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Semrush Coupon & Promo Code – 2023 | Get 17% OFF

Semrush Pro Plan —$108.33 | Guru Plan — $208.33

Save up to 17% On Guru & Pro Plan NOW.

Note: You can only claim this deal if you don’t have a paid Semrush subscription and have never activated a Semrush trial. To see if you’re eligible for other offers, please contact

Additionally, you can save up to 17% (if you choose to pay yearly) or claim 14 14-day free trial.

Semrush is an unbeatable SEO tool available on the internet. It offers an all-in-one marketing toolkit to help digital marketers manage their content, SEO of their website, social media marketing, and advertising. You can also spy on your competitors using the tools of Semrush. You can find out the top-ranking keywords of your competitors and create a plan according to the data to outrank your competitors.

If you are not purchasing a plan on Semrush only because of its pricing, then don’t worry because we have brought you these exclusive Semrush Coupon codes & offers to help you get this tool at an affordable price. Stick till the end to find out all the details on Semrush pricing.

If you wanna know how we use Semrush, well, check our detailed Semrush Review here.

Let’s get started right away.

Semrush Coupon & Promo Codes (September 2023)

Here are the available offers on Semrush that are currently active.

Offer 1. This offer will help you save up to 17% On Semrush Plans right away. You can opt for the Guru or the Pro Plan, which helps you save big on Semrush.

Offer 2. If you still don’t wanna go ahead with the paid version of Semrush, we recommend you go ahead with the Semrush 14 Days free trial right away.

How To Claim Semrush Coupon & Promo (Step By Step)

We have explained the available coupon offers in the above section. Now we will explain a step-by-step guide to claiming those offers. Follow all the steps in the same order to get the discount.

Step #1: Visit the official website of Semrush using this link. You will be redirected to the pricing page of Semrush, where you will see all three plans. To choose any plan, click on the “Subscribe” button.

Click On Subscribe Option

Step #2: If you have an account on Semrush, then log in to it using your credentials. If not, then create an account using your email address and click on the “Sign Up” button.

SEMrush Coupon - Create A Account

Step #4: A confirmation code will be sent to your email address. You need to retrieve the code from your email and then enter it in the box. Click on the “Confirm Email” once you’re done.

SEMrush code

Step #5: To complete your purchase, you need to enter your card number, cardholder name, the date on your card, CVC, and state name. Once you’re done, click on the “Subscribe” button.

Enter Your Card Details And Click On Subscribe

Once you complete your purchase, you will get a discount and one-year access to all of Semrush’s tools. Now you can use this tool to grow your business. So this is the working Semrush discount which helps you save more on the annual plans.

Why Should You Choose Semrush?

If you are running a marketing agency or a small business and require a complete set of tools that can help you with SEO and marketing, then Semrush is the right option for you. This is because Semrush offers you access to more than 50 tools to help your overall business. You will not find another tool like Semrush, which gives you the best value for money.

The only other tool which competes with Semrush is Ahrefs, and it also does not offer all the tools that Semrush offers.

Many leading companies like Tesla, Decathalon, Samsung, Amazon, Walmart, IBM, and so on are using Semrush for various purposes. You should definitely consider using Semrush if you have the budget for it.

Benefits Of Using Semrush

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools that you can have as a digital marketer. It helps you manage not only the SEO of your website but also marketing & advertising for your project. Here are a few benefits that you will get using Semrush:

  • You can access various SEO, marketing, and advertising tools with a single Semrush account.
  • Finding the best keyword opportunities is easy with Semrush cause it has a huge database for keywords that have over 24.3 billion keywords.
  • To track your progress and also see how your competitors are performing, you can run a complete site audit and see how much traffic is coming on the website.
  • Semrush’s rank tracker allows you to track the ranking of your keywords so you can see how they are performing once you optimize them properly.
  • You can analyze the backlinks of any website and find broken links and fix them asap.
  • All the databases of Semrush get updated daily, so you will always get new suggestions and accurate data on keywords, backlinks, and websites.

What is Semrush Academy?

Semrush Academy was created to help marketers in advancing their careers. It has multiple courses that are designed by industry experts like Brian Dean, Andy Crestodina, Nathan Gotch, and so many more. There are different categories for courses available such as content marketing, SEO, PPC, Sales, Social Media, and Marketing Career.

You can check the detailed Semrush Academy Review here.

Semrush Academy

The best part about Semrush Academy is that it is completely free. You can access all the courses anytime you want. To get started with Semrush Academy, all you need to do is create a free account on Semrush, and you can start learning in no time. After finishing each course, you will also get a course completion certificate. But you will need to score at least 70% on the test to get the certificate.

Semrush Pricing Plans

We have explained all the pricing plans in detail to help you decide which Semrush plan is the right option for you. Get detailed pricing breakdown of Semrush check here.


1. Pro Plan: To get the Pro plan, you have to pay $129.95/mo or $108.33/mo annually. This plan is a great option for small in-house marketing teams. With this plan, you can track up to 500 keywords every month, analyze domains, keywords & backlinks, generate up to 10,000 results/reports, add up to five projects on the tool, and so on.

2. Guru Plan: To get the guru plan, you have to pay $249.95/mo or $208.33/mo annually. This plan is a great option for marketing consultants and small & mid-size businesses. With this plan, you can track up to 1500 keywords every month, get historical data, use the content marketing platform, create ten targets per project, and create up to 15 projects. This plan also includes all the pro-plan features.

3. Business Plan: To get the business plan, you have to pay $499.95/mo or $416.66/mo annually. This plan is a great option for enterprises and large agencies. With this plan, you can track up to 5000 keywords every month, get a share of voice metrics, get API access, product listing ads, create unlimited targets for projects, create up to 40 projects, and more. This plan also includes all the Guru plan features.

We hope this detailed explanation will help you in choosing the right plan for yourself.

Here’s the table explaining the Semrush plans:

Pro PlanGuru PlanBusiness Plan
Yearly Discounts$108.33/mo$208.33/mo$416.66/mo
Projects 51540
Keyword Tracking50015005000
Keyword, Domain Analysis
Historical DataN/A
Content Marketing ToolkitN/A
Google Data Studio IntegrationN/A
Share of Voice MetricsN/A
API AccessN/A
Semrush features comparison

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Conclusion: Semrush Coupon Code (2023)

So these are the available Semrush promo codes that help you save big on Semrush. There is no doubt that Semrush is a top-notch SEO tool. In fact, top SEO experts have already said that Semrush is their first choice as an SEO tool.

We hope that our post on Semrush coupons helps you out in getting a discount.

FAQs On Semrush Promo Code

How long does the Semrush free trial last?

If you sign up for a Semrush free trial using our exclusive free trial link, then you will get a free trial of the pro plan for 14 days.

Does Semrush offer a money-back guarantee?

Semrush offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans. If you cancel your plan within seven days of purchase, then you will get the refund, no questions asked.

If I enter my credit card details to get the free trial, will I be charged?

No, you will not be charged if you enter your credit card details to get the free trial. But once the free trial ends, you will be charged for the plan you’ve selected. If you don’t want that to happen, then create a reminder to cancel the free trial before it expires.

What’s the maximum discount you can get on the Semrush coupon?

Yes, you can get upto 17% OFF on Semrush plans when you pay annually. As of now, there is no available Semrush coupon that helps you get an exclusive discount.

Which payment methods can I use to purchase Semrush subscriptions?

Semrush supports all major payment methods such as major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Union Pay as well. What’s more, it also supports Wire Transfer — upon request only.

Which Semrush plan is better for me — Guru or Pro?

You can go for the Semrush Pro plan if you’re — a solo marketer, blogger, or SEO with a limited budget. If you’re a professional SEO or consultant or agency, you should definitely go with the Semrush Guru plan.

Is there any Semrush Black Friday deal available?

The Black Friday deals of Semrush will come on November 2023. You can expect similar deals this Black Friday as well.

What about Semrush Cyber Monday 2023 deal?

Semrush will have Cyber Monday deals around November 2023. You will have to wait and see what offers they are going to offer this year.

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