The 17 Best Podcasts on YouTube in 2024 (Trending)

Best Podcasts on YouTube

These best podcasts on YouTube have acquired quite some audience on the platform with great viewer engagement with video content to an already enriched podcast. 

If you’re in doubt if YouTube has good podcasts, it does, and for free! YouTube podcasts have been my “something to watch while eating” and can be yours too!

Video podcast production is on the rise but only 17% of podcast hosts are currently recording their in video format. But as per a survey conducted by, video podcasts are up to 50% more engaging than audio podcasts. 

I streamed YouTube for 15 days to get you a handpicked list of the 17 best podcasts on YouTube. From this list, you will find their popular episodes, the hosts, average episode length, and the genre they operate on. 

Before we get into it, video podcasts are not to be confused with vlogging. Both are completely different. This comparison between podcasts and vlogging will help clear some misconceptions if you have any.

Top Podcasts On YouTube — Trending in 2024

If you are in a hurry and don’t have sufficient time to check out the details of the podcast listed, you can take a look at the gist of the details mentioned in the table below. 

Sr. No.Podcast NameRatingsWatch On YouTube
1.Trash Taste4.8/5Here
2.The H3 Podcast4.7/5Here
3.Jenna and Julian Podcast4.7/5Here
4.Ear Biscuits4.5/5Here
5.The create Unknown4.4/5Here
6.The Joe Rogan Podcast4.7/5Here
7.Dear Hank and John4.5/5Here
8.The YouTube creator’s hub4.5/5Here
9.Timecast IRL4.3/5Here
10.Violating Community Guidelines4.6/5Here
11.The Toast4.5/5Here

Let us take a detailed look at all the podcasts listed. I have provided all the required details about all the podcasts and added the required links. Moreover, the ratings are based on personal experience. If your taste is different, you may face differences in the opinions below. 

1. Trash Taste

GenreAnime, Manga and Japanese Pop
HostsJoey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho, Connor Colquhoun
Average episode length2 hours
Channel Trash Taste 
Listen ONSpotify, Apple Podcast

Trash Taste is hosted by Joey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho, and Connor Colquhoun. The three podcasters are Tokyo-based content creators. The boys battle in their podcast for who has the worst taste in manga, anime, and other Otakus.

Apart from that, in the episodes, the three of them discuss topics like Henti, Japanese life, past experiences, Doujinshi, etc. The hilarious topics, stories, and humor in the podcast are fun to watch and will surely make you roll laughing. 

They also invite special guests to their podcasts. The trio is sometimes seen on the streets with their unique battles and their adventures. I will surely recommend the podcast if you need some humor in your life. 

The podcasts are usually uploaded once a week. You can also listen to them on Spotify and Apple podcasts. 

Tash Taste Popular Episodes: 

  1. How Not to Date a YouTuber
  2. College Horror Stories
  3. Noriyaro

2. The H3 Podcast

HostsEthan Klein and Hela Klein
Average episode length3 hours
ChannelThe H3 Podcast 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein. They are from the h3h3 production. Guests are invited with them to discuss various funny topics. 

The podcast will surely make you laugh and is sure to overwhelm you with anxiety during serious discussions. However, during most of the podcast episodes, you are sure to cry laughing. 

The H3 Podcast Popular Episodes: 

  1. Justin Roiland & Alex Hirsch Charity Special
  2. Jake Paul & KTLA Reporter Chris Wolfe
  3. Keemstar

3. Jenna and Julien Podcast

HostsJenna Marbles and Julien Solomita
Average episode length51 minutes
ChannelJenna+Julien Podcast 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Jenna and her boyfriend, Julian. The conversations are interesting and exciting to listen to. The talks are sometimes drunk and funny. 

If you need a good source of entertainment, you must surely check it out. They released new episodes every Monday. Sadly, their podcast series ended two years ago, and there are no new episodes published. 

Jenna+Julien Popular Episodes: 

  1. Shark Tank
  2. Space
  3. The Pizza Party

4. Ear Biscuits

HostsRhett McLaughlin and Link Neal
Average episode length1 hour 20 minutes
ChannelEar Biscuits 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

New episodes are released every Sunday. The podcast is hosted by Join Rhett and Link. They are the authors of the New York Times best-seller book “Book of Mythicality.”

You will enjoy the pop-culture commentary, offbeat anecdotes, and personal stories. The episodes are full of laughter and funny experiences. 

Ear Biscuits Popular Episodes: 

  1. We Hear a Little TMI: Episode 401
  2. Link Takes Over a Pie Party (And Contest)
  3. Our Thoughts on Unruly Kids in Restaurants

5. The Create Unknown

HostsKevin Lieber and Matt Tabor
Average episode length1 hour 20 minutes
ChannelThe Create Unkown 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The most successful online creators are interviewed on the podcast, creating unknowns. They ask the creators questions about how they got started and what inspired them. You will also get through the journey of the guests and how they keep going. 

The guests also uncover the truth behind the unpredictable content creation industry and its dark truth. If you want to dig into the journey of famous content creators, this podcast is surely your cup of tea. 

The podcast episodes are released once a week, and the episodes last around 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours. 

The Create Unkown Popular Episodes: 

  1. Stop Dreaming, Start Doing
  2. Do One Thing A Day
  3. Invest in Useless Stuff

6. The Joe Rogan Podcast

HostsJoe Rogan
Average episode length10 minutes
ChannelThe Joe Rogan Experience 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience is a long podcast conversation hosted by Joe Rogan. He usually invites his friends and guests to his podcast episodes. Many famous celebrities are interviewed by Joe Rogan. 

As Joe Rogan is a comedian by profession, his podcasts are sure to include the flavor of comedy and fun. Various famous comedians, musicians, actors, MMA fighters, authors, artists, and other famous celebrities and personalities are interviewed by him. 

The Joe Rogan Experience Popular Episodes: 

  1. #1169 – Elon Musk
  2. #1330 – Bernie Sanders
  3. #974 – Megan Phelps-Roper

You can explore more Joe Rogan podcasts with our detailed list!

7. Dear Hank and John

HostsHank and John Green
Average episode length50 minutes
ChannelDear Hank and John 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The hosts of the podcast are John and Hank Green. They answer all the questions of the listener and give their advice. The WNYC studios made the podcast. 

The podcast is aired once every week. The heartfelt and humorous talks by the hosts are sure to engage you in the series. They also share their personal experiences related to life and their passion. 

Dear Hank and John Popular Episodes: 

  1. Infinitely More Versatile” with Mike Trapp
  2. Shorter, And Worse, But More Authentic. 
  3. Every Building is a Vehicle (w/ Brennan Lee Mulligan!)

8. The YouTube Creators hub

GenreYouTube Growth
HostsDusty Porter 
Average episode length30 minutes
ChannelThe YouTube Creators Hub 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast

The YouTube creators hub is hosted by Dusky Porter. He is certified by YouTube and has great knowledge about all the YouTube hacks and tips. 

YouTube Creators Hub is an all-in-one place to explore the YouTube world before you start creating your YouTube videos. Their podcasts are sure to help you achieve success as a YouTuber. 

The YouTube Creators Hub is sure to provide you with strategies, tips, and hacks. Starting with them will be a great opportunity for you to explore the new world of YouTube. 

The YouTube Creator’s Hub popular Episodes: 

  1. How To Grow A YouTube Channel From The Ground Up
  2. All About YouTube Networks

9. Timecast IRL

GenreNews and Politics
HostsTim Pool
Average episode length2 hours
ChannelTimecast IRL 
Listen OnAudible, Apple Podcast

The time cast IRL features Tim Pool. He and the guests usually discuss issues like culture, politics, and news. The podcast promotes Ian Crossland as co-host and Lydia. She is the live producer of the show. 

Timecast IRL is suitable for you if you are interested in exploring new politics, etc. It will keep you updated about the issues taking place around the world. 

Timecast IRL Popular Episodes: 

  1. #49 – Trump Calls To LIBERATE The States, TYT Founder Demands He Be Impeached
  2. #45 – You May Have To “Show Your Papers” After The Pandemic With New “Immunity Cards”
  3. #48 – New Reporting Says Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Biolab, China And WHO Is Covering It Up

10. Violating Community Guidelines

HostsBrittany Broski and Sarah Schauer
Average episode length55 minutes
ChannelViolating Community Guidelines 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The host of the podcast is Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauser. Together, they explore all the wild content around the web. From Facebook to Instagram and from TikTok to Twitter, they search across all wacky content. 

While watching their videos, you are sure to ask yourself, is this even allowed and legal? Every week they upload a new episode and take you on a journey of the shadowbanned, downright weird, and taboo content. 

You will surely never see such content on your page. Make sure that you are wearing headphones and that you lock the door. We need to make the experience of watching the violating community guidelines even better.  

Violating Community Guidelines Popular Episodes:

  1. #46 – Minecraft
  2. #40 – Magcon
  3. #20 – Faceless Content Creators

11. The Toast

HostsClaudia Oshry and Jackie Oshry
Average episode length1 hour 10 minutes
ChannelThe Toast 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

The show is hosted by Jackie and Claudia Oshry. A new episode is aired every morning of the weekdays. You can simply relax and take a bite from your toast while listening to and watching their episodes. 

The Episodes are sure to make you laugh and give a great start to your morning. Each episode has a unique flavor. You must surely give it a try and enfold a new morning with lots of laughter. 

The Toast Popular Episodes: 

  1. S5 Ep22: Pennies and Nickels
  2. S4 Ep42: The Firm
  3. S3 Ep159: Extremely Hasty Flush

12. Impaulsive With Logan Paul

HostsLogan Paul and Mike Majlak
Average episode length1 hour 20 minutes
ChannelImpaulsive with Logan Paul 
Listen OnSpotify, Apple Podcast

Internet Celebrity Logan Paul hosts his own podcast on YouTube, which is called Impaulsive. He hosts this podcast with George Janko and Mike Majlak. Their podcast falls under the category of Comedy Podcast because of the quirkiness and the way they discuss different things.

In every episode of Impaulsive, they invite other celebrities, whether they are from wrestling, Hollywood, sports, or other industries. They ask different types of questions of their guests and also ask them to share their journey with Impaulsive’s audience.

Logan Paul also uses this podcast to promote his brand, Prime, a hydration drink company he founded with his enemy turned best friend KSI.

Impaulsive Popular Episodes: 

  1. KSI Interview
  2. Mike Tyson Interview
  3. 6ix9ine Interview

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13. Chuckle Sandwich

HostsTed Nivision, Jschlatt, Slimecicle (formerly)
Average episode length1 hour 10 minutes
ChannelThe Chuckle Sandwich 
Listen OnApple , Spotify

One of the best YouTube podcasts, “Chuckle Sandwich is another popular comedy podcast hosted by Ted Nivision, Jschlatt, and Slimecicle (formerly). The channel drops a new episode every week with topics that are quite quirky and funny.

The episodes usually show the hosts talking to the viewer through the camera or the hosts having a conversation with each other. Sometimes, they also have a “chuckle week” where they invite guests for a conversation. 

There are times when the topics are very catchy and provide some really entertaining podcast episodes. 

The Chuckle Sandwich Popular Episodes: 

  1. EP 24 – The Chuckle Dungeon
  2. EP 9 – The TommyInnit Exclusive
  3. EP 31 – Michael Reeves’ Unethical Video Ideas

14. The Create Unkown

HostsKevin Lieber, and Matt Tabor
Average episode length1 hour 30 minutes
ChannelThe Create Unknown 
Listen OnApple, Spotify

The channel’s motto is – “Make something. Mean something. This talk-show-based podcast is where the hosts, Kevin and Matt, interview some of the most popular and successful content creators.

 They discuss their journey and the ways of working that made them achieve the success they have, along with their personal life and experiences. The episode length of this podcast runs for an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes, with some even running for 2 hours. 

The Create Unknown Popular Episodes: 

  1. PsychicPebbles & Michael Cusack Talk – Smiling Friends
  2. PsychicPebbles on making Smiling Friends
  3. PsychicPebbles Opens his brain for us

15. Tyler Oakley – Psychobabble

HostsTyler Oakley
Average episode length10 minutes
ChannelTyler Oakley 
Listen OnApple, Spotify

This channel is operated by Tyler Oakley from the popular podcaster – Tyler Oakley from Psychobabble. He manages this podcast with his best friend Korey Buhl, with episodes ranging up to half an hour on the podcast.

On YouTube, he has invited and worked with many popular guests like Troye Sivan, One Direction, and others. This channel gives an insight into the life of Tyler Oakley, where he shares his LGBTQ+ content, Q&As, challenges, and collaborations. 

Tyler Oakley Populat Epsiodes:

  1. The “Boyfried Tag” ft. Troye Sivan
  2. Tyler Oakley interviews One Direction
  3. Tyler Oakley Reacts to Teens React to Tyler Oakley

16. Not Too Deep

HostsGrace Helbig
Average episode length50 minutes
ChannelNot Too Deep 
Listen OnApple, Spotify 

Grace Helbig is a popular YouTuber, actress, and comedian who runs this “Not Too Deep” podcast across multiple platforms. Grace is currently on a hiatus with her podcast since March 2022 but has created some really fun content throughout its time. 

The podcast hosted some popular guests and steered clear of serious conversations about lives and emotions. She currently is running her content entirely on YouTube and has halted the podcast production, and her fans are still awaiting one of the best podcasts on YouTube to stream again soon!

Not Too Deep Popular Episodes: 

  1. Bob The Drag Queen
  2. Jameela Jamil
  3. Elliott Morgan

17. TRS Podcast – Beerbiceps

HostsRanveer Allahabadia
Average episode length1 hour 30 minutes
ChannelTRS Podcast 
Listen onApple, Spotify

The last one on the list is one of the most popular podcasts from India, hosted by the famous Indian YouTuber – Ranveer Allahabadia. The podcast hosts many popular public figures, including media celebrities, politicians, and content creators across the globe.

He runs two separate podcast channels, one in English and the other in Hindi. The podcast topics range from spirituality to world politics to even finance and investing. One interesting fact about this podcast channel is that it gets an average of 1-2 million views for an episode on YouTube. 

TRS Podcast Popular Episodes: 

  1. Ajey Nagat aka CarryMinati’s Life’s Real Story
  2. Interview with Dr S. Jaishankar
  3. Real life story of Gaur Gopal Das

More podcasts lists you might want to check out: 

Best Podcast on YouTube: Final Verdict

These were some of the most popular podcast channels on YouTube, that post audio content on diverse subjects and offer a truly entertaining video-podcasting experience to the user/viewer.

With these YouTube podcasts, viewers can now see the conversations that earlier needed to be imagined. 

My top picks out of the above 17 best YouTube podcasts are: 

  1. Trash Taste
  2. Jenna+Julian
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience

Each of these YouTube podcasts offers free access to quality content on the platform from some of the most popular YouTubers and Podcasters.

Let me know in the comments below which YouTube podcasts you like the most!

Did you know? – An average podcaster can earn up to $50K per year. And top podcasters, like Joe Rogan, even earn millions? Dive into the podcaster’s earnings here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 podcast in the world on YouTube?

The best podcast on YouTube is the Joe Rogan Experience. It has become one of the most popular podcasts around the world.

What podcast should I watch on YouTube?

You can start by watching the Jenna and Julien podcast on YouTube. You can also watch Trash Taste in your free time.

What famous YouTubers have a podcast?

Famous YouTubers like Rhett and Link, Jenna Marbles, Logan Paul, etc., have their podcasts blooming in the podcast industry.

What podcast has the most listeners in 2023?

The Joe Rogan Experience has the most views in the US in the year 2023. The podcast series is sure to supply you with a lot of important information and fun experiences.

What is the most popular place for podcasts?

The most popular place for the podcast is Apple Podcast on iTunes. It is widely used by its audience to listen to their favorite podcast.

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