Roblox Statistics For 2024 (Active Players, Revenue & Usage)

Roblox is an internet gaming platform that allows players to construct their own virtual worlds as well as play a broad range of user-created games.

Creators David Baszucki and Eric Cassel created it in 2004 and debuted it a couple of years later. It got out to a shaky start, but it eventually blossomed into one of the most popular online gaming platforms globally.

Roblox currently has 70.2 million daily and over 216 million monthly active users.

In this post, we will take a look at all the latest facts and figures associated with Roblox as of 2024. From its users to its finances, we are covering it all!

Roblox Overview

CreatorsRoblox Corporation (RBLX)
Release Date1 Sept. 2006
Net Worth$23.77 Billion
FoundersDavid Baszucki (co-founder & CEO), Erik Cassel (co-founder)
IndustryVideo gaming

Roblox Statistics 2024 (At A Glance)

  • Roblox has 70.2 million daily active users and 216 million monthly active users as of 2024.
  • 42.3% of Roblox users are under the age of 13.
  • 51% of Roblox’s users are males and 44% are females.
  • Roblox registered a revenue of $2.049 billion in the first three quarters of 2023.
  • The game has had over 12,000 billion hours of user involvement to date.
  • 4.6 billion Roblox accounts have been created to date.
  • Roblox has over 40 million games and experiences.
  • The platform has 9.5 million developers.

Roblox Daily Active Users

1.) Roblox has more than 70.2 million daily active users globally.

That is a 20% increase YoY. Most notable increase in Roblox’s DAUs was in Japan (66%), and 27% and 53% in Germany and India, respectively.

Roblox daily active users over the years infographic
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material.

Here is a table showing Roblox’s daily active users over the years:

Quarter & YearDaily active users
Quarter 1 201915.8 Million
Quarter 2 201917.1 Million
Quarter 3 201918.4 Million
Quarter 4 201919.1 Million
Quarter 1 202023.6 Million
Quarter 2 202033.4 Million
Quarter 3 202036.2 Million
Quarter 4 202037.1 Million
Quarter 1 202142.1 Million
Quarter 2 202143.2 Million
Quarter 3 202147.3 Million
Quarter 4 202149.5 Million
Quarter 1 202254.1 Million
Quarter 2 202252.2 Million
Quarter 3 202258.8 Million
Quarter 4 202258.8 Million
Quarter 1 202366.1 Million
Quarter 2 202365.5 Million
Quarter 3 202370.2 Million

Sources: (Roblox Shareholder Letter.)

Roblox Monthly Active Users

2.) Roblox has 216 million Monthly Active Users as of 2024.

More people began to immerse themselves in online gaming as the coronavirus pandemic scenario intensified.

By the start of 2020, the number of Roblox monthly active users had reached 119 million.

The gaming platform crossed the 200 million monthly active users mark in April 2021.

Here is a table showing Roblox’s monthly active users over the years:

DatesMonthly Active Users
January 2020165 Million
June 2020159 Million
December 2020175 Million
January 2021180 Million
May 2021205 Million
December 2021225 Million
January 2022224.5 Million
May 2022211 Million
December 2022203.11 Million
January 2023203.90 Million
April 2023210 Million
August 2023202 Million
November 2023214 Million
December 2023207 million
January 2024216 million

Sources: (

Roblox Global Demographics

Over half of Roblox’s user base is under the age of 13, and approximately 75% is under 18. The platform is also becoming popular among young adults and even older individuals who enjoy playing and developing games. Roblox has a diverse global audience, with users from various countries and cultures.

Let us take a look at Roblox’s demographics in detail as of 2023:

Roblox Users Based On Geography

Sources: (Roblox Shareholder Letter)

3.) Users from 180+ Nations use Roblox as of 2024.

4.) The European region has the most active Roblox daily users, accounting for 18.9 million users.

Roblox Daily Active Users By Region
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material

5.) The U.S. and Canada have 15.7 million Roblox daily active users.

6.) Between the third quarters of 2019 and the third quarter of 2020, Roblox witnessed 9.4 million DAUs join Roblox from the United States of America and Canada alone.

7.) 26.92% of Roblox DAUs are European.

8.) Asia Pacific region accounts for 16.2 million Roblox daily active users as of Q3 2023. This APAC region makes up 23.07% of all Roblox DAUs.

9.) The APAC region added 0.7 million new DAUs in the past quarter.

10.) Roblox boasts 19.4 million DAUs in the rest of the world’s regions.

Below is the table showing the share of Roblox’s daily active users in different regions of the world:

Quarters & YearUSA & CanadaEuropeAPACRest Of The World
Quarter 1 20207.8 million7 million3.7 million5.2 million
Quarter 2 202011.4 million9.9 million4.6 million7.4 million
Quarter 3 202011.5 million10.4 million5.4 million9 million
Quarter 4 202011.3 million10.9 million5.6 million9.4 million
Quarter 1 202112.6 million12.5 million6.5 million10.6 million
Quarter 2 202112.1 million11.8 million7.2 million12.1 million
Quarter 3 202112.2 million11.9 million9.4 million13.8 million
Quarter 4 202111.2 million13.4 million11.2 million13.7 million
Quarter 1 202212.4 million15 million12.6 million14.2 million
Quarter 2 202212.4 million14.1 million12.3 million13.4 million
Quarter 3 202214.2 million15.5 million13.2 million15.9 million
Quarter 4 202213.3 million16.6 million13.6 million15.3 million
Quarter 1 202314.3 million19 million14.9 million17.9 million
Quarter 2 202314.2 million18.2 million15.5 million17.7 million
Quarter 3 202315.7 million18.9 million16.2 million19.4 million

Age Of Roblox Users

11.) According to the official sources, 29.7 million Roblox users are under the age of 13.

Roblox users aged 13-16 and 17-24 are considered to be part of Gen Z.

Distribution of Roblox Users by Age
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material

(Sources: Roblox)

12.) 42.30% of Roblox Users are under the age of 13.

That means almost 30 million Roblox users belong to Generation Alpha.

Furthermore, 40 million are above the age of 13, while the age of 0.5 million users is unknown.

Here is a table showing the share of Roblox users based on their age:

Age groupNo. of DAUsShare in DAUs
Under 13 Years29.7 million42.30%
Over 13 Years40 million56.98%
Unknown0.5 million0.71%

Roblox Users Based On Gender

13.) Roblox’s gender distribution is about evenly split at the moment, with 51% male and 44% female players; the remaining 5% choose not to reveal their genders.

Roblox Users Gender Split

Below is the table showing the distribution of Roblox users by Gender:

GenderShare in DAUs
Not Revealed5%

Roblox Engagement Statistics

With over 70 million daily active users, Roblox has grown significantly in recent years. The platform’s high degree of involvement is one of the aspects that has led to its success. Users spend an average of 2 hours and 50 minutes on Roblox every day.

A variety of variables contribute to Roblox’s high degree of engagement. One aspect is the platform’s extensive game library. On Roblox, there are over 40 million games accessible, and new games are being made all the time. This provides customers with a wide range of games to pick from, which helps to keep them interested.

Here are some interesting statistics related to Roblox engagement rates

Roblox User Engagement Hours Over The Years
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material

(Source: Statista & Roblox)

14.) Roblox recorded an engagement rate of 44.54 billion hours in the first three quarters of 2023.

14.5 million, 14 million, and 16 million hours of engagement came in the first, second, and third quarters of 2023, respectively.

When Roblox originally debuted in 2006, it had an extremely low level of interaction.

Since 2016, the platform’s interaction duration has increased at a healthy rate.

Here is a table showing Roblox’s engagement hours over the years:

YearEngagement in hours
Quarter 1 20182.1 billion
Quarter 2 20182.17 billion
Quarter 3 20182.63 billion
Quarter 4 20182.53 billion
Quarter 1 20192.97 billion
Quarter 2 20193.25 billion
Quarter 3 20193.73 billion
Quarter 4 20193.7 billion
Quarter 1 20204.87 billion
Quarter 2 20208.58 billion
Quarter 3 20208.71 billion
Quarter 4 20208.43 billion
Quarter 1 20219.67 billion
Quarter 2 20219.73 billion
Quarter 3 202111.18 billion
Quarter 4 202110.81 billion
Quarter 1 202211.82 billion
Quarter 2 202211.29 billion
Quarter 3 202213.39 billion
Quarter 4 202212.8 billion
Quarter 1 202314.5 billion
Quarter 2 202314 billion
Quarter 3 202316.04 billion

Roblox Engagement Hours Based On Region

15.) Most of Roblox’s engagement in 2023 has come from European users. They contributed a whooping 7.796 billion hours.

Roblox User Engagement Rate By Region
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material

Here is a table showing Roblox’s engagement rate in 2023 by Region:

RegionEngagement Hours
USA and Canada11.011 billion
Europe12.048 billion
Asia Pacific9.998 billion
Rest Of The World11.461 billion

Roblox Engagement Hours Based On Age

16.) Roblox Users over the age of 13 have more engagement hours among them as compared to users under the age of 13.

Users over the age of 13 contributed 58.52% (26.05 billion hours) to the total engagement hours that have come on Roblox so far in 2023. At the same time, users under the age of 13 contributed 41% (40.64 billion hours)

Here is an infographic showing Roblox’s engagement hours based on user’s age:

Roblox User Engagement Rate By Age

Additional Roblox Statistics

(Source: Youtube & Twitch)

17.) Roblox has 4.58 million subscribers and 209,272,890 views on YouTube.

Source: Youtube

18.) Roblox has 9.3 million subscribers on Twitch

On Twitch, The average number of viewers in November 2023 is 5,880.

Additionally, 765 channels are concurrently streaming Roblox.

Source: Twitch

Roblox Download Statistics

19.) Roblox has been downloaded over 905 million times since 2016. Out of these, 56.41 million downloads came in Q2 2023 alone.

Here is a table showing the number of Roblox downloads over the years:

YearRoblox Downloads
2023 (Up to Q2)112.06

20.) In its first month on Xbox One, the game was downloaded more than 830,000 times. (Microsoft did not release download data after the first month)

21.) As of November 2023, Roblox is ranked first in the top free adventure category on the Google Store. It is ranked #1 on the Apple app store for the adventure category.

22.) Google Play users have downloaded the game the most on their smartphones, with 500,000,000+ million downloads to date.

23.) On Google Play, there have been 36.1 million reviews, compared to 10 million million on iOS.

Roblox Games and Events Statistics

Games in Roblox are defined  as “experiences.”

24.) There are over 40 million games on Roblox as of 2023.

25.) Brookhaven RP, a Roblox Town and City game, is the most popular Roblox game of all time, with over 34.44 billion visits to date.

26.) The second most popular game is “Adopt Me”, which has had 33.71 billion all-time visitors.

27.) Tower of hell rounds out the top three with 21.26 billion all-time visits.

Here is a table showing the most popular game on Roblox:

GameNumber of visits (All Time)
Brookhaven RP34.44 billion
Adopt Me!33.71 billion
Tower of Hell21.26 billion
Blox Fruits19.92 billion
MeepCity15.48 billion
Piggy11.85 billion
Murder Mystery 211.47 billion
Royale High8.95 billion
Pet Simulator X!8.24 billion
Welcome to Bloxburg7.67 billion

Roblox Awards

28.) In 2021, Roblox’s own awards event, called ‘The Bloxy’, attracted over 26 million visitors. During the event’s peak, 855,000 gamers were connected and viewing the event at the same time.

29.) The Bloxy Awards raised $100,000 for a non-profit.

30.) The event is also used to promote films by providing unique content.

31.) Roblox also hosts virtual concerts by actual performers.

(Source: Roblox)

Roblox Platform-Related Statistics

32.) The PC version of Roblox was published on September 1, 2006.

33.) It was available for download via iOS from 12th Dec. 2012.

34.) It was added to the Android market on 16th Jul. 2014.

35.) Roblox was released on Xbox One on 20th November 2015.

36.) Mobile devices account for 72% of Roblox activity. The PC also has a significant share, accounting for 25%. The remaining Roblox users (3%) use consoles to visit Roblox.

PlatformsPercent of DAUs

(Source: Wikipedia, Roblox & Levvvel)

Roblox Net Worth In 2023

(Sources: CompaniesMarketCap)

37.) Roblox’s market worth is $17.38 billion as of 2023. It is the 981st most valuable company in terms of market cap.

Roblox Market Capitalization 2023
Source: Companiesmarketcap

Roblox Revenue Statistics

38.) Roblox registered revenue of 2.04 billion in the first three quarters of 2023.

$655.3 million and $680.8 million worth of revenue came in the first two quarters of 2023.

While Roblox managed to gain $713.2 million in the third quarter.

Roblox Revenue Over The Years
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material

Here is a table showing Roblox’s revenue over the years:

Quarter & yearRevenue
Quarter 1 2019$107.08 million
Quarter 2 2019$115.78 million
Quarter 3 2019$127.03 million
Quarter 4 2019$138.34 million
Quarter 1 2020$156.78 million
Quarter 2 2020$189.7 million
Quarter 3 2020$242.19 million
Quarter 4 2020$310 million
Quarter 1 2021$387 million
Quarter 2 2021$454.1 million
Quarter 3 2021$509 million
Quarter 4 2021$569 million
Quarter 1 2022$537 million
Quarter 2 2022$591.2 million
Quarter 3 2022$517.7 million
Quarter 4 2022$579 million
Quarter 1 2023$655.3 million
Quarter 2 2023$680.8 million
Quarter 3 2023$713.2 million

39.) Roblox has received $856.7 million in investment over ten rounds. Their most recent fundraising came in the form of a Series H round on January 6, 2021.

Roblox is backed by 15 investors, including the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and the famous Warner Music Group.

Mobile Spending on Roblox

40.) The United States accounted for 48% of global player expenditure on the Roblox mobile gaming app as of April 2023. South Korean users accounted for 6% of total player expenditure.

Source: Statista

Roblox mobile expenditure increased to $308 million in the third quarter of 2020. Roblox has seen a considerable increase in mobile expenditure in recent years.

To put things into perspective, The expenditure was $109 million in the initial months of 2019. And below is a quick overview of the same

Quarters & Years Mobile spending
Quarter 1 2018$77 million
Quarter 2 2018$80 million
Quarter 3 2018$87 million
Quarter 4 2018$91 million
Quarter 1 2019$109 million
Quarter 2 2019$118 million
Quarter 3 2019$143 million
Quarter 4 2019$174 million
Quarter 1 2020$190 million
Quarter 1 2020$319 million
Quarter 3 2020$308 million

(Source: Sensor Tower)

Robux Statistics

Robux is an in-game digital currency. The quantity of this in-game cash bought by Roblox users is referred to as “bookings”.

41.) The average Roblox user spends over $20 per year on Robux.

42.) Dominus Frigidus is the most expensive Roblox item costing around 200 million Robux.

Dominus Frigidus: The Most Expensive Roblox Item
Source: Roblox Fandom

Roblox Developers Statistics

Roblox provides a number of tools and resources to assist developers in getting started. Here are some interesting statistics about Roblox developers.

43.) There are currently 9.5 million developers on Roblox. There were only about 634,000 of them back in 2016.

Developers’ Income Through Roblox

44.) Developers on Roblox have earned $518.9 million in the first three quarters of 2023.

Here is an infographic showing Roblox’s developer exchange fees over the years:

Roblox Developer Exchange Fee Over The Years
Source: Roblox Supplemental Material

(Source: Roblox & Statista)

Below is a quick overview of Roblox Developers’ annual income:

YearDeveloper Fees
Quarter 1 201922.72 million
Quarter 2 201923.29 million
Quarter 3 201926.2 million
Quarter 4 201939.76 million
Quarter 1 202044.5 million
Quarter 2 202085.05 million
Quarter 3 202085.47 million
Quarter 4 2020113.72 million
Quarter 1 2021118.93 million
Quarter 2 2021129.71 million
Quarter 3 2021130 million
Quarter 4 2021159.7 million
Quarter 1 2022147.1 million
Quarter 2 2022143.1 million
Quarter 3 2022151.5 million
Quarter 4 2022182.1 million
Quarter 1 2023$182.4 million
Quarter 2 2023$165.8 million
Quarter 3 2023$170.7 million

45.) In the third quarter of 2022, Roblox developers earned more than $151.5 million. That is 8x growth since the start of 2018.

46.) In 2020, Roblox developers earned more than $328 million.

47.) The average developer on Roblox earns over $3,600 per year.

48.) In 2021, 32 developers earned more than 1 million dollars.

If you are interested in becoming a Roblox developer, you can find more information here.

When did Roblox come out?

49.) Roblox was created by Created David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and released in 2006. This makes Roblox 17 years old.

Here is the complete timeline of Roblox:

  • 2003: David Baszucki left his previous corporation to work with Erik Cassel.
  • 2003: Development began for Roblox.
  • 2004: Beta version was rolled out.
  • 2004: The name ‘Roblox’ was suggested along with ‘GoBlocks and ‘DynaBlocks’.
  • 2005: The name ‘Roblox’ was finalized.
  • 2006: On September 1st, Roblox was officially out for Windows PCs.
  • 2012: Roblox was officially out for all iOS devices on 11th December.
  • 2015: November 20th marked the official Roblox release for Xbox One.

How Many Roblox Employees Are There

50.) There are 2,128 full-time employees at Roblox Corporation as of Q3 2023.

Here is a breakdown of Roblox’s full-time employees by department:

DepartmentNumber of Employees
Customer Support100

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