SiteChecker Pro Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

In this detailed Site Checker Pro review, I will reveal the ins and outs of this all-in-one SEO tool.

From full-scale website audits to extensive keyword tracking, SiteChecker.Pro promises it all – but does it live up to its claim? Or will you be better off with another SEO tool?

SiteChecker Pro Review (All-In-One SEO Tool)

SiteChecker Pro is an all-in-one audit and website SEO checker tool.

With our exclusive offer, you can save up to $498 on its annual subscription.

I will break down SiteChecker.Pro to its core and find out whether it holds enough power to handle SEO tasks effectively. I will explore its features, Usability, reporting capabilities, and pricing to provide a detailed overview of the SEO tool.

Let’s get down to business, then!

SiteChecker Pro: A Quick Overview

SiteChecker.Pro is an all-in-one SEO tool for marketers and agencies. Here’s a quick overview of how the tool perform in various segments;

Ease Of Use4.7/5
Site Auditing 4.8/5
Site Monitor4.6/5
Backlink Tracking4.1/5
Rank Tracking4.5/5
White Label Tools4.6/5
Google Chrome Extension4.6/5
Price 4.7/5

SiteChecker Pro: What Do We Like?

The Site Audit feature is the heart of SiteChecker.Pro, and it appears the tool has spent most of its creativity in that aspect. Site Audits are extensively detailed, providing in-depth insights about the overall status of the website covering aspects like Content Optimization, Search Optimization, External and internal links, Mobile preview and more.

SiteChecker Pro Review - Overview

Similarly, the hassle-free Usability of SiteChecker.Pro is something that deserves mention. The interface is neat and facilitates easy navigation, allowing even newbies to utilize the platform efficiently. And its browser integration takes ease of use to the next level. The SiteChecker.Pro Chrome extension removes the hassle of accessing the main dashboard whenever you want to examine the state of your website’s SEO. Instead, it provides all the SEO data (title, description, meta tags, keyword density, header tags, link status, google page speed etc) right in the browser.

Where Can SiteChecker Pro Improve?

SiteChecker.Pro lags in the Off-page SEO section. Its link analysis capabilities are nonexistent compared to other tools (Ahrefs, Semrush, SE Ranking etc.) in the market. Besides, using the Backlink Tracker is a real task – manual uploading of backlinks seems daunting and a dated working methodology. Similarly, the lack of automation when it comes to updating backlinks data is another big disadvantage. You have to be always on your toes adding new backlinks data in the tracker, or you will miss it, potentially hampering your off-page seo efforts.

Features: A Detailed Look Into SiteChecker Pro Features

SiteChecker.Pro includes extensive functionality to handle multiple SEO tasks effectively. Above all, it offers a 14-day free trial to evaluate its features and better understand the tool. 

1. Site Auditing

Once you run a site audit, it takes SiteChecker.Pro around two minutes to crawl the entire website, analyze the errors and display the result.

SiteChecker Pro - Site Auditing

Here are some of the things it checks for;

  • Title, descriptions, heading tags, page size.
  • Technical SEO error.
  • Images and alt attributes.
  •  External and internal links profile.
  •  Google score for speed and Usability for both mobile and desktop.

The first noticeable thing is Page Score which gives a value of up to 100. For rating, SiteChecker.Pro considers critical errors, warnings and Google Page Speed ​​results – a convenient and fairly accurate representation of the overall state of a website’s SEO.

The SiteCheker.Pro site audit is truly detailed – it displays the number of errors and ranks them by priority. 

But what impresses me more is the troubleshooting section. SiteChecker.Pro provides helpful suggestions to weed out specific errors – it’s certainly helpful. 

SiteChecker Pro - Site Auditing Detailed

Furthermore, it allows sorting errors by category – page speed, links, security, duplicate content, etc. Likewise, you can also sort errors based on priority with a list of affected pages. 

Another thing that I liked is you can collaborate with individual experts on Site Audit projects. This way, you can gain expert insights into your website SEO.

Also, you can set parameters for reporting specific errors – SiteChecker.Pro sends an email notification whenever it encounters the specified error – it facilitates timely actions and helps maintain good SEO health.

2. Site Monitor

Site Monitor tool, as the name suggests, keeps a constant tab on the website and reports any changes. Here again, SiteChecker.Pro wins for simplicity and convenience. You receive instant email notifications detailing changes SiteChecker.Pro has encountered on your website. Likewise, Site Monitor tools also provide a daily digest of what and when anything changes on the website. You can scroll to see a daily report of the changes on your website.

SiteChecker Pro - Site Monitor

Site Monitor Tools begin monitoring the website as soon as you add a project. I found the site monitoring reports pretty simple – the page is divided into two sections. One half represents graphical information of website changes while the other lists the additional details.

Overall, Site Monitor is a handy tool that informs you about real-time website changes. Likewise, you can also check how many pages were added by month and day and review the events log to understand how the SEO team is working on the site.

3.  Backlink Tracking

SiteChecker.Pro has a different approach to analyzing and monitoring backlinks than other SEO tools. Instead of a links analysis feature, it includes backlink tracking tools, making all the difference.

You have to add backlinks to the tracker manually. I found the process not user-friendly – besides the tiresome manual process, there are no features to update newly found backlinks automatically. You have to do it manually again.

SiteChecker Pro - Backlinks Tracking

That said, it collects all the anchor text at one location, which is some consolation as it makes working on them a bit easy. Furthermore, I also liked how Backlink Tracker lists anchor text used by sites linking to your domain. It helps you evaluate domains that are sending through traffic to your sites. But again, there’s no way to ascertain the backlink quality.

SiteChecker Pro - Backlinks Tracking Quality

There’s no metric to denote domain trust level or its authority. Therefore, regarding determining the quality of links, SiteChecker.Pro is limited. In short, SiteChecker.Pro severely needs to catch up regarding backlink analysis and tracking and is way behind tools like Semrush, Ahrefs or SE Ranking. 

4.  Rank Tracking

SiteChecker.Pro has a dedicated keyword rank tracker to monitor any changes in SERP effectively. Furthermore, it also reveals website rankings, indexation progress, visibility rate and more.

SiteChecker Pro - Rank Tracking

But above all, I liked SiteChecker’s ability to provide ranking data, location or region-wise as well as nationwide. It comes in handy for SEO projects that target multiple geo-locations. Likewise, it’s also a useful feature for agencies with international clients. Likewise, you can also track keywords on multiple search engines and devices.

However, I noted that you have to create individual projects for a combination of location, language, device and search engines. Consequently, a website that operates in multiple locations needs rank tracking in multiple projects – that’s a lot of juggling between projects and certainly tiresome.

You can configure SiteChecker.Pro to send daily emails with keyword ranking data, as well as weekly “Ranking Insights” providing details about the most lucrative keyword opportunities. Another useful feature is the ability to make changes in bulk which saves time.

5. White Label Tools

White-label tools are particularly suitable for agencies that deal with multiple clients. Incidentally, SiteChecker.Pro facilitates detailed report generation for all of its tools – whether it’s rank tracking data, backlinks tracker data, or Site Monitoring data. 

SiteChecker Pro - White Label Tools

Furthermore, SiteChecker.Pro allows exporting reports in Google Sheets, CSV, and PDF formats. I found automated SEO reports particularly helpful as they allow SEOs and agencies to keep their client in the loop of all the development regarding their website’s SEO.

6. Google Chrome Extension

SiteChecker.Pro offers a free Chrome extension, which, I must say, really streamlines the way you utilize the tool and identify SEO issues. A single click gives you a complete overview of the on-page SEO of your website. In short, you can address any On-Page SEO right from the browser, whether related to meta description, heading tags or anything else. Likewise, you can also get the backlink status of your website. You can analyze anchor text, broken links etc. and optimize off-page strategy.

Ease Of Use: Is SiteChecker.Pro Easy To Use?

The user interface of SiteChecker.Pro is clean; the essential matrices are clearly placed on the interface. Once you add a project, the interface continually reflects the latest snapshots of website SEO. Furthermore, the dashboard easily integrates with GSC or Google Analytics, allowing an overview of essential SEO matrices at a glance. 

SiteChecker Pro - Extension

Besides, SiteChecker.Pro recently added a new Dashboard 2.0, which I think is far more intuitive than the previous dashboard. The screen is divided into multiple horizontal sections, each listing data from one tool: Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Backlink Tracker, etc.

SiteChecker Pro - Traffic & Conversion

Besides, there’s the ‘Insight’ section which significantly enhances Usability. You can use the tool to get instant suggestions on where your website can improve more. For example, you can extract details of the pages with the highest traffic potential and optimize them further to derive more traffic. In short, SiteChecker.Pro scores big in terms of Usability, convenience and simplicity.

Pricing: Is SiteChecker Pro Affordable?

The biggest strength of SiteChecker.Pro is its affordable cost. The basic plan only costs $39 a month, making it particularly attractive for freelancers and entry-level SEO professionals.

Pricing Plan

Here are the details of the subscription plans offered by SiteChecker.Pro.

Cost$39 per month$149 per month$ 249 per monthCustom Pricing
FeaturesWebsites: 3Pages: 3KKeywords: 750Backlinks: 3KWebsites: 10Pages: 10kKeywords: 1.5KBacklinks: 5KWebsites: UnlimitedPages: 50kKeywords: 3kBacklinks: 10kWebsites: UnlimitedPages: 10MKeywords: 100KBacklinks: 100K

The ‘Basic Plan’ allows three websites, 3000 pages for audit and 3,000 backlinks for tracking. In my opinion, the basic plan is enough for small-time SEOs who don’t deal with multiple websites.

As you move to higher tier plans, the limits increase, and the ‘Enterprise Plan’ can accommodate unlimited projects, 10 million pages for audit, 100,000 keywords for tracking, and 100,000 backlinks, making it suitable for large-scale agencies.

SiteChecker Pro Alternatives

To further boost your SEO efforts, you can explore these top-notch SiteChecker.Pro alternatives;

1. Semrush 

If you want an SEO tool that is far more advanced than SiteChecker.Pro, pick Semrush. Semrush offers a robust tool set that allows comprehensive SEO analysis, content optimization, link analysis, competitor research and more.


2. Ahrefs

SiteChecker.Pro lags in backlink analysis while Ahrefs excels at it. Also, Ahrefs is a complete SEO tool, whether it’s On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking or Content Optimization. 

Ahrefs Overview

3. Moz

Moz’s massive databases of keywords and backlinks, comprehensive features, and supportive community makes it a standout alternative to SiteChecker.Pro. Besides, Moz is a more complex SEO tool therefore can handle advanced SEO projects with relative ease. 

Moz Pro

Conclusion: SiteChecker Pro Review (2024)

Based on my analysis and review, I can say that SiteChecker.Pro can be a useful addition to your arsenal of SEO tools. Its primary strength is its simplicity and the exhaustive Site Audit feature. Another thing about SiteChecker.Pro worth mentioning in my opinion is that it doesn’t just offer SEO data but provides working suggestions to eliminate any potential roadblocks to your SEO strategy. But it’s experties ends here – it lacks advanced SEO tools for competitive analysis, keyword research, PPC analysis, etc.

In short, use SiteChecker.Pro for:

  •  Detailed on-page SEO analysis
  • Affordable cost and beginner-friendly interface.

And the 14-day free trial is a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of what SiteChecker.Pro has in its store. Utilize it and see if it fits your SEO requirements. Good luck!

FAQs On SiteChecker Pro

How much does SiteChecker.Pro cost?

SiteChecker.Pro Pro has four plans starting from $39 per month and going to $499 monthly.

What are the common SEO issues that SiteChecker.Pro can identify?

SiteChecker.Pro particularly excels in identifying on-page SEO issues like duplicate content, slow loading times, low-quality content, poor page structure, broken links etc. 

Who is SiteChecker.Pro suitable for?

SiteChecker.Pro is a versatile SEO tool and could be a good fit for entry-level SEO professionals and small-scale agencies.

Is SiteChecker.Pro beginner friendly? 

SiteChecker.Pro boasts an intuitive interface, simple-to-use features and affordable pricing. Therefore it’s completely beginner friendly.

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