Semrush Pricing (2024) – Plans & Cost Explained

If you’re looking to choose the right Semrush pricing plan — keep reading.

I have been a user of Semrush GURU plan for years and it has a great value to offer. In this post I have broken down everything that each Semrush paid plan has to offer!

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Now back to the question: how much is Semrush?

Semrush offers three paid plans for different audiences depending on their needs and the extent of their digital marketing operations.

The Semrush Paid plans are as follows:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (17% discount)
Pro Plan$129.95$108.33/Monthly
Guru Plan$249.95$208.33/Monthly
Business Plan$499.95$416.66/Monthly

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Semrush Pricing Plans Breakdown (Comparison)

As I already told you, Semrush offers three paid plans. Each with a different price tag and varying features. Let’s explore these plans in more detail and understand what sort of audience they are suitable for:

FeaturesPro PlanGuru PlanBusiness Plan
Best ForBeginners & Small TeamsMid-Size Businesses & AgenciesEnterprises & Large Agencies
Pricing$129.95 per month$249.95 per month$499.95 per month
Keyword, Backlink & Domain Analytics✔️✔️✔️
Historical Data✔️✔️
Content Marketing Platform✔️✔️
API Access✔️
Reports Per Day3,0005,00010,000
Targets Per Project110Unlimited
Scheduled PDF Reports52050
SEO Content Templates8002000
Plagiarism Checks5 per month10
Looker Studio Integration✔️✔️
Mobile Rankings✔️✔️✔️

Semrush Pro Plan Breakdown

At the helm of Semrush’s offerings is its Pro plan. An entry-level plan that includes a sprinkle of everything Semrush has in store. To opt for the Semrush Pro plan, you must shell out $129.95 each month for as long as you wish to continue.

However, if you go for annual billing, the Pro plan – in fact, every Semrush plan comes with a 17% additional discount. With the discount added, the Pro plan will cost you $108.33 monthly when billed yearly.

What does the Semrush Pro Plan Include?

  • You can manage upto five projects.
  • Can track upto 500 keywords.
  • Generate 10,000 results per report.

On top of that, you have access to Semrush’s state-of-the-art — SEO, PPC, and Social media tools, which include keyword research, domain analysis, site audit, and several social media tools.

Will the Semrush Pro plan suit you?

That depends on your SEO proficiency. The pro plan is best for newbie SEOs, entry-level marketers, and small teams. The domain analysis and keyword tracking ability might seem limited, but when you are just scratching the surface, the amount of functionality Semrush Pro plan offers is sufficient.

Semrush Guru Plan Breakdown

Next is the Guru plan, which will set you back $249.95 monthly. However, with an added discount of 17%, the Guru plan costs $208.33 monthly if you are ready to pay for the whole year.

The main differentiators between the Guru and Pro plans are the content marketing toolkit, the facility to retrieve historical data, and GDS integration.

What does the Semrush Guru Plan Include?

  • You can manage upto 15 projects.
  • Can track upto 1500 keywords.
  • Generate upto 30,000 results per report.

Will the Semrush Guru plan suit you?

The content marketing toolkit is helpful to those with big sites. It allows additional data to curate the right content. Likewise, the Guru plan might be sufficient if you are deep into managing multiple SEO projects. More so, if you are a mid-sized agency or a business with an in-house SEO team, the Guru plan is best.

Semrush Business Plan

The previous two Semrush plans are for small-timers – professionals and businesses alike. However, the Semrush Business plan is where things are on the next level. You have a few SEO clients, sure Guru Plan can manage, but if you are a big-time SEO agency with an extensive portfolio, only the business plan can meet your needs.

It’s the most expensive Semrush plan and comes with a price tag of $499.95 when billed monthly. When you pay annually, the cost comes down to $416.66 a month.

What does the Semrush Business plan Include?

  • You can manage upto 40 projects.
  • Can track upto 5000 keywords.
  • Can generate up to 50,000 results per report.

Will the Semrush Pro plan suit you?

Are you a power user with multiple SEO clients? Have to handle loads of marketing data? Are you an established business with extensive marketing operations? If ‘Yes,’ the Semrush Business plan will be best for you.

Add-ons with Semrush Plans

There are multiple add-ons to extend the capabilities of Semrush plans. However, you have to pay extra dollars for that.

Semrush Pricing Options

Here’s the pricing structure for the add-ons;

1. Listing management costs an extra $20/month, irrespective of your plan.

2. Each Semrush account is limited to a single user. To add an extra user, you have to pay additional;

  •  $45/mo per user for the pro plan.
  • $80/mo per user for Guru plan.
  •  $100/mo per user for the Business plan.

3. The Semrush Trends feature costs $200/month extra.

4. Semrush Social add on priced at $19.75/month for every plan.

5. Agency Growth Kit costs an additional starting from $69/month. 

6. For Impact Hero service, you need to shell out $200/month extra for each plan.

Bonus: You get an additional 17% discount if you opt for Semrush annual billing.

What’s New With Semrush?

Semrush has rolled out quite a few new updates in recent months, including its AI assistance and various marketing assistance tools.

Check out what new Semrush has for its users below:

  1. Content ShakeAI – $60/month 

Entering the AI arena, Semrush has launched a new app, “ContentShakeAI.” Aimed to combine Semrush SEO data analysis with artificial intelligence, it can help you create content 12X faster.

Content ShakeAI

This app will help you generate unlimited SEO-friendly content that will fetch you better engagement and, eventually, better traffic.

With ContentShakeAI, you get 25 topic ideas depending on real-life audience questions, all the “ComposeAI” features, one-click WordPress publishing, and also generate social media posts with a set tone of voice.

  1. Ecommerce Booster – $29.99/month

This new app from Semrush is your Shopify store guru that will take care of generating AI product descriptions, and image upscaling to smoothen the rough edges or pixels you might have missed.

Ecommerce Booster

The app provides over 50 store checks (audits) and a detailed list of to-do things to implement in your Shopify store, enhance product content, a progress tracker, and an update scheduler. 

With the e-commerce booster, you can prepare a proper action plan and get detailed instructions to boost the speed, accessibility, and overall performance of your Shopify store!

  1. AdsLaunch Assistant – Free

Next is an app partnered with Google Ads to launch Google Ads campaigns. This app is made for someone wanting to set up Google Ads for a business without a hassle. 

AdsLaunch Assistant

This AI-powered assistant can:

  1. Launch Google Ads campaigns
  2. Analyze performance
  3. Boost performance by implementing the suggestions. 

Additionally, new Google Ad accounts receive an ad credit of $500 for a year if you spend $500 within the first 60 days for ads launched with the Ads Launch Assistant.

  1. Report Collaboration Update

An update to an existing “My reports,” paid users of Semrush can now easily share and collaborate on reports with colleagues, managers, and partners and even share them with someone not using Semrush. 

Report Collaboration Update

This is a great new addition to creating comprehensive marketing reports and streamlining the entire process of report generation. 

  1. AI Social Media Post Generator – Free

This exciting new social media post generator uses AI to generate social media content for any type of social media.

AI Social Media Post Generator

Using this tool is very easy and requires you to:

  1. Insert the domain name and URL of your website
  2. Select a trending story.
  3. Choose a social media platform (Facebook, X, Linkedin, Instagram or Threads)
  4. Choose a post-type
  5. Select the tone of voice for the content.

And that’s it, within 5 simple steps, you can generate content for your social media that hooks, and that’s free!

  1. “Advanced” in Agency Growth Kit – $249/month.

For agency partners, the “Agency Growth Kit” is a great add-on for landing new clients. 

Agency Growth Kit

This kit has seen a new update with the advanced plan targeted for established agencies and has a “Client Portal on a Custom Subdomain” feature to add unlimited client portals on your subdomain.

Apart from this, you get quick reporting and increased high-quality leads.

Note: If you are still confused about the pricing and the features, read our detailed Semrush Review.

Semrush Users Testimonials

Here’s what Semrush users are saying after using Semrush.

My Verdict: Pro Plan is better for Beginners!

Wrapping up, that was all about Semrush’s pricing plans with sheer details that will help you choose the right subscription plan for your needs.

If you are still in doubt, I would suggest you claim the 14-day Semrush free trial to try the tool for FREE.

With the free trial options you can claim 14 days free trial of GURU and PRO plans.

Use the new AI potential, subscribe to a paid Semrush plan, and take your search engine analysis to a whole new level!

FAQs On Semrush Pricing

How much does Semrush cost in the US?

The pricing of Semrush is similar all over the world. In the US, Semrush offers the same Pro, Guru, and Business plans which costs $129.95/mo, $249.95/mo, and $499.95/mo simultaneously.

Does Semrush offer discounts to non-profit organizations?

Yes, Semrush does offer discounts to non-profit organizations, but it is not clear how much discount. You will need to contact Semrush’s sales team to confirm the actual numbers.

How long does Semrush’s free trial last?

Usually, Semrush offers a regular seven days free trial of their Guru and Pro plans, but since DemandSage is an official partner of Semrush, it offers 14 days of exclusive free trial of their Guru and Pro plans to our readers only.

Is there a way to use Semrush for free forever?

Yes, there is a free forever plan available on Semrush for which there is no description available on Semrush, but you can get started with the plan by just creating an account on Semrush.

What is Semrush’s refund policy?

According to Semrush’s refund policy, you can ask for a refund on your purchase within seven days of purchase. To submit your refund request, use the contact form of Semrush, and they will process your request immediately.

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