Shubham Singh

I'm the SEO and Content Head at DemandSage. I began my career in 2017. Overcoming personal adversity, I excell in content strategy and SEO, significantly boosting DemandSage's online presence. Founder of, my expertise spans SaaS, Content Marketing, and SEO. My work is recognized in major publications like Forbes, Techcrunch, BusinessInsider, and more.

How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost (2024)

SEO audits are necessary if you want your website to dominate the SERPs. But one question that baffles every website owner is – how much does an SEO audit cost? Well, an SEO audit can cost $700 or go upward of $33,000, depending upon the website. Besides, the complexity of the website, its type, size,

Where Does Semrush Get Its Data From?

When you enter a query in Semrush, let’s say a keyword or a domain, it comes with various insights. Semrush relies on its massive data reservoir containing millions of URLs, billions of keywords, and trillions of links to provide you with these details. But from where does Semrush’s data come? Here’s a detailed post to

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts - DemandSage

Top 15 Podcasts for Savvy Digital Marketers

Are you searching for the Best Digital Marketing Podcasts? No worries, we got your back.  Podcasts are one of the most powerful media tools. The medium can be used for various purposes, including education and entertainment. It provides you flexibility and educates you on the commute or a walk.  There are millions of podcasts available

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