels out there? As a current ClickFunnels customer myself, I’ve researched methods for receiving discounts on plans and funnel-building services.  In this quick guide, I’ll share

Nexcess Discount Code 2023 – 60% OFF Coupon

Still, searching for Nexcess Discount codes? Nexcess is one of the popular fully managed cloud hosting platforms. The platform is a one-stop solution for e-commerce platforms and includes all the tools required to host your online shop.   Nexcess is offering up to 65% off on its hosting plans and up to $100 off on your

ChatGPT vs Google - DemandSage

ChatGPT vs Google: Head To Head Comparison (2023)

With ChatGPT’s conversational AI garnering widespread buzz recently, the common question is: Will this AI system ever rival or replace Google Search? While ChatGPT astonishes with human-like exchanges, can it compete with Google’s immense scope and real-time results sourcing? I aim to assess how these two very different information engines currently complement each other. While

Canva Review - DemandSage

Canva Review 2023: The Ultimate Designing Tool?

Having used Canva extensively for the past two years across diverse design projects, I often get asked–Does Canva provide the versatility and customization needed for professional-level design work? After extensively testing Canva across diverse design needs, from social media posts to marketing materials to infographics and more, I’m ready to provide an unbiased, hands-on review

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners - DemandSage

13 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners in 2023

As an affiliate marketer starting out, I remember how overwhelming it was trying to identify the best affiliate programs to join as a total beginner. With so many options, networks, and vendors touting big commissions, how can you determine which programs will actually convert and pay reliably? Drawing from my own experience transitioning from affiliate

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