15 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms Of 2024

As a beginner, finding the best podcast hosting provider is a challenge. Understanding how to evaluate speed and security features, bandwidth, scalability, etc., is confusing. 

I decided to explore different podcast hosting to see what each offers, what their actual audience has to say about them, their features, the value they offer, and more. 

Our team at DemandSage constantly strives to help you make the right choice, which is why I have shortlisted the best podcast hosting providers in the market. Besides offering the basic features, the podcast hosts that I have listed also offer marketing features, so your podcast can see the limelight,

The list is curated for beginners as well as existing podcasters who are looking for a reliable podcast host. 

In the end, I have also included our helpful resources and guides for podcasters to make your experience easier!

Top Podcast Hosting Platforms of 2024 (Quick Verdict)

Here is an overview table o for the top podcast hosts.

BuzzSproutRSS.comPodbeanTransistorRed Circle
Overall Rating9.5/109.3/109.0/108.9/108.6
Best ForOverall BestBeginner PodcastersVideo PodcastersBrands & ProfessionalsMonetization
Bandwidth20K plays/moUnlimitedUnlimited20K plays/moUnlimited
Free Podcast Website
Custom Domain Connection

How to Choose The Right Podcast Hosting?

This list consists of the 15 best podcast hosts for your channel for varying needs and levels of podcasting experience. However similar the key features or pricing might seem, the different podcast hosting providers can deliver different results.

To narrow down the choices you have to make a decision based on certain essential factors that reflect your needs and your podcast channel. I would strongly advise analyzing your channel first 

Here are the critical parameters that you should look for in a podcast host:

  1. Bandwidth offered

Consider the bandwidth offered as the more the bandwidth, the more the users can distribute your content once uploaded. Every time a user plays or downloads a podcast, a certain amount of bandwidth is consumed. 

  1. Storage space

This factor means the amount of content that you can upload on the platform with the chosen hosting plan. 

  1. Analytics tool

Do notice if the podcast host you choose offers an analytical tool or not. An ideal podcast hosting platform will include an analytics feature that can help you dive deeper into the statistics and find what works for your channel and for whom.

  1. Distribution options and methods

Most likely, every platform supports all major podcast distribution platforms and would rarely miss out on one. The major podcast distribution platforms are Spotify, Apple, Google podcasts, YouTube, etc. 

Some podcast hosts even offer – one-click distribution or automated distribution that instantly projects your content onto these distribution platforms.

  1. Customer support

 Strong customer support is essential when critical technical parameters are involved. Glitches and errors can happen, and you should get prompt customer service and resolution for it and need live support.

  1. Monetization ability

Lastly, the main agenda for running a podcast has to be the monetary aspect. The way a podcast host offers monetization service can define the revenue stream and the annual revenue for your channel.

Some common monetization features offered by podcast hosts are – dynamic ads, listener donations, patron ads, PodAds, marketplaces, etc. 

Consideration of all these factors combined will help you find the perfect podcast host for your channel and improve the number of people tuning in!

Now that you are all set to begin finding your ideal podcast host, let’s review them in detail and explore other options!

1. Podbean

Best forAn all-round podcast host
Bandwidth Up to 3TB/mo
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionApple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc 
Monetization optionsPatron, Ads marketplace, PodAds

PodBean is one of the most reliable podcast hosting services that provides everything to deliver a successful podcast to your audience. Besides providing all the basic features to get started, it offers comprehensive statistics to track your podcast’s progress. 

Another feature that makes PodBean different than other hosting services on the list is that it provides an affordable plan with unlimited bandwidth. It also has a mobile app that lets you manage your podcast from anywhere.

PodBean Overview

Furthermore, the hosting service provides excellent design tools, enabling you to host your website with creative and unique themes online. Besides the usual features of podcast hosts, it also allows users to host video podcasts!

Overall, if you are searching for an affordable and best podcast hosting platform, PodBean may be the right solution!  You can also embed these podcast links with your video podcasting. Lastly, you get unlimited audio storage, so you can easily scale up without worrying about purchasing storage.

Key Features

  • Use your own branded domain for the podcast website.
  • Advertisement marketplace to monetize your podcast. 
  • Unlimited audio-video hosting.
  • Scheduled publishing.
  • Cover Art creator.


  • Excellent Support
  • Remote recording feature
  • Automated transcriptions
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • Offers a free plan


  • Need a paid plan for premium features


PodBean offers a free plan with 5 hours of free storage and 100GB monthly bandwidth. Paid plans start at $9/month up to $79.

If you are an enterprise and want to manage and measure your corporate audio and video podcasts
at scale, Podbean offers a separate plan for you as well.

Bonus: You can use our Podbean Coupons to save more on the paid plans!

Podbean user testimonial:

Trustpilot Logo

“Podbean Support is World Class. They always offer on-time results and solutions to any and all issues I have had in the last almost 4 years. Podbean is a GREAT Platform but what makes it AWESOME, is its Customer/Tech Support. Thank You for allowing me to have my Podcast of such an AWESOME Platform!!!”

Jim –  The Old Man’s Podcast


2. RSS.com

Best forBeginners
Bandwidth Up to 1TB
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionAutomatic to Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, and Samsun podcasts 
Monetization optionsDynamic ads insertion, Donation button, Popcorn ads

RSS.com is one of the fastest-growing podcast hosting companies and is known for its competitive pricing and features suitable for every podcaster. With RSS.com, you’ll get unlimited storage, analytics, marketing tools, etc., to start, grow, and make money from your podcast for one low price. 

RSS.com - Overview

In addition to sponsorship and monetization options, RSS.com provides podcasters with automatic distribution of their podcast to major podcast directories, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. This makes it easy to get your show in front of millions of new listeners. 

You can also share your podcasts directly on multiple social media platforms with their social media integration tool. RSS submission is also available.

Note: RSS.com offers bandwidth support of up to 1TB per month under their fair usage clause.

Key Features

  • A user-friendly dashboard that allows you to launch your podcast in less than five minutes
  • Unlimited episodes and storage
  • Donation buttons that can connect your listeners to your donation platform 
  • Cross-platform analytics to get the insights needed to grow your show
  • Award-winning customer support


  • Offers robust features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Automatic distribution.
  • Embedded episode player.
  • Free episode transcriptions.


  • No free plan offered


As we mentioned before, RSS.com has some of the best pricing available: the All-in-One Podcasting Plan at 14.99/month ($11.99/month when you choose annual billing) and the Student & NGO plan at $4.99/month. 

Pro Tip: Use coupon code RSSFREEMONTH during sign-up and get 30 days of free podcast hosting.

Also, if you’re hosting with another provider and are looking to move, you can switch to RSS.com, and you receive 6 months free!

RSS.com user testimonial:

Trustpilot Logo

“Extremely easy to use where I could not find an easy to use or even understand alternative and I reckon myself to be technically literate. It’s amazing what rss.com does for your podcast, love it!”

Pavel Kolev

Source – Trustpilot

3. BuzzSprout

Best forEase of Use
Storage SpaceUnlimited storage option 
DistributionApple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and more
Monetization optionsBuzzsprout ads

BuzzSprout is a widely popular choice and is known for being one of the most beginner-friendly podcast hosting providers! All you need to do is upload your files, and the hosting services take care of the other things.

Additionally, it also offers free learning materials to help you get started in no time. It also has robust marketing tools to ensure your podcast reaches the maximum audience.

BuzzSprout Overview

Another incredible feature of BuzzSprout is that it gives a free WordPress plugin. If you do not have your website yet, the hosting service can create one for you on which you can use your custom domain name and easily customize the design of your website.

Lastly, it offers top-notch customer support, so if you are stuck, you know you have a team waiting to help you! 

Key Features

  • Use website on own custom URL.
  • Visual soundbite feature.
  • Team collaboration with multiple podcasts.
  • Podcast player to match your brand.
  • “Magic Mastering” to sweeten and optimize audio files.


  • Automatic episode optimization
  • Monetization via Buzzsprout ads
  • Free podcast import
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Advanced stats


  • No yearly plan offered


You can try out BuzzSprout for free with its free plan. However, the free plan comes with limits. You can upgrade to the premium plan starting at $12 per month to break the limits.

Buzzsprout user testimonial:

Trustpilot Logo

I love how easy this is –“The process is so easy to upload, process, edit show details and post. Also love the analytics offered. There are still features I haven’t begun to explore but Buzzsprout has covered the bases and then some for this fledgling podcast.”

Tavern Stories


4. Transistor

Best forTeam collaboration
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionSpotify, Google, Apple, and more
Monetization optionsDynamic ads

Transistor is an easy-to-use podcast service with powerful features. Although it is a comparatively new service, it has enabled users to deliver a successful podcast with higher engagement and build a stronger audience online.

One of the key reasons Transistor made it to our list is its robust analytical feature. Besides giving you detailed insights on your podcast, it also enables you to distribute your podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google podcasts. 

Transistor Overview

Moreover, you can easily add every episode to your WordPress posts and pages within no time.

Overall, it provides users with some of the robust tools to build your podcast audience and is the right pick if you are looking to reach a wider audience with your podcast. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage. 
  • Live customer support. 
  • Auto post to YouTube.
  • Ability to create a private podcast.
  • Dynamic ads for monetization


  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited team members/collaborators
  • In-build podcast website builder
  • Custom embeddable player


  • No free plan offered.
  • No video podcasting feature.


Transistor does not provide any free plan. Instead, it has a 14-day free trial. Once the trial ends, you can upgrade to the paid plans, starting at $19 per month.

Transistor user testimonial:

Trustpilot Logo

“The Transistor platform is an outstanding hosting platform. I was on the platform for a long time, and quite frankly – it just works well. Period. I’d often chat with the team about my experience and for general support. I was welcomed, and never worried about the billing changing or being messed with in anyway.”

Noah Labhart

5. RedCircle

Best forMonetization
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionSpotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Google, Stitcher, YouTube, and more.
Monetization optionsRedCircle ad platform

RedCircle is made for those beginner podcasters who want to create unique content for their audience, grow their podcasts, and make money along the way. With RedCircle, you can use your podcast to do ad promotions, receive money as donations, and do shows with podcasters from other platforms.

It is our choice as one of the best podcast hosting platforms because it allows users to control their content in any way they want.

RedCircle - Overview

It also allows you to create & release your content whenever you like, and you can choose on which platforms you want to release it.

Moreover, there is no limit on how many podcasts you can create on RedCircle. The best part about this platform is that it has a free plan with no limitations, but it will show ads to keep your account going.

Key Features

  • All-in-one solution for podcasters to host unlimited podcasts
  • It comes with a lot of amazing tools that can help you grow your audience
  • Accept donations from your listeners to keep on creating great content for them
  • Connect with shows from different platforms to broaden your reach
  • Create a subscription model to sustain a revenue stream from your podcasts


  • Dynamic insertion tool
  • Cross-promotion marketplace
  • One-click distribution to Youtube
  • Instant payouts
  • URL tracking


  • Analytics tools limited to downloads, revenue and statistics
  • Team seats only from Pro plan and above


There is a free plan available on RedCircle. The growth plan costs $20/mo or $15/mo yearly. The pro plan costs $35/mo or $30/mo yearly.

6. Libsyn

Best forAs a reliable podcast hosting platform
Bandwidth Up to 1500MB
Storage SpaceUpto 324 MB storage
DistributionAcross major platforms like – Apple, Spotify, Google
Monetization optionsListener support

Came into existence in 2004, Libsyn has been a reliable podcast hosting service, catering to hundreds of users’ needs, including some of the most influential people across the globe.

The primary goal of Libsyn is to offer an easy-to-use solution, bringing your brand to the center and promoting your podcast across various channels with its robust features.

Additionally, you can easily monetize your podcasts and publish them from anywhere. Libsyn also allows integrations with multiple WordPress plugins and gives you the liberty to use its in-house plugin, Libsyn Publisher Hub.

Lastly, it has dynamic podcast advertising and lets you collaborate with other people remotely with Libsyn Connect Beta.

Key Features

  • Built-in podcast recording
  • Dynamic ads
  • Remote podcast recording
  • Use episode description copy as snippets


  • Video podcasting available
  • Reliable and established platform
  • Exceptional customer service support
  • Expert performance monitoring features


  • Limited bandwith and storage space. 


Libsyn has 3 plans for audio podcasts, which start from $5 up to $15.

For video podcasts, users will have to pay between $40 to $150. Check all the Libsyn pricing plans in detail here

7. SimpleCast

Best forProfessional podcast hosting
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionApple, Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher and more
Monetization optionsSimplecast marketplace
SimpleCast Overview

SimpleCast is popular for its industry-leading, powerful features in affordable pricing. Whether you are a beginner with no experience or a professional who has been in the game for too long, SimpleCast makes it easier to publish and distribute your podcast across various channels. 

Additionally, this popular hosting provider is widely used by some top brands such as Facebook, Nike, Medium, Twitter, and more. Unsurprisingly, the exceptional functionality and dynamic features dynamic features like – team member seats, location analytics, a secure HTTPS site, etc., have made it widely popular that the top brands are using it.

The best part about SimpleCast is that it goes easier on your pockets! 

Key features 

  • Advanced and in-depth analytical tools
  • Team member seats up to 4 members
  • Episode analytics comparison
  • Unique listener reports 
  • Secure HTTPS site


  • Audio hosting with high-quality
  • Unlimited uploads
  • 50K downloads per month
  • 14-day free trial


  • Advanced analytics features are limited to the “essential” plan.
  • Uploading takes longer at times.


SimpleCast provides a 14-day free trial. The premium plan starts from $15 per month.

8. Captivate

Best forMonetization
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionApple, Spotify, and other major podcast apps
Monetization optionsMemberships, Listener tips, Exclusive and early access, Media Kit

Captivate is another of the best podcast hosting services, which focuses highly on building and growing your audience.

The hosting service allows you to create unlimited podcasts and distribute them to monetize and build your brand. Additionally, Captivate is an easy-to-use hosting service, making it easier for beginners to get started in no time. 

Captivate Overview

Furthermore, it provides you easy access to a dashboard from which you can manage your podcast, check your insights, and plan things to stay ahead of time.

Another perk of picking Captivate is that it does not restrict you on the number of uploads. No matter which plans you pick, you can enjoy truly unlimited uploads with exceptional features and tools of podcast hosting.

However, the only downside of this hosting provider is that it does not offer free plans. Instead, you get a 7-day free trial option. 

Key Features

  • Easy to operate advanced analytic tool
  • WordPress integration custom plugin
  • Host member-only podcasts
  • Podcast scheduling 


  • Visually appealing player
  • 7-day free trial
  • Regular updates
  • The majority of features included in the basic plan


  • Only free trial, no free plan
  • Limited podcast downloads


Captivate’s pricing plans start from $17 up to $90. They also have a custom plan if the ned=eds are higher. Just contact their customer support to get the quotes.

9. Spreaker

Best forIntermediate podcasters
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceAs per the chosen plan
DistributionOne-click to Apple, Stitcher, Google, and other RSS-specific platforms
Monetization optionsAd Exchange program 

Spreaker is an all-in-one solution that is specially designed to cater to the needs of all podcasters. This podcast hosting platform allows you to create, distribute, and monetize your podcasts easily.

It comes with web and mobile apps as well, so you can seamlessly record and publish your podcasts from wherever you want & whenever you want. You can use the Spreaker Studio from the app to record your podcasts.

Spreaker - Overview

The user interface of this platform is really smooth. Once you upload your podcast on Spreaker, it will automatically get published on all the podcast listening platforms.

It comes with amazing features such as podcast distribution, monetization, analytics, & its podcast app. They also feature their popular podcasts on their website.

Key Features

  • Unlimited podcast episodes
  • Automatic distribution
  • Easy and detailed analytics for podcasts
  • Clean user interface


  • User-friendly platform
  • Offers a free forever plan
  • Mobile app available


  • No video podcasting option


It has a free plan which gives you limited access to all the Spreaker’s tools. The broadcaster plan costs $20/mo. The anchorman plan costs $50/mo. The publisher plan costs $250/mo.

Click here to learn about all the plans.

10. Podcastics

Best forEase of use
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionApple, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon music, and more.
Monetization optionsManage own campaigns 

Podcastics is a relatively new option compared to other podcasting hosting platforms on the list. But it is gaining popularity because of its easy-to-use interface & competitive features. It comes with an intuitive dashboard similar to PodBean’s.

To get started, you just need to enter your podcast details within a few clicks and set up user permissions as well.

Podcastics - Overview

If you have a podcast already, it also allows you to import your podcasts directly from RSS feeds or Apple podcasts to Podcastics. They also allow you to create teams within the dashboard & manage all your podcasts accordingly.

Some of its amazing features are podcast editing, RSS import, complete statistics, automated podcast descriptions, and so on.

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage
  • Detailed statistics and analytics
  • Multiple podcast from one platform
  • Unlimited publishing across plans
  • Live stream a podcast with your audience


  • Free plan offered
  • Podcast scheduling
  • Powerful Amazon servers
  • Unlimited episodes a month
  • Magic import from Apple podcast or other RSS platforms


  • Ad campaigns only offered in the top plan
  • No free hosting plans


Podcastics come with three pricing options. The premium plan costs $4/mo, the pro plan costs $8/mo, and the max plan costs $39/mo.

11. Castos

Best forGrowing and monetizing
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionAll major platforms
Monetization optionsDynamic ads and donations

Castos is a fully-featured podcast plugin for WordPress. With their popular “Seriously Simple Podcasting” plugin, you will be able to upload new episodes and manage your feed right from your WordPress. 

Castos - Overview

With Castos, you can record and publish as many podcasts as you want. There is no shortage of storage space with Castos, so you can record longer episodes or launch multiple shows at the same time.

With each subscription plan of Castos, you will get a certain number of private subscribers that will help create momentum in building your followers list. 

Key Features

  • Automatic podcast transcriptions
  • Dynamic ads to manage optimization
  • Unlimited podcasts and episodes
  • One-click distribution


  • Private podcasting 
  • YouTube republishing feature
  • Free unique to Podcast website


  • Free plan unavailable
  • Expensive than some other podcast hosting platforms.


Castos’ pricing plan starts from $29 per month.

12. Firstory

Best forBeginners and professionals
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionMajor platforms – Apple, Spotify, Google, and more
Monetization optionsManage own advertising campaigns

Firstory is a user-friendly and best podcast hosting site suited for both beginner and professional podcasters. Firstly it integrates with all major media streaming apps, and with its one-click automation, you can distribute your podcast episodes to all apps.

The upcoming podcast uploads will also get updated on the list automatically. 

Firstory - Overview

With Firstory’s cross-platform comment space, you can effortlessly gather your audience’s feedback across all apps and increase your engagement rate.

Furthermore, you can import your past episodes so you can avoid losing track of your milestones and progress. It includes a free plan with all the necessary features and tools that will help you become a podcaster. 

Key Features

  • Automated distribution
  • Advanced analytics feature
  • Cross-platform comment space
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth


  • Universal Flink
  • Strong audience interaction tools
  • Easy podcast sharing
  • The free plan comes with plenty of features for beginners.


  • Limited features in the free plan


Firstory’s pricing plan starts from $15 per month. Visit their pricing page to know all about their pricing.

13. Blubrry

Best forEvery level of podcaster
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceAs per the chosen plan
DistributionAll major platforms
Monetization optionsManage own advertising campaign

Blubrry is one of the oldest podcast-hosting platforms, which has been helping podcasters since 2005. It is one of the first platforms to receive an IAB certification.

Currently, over 125K podcasters use Blubrry to record and publish their podcast episodes. Blubrry might not be as famous as it once was, but it still offers all the essential features.

Blubrry has gained popularity through its WordPress podcast plugin called Powerpress. With this plugin, anyone can turn their normal website into a podcast website.

The plugin also allows you to record your podcast episodes and then upload those episodes directly from your website to the Podcast directory you want.

Key Features

  • Powerpress plugin
  • Podcast statistics offered
  • Free and easy-to-use WordPress podcast website
  • PRO podcast hosting with 1TB bandwidth


  • Private podcast hosting
  • Affordable hosting
  • WordPress Integration
  • Offers robust Podcast media kit


  • Confusing podcast hosting plans
  • Outdated embed player


There are two pricing options available on Blubrry. The standard plan costs $12/month, and the advanced plan costs $20/month. There is a 30-day free trial available on the advanced plan.

14. Podcast.co

Best forCreators of all levels
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage SpaceUnlimited
DistributionSpotify, Apple, Google and more
Monetization optionsManage own advertising campaigns

Podcast.co is an intuitive platform that aims to ease up things for podcasters. This podcasting hosting platform offers all the essential features you need to upload your podcast online.

It also offers growth, launch, and production services. So whenever you need any of the services, you can add them to your subscription. 

Podcast.co - Overview

With Podcast.co, you can host private podcasting services. Only members with a membership plan or your internal team members will be able to access your private podcasts.

It is a nice add-on for generating revenue apart from free podcasts. Podcast.co also allows you to promote your podcast with engaging visual features to grow your follower base. 

Key Features 

  • Private podcasting
  • Network Hosting available
  • Customization with marketing tools
  • Workflow automation
  • Unlimited uploads


  • Easy to use
  • Team collaboration is possible
  • Offers listener anlaytics tool
  • Premium support


  • No dedicated monetization feature


Podcast.co pricing plan starts from $19 per month. 

15. Squarespace

Best forFor basic needs
Bandwidth Not stated explicitly
Storage SpaceLimited
DistributionAutomatic distribution across major platforms
Monetization optionsManage own ad campaigns

Squarespace is mainly an eCommerce website-building platform. Fortunately, it also offers a podcast hosting feature with all plans where you can easily create and publish your podcasts.

Squarespace integrates with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many other streaming channels. You can publish your content on these channels with one click using your built-in RSS feeds. 


You can create a blog page and use Squarespace’s auto transcriptor to publish popular lines of your podcasts. The built-in podcast hosting feature is best for online store owners who want to share their experiences through podcasts. You can also get a 14-day free trial of Squarespace.

You can check out our article to learn how to claim your Squarespace free trial with a complete step-by-step guide.

Key Features

  • One-click distribution 
  • It supports all major streaming channels
  • Podcast hosting feature included with every plan
  • High-quality and customizable podcast templates 
  • Track listeners with data-driven analytics 


  • Beginner friendly
  • Custom podcast templates
  • Powerful website builder tool


  • No dedicated monetization feature.
  • Limited podcast hosting information


The pricing plan starts from $16 per month. 

Bonus: If you are deciding to go ahead with Squarespace, DemandSage has an exclusive Squarespace promo code to save a few extra bucks on your plans! Check out the Squarespace promo code.

Which is the Best Free Podcast Hosting?

Now that you have the complete list of top podcast hosting platforms, let’s help you with free options too.

Note here that some of these podcast hosting platforms do not have a free plan. Instead, they offer a free trial that will help you understand how well it is working for your podcasts. Once you are satisfied with the free trial, you can opt for the paid plan.

Did you know💡: There are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally? The vast number shows a perfect opportunity for you to get started with your podcast! Read more interesting podcast statistics here!

What is Podcast Hosting? (The Explanation)

A podcast hosting provider stores your audio files online and distributes them to media streaming apps and podcast directories. A podcast hosting platform usually integrates with podcast directories such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, etc. 

An ideal podcast host stores a series of sound or audio files bundled in a single file. So you don’t need too much space to save all the files separately. Once you distribute your podcast on directories, listeners can either listen to the podcast or download it to listen to later.

After publishing the content, whenever the directory detects something new from the user, it displays the latest episode to the subscribers and recommends it as new to other listeners. 

Which Is The Best Podcast Hosting Platform?

And that’s a wrap to our list of best podcast hosting services in 2024.

Now that you have made it through the entire list, you must have noticed most of the hosting providers offer similar features with just a difference in storage and bandwidth.

To make your decision easy, here are my top recommendations you can check out!

  • Podbean – Provides users with unlimited hosting.
  • RSS.com – Incredibly easy to use (ideal for beginners)
  • BuzzSprout – Has advanced features for audio engineering and podcast promotion.
  • Transistor – Known for its highly-rated customer support.
  • SimpleCast – Provides detailed analytics and insights for your podcasts.
  • RedCircle – monetization-focussed hosting platform.
  • Captivate – Simple and fair pricing structure.

Ultimately, you can test out the free version of these podcast hosting platforms and choose the right one for your needs!

Before you go, check out podcast income to get insights into podcaster’s earnings!

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