YouTube Statistics For 2023 (Demographics & Usage)

YouTube Statistics 2023

Launched in 2005, YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform and the second-biggest social media in the world, with over 2.70 billion users.

Being the #2 website in the world, It is estimated that the number of YouTube’s global user count will reach 2.85 billion by 2025.

If you are a creator or a marketer who wishes to know more about the platform, then you are at the right place. I have compiled a list of up-to-date and detailed statistics related to YouTube, which will help you gain insights and make informed decisions for your future ventures. 

Let’s begin,  shall we?

YouTube Overview

Here is a quick overview of YouTube

Founded14th February 2005 (18 Years ago)
Headquarters901 Cherry AvenueSan Bruno, California, United States
Parent Company Alphabet
Key PeopleSusan Wojcicki (CEO), Chad Hurley (Advisor), Sundar Pichai (Alphabet CEO)

Youtube Statistics Top Picks (2023)

youtube Statistics infographics

Here are some of the key YouTube statistics in brief that every marketer should know:

  • YouTube has more than 2.70 billion active users as of 2023.
  • Youtube Premium has 80 million active users worldwide in 2023.
  • 52% of internet users access YouTube at least once a month.
  • Over 122 million people visit YouTube every day via its Website and Apps.
  • YouTube has generated $14.358 billion via advertising so far in 2023.
  • India is home to most YouTube users accounting for 467 million users. The USA follows with 247 million.
  • 53.9% of YouTube users are Males, and Females make up around 46.1% of the user base.
  • 720,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day.
  • YouTube Shorts surpassed 50 billion daily views in February 2023.
  • Alphabet Inc. (Youtube’s parent company) earned $29.243 billion via YouTube ads in 2022.
  • Technically, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. 
  • T-Series (an Indian music record label) is the most subscribed YouTube channel having 247 million subscribers.
  • Mr. Beast is the highest-earning YouTuber who earned $54 million in 2022.
  • Users consume 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day.
  • The majority of YouTube users are between the age of 25-34. 
  • YouTube is the second most popular platform for Influencer Marketing. Instagram tops the list.
  • Comedy is the most-watched genre on YouTube.
  • YouTube is currently banned in 6 countries.
  • YouTube removed the dislike button from the platform in 2021.
  • Before removing the dislike button, YouTube’s Rewind for 2018 was the most disliked video of all time, with 20.8 million dislikes.

In-depth YouTube Statistics

Let me show you the more detailed side of YouTube in this section.

YouTube Monthly Active Users.

Youtube Monthly Active Users

As of 2023, YouTube has over 2.70 billion monthly active users.

  • Over a quarter of the world’s population uses YouTube once every month.

Below is the table showing the growth in YouTube’s Monthly Active Users from 2010 to 2023:

YearYouTube Monthly Active Users
2010200 million
2011500 million
2012700 million
20131 billion
20141.1 billion
20151.3 billion
20161.5 billion
20171.6 billion
20181.8 billion
20192 billion
20202.3 billion
20212.5 billion
20222.68 billion
20232.70 billion

YouTube Daily Active Users

It is estimated that over 122 million people visit YouTube every day via its Website and Apps.

  • 62% of YouTube users in the U.S.A. access the platform daily. That is equivalent to 153.14 million people.
  • Users consume 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day.
  • Content worth 500 hours is uploaded on YouTube every day.

YouTube Premium Subscribers

Youtube Premium Users

YouTube Premium is the ad-free version of YouTube. You also get access to Youtube music when you purchase YouTube premium.

YouTube Red was rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018. As of 2023, there are 80 million YouTube premium users globally.

Being Ad-free is not the only perk of YouTube Premium; it also lets you play videos in the background when you close the app. 

Recently, YouTube ended the trial in which it was offering 4K videos to only the premium members. The Good news is that now 4K videos on the platform are not just exclusive to the premium members. Still, getting the premium plan is worth the money spent.

YouTube Music is another great addition to the package; I personally love YouTube Music’s audio output more than Spotify’s (talking about both on the highest Settings). Also, the autoplay suggestions are better than Spotify.

Here is the overview of YouTube Premium users as of 2022

YearNumber Of Youtube Premium Subscribers
20151.5 million
20163 million
20172.8 million
201810 million
201918 million
202030 million
202150 million
202280 million

YouTube Revenue Statistics

Youtube Revenue Over The Years

YouTube experienced over 30% growth in revenue in the past 4 years.

Youtube managed to register a revenue of $14.358 billion in revenue in the first two quarters of 2023

YouTube generated $28.8 billion in 2021,  which is a 46% increase compared to 2020’s figures.

Here is the Overview of YouTube’s Yearly Revenue From 2010 to 2023:

2010$800 million
2011$1.3 billion
2012$1.7 billion
2013$3.1 billion
2014$4.2 billion
2015$5.5 billion
2016$6.7 billion
2017$8.1 billion
2018$11.1 billion
2019$15.1 billion
2020$19.7 billion
2021$28.8 billion
2022$29.24 billion
2023 (As of Q2)$14.358 billion

Youtube IAP Revenue By Region

The United States ranked first in generating the most revenue from YouTube in-app purchases in June 2023. Users spent over $35 million on the platform via their mobile devices. Japan and South Korea follow the US with $20.31 million and $8.65 million revenue respectively

Here is a table showing countries with the most YouTube In-App Purchases in 2023:

CountryYoutube IAP Revenue
United States$35.3
South Korea$8.65
United Kingdom$2.45
Hong Kong$2.13

YouTube Users by Country

Countries With The Most Youtube Users

The majority of YouTube users come from India (467 million). That means 18.68% of YouTube users are from India.

The U.S.A. is the country with the second-most YouTube users (247 million).

Here is the breakdown of the Top 15 countries with the most YouTube users as of 2023:

CountryNumber of Users
India467 million
United States247 million
Indonesia139 million
Brazil138 million
Russia106 million
Japan102 million
Mexico80.6 million
Germany72.6 million
Pakistan71.7 million
Vietnam62.5 million
United Kingdom57.6 million
Turkey57.4 million
Philippines56.5 million
France52.6 million
South Korea46.4 million

It is also important to note that YouTube is banned in 6 Countries. 

Here is the list of the countries where YouTube is currently banned (2023).

  • China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau)
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Turkmenistan
  • South Sudan

Amid the Russia-Ukraine War, YouTube is still not banned in Russia.

YouTube’s Rank Among Social Media.

As of 2023, YouTube is the second biggest social media in the world, with over 2.7 billion active users.

Only Facebook (2.9 billion) has more active users than YouTube.

There are 4.9 billion active social media users worldwide. This means that 55.10% of active social media users in the world access YouTube.

Here is a list of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

Social Media PlatformUsers
Facebook3000 million
Youtube2703 million
Instagram2300 million
Whatsapp2000 million
WeChat1671 million
TikTok1060 million
Facebook Messenger931 million
Snapchat 750 million
Douyin715 million
Telegram700 million
Kuaishou626 million
Sina Weibo584 million
QQ574 million
Twitter450 million
Pinterest556 million
Reddit445 million
Quora300 million

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YouTube Usage Statistics

YouTube users consume 1 billion hours’ worth of video every day. This figure translates to approximately 5 billion videos every day.

  • A typical user spends around 20 minutes and 23 seconds on Youtube.
  • YouTube hosts more than 800 million videos on the platform.
  • 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

YouTube Usage Statistics by Device

87.7% of all YouTube views come from a mobile device. It is no wonder that YouTube’s Android app has more than 10 billion downloads to date.

YouTube also states that more than 450 million hours of content is viewed on Smart TVs.

Gender and Age of YouTube Users

  • 53.9% of global YouTube users are Males. Females make up around 46.1% of the user base.

Here is the overview of YouTube Users by their gender

YouTube Users By Their Gender
GenderShare of YouTube UsersShare In Number
Male53.9%1.38 billion
Female46.1%1.18 billion

Below is the Breakdown of YouTube Users As per their age and gender:

Breakdown of YouTube Users As per their age and Gender
Age GroupMaleFemale
18 to 248.5%6%
25 to 3411.6%8.6%
35 to 449%7.5%
45 to 546.2%5.7%
55 to 644.4%4.5%
Above 654.3%5.4%
  • The majority of global YouTube users are between the age of 25-34. 

Here is the overview of global YouTube users as per their age

Age GroupShare of Users
18 to 2414.5%
25 to 3420.2%
35 to 4416.5%
45 to 5411.9%
55 to 648.9%
Above 659.7%

YouTube Penetration Statistics

The Netherlands is the country with the most YouTube penetration as of 2023.

YouTube’s penetration rate in the Netherlands is 94.9%.

Although India and the United States are the top two countries with the most YouTube users, they don’t even make it to the top 20 in Penetration rate.

India’s Penetration rate of YouTube is 37%, while the U.S.A. has a 79.3% penetration rate.

YouTube’s Worldwide penetration rate is 37.6%.

Here is the overview of YouTube’s Penetration Rate as of 2023

CountryYouTube Penetration Rate
South Korea94%
New Zealand93.8%
United Kingdom92.1%
Hong Kong91.3%
Saudi Arabia90.5%

YouTube Shorts Statistics

YouTube launched YouTube Shorts, a competition to Tik Tok in September 2020.

YouTube shorts was first launched in India. It was later rolled out for the U.S.A and 26 other nations. Currently, YouTube shorts are available in more than 100 nations.

  •  YouTube Shorts surpassed 50 billion daily views in February 2023.

Here is a table showing the daily views in June 2021 and February 2023:

June 202130 billion
February 202350 billion
  • During the launch in India, the maximum time period to record a short was 15 seconds. Later, when it was launched in the USA and other countries, the time was lengthened to 60 seconds.
  • 72% of YouTube Shorts are more than 15 seconds long.
  • In the second quarter of 2021, YouTube announced a $100 million fund for YouTube Shorts which ran until 2022.

YouTube Channel Statistics

As of 2023, YouTube has over 51 million Channels.

T-series, an Indian music record label, is the most followed YouTube channel with 217 million subscribers.

PewDiePie is the individual YouTuber with the most subscribers. He has 111 million YouTube subscribers.

SET India is the most subscribed channel in the entertainment category with 133 million subscribers.

Blackpink, a K-pop girls group, is the most followed music artist channel with 74.2 million subscribers.

Here is an overview of the most followed YouTube Channels as of 2023:

ChannelLink to their YouTube ChannelSubscribers
T-SeriesYouTube Channel Link247 million
MrBeastYouTube Channel Link176 million
Cocomelon Nursery RhymesYouTube Channel Link163 million
SET IndiaYouTube Channel Link161 million
Kids Diana ShowYouTube Channel Link113 million
PewDiePieYouTube Channel Link111 million
Like NastyaYouTube Channel Link106 million
Vlad and NikiYouTube Channel Link100 million
Zee Music CompanyYouTube Channel Link98.1 million
W.W.E.YouTube Channel Link96.7 million
BlackpinkYouTube Channel Link90.7 million
Goldmines Telefilms Pvt LtdYouTube Channel Link88 million
Sony SABYouTube Channel Link84.3 million
5-Minute CraftsYouTube Channel Link80.2 million
BANGTANTVYouTube Channel Link76.1 million
HYBE LABELSYouTube Channel Link72.3 million
Justin BieberYouTube Channel Link71.7 million
Zee TVYouTube Channel Link71.5 million
PinkfongYouTube Channel Link68.9 million
Canal KondZillaYouTube Channel Link66.6 million

YouTubers With the Most Revenue

YouTubers With the Most Revenue

Mr. Beast is the highest-earning YouTuber as of 2023. Last year he earned around $54 million through YouTube.

Here is the overview of YouTubers with the most revenue:

Mr. Beast54 million
Jake Paul45 million
Markiplier38 million
Rhett and Link30 million
Unspeakable28.6 million
Nastya28 million
Ryan Kaji27 million
Dude Perfect20 million
Logan Paul18 million
Preston Arsement16 million

Additional YouTube Facts and Insights

In this section, we will go through some important data associated with YouTube in a quick manner!

Only 9% of Small Businesses In The United States Use YouTube

That means only 2.98 million businesses out of the 33.2 million use YouTube for their video marketing strategy. If you are a small business owner or a marketer who caters to small businesses, you should tap this untapped vast market to gain an edge over your competition.

In current times, it has become easier than ever to produce videos with generative AI.

Around 30% of Youtubers face difficulties in locating and engaging their desired audience

These problems include identifying the ideal time to post on the platform, doing the YouTube SEO, finding relevant hashtags and more.

Around 34% of videos removed from YouTube are deleted due to child safety reasons

An additional 5% of flagged videos were taken down because they were spam or had content that was misleading. Around 8% of the removed videos were deleted because they contained cyberbullying and harassment.

Here is a table showing the top reasons for the removal of YouTube videos:

Reason For RemovalShare of Flagged Videos
Child Safety34%
Harmful Or Dangerous17.1%
Violent or Graphic16.4%
Budity or Sexual12.1%
Harassment and Cyberbullying8.3%
Spam, Misleading and Scams4.6%
Hateful or Abusive3.8%
Promotion of Violence and Violence Extremism1.3%

66% of people say their YouTube usage will increase in the future.

Around 66% of respondents in a Statista survey said that their YouTube usage will increase in the future while 19% said their usage will stay the same. 1% said it will remain the same.

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Conclusion: YouTube Statistics (2023)

All the figures point towards one thing: YouTube’s popularity has been soaring through the years, and its usage is increasing. Creators are earning millions, and Businesses are spending more on advertising on the platform.

I hope I was able to give you an in-depth view of YouTube to plan out your next YouTube growth strategy. If I have missed anything, let me know in the comments below. As I keep updating all my articles regularly, I will go through the comment section and add your statistics on demand in my next update!

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