Podcasts vs Vlogging — Which One Is Better In 2024?

The digital revolution came with the introduction of many new social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They provided a huge platform for people to easily connect by publishing any type of content. It also opened up a lot of doors for many businesses to grow and focus their efforts on social media marketing. 

The rapid technological advancement and rise in the use of social media platforms have sparked the birth of new innovations like vlogging and podcasting. And hence triggering the success in businesses.

You probably hear a lot about podcasts and vlogging these days. Vlogging is certainly one of the most important ott platforms that have completely transformed how we communicate and promote through watching videos. And then we have podcasts, which are a whole new way of content consumption these days. podcasts keep you connected with all the current happenings out there and are easy to find.

So, are you brainstorming about which platform would work best for your business? Well, this article will surely guide you to get your answer.

Here is what I dug up, which is best in today’s trend. Let’s get into it.

Podcasts vs Vlogging: Key Differences

Here are the key differences between Podcasts and Vlogging.

  • The content of a podcast can be in video, audio, or both formats, whereas the content of a vlog can only be in video format.
  • You can change a vlog into a podcast, but you can’t change a podcast into a vlog.
  • Starting a podcast costs less compared to starting a vlog.
  • Editing a podcast subsequently takes less time compared to editing a vlog.
  • Vlogs have a bigger audience compared to podcasts, so it is better to start a blend of both for maximum reach.

Starting With Podcasts

Podcasting has skyrocketed in popularity over the past ten years, showing no signs of dying down. There are many business opportunities associated with podcasts and those who enjoy this medium since some bring in seven-figure a year from advertising and other revenue sources.

Radio was always a popular format but had restrictive or limited programming. But podcasting changed the whole trend of the Radio format. I like to refer to it as “Radio-on-demand.” You can typically discover a relevant topic with podcasts if you wish to learn anything while driving or working out.

Podcasts vs Vlogging - Start A Podcast

However, it is not used just as a data source. Through podcasts, some listeners have connected with like-minded people. It is more engaging than it sounds because podcast hosts frequently engage with their listeners on social media channels.

A Podcast is a great way to develop relations with hard-to-reach people.

Let’s Check What Podcast Statistics say!

  1. 62% of the population has listened to a podcast, and over 79% know about at least one podcast.
  2. There are over 2 million podcasts worldwide. 
  3. An average person spends seven-plus hours per week listening to podcasts.
  4. It is expected that podcasting will become a $99.88 billion industry by 2028.
  5. 26.9% is Apple’s podcast percentage market share. And iTunes is home to over 700,000 podcasts. While Spotify’s market share in podcasts is 37.7%, Google podcasts have the lowest market share in the podcast world.
  6. About 32% of marketers say podcast advertising is effective and drives expected outcomes.
  7. 74% of podcast users listen to podcasts to learn something new.
  8. Podcast listeners spend on average of 6 hours & 37 minutes on podcasts weekly.

Are You Wondering About the Pros and Cons of Podcasts?

Here are quick pros and cons of podcasts for you:


  • Starting podcasts doesn’t require a lot of resources or expertise.
  • It’s perfect for business owners who don’t feel at ease in front of a camera.
  • Podcasts can be uploaded to YouTube.

People can access podcast episodes on their phones or computer and listen from anywhere.


  • It is possible for listeners to get disinterested and distracted.
  • To compete, podcasts must have outstanding storytelling.
  • Podcasts are difficult to rank on search engines.

Now Coming to the Vlogging

If you notice, Motion is the new future! Vlogs are typically blogs delivered in video format.  Vlogging might be a fantastic alternative to getting your message out there when connecting with your online audience and gaining new followers.

Vlog posts include making a video of yourself discussing a certain topic, such as reporting on or analyzing a product or an event. Even sharing your creative process or offering a tutorial on a particular creative technique or subject are possible uses for it. Even sharing original music or performance art is common among certain vloggers.

Podcasts vs Vlogging - Start A Vloging

Another area of vlogging that is expanding fast is ‘streaming,’ where gamers have proven that you can attract a huge audience through live streaming.

Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Statistical Facts About Vlogging!

  1.  The time spent by the average person watching videos online is 100 minutes a day, which counts as watching 5 billion videos daily.
  2. Vlogging is also an effective form of marketing since it is estimated that 66% of business owners rank vlogging as the most effective form of content marketing.
  3. Over 44% of internet users watch vlogs every single month.
  4. 85% of businesses use vlogs as a marketing tool.
  5. Vlogging creators get 66% more qualified leads per year.
  6. 89% of vlog creators say vlogging gives them a good ROI, 83% say vlogging helps them with lead generation, and 81% say vlog creators say vlogging has increased traffic to their website.
  7. 55% of consumers watch videos before making purchase decisions.

Pros and Cons of Vlogging

Here are quick pros and cons of vlogging for you:


  • Vlogging is a popular way to share thoughts.
  • Visuals in videos build trust.
  • Vlogs make dull subjects more interesting.


  • Videos require the right equipment to create a good show
  • Making a quality, audience-ready video requires a lot of time

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Final Thoughts: Podcasts vs Vlogging (2024)

Summering up the comparison, I would say both are great options and allow you to connect with people worldwide.

While vlogging and podcasting are both excellent social media channels for increasing business exposure. Podcasting offers many pros that vlogging cannot and vice versa. So decide what will work best for you and focus more on it. 

Many well-known people are managing both vlogging as well as podcasting. You can even combine the good from both worlds to give your audience the content they would like to consume.

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