Shubham Singh

I'm the SEO and Content Head at DemandSage. I began my career in 2017. Overcoming personal adversity, I excell in content strategy and SEO, significantly boosting DemandSage's online presence. Founder of, my expertise spans SaaS, Content Marketing, and SEO. My work is recognized in major publications like Forbes, Techcrunch, BusinessInsider, and more.

13 Best Marketing Podcasts of 2024 (Don’t Miss)

After subscribing to dozens of marketing podcasts over the past few years, I have narrowed down my favorites – the shows that have personally delivered the most value to me. These 13 best marketing podcasts have directly impacted my work and helped me advance in my career.  These podcasts come from well-known marketing gurus who

Google SGE: The End of Organic Traffic?

Google is the go-to search engine for anything that you want to know about. It is the bread and butter for many marketers following the organic ways of marketing. But with the new “SGE” update from Google, will the SGE kill the organic traffic of your website?  Note: SGE stands for Search Generative Experience!  Our

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