How to Start A Podcast On Spotify In 2023 (Detailed Guide)

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify- DemandSage

Spotify is the most accessed podcast platform in the world, catering to an audience pool of 406 Million spread across 184 regions. Earlier, due to the beta program, it was tough to host podcasts on the platform. But as of 2022, Spotify has made some changes and now accepts all podcasts.

So, if you are looking to start your own podcast on Spotify and want to know how to do it, you are in the right place. In this post, we will teach you the process of getting your podcast to Millions of users on Spotify in a step-by-step manner.

Two Ways of Uploading a Podcast to Spotify

There are two ways you can upload your podcast to Spotify. Firstly through Spotify’s aggregator partners and secondly by using Spotify for podcasters. In this post, we will teach you both the methods so you can rest assured.

For the first method, we will demonstrate the process on ‘Anchor’. 

Why Anchor? Because it is the most used aggregator partner of Spotify and we recommend you to use it as well.

If you wish to use another Aggregator partner, don’t hesitate. The process of uploading podcasts via those platforms will also be similar to that of Anchor with only a minor variation if any.

At the end of the day, all that matters is your hard work and passion reaching millions of ears.

With that being said, let’s get started, shall we?

First Method: Via Anchor

Here are the methods which we can use to start the podcast on Spotify.

Step#1: Sign UP

Visit Anchor and create an account using the yellow-colored ‘Sign up’ button on the top right corner of the window.

How to Start A Podcast On Spotify - Anchor

We also recommend verifying your email address as soon as you log in. It will make the rest of the process smoother.

Step #2: New Episode

Once inside, On the top right corner of the screen, you will see a button named ‘New Episode’

New Episode

Click on it to get two options

i.) Create an Episode – You can create a podcast using an anchor and its inbuilt tools

ii.) Quick Upload – Upload a pre-recorded podcast from your personal computer.

Two Option

Choose any one of the above and proceed to step three.

Step #3: Upload Files

Once you have uploaded your podcast audio file.

Add the title, description, and episode art for it.

Upload Podcast Audio File

You can also schedule the posting of your podcast by clicking on the ‘Publish date’ button and setting your desired date and time.

Publish Date

You can also add optional parameters such as

  • Season number
  • Episode number
  • Episode type
  • Content type
Upload The new episode

Once you are done filling all the columns, Scroll all the way up and click on ‘Next’

Step #4: Additional Information

In this step, you need to enter additional podcast-related information such as

  • Podcast Name
  • Podcast Description
  • Podcast Category
  • Podcast Language
Set up your Podcast

Fill all the columns and click on ‘Continue’

Step #5: Cover Art & Text

Upload the cover art for your Podcast. 

The picture we uploaded earlier was for the specific Podcast Episode.

Add Text

Once uploaded, move to the next step to publish your podcast.

Step #6: Publish

Hit the ‘Publish’ button and you’re done!

The publishing status can then be checked the next day. It will take a few hours or a day for your podcast to appear on Spotify.

Ready To Publish

When you submit a new episode in the future, it will instantly become available on Spotify 10 minutes later.

Second Method: Via Spotify for Podcasters

Note: Spotify does not host podcasts by itself. To get your podcast on Spotify, you must offer a link to an RSS feed.

Step #1: Spotify for Podcaster

Visit Spotify for Podcasters and Login to your Spotify profile.

Spotify For Podcast

Step #2: Get Started

Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Add Your Podcast See Stats

Step #3: Podcast RSS Feed

On this screen, You will have to paste the link to your Podcast’s RSS Feed that you have generated on your Host. (In this case, its Anchor)

To generate your Podcast’s RSS link on Anchor, follow these steps.

  • Login to Anchor > Click on Settings > Podcast Availability > Enable RSS feed > Copy the RSS feed link.
Copy The RSS Feed Link

Step #4: Send Code

You need to verify that you are the owner of the podcast by clicking on ‘Send code’ and pasting the code received in your mail id. Once done, click on ‘Next’.

Verify Your Podcast
Check Your email

Step #5: Additional Information

In this step, you have to add additional information related to your Podcast. Such as:

  • Country of the podcast
  • Podcast’s language
  • Hosting Provider (Anchor in this case)
  • Category of the podcast

Fill the required information and click on ‘Next’.

Add Podcast Information

Step #6: Submit

Cross-check the form and click on ‘Submit’.

Now Submit

AND you’re done. That is all you need to do to get your first podcast on Spotify.

Your uploaded podcast should be live on Spotify in a few hours or a day.

Conclusion: How to Start A Podcast On Spotify (2023)

We hope we were able to help you through our thorough step-by-step guide on uploading podcasts on Spotify. So what are you waiting for, record your podcast today and get it out there for millions to listen to? 

So this is the step-by-step guide to help you get started with your Podcast on Spotify.


How much does it cost to start a podcast on Spotify?

It does not cost you anything to publish a podcast on Spotify. However, you will need podcast hosting to publish your podcast to any podcast directory. There is also free podcast hosting options available for you to choose from. Spotify is completely free of podcast listeners as well. You can buy Spotify premium to get rid of ads.

How to monetize your podcast on Shopify?

Spotify recently introduced monetization tools on their platform; you can use these tools to earn revenue from your podcast. You can also earn money from paid sponsorships, ads, and Patreon. If your podcast has a huge audience, then there is a possibility Spotify will make a deal with you to list your podcast exclusively on their platform.

How can I see the number of listeners I have on Spotify?

If you are using a podcast hosting service to submit your podcast to Spotify, then you can check out the statistics directly from your host. But if you submit your podcast directly to Spotify, you can see your podcast’s detailed statistics directly from Spotify’s podcasting page.

Does Spotify pay you for adding your podcast?

No, Spotify will not pay you anything for adding your podcast to their platform. They make the exception for those with a massive audience, such as Joe Rogan, to add their podcast exclusively on Spotify, and for that, Spotify will pay a hefty sum of amount.

How long does it take for my podcast to go live on Spotify?

It can take you a few hours to 4-5 days for your podcast to go live on Spotify once you publish it. They also don’t inform you when your podcast goes live. You need to check it out for yourself.

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