15 Best Content Marketing Podcasts (Trending 2024)

In this article, I have compiled a list of the 15 best content marketing podcasts I have listened to frequently. 

From my personal experience, these podcasts are worth subscribing in 2024. And our podcast statistics show people are getting results from listening to these gems. 

The podcasts in the list will help you uncover the latest trends and inside tricks of content marketing and save you from spending hundreds of dollars on self-acclaimed content marketing courses. 

So, let’s get started. 

List of 15 Content Marketing Podcasts: In A Nutshell

Here is a compilation of my handpicked podcasts related to content marketing. 

Sr No.Content Marketing PodcastSpotify LinkApple Podcasts Link
1.My First MillionHereHere
2.Marketing SchoolHereHere
3.This Old MarketingHereHere
5.The Long GameHereHere
6.The Market Your GeniusHereHere
7.Social Pros PodcastHereHere
8.How to WinHereHere
9.Online Marketing Made EasyHereHere
10.Savvy Social PodcastHereHere
11.Experts on the WireHereHere
12.The GaryVee Audio ExperienceHereHere
14.We Earn MediaHereHere
15.Content, Inc.HereHere

The following are some of the top-rated Content Marketing Podcast. Check them out one by one and see which one gets you hooked!

1. My First Million

HostsSam Parr and Shaan Puri
Available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, and Google 
Number of Episodes540+ (7 Seasons)
Best ForAspiring Entrepreneurs

First on the list is the “My First Million” podcast, run by two amazing hosts, Sam and Shaan. This show is my personal favorite, as both talk about insightful marketing and business strategies with their guests. 

My First Million

The way they ask questions to their guests is funny and creative at the same time. If you are looking for actionable advice in content marketing from industry experts, this is a must-listen podcast for aspiring business owners. 

2. Marketing School

HostsNeil Patel and Eric Siu
Available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, and SoundCloud
Number of Episodes2500+
Best ForActionable Marketing Tips

Marketing School is yet another popular podcast that focuses on marketing, especially digital and online marketing. The show is run by famous entrepreneur Neil Patel and digital marketing expert Eric Siu. 

Marketing School

I personally admire Eric for his great strategies related to marketing. His experience and exceptional marketing techniques saved his company, Single Grain, from bankruptcy. If you want to learn something new every day, they release a 10-minute episode on a daily basis. 

3. This Old Marketing

HostsRobert Rose and Joe Puilzzi
Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Stitcher
Number of Episodes390+
Best ForContent Marketing News and Trends

This Old Marketing is hosted by two legends in the content marketing industry: Joe Pulizzi and Rober Rose. As the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe is considered by many to be the “Godfather of Content Marketing.” Robert is also the Chief Strategy Officer at CMI for many years.

This Old Marketing

Together, they discuss the latest news and trends happening in content marketing. Their analysis goes beyond basic marketing, as they use their years of experience to provide unique insights. This is one of the best podcasts for staying up-to-date when it comes to content marketing.  

4. Unthinkable

HostJay Acunzo
Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, and Castbox
Number of Episodes200+
Best ForCreativity and Storytelling

Jay Acunzo is the former VP of Content at HubSpot and founder of Unthinkable Media. He takes a unique approach to content marketing with his show and crafts narratives and stories that challenge conventional wisdom. 


Unthinkable is a well-produced show that explores provocative concepts through interviews and deep research. This is a perfect listen for content marketers looking to improve their creativity. 

5. The Long Game

HostsAllie Decker, David Khim, and Alex Birkett
Available on Spotify, Apple, and Google 
Number of Episodes160+
Best ForContent Marketing Strategy

The Long Game is hosted by multiple content media marketers at Omniscient Digital. If you are looking for high-level content marketing strategies, this podcast stands out as essential listening.

The Long Game

The Long Game releases in-depth and long-form podcasts every two weeks. With each episode, they uncover timeless principles and unique models of content marketing that allow them to learn something extraordinary from the best. I love to listen to their “Kitchen Side” episodes as well, where they discuss and debate content marketing issues. 

6. The Market Your Genius

HostNikki Nash
Available on Prime Music, Apple, Spotify, and Audible
Number of Episodes250+
Best ForPersonal Branding

The Market Your Genius podcast is hosted by marketing expert Nikki Nash. The podcast completely focuses on helping entrepreneurs embrace their uniqueness to build a personal brand

The Market Your Genius

While the show covers general business topics and marketing concepts, Nikki highlights the importance of storytelling and creativity. Her theory of finding a niche and developing content applies to aspiring content marketers. 

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7. Social Pros Podcast

HostsAdam Brown and Jay Baer
Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify
Number of Episodes500+
Best ForSocial Media Marketing

The Social Pros podcast is one of the longest-running podcasts in the marketing industry. The show is run by social media gurus Jay Baer and Adam Brown. I often listen to this podcast to create notes on social media marketing strategies

Social Pros Podcast

Both hosts provide tips on creating engaging social content, influencer collaboration, analytics, and many more. Recently, they have interviewed social media managers from popular brands Google, Kellogg’s, and Walmart. Their interview with Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best podcast episodes of all time

8. How to Win

HostPeep Laja
Available on Apple, Spotify, and Audible
Number of Episodes60+
Best ForGrowth Marketing

While not exclusively about content marketing, the How to Win podcast is one of the best marketing podcasts out there. The show is hosted by CRO legend and CXL founder Peep Laja. He has built multiple eight-figure businesses centered around creating remarkable content

How to Win

In this podcast, Peep conducts 20 to 30-minute interviews with successful founders and growth marketers. He started podcast hosting recently and still gained a huge audience in a short time. He extracts the key lessons, principles, and strategies from their experiences growing businesses. 

9. Online Marketing Made Easy

HostAmy Porterfield
Available on Apple, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google
Number of Episodes600+
Best ForDigital Marketing

Online Marketing Made Easy is one of the top-rated digital marketing podcasts hosted by famous author and marketing expert Amy Porterfield. Amy is my personal favorite because I learned a lot from her during my struggling days.

Online Marketing Made Easy

I am not the only one. She has taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs through her online courses and podcast. While the show covers aspects of digital marketing broadly, Amy regularly shares her best content marketing tips and techniques.

10. Savvy Social Podcast

HostsAndrea Jones
Available on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube
Number of Episodes270+
Best ForContent and Social Media Tips

Andrea Jones’ podcast Savvy Social is a great resource for those looking to improve content and social media marketing skills. She is a famous social media strategist who interviews leading professionals and marketing experts on her podcast. You can listen to her podcast on YouTube

Savvy Social Podcast

Her podcast mainly focuses on special media, but she also provides tips on aligning your marketing efforts with the best content. The show is worth subscribing to if you want the best advice on content for your marketing campaigns. 

11. Experts on the Wire

HostDan Shure
Available on Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Audible
Number of Episodes120+
Best ForSEO and CRO

Experts on the Wire is yet another podcast that is on my favorites list. Hosted by experienced SEO expert Dan Shure, this podcast mainly highlights the importance of SEO and content optimization for marketing. 

Experts on the Wire

On the show, Dan interviews seasoned SEO experts, and he smartly extracts inside SEO and marketing strategies from them with his questions. They also discuss technical factors like link building and web design. 

12. The GaryVee Audio Experience

HostGay Vaynerchuk
Available on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and Google
Number of Episodes2000+
Best ForMotivation and Mindset

Gary Vaynerchuck, aka GaryVee, needs no introduction in the marketing world. His high-energy style and blunt advice have inspired thousands of entrepreneurs. GaryVee Audio Experience, gives you direct access to Gary’s thoughts and actionable tips on personal development, business strategy, and social media growth. 

The GaryVee Audio Experience

His podcast is not completely focused on content marketing, but he interviewed many content marketing strategists over the years. Listening to his show will provide you with out-of-the-box ideas and motivation to take your content game to the next level. 

13. Superpath

HostJimmy Daly
Available on Apple, Spotify, Overcast, Castro, and Castbox
Number of Episodes25+ 
Best ForCareer Growth for Content Marketers

Superpath is a new yet top-notch podcast run by growth mentor Jimmy Daly. Superpath alone is an amazing community and resource for content marketers and creators looking for growth and honing their skills. And their podcast put one more feather in their cap.

Superpath overview

The podcast features long-form interviews with successful content executives, writers, and marketers. Jimmy is a talented interviewer who knows how to extract priceless career advice from his guests. I recently started listening to his podcast, and I am loving every bit of it. 

14. We Earn Media

HostsBritt Klontz and  Jackie Lambert
Available on Apple, Spotify
Number of Episodes65+ (Season 1)
Best ForMedia Relations and Public Relations

We Earn Media is a marketing podcast with a unique perspective of earning media coverage and producing results. The show hosts, Britt and Jackie, have a witty sense of humor about asking questions from their guests. 

We Earn Media

In each episode, the hosts talk about the secret tips for creating pitches, templates, and insights with their guests. It is a fantastic resource for any content marketer looking to land media coverage and expand their reach. 

15. Content Inc.

HostJoe Pulizzi
Available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Audible
Number of Episodes420+
Best ForBusiness Growth Through Content

It is impossible to compile a list of anything related to content marketing without including Joe Pulizzi. Here is another solo show, Content Inc., run by my favorite content marketer. Joe releases a bite-sized podcast every Monday with new actionable tips on marketing-related queries.

Content Inc.

The podcast is the best option for startups and entrepreneurs looking to gather audiences through content marketing. With each episode, you will learn something new that will help you take your business to another level. 

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Final Thoughts

That’s all from my side on content marketing podcasts. They will surely help you stay on top as a marketer and keep you updated with the changes and latest trends. 

Out of all the podcasts for content marketing mentioned above, these three are highly recommended if you want to learn quickly:

  • This Old Marketing – for the latest content marketing news and trends
  • Online Marketing Made Easy – for the best digital and content marketing strategies
  • My First Million – for new and aspiring content marketers 

If you are a casual podcast listener like me, you will also love every content marketing podcast featured in this list. Keep listening and learning from the best to become the best. 

Also, let me know your favorite content marketing podcast in the comments section. 

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