Essential YouTube Creator Statistics Of 2024

The number of YouTube creators has increased rapidly in the last 5 years, displaying its increasing popularity among users and content creators.

While giants like T-Series and MrBeast have already crossed 200 million subscribers, YouTube enjoys billions of views and traffic on its platform daily.

Let’s uncover the latest facts and figures about the number of YouTube creators, their audience, their net worth, and more in this post. 

YouTube Content Creator Statistics 2024: Top Picks

  • There are 61.8 million YouTube creators worldwide.
  • Mr. Beast is the Top YouTuber with over 231 million subscribers.
  • The majority of YouTube creators are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • MrBeast is the richest YouTube creator, with an estimated net worth of $500 million.
  • There are 114 million channels on YouTube.
  • T-Series is the most viewed YouTube Channel Worldwide, with over 239 billion views.
  • India is the home to the top 18 YouTubers worldwide.
  • YouTube pays 0.018 cents per view.

Number Of YouTube Creators

According to the latest figures, the number of YouTube creators has surpassed the benchmark of 61.8 million worldwide.

Out of 80 people, 1 person will be a YouTube creator on average. 

The number of YouTube creators witnessed a spike during the COVID-19 pandemic, but most of these YouTubers are inactive post-COVID. 

Source: Social Blade

YouTube Creators With Most Subscribers

MrBeast Is The Top YouTuber With Over 231 Million Subscribers.

On November 17, 2022, Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, achieved the Guinness World Record for “Most Subscribers for an Individual Male on YouTube”. MrBeast channel had over 112 million subscribers at that time. 

The previous record holder of the title was PewDiePie. He held the record for most subscribed YouTubers for approximately ten years. He is still on the list of the top 3 YouTube creators with the most subscribers. 

YouTube Creators With Most Subscribers

Note: We have included only the YouTube channels of ‘YouTube Creators’. 

YouTube CreatorYouTube ChannelNumber of Subscribers
Jimmy DonaldsonMrBeast237 million
Anastasia Sergeyevna RadzinskayaLike Nastya112 million
Felix Arvid Ulf KjellbergPewDiePie111 million
Vladislav Vashketov Vlad and Niki110 million
Germán Alejandro Garmendia AranisJuegaGerman49.2 million

Source: WikipediaWikipedia.  

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

T-Series Is the World’s Most Subscribed Channel With 257 Million Subscribers.

MrBeast and Cocomelon follow it with 231 million and 170 million subscribers, respectively. 

Here is a list of YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide. 

Note: This list also includes the channels of individual creators. 

RankRankNumber of Subscribers
1T-Series259 million
2MrBeast237 million
3Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes171 million
4Sony Entertainment Television India168 million
5Kids Diana Show119 million
6Like Nastya112 million
7PewDiePie111 million
8Vlad and Niki110 million
9Zee Music Company104 million
10WWE99.3 million

Source: Wikipedia

Most Viewed YouTube Channels

With 239 Billion Views, T-Series, an Indian record label, tops the list of the most-viewed YouTube channels. 

The top 10 most viewed YouTube channels have all surpassed 65 billion views. Five of these Channels are Indian, while three are from the United States. 

It became the most-viewed YouTube Channel on February 16, 2017. Today, it has over 238.78 billion views.

Cocomelon, the channel popular for nursery rhymes, ranks second in the list of channels with views and is followed by SET India. 

Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed YouTube channels as of February 2024.

YouTube Channel Number of Views (Feb 2024) Country
T-Series245.93 billionIndia
Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes175.65 billionUnited States
SET India158.22 billionIndia
Sony SAB110.08 billionIndia
Kids Diana Show99.78 billionUkraine
Like Nastya97.31 billionRussia
Zee TV85.09 billionIndia
Vlad and Niki83.58 billionUnited States
WWE81.43 billionUnited States
Colors TV67.82 billionIndia

Source: Wikipedia

YouTube Creators With The Highest Earning

MrBeast is the richest YouTube creator, with an estimated YouTube earnings of $54 million.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, began as a YouTuber in 2012 at the age of 13. He started with simple Minecraft videos, and now his videos focus on big giveaways, philanthropy, reaction videos, and more.

Jake Paul takes up second place on YouTube’s list of top earners, earning $45 million. 

The following table displays the list of YouTube’s top earners worldwide. 

YouTuber YouTube Earning
MrBeast$54 million
Jake Paul$45 million
Markiplier$38 million
Good Mythical Morning$30 million
Like Nastya$28.1 million
Ryan’s World $27 million
Ninja$20 million
Dude Perfect$20 million
Preston$16 million

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub. 

How Many YouTube Channels Are There?

There are 113.9 Million channels on YouTube.

Only 5 out of 113.9 Million channels have more than 100 million subscribers, and only 44 channels have 50 million or more subscribers. 

Only 4.4% of the 2.6 billion active YouTube users have created their YouTube channels. 

The number of YouTube channels has increased rapidly since 2018, surpassing the 100 million benchmark in 2023. 

YouTube has 113.9 million channels

The following table includes details about the number of subscribers to YouTube channels. 

Number of subscribersNumber of YouTube Channels
100 million or more5
50 million or more44
10 million or more1,100
1 million or more32,300
100,000 or more321,100
10,000 or more2 million
1,000 or more10.1 million
100 or more28.4 million
0 or more113.9 million

Source: Timqueen, Wikipedia.  

General YouTube Creator Statistics

This section covers the facts and figures related to YouTube creators worldwide, like their country, age, and more. 

Top 18 YouTubers Worldwide Reside In India

India has the highest number of YouTubers in the world.

Meanwhile, the United States is the home country of the 12 top YouTubers worldwide, and South Korea is the home of 4 top YouTubers. 

However, the most Popular YouTuber worldwide is from the United States. 

The following table displays the number of top YouTubers from different countries worldwide. 

CountryNumber of Top YouTubers
United States12
South Korea4
United Kingdom1

Source: World Population Review. 

The Majority Of YouTube Creators Are Between 25 And 34 Years 

Most YouTube creators today are over 25 years old. YouTubers like MrBeast started their journey when they were under 15 years old. Today, after decades of hard work, they have managed to get a spot in the list of top YouTube creators. 

Besides, most YouTubers start their content creation journey in their teenage or pre-teenage years, and to become a successful YouTuber, one needs to dedicate a minimum of 2 to 3 years of content. Further, to become a top YouTuber, you may need a minimum of 7 to 8 years. 

Source: Uscreen. 

How Much Does YouTube Pay? 

YouTube pays 0.018 cents per view.

A YouTuber makes $1 to $30 per 1,000 views on average. For 10,000 views per month, a YouTuber may earn between $10 to $300 per month. However, these earnings may vary depending on YouTubers and their niche. 

YouTube Pays in Cents Per View

YouTube pays also varies according to the industry, style, and the topic of the videos. Factors like content, engagement, and target audience also play a role in determining the pay. 

To get paid on YouTube, you must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. Instead of 4,000 watch hours, 10 million public Shorts views in 90 days also qualify for monetization.

The following table displays the average pay given by YouTube to a creator with different views per month.

Number of views per monthAverage earnings of a YouTuber
1,000 $1 to $30
10,000$10 to $300
100,000 $100 to $3000
1 Million$1000 and $30000 

The number of YouTube creators has grown rapidly over the past 5 years, and based on current data, the trend will continue in the upcoming years. YouTube creators will gain more subscribers and views along with increased YouTube Pay. 

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