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As an SEO specialist who has used every major rank tracking platform, I’m often asked what truly are the best rank trackers and SERP tracking tools available today. With so many options claiming robust keyword tracking and reporting, how do you determine which solutions will provide the most accurate and actionable data?

After assessing criteria like tracking depth, data accuracy, ease-of-use and unique features, I’ve shortlisted the top rank tracking and SERP monitoring contenders that I confidently recommend.

In this guide, I’ll share my picks for the leading rank tracking tools and SERP trackers available right now based on extensive hands-on experience.

I’ll overview how each platform excels at providing marketers with the rich keyword data they need at scale to optimize their search visibility.

Let’s explore the premier rank tracking and SERP monitoring tools worth investigating for your organization! I’ll equip you with the details needed to determine which platform best suits your tracking requirements and budget.

Top 13 Rank Trackers: In A Nutshell (2024)

Sr. No.Rank Tracking ToolKey Feature
1.SemrushPower keyword tracking functionality more fitting for SEO veterans and big-time agencies
2.SE RankingA cost-effective rank-tracking solution for rookies and professionals
3.ZutrixUnique AI-powered rank tracker for those with budget issues
4.SerpstatSuitable for daily rank tracking reports
5.Mangools SERP WatcherUser-friendly rank-tracking software for small businesses and agencies
6.Moz ProSophisticated rank tracker with advanced functionality
7.WincherExcellent cost-to-functionality ratio, great for small businesses and marketers
8.Authority LabsCombination of tools to offer detailed rank tracking data.
9.NightwatchAccurate local ranking data, along with data from different locations worldwide.
10.Advanced Web RankingOn-demand rank tracking of your keywords
11.AhrefsChecking rankings of keywords for multiple projects
12. SEO PowersuiteTracking unlimited keywords for 300+ search engines
13.ProRankTrackerGet the most up-to-date, easy-to-analyze SERP information for all your websites

Here we have explained all the SERP tracking software in detail.

1. Semrush

Semrush holds authority in the SEO world. The functionality brings to the table outshines even the best SEO tools right now. It is also one of the best DIY SEO tools for you to have.

Besides, it’s notorious for its keyword analysis capabilities, and the proficiency reflected in its keywords rank tracking feature too. That’s why professionals, pro bloggers, and SEO agencies worldwide trust Semrush for its keyword position tracking.

Best Rank Tracking Tools - Semrush

It directly fetches data from Google and allows continuous checks over any domain, subdomain, or URL for keyword rank tracking in SERP.

What is best in Semrush?

The best part is that Semrush allows SERP tracking locally and internationally. Likewise, users also have the option to track keywords based on mobile and desktop devices.

Besides, it offers critical insights into your organic competitors. Its Competitor Discovery tool presents you with all your competitors ranking for particular keywords.

On top of that, Semrush includes as many as sixteen filters to accentuate your keyword tracking further. Likewise, local map pack, keyword segmentation, and global ranking reports make you aware of real-time critical SERP changes. Know more about Semrush’s rank tracking tool in our in-depth review of Semrush.


  • Pro Plan – $129.95/month (500 Keywords)
  • Guru Plan – $249.95/month (1500 Keywords)
  • Business Plan – $499.95/month (5000 Keywords)

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Best For – SEO professionals with multiple SEO projects, SEO agencies, and Pro Bloggers.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the best SERP tracking software for SEOs, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and marketers. SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO rank tracking suit with powerful functionalities.

SE Ranking

In addition to rank tracking, SE Ranking also packs a slew of SEO tools that range from site to backlink monitoring. On top of that, you can track keywords not only on Google but also on Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, and even YouTube.

What is best in SE Ranking?

Its well-laid-out interface instantly catches attention. It neatly places all the features and offers a deeper overview of historical and current SERP tracking data.

Besides, SE Ranking’s accuracy also impressed me. It presents accurate data about your keywords and segments them based on country, region, and city.

Additionally, you can also compare your site’s performance against your competitors. The SERP feature allows you to add up to five competitors and compare results.


  • Essential Plan – $39/month (250 Keywords)
  • Pro Plan – $89/month (1000 Keywords)
  • Business Plan – $189/month (2500 Keywords)

Best For – Small Businesses, Individuals, and Medium Size Businesses.

3. Zutrix

Zutrix is another extremely able, all-in-one SEO tool with a top-notch SERP tracking feature. Incidentally, Zutrix utilizes powerful AI algorithms for rank tracking. It fetches real-time keyword position data based on devices, locations, and search engines.


In addition to tracking SERP for keywords, it also offers detailed information about competitors’ keywords. As a result, you can adjust your strategy to outmaneuver your competitors and quickly achieve a higher ranking.

What is best in Zutrix?

The platform’s simplicity is an advantage that enables beginners to extract maximum benefits from Zutrix. It allows easy tracking of keywords and offers better control.

Speed is another thing that impressed me about Zutrix. It speedily fetches data with detailed insight into keyword positioning and competitors’ ranking.

Besides, the search variation is also impressive. You can track the same keyword for several locations, devices, regions, and languages.

One particularly convenient feature is report sharing. You can instantly share SERP tracker data with your team via mail, telegram channel, or over Slack.


  • Starter Plan – $9/month (250 Keywords)
  • Pro Plan – $28/month (1000 Keywords)
  • Agency Plan – $54/month (2500 Keywords)

Best for – Beginners as well as experts SEOs and small agencies.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat is another intuitive SERP tracker tool with a massive user base. Serpstat presents itself as an all-in-one SEO tool; however, its rank-tracking ability is undoubtedly quite advanced.


Besides rank tracking, you can also perform backlink analysis, site auditing, keyword research, and more to boost your visibility and enhance your ranking. True to its name, Serpstat offers detailed insight into SERP and extracts data from local, global, and device based.

What is Best in Serpstat?

The best thing is that Serpstat excels in data visualization and presents a detailed overview of your evolution in SERP. They make excessive use of graphs, coding, and charts to help you understand where you are lagging.

Besides, the accuracy of Serpstat is also impressive. Moreover, you can also see which SERP feature is deriving the most traffic to your website.

On top of that, its data-driven approach to analyzing SERP is pretty attractive. You can quickly assess your position, what needs to be done to improve ranking, and what keywords your competitors are performing better.


  • Individual Plan – $59/month (10,000 Keywords)
  • Team Plan – $119/month (50,000 Keywords)
  • Agency Plan – $479/month (500,000 Keywords)

Best for – Serpstat requires some expertise in SEO; therefore, it works well for professionals.

5. Mangools SERP Watcher

Mongols SERP Watcher lets you instantly track all the fluctuations in SERP. Its USP lies in its simplicity. You can easily set up the required settings for SERP tracking within seconds.


Besides, you can easily configure it for email alerts. This way, you will be instantly informed of any significant changes in SERP. Additionally, SERP Watcher offers you data from several avenues. You can extract position-tracking data based on cities, regions, devices, etc.

What is Best in SERP Watcher?

I was pretty surprised to know that big names like Adidas, Alexa, Air BNB, and more trust SERP Watcher for rank tracking – a significant boost to its credibility.

Besides, it allows local tracking data from about 50,000 cities, which is massive. Likewise, features like a performance index to gauge the website’s potential help curate a practical SEO strategy.


  • Mangools Entry – $29/month (50 Keywords)
  • Mangools Basic – $49/month (200 Keywords)
  • Magools Premium – $69/month (700 Keywords)
  • Mangools Agency – $129/month (1500 Keywords)

Best For – Equally suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

6. Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker

If there is a list of tools for anything SEO, Moz must be included. Not because it’s an old name in the industry but for the powerful and unique features that are its specialty.

Likewise, Moz also nourishes a robust SERP racking tool known as Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker. With Moz Pro, you can instantly identify your website’s ranking based on given keywords.

Moz Pro

You will find Moz Pro adept whether you want data from Google, Binge, Yahoo, or any other search engine. You just fill in the keywords and let Moz Pro send you daily happenings in SERP that might be of interest to you.

What is Best in Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker?

The instant reports are really helpful in adjusting strategy and prioritizing work for immediate results. Likewise, the trust that Moz brings is also unrivaled. It’s an industry leader and therefore offers peace of mind that you are receiving accurate data.

Besides, Moz also offers potential keywords that might be helpful to boost your position. And the difficulty score beside them gives you a real glimpse into how much effort will be needed if you target those keywords.

Long-term keyword tracking is another handy feature that offers you continuous insights into how particular keywords are doing in SERP. It lets you formulate a strategy based on the current status of SERP.


  • Standard Plan – $99/month (300 Keywords)
  • Medium Plan – $179/month (1500 Keywords)
  • Large Plan – $299/month (3000 Keywords)
  • Premium Plan – $599/month (4500 Keywords)

Best for – If you have a little proficiency in SEO, you can easily navigate Moz Pro.

7. Wincher

If there are budget constraints, but you still need heavy-duty SERP tracking software, Wincher might be a suitable option. It’s easily one of the most affordable SERP trackers for expert SEOs.


So, do not be distracted by the low price because it doesn’t deter its functionality. In fact, it is power packed with robust keyword rank tracking features that will allow you comprehensive details about your status in SERP.

What is Best in Wincher?

The first thing is the range of tools that Wincher brings with it. You can easily track all your keywords and get details about easy-to-rank terms not targeted by your competitors yet.

Besides, Wincher has several automation features that allow easy reporting of ranking data. It will enable easy analysis of marketing results and device strategy accordingly to outrank competitors.

On top of that, you have access to local SERP tracking data from 180 countries. Additionally, automatic keyword suggestions really help to enhance content quality and help steal top rankings from your competitors.


  • Starter Plan – $39/month (500 Keywords)
  • Business Plan – $74/month (1000 Keywords)
  • Enterprise Plan – $289/month (5000 Keywords)

Best for – Marketing professionals, bloggers, and affiliate marketers.

8. Authority Labs

If you are an established agency or a business with an in-house SEO team, you could benefit from the outstanding rank-tracking ability of Authority Labs. It could accelerate your white-label efforts and help you automate everything from local to international rank tracking based on keywords and search engines.

Authority Labs

You can easily input keywords, URLs, or a domain and specify the region, if any. Authority Labs will take care of the rest. You will receive daily rank tracking reports and instant alerts for significant changes in SERP.

What is best in Authority Labs?

The data about the evolution of keyword ranking in SERP is too detailed. Having a historical overview of how you evolved through SERP is incredible. It lets you analyze your mistakes and grab opportunities that might push you further up in ranking.

One peculiar thing about Authority Labs that I like is its instant insight into the value of a keyword. Besides, the popularity of a domain based on location, it’s ranking, and keyword data also helps adjust the strategy and achieve better results.

Besides, Competitor Domain Tracking, Custom Data Collection, Mobile specific rank tracking, and White label reports are practical tools that offer a specialized approach to rank tracking.


  • Plus Plan – $49/month (250 Keywords)
  • Pro Plan – $99/month (1000 Keywords)
  • Pro Plus Plan – $225/month (2500 Keywords)
  • Enterprise Plan – $450/month (5000+ Keywords)

Best for – a bit expensive, therefore, only suitable for big-time SEOs and agencies.

9. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an extremely reliable rank-tracking tool that not only tracks the rankings of your keywords but also creates reports for that. All the data provided by Nightwatch is reliable and accurate, especially when it comes to local ranking data. Nightwatch gives you data from Google Data centers from all over the world. So you can easily trust it for local rank-tracking data.


Nightwatch tracks keywords for all the search engines at once, such as Google, YouTube, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. It also checks the ranking of keywords for desktop and mobile devices. Nightwatch gathers data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Keyword Planner and creates a combined report to provide you.

What is best in Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is known for accurate rank tracking data across different locations worldwide. You can also discover low-volume, highly profitable keywords for your content strategy. You can also find growth opportunities with different custom segments.

You can also create detailed SEO reports using Nightwatch’s SEO reporting software for your clients.

Nightwatch’s site audit tool can help you analyze your websites to monitor & optimize the SEO performance of your website.

Nightwatch also comes with a 14-day free trial. The pricing of Nightwatch depends on the number of keywords you want to track. You can also create white-label reports in the expensive plans.


  • The pricing depends on the number of keywords you want to track, and it starts from $39/month for 250 keywords.

Best For — Beginners & experts alike, and agencies can also use it for their clients.

10. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking’s rank tracker tool makes tracking your keywords easier, and it solves the issue of giving the rankings on-demand to businesses. In a single hour, it collects all the data across multiple search engines, devices, and languages and shows you the accurate rankings of your keywords. It shows you reliable SERP data for more than 4000 search engines, including Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, and so on.

Advanced Web Ranking

You can also create SEO reports for your clients using different customizable layouts and share it directly with them through a link or other user accounts. You can use the White-label feature for creating reports with your brand name and open them on any device you want. It also tracks your keywords’ local rankings using the local rank tracking feature. You can also set the rank tracker to give reports weekly, monthly, every two weeks, or daily.

What is best in Advanced Web Ranking?

Many big brands & agencies use Advanced Web Ranking to track the growth of their business. The Advanced Web Ranking team is also constantly working to improve its functionality and user interface. It has tools that can help you track your competitor’s progress and find what strategies they are using to get ahead.

You can use its Google Search Console and Google Analytics integrations to get complete insights on your website. You can get fresh rankings of your keywords in just an hour.

You can also get rankings of mobile and desktop devices separately, which will give you an idea of what you need to improve in your pages for these devices.

Pricing: Advanced Web Ranking comes with a 30-day free trial, and after that, its pricing starts at $49/mo, where you can track up to 2000 keywords weekly or 286 keywords daily.

Best For — Finding on-demand rankings of keywords.

Bonus: If you are an Amazon FBA seller and searching for trending products using any of the above keyword tools, then I would suggest that you use Helium 10 instead because it has better tools to handle all your needs. DemandSage has also done a collaboration with Helium 10 to offer an exclusive 20% discount to our users.

11. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another great rank tracking tool that can track the daily rankings of your keyword. Ahrefs is similar to Semrush. It is also an all-in-one SEO tool that lets you find keyword opportunities, build backlinks, analyze competitors, etc. To track the keywords of any website, you need to add them to Ahrefs using a Google Search Console account. You need to verify your ownership; once you do, you can just add the keywords you want Ahrefs to track.

Ahrefs Overview

You can get detailed analytics of the ranking keywords, such as traffic, average position, visibility percentage, any recent changes in the position, search volume, etc. You can also add competitors for your project to compare the performance of your website with theirs.

What is best in Ahrefs?

Setting up any project on Ahrefs is quite simple, and you can do that in just a few minutes. Ahrefs is also known for its backlink data, and you can find backlink opportunities for your project with ease.

You can use its site explorer tool to analyze your competition and find their top-ranking keywords. You can also analyze their backlinks and create your own backlink strategy.

Ahrefs also has tools to help you find improvement opportunities for your website. You can also check the rankings of your keywords by country. 

With its rank tracker tool, you can also compare the rankings of your keywords from before.


  • Lite Plan – $99/month (750 Keywords)
  • Standard Plan – $199/month (2000 Keywords)
  • Advanced Plan – $399/month (5000 Keywords)
  • Enterprise Plan – $999/month (10,000 Keywords)

Best For — Checking rankings of keywords for multiple projects.

12. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is another great SEO tool that you can download and use to track your SEO campaigns. It offers tools like website auditor, rank tracker, LinkAssistant for building & managing links, and SEOSpyGlass for spying on your competitors. You will need an internet connection to extract the data, but you can check reports offline directly on the app.

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuit is also affordable and perfect for those who are managing multiple clients at once. With this tool, you can track unlimited keywords, but the only issue is that it requires a proxy to do that.

What is best in SEO Powersuite?

The rank tracker tool of SEO Powersuite is really advanced, and it is not limited to only one search engine. It can check and track the rankings of your keywords on 327 different search engines all at once.

Once you add the keywords in there, it will start tracking them, and you just need to hit one button to get reports on their rankings to see if their ranking has improved or not.

The best part about this tool is that it is not a cloud-based platform like the other tools in the list. You need to download it to your desktop to use, and there is a free version of it also available for you to try.

Pricing: It comes with two pricing options. The professional plan costs $299/year, and the enterprise plan costs $499/year. You can also choose to pay for 2 or 3 years upfront and use it however you want.

Best For — Tracking unlimited keywords for 300+ search engines.

13. ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker is a rank tracking and SERP monitoring software that enables marketers to track their website and advertiser rankings for target keywords. It provides visibility into how well optimization efforts are impacting search visibility over time.

The platform tracks rankings across search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube on a daily basis. Users input key phrases they want to monitor the rankings for. The software then displays current ranking positions and historical charts showing changes over custom time periods.

What is best in ProRankTracker?

Rankings data can be segmented by location, device, ad position, and more for further analysis. Rankings for competitors can also be tracked for comparison. Alerts notify users of ranking milestones like reaching page 1 or falling out of the top 10.

The software automatically detects and tracks website modifications as well. An API is available for retrieving rank data. The platform also generates scheduled PDF rank reports to share with stakeholders.

By providing continuous tracking of keyword rankings across search engines, ProRankTracker enables marketers to gauge SEO and PPC progress. The historical data helps analyze the impact of activities to further optimize website visibility.


  • Starter Plan – $13.5/month (100 Keywords)
  • Pro Plan – $89/month (1000 Keywords)
  • Agency Plan – $180/month (3000 Keywords)

Best For — SEO specialists, digital marketers, and advertisers who need to monitor and analyze keyword rankings closely

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Conclusion: Which Tool Do You Use?

The rank tracker informs you about vital statistics about your website’s performance in SERP. Therefore a rank tracker can be one of the best investments in your SEO journey.

  • A rank tracker will allow you to;
  • Evaluate the website’s visibility in SERP.
  • Assess keyword positioning.
  • Analyzes changes in SERP and adjusts strategy accordingly.
  • Spy on competitors’ keywords and make amendments to your content.
  • Measure the domain’s performance and assess possible lags.

But how successful your position-tracking efforts are will ultimately come down to your choice of keyword position-tracking software. Therefore, you must choose the best rank tracker available out there.

The list here includes top-rank tracking software you can pick right now. My recommendations are Semrush and Zutrix. You can also choose SE Ranking if you are inclined more towards affordability.

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