Helium 10 Review 2023: The Best Amazon Seller Tool?

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Want to know if Helium 10 is really worth the hype? Check out our detailed Helium 10 review to peek deep inside the Amazon seller software suite and determine if the tool can optimally support your journey to becoming a successful Amazon seller or not.

Helium 10 almost always pops up whenever there’s a talk about acing the Amazon marketplace. It’s one software many sellers will swear upon for their Amazon success. But is it that good, or there’s a catch somewhere? Search on the net and you will find all kinds of opinions about Helium 10.

Some are totally in awe of the extreme functionalities the software suite brings to the table; others are skeptical about the complexities involved in using it. How to churn out facts from fiction, then? Of course, with a thorough analysis of this SaaS product, which we have done here.

We have split our Helium 10 review into multiple sections covering attributes such as functionality, accuracy, support, and cost to give you a crystal clear overview of this high-performance software suit. So bear with us till the end, and you will undoubtedly understand whether Helium 10 is as promising as some of its proponents project it or not. Let go!

In A Gist – Is Helium 10 The Top Amazon Seller Tool?

You might hear that Helium 10 is really worth the money repeated quite often. But the doubt still lingers on whether Helium 10 is the Best Amazon seller tool.

It has worked for us till now and we are saying it after spending countless hours tweaking and playing with it. So YES, Helium 10 works great, and in some aspects, it has no match. The best thing is that it brings almost everything there is for profitably selling on Amazon.

It includes everything that the other tool might offer and some extra flavors. And what’s more, you are further protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Doesn’t work for you (rare, though), ask for a refund and get your money back.

What is Helium 10? – A Short Overview

Helium 10 presents itself as an all-in-one solution for the Amazon marketplace. In fact, many consider it to be the leader in the Amazon seller tools space, and rightly so due to an extensive array of features, tailor-made plans, and reliable services. Interestingly, Helium 10 does project itself as a market leader and currently boasts a user base of 1 million strong.

Moreover, the software suite also boasts a massive database of ASINs coupled with interactive features like PPC management, guided listing creation, analytics tools, keyword research, analysis tools, etc. On top of that, the product is available for both Android and iOS platforms to allow seamless functionality even if you are on the move.

Helium 10 Review - Overview

Helium 10 will enable a glimpse of its treasure trove of features with a limited free version. However, you must go with paid plans ranging from $29 to $399 per month to exploit its full potential.

What Features and Functionalities Do Helium 10 Offer?

Helium 10 is filled to the brim with features. In comparison, no other seller tool offers this much functionality as Helium 10. Helium 10 is indeed a beast in this regard – a swiss army knife for Amazon sellers. Starting with the primary keyword analysis to advance level automation, listing, and bid optimization, Helium 10 incorporates everything that a professional Amazon seller needs.

Listing all the features Helium 10 has under its belt is out of the scope of this article. However, a few of them are worth mentioning as you won’t find the likes of them on any other Amazon seller SaaS product;

Blackbox – Powerful Research Tool

Blackbox is the backbone of Helium 10. It’s a niche and keyword research tool that allows you in-depth keyword analysis. It’s equipped with dozens of different search parameters and backed by a 450 million product database. In short, if there’s a niche that could offer you potential profits – Blackbox will find it for you.

Helium 10 Review - Black Box

Scribbles – Incredible Listing Optimizer

With Scribbles, you don’t have to worry about your listing optimization. Scribbles take care of everything and ensure your listing is optimized in a way that Amazon will love – more visibility, more sales, more profits.

Helium 10 Review - Scribbles

X-Ray Browser Extension – Handy Extension To Grab Lucrative Product Ideas

Helium 10 offers a package of five excellent browser extensions, however, X-Ray is probably the most noteworthy. X-Ray keeps you updated with the latest market data, so you never miss a profitable opportunity.

Helium 10 Review - Browser Extension

Cerebro Reverse ASIN Search – Reverse Engineer a Product

Cerebro is the core of Helium 10, the brain that strips the products to its core and allows you deep insights into its viability and profitability. It lets you see through the clutter and reach out to gems selling fast.

Helium 10 Review - Cerebro

Refund Genie – Speedy Reimbursement for Possible Loss On Amazon’s Account

Amazon is not perfect, and sometimes it screws you big time with loss or damage of certain products while shipping. Incidentally, keeping track of your funds, investment and profits is essential to survive the cutthroat competition on Amazon. Refund Genie keeps you one step ahead by informing you about any refund opportunities that might add to your overall profits.

Inventory Protector – Keep Scammers At Bay

You are bound to bump into fraudulent characters or shady competitors when you are in business. In such a scenario, an Inventory protector is a must-have tool. It prevents bulk fake ordering from competitors and saves you thousands of dollars.

Helium 10 Review - Inventory Protector

What is Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

Helium 10’s Chrome extension offers access to five Helium 10 tools that you can use to polish your research by validating winning products, finding sourcing opportunities, estimating profits, planning for the trending season, and conducting competitor research. All of it you can do right from your Chrome extension without logging into your web account. 

Here are the five tools that you can access from Helium 10 Chrome extension:

  • Xray: The tool provides you instant access to Amazon’s market data, such as search volumes, keyword difficulty, ranking, etc. With this tool, you can find winning products just by browsing Amazon’s product page.
  • Profitability Calculator: The tool helps you calculate your profit margin according to FBA fees, storage fees, shipping costs, etc. 
  • ASIN Grabber: The tool allows you can copy multiple ASINs simultaneously to set ad campaigns.
  • Review Downloader: With this tool, you can gain insight into your customer reviews so you can make better decisions to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Levels: The tool helps you view any product’s inventory level on Amazon. 

How Accurate Is Helium 10?

The correctness of corresponding data could make or break your business endeavor on Amazon. Therefore, accuracy is one attribute that is indispensable for an Amazon seller tool. Although Helium 10 is considered accurate, it’s one aspect where it lags a little. Several case studies indicate that margin of error while retrieving information is higher in Helium 10.

Considering sales estimates as our benchmark, we compared actual sales data with the estimated numbers provided by Helium 10. We found the numbers astray from the actual data by as much as 20%, which amounts to only 80% accuracy.

Helium 10 Ease-of-Use?

Helium 10 ticks all the boxes here. The user interface is carefully curated and perfectly designed for easy navigation. The dashboard is precise and crisp, and convincing with its clarity. If you are a newcomer, you might be overwhelmed at first due to the sheer number of tools available at your disposal. However, you will quickly learn your way around as the operations are extremely simple and intuitive.

But there’s a learning curve, and we must say, it’s unavoidable. Helium 10 is a high-caliber Amazon seller tool and covers almost all aspects of selling on the platforms. You have at your disposal countless tools that offer you immeasurable insights. Implementing them per your needs will require precise knowledge of the tool, and it won’t come in a day.

How Robust Is Helium 10 Support?

Helium 10 might be good at finding products with great potential or low-hanging fruits with higher profitability; customer support is one area where it performs the worst. If you wish to contact Helium 10, you only have two options: email and chat assistance – pretty much basic.

There’s no live support, so if you hit an unexpected bump, you can’t get speedy assistance from the support team. Chat assistance does provide resolution for standard issues; it’s not robust enough to tackle something out of the league. Only email support remains, which is a lengthy process and often requires hours if not days to offer anything meaningful.

What’s great about Helium 10?

  1. Selling on Amazon needs a multi-pronged approach. There’s SEO, PPC, CRM, keyword analysis, competition analysis, niche research, and much more to account for to succeed on Amazon. Thankfully, Helium 10 takes care of everything, which is probably its most significant advantage.
  2. Helium 10 covers it all – from a beginner who may only need competition analysis and product listing optimization to an expert who runs multiple high-budget PPC campaigns and needs budget optimization, PPC automation, etc. – a true all-rounder in that sense.
  3. The keyword search is great. Helium 10 really understands how customers approach searching -products. In addition, Helium 10 sorts out category-wise results and monitors new development in a particular category.
  4. The Blackbox features for – extensively detailed keyword research, keyword density, competitor analysis, and keyword relevancy have no match in any other tool of similar functionality.
  5. Ease of doing business on Amazon with Helium 10 as your personal assistant is another thing we really appreciate. It’s like a perfect Amazon Business Manager that takes care of everything from product research, keyword analysis, and listing optimization to payment and sales.
  6. Besides, Helium 10 is a one-stop solution. It bundles together everything, and you don’t have to take multiple subscriptions to tackle different aspects of selling on Amazon. Choose a package as per your need, pay the monthly bill and get a dashboard choke full of all the essential features in one place – no fuss, no clutter – as simple as that.

What’s Not so great about Helium 10?

  1. A higher price is definitely a hindrance and indeed deters many newbies onboarding the platform. Besides, multiple plans also pose a challenge to some extent, as a complete newcomer might find it daunting to pinpoint the most suitable one. Our advice will be to start small, perhaps with the free version, to get a feel and then move on to another plan.
  2. During our use of the software, we faced several glitches. The software becomes unresponsive from time to time. This blocks the flow – really annoying.
  3. Supports need to be more agile for software-suite of this caliber. Reaching out to support executives is tiresome and time-consuming. Although Helium 10 maintains a massive database of helpful content for quick resolution of possible issues, it’s not always enough.
  4. Helium 10 is perfect for a physical product but lacks functionality for KDP. Features are limited in this section and not robust enough to offer a deeper insight and thorough analysis of any query. On top of that, these features are not flexible enough and sometimes do not reflect changes on the Amazon website in real-time. Consequently, if there are any changes in Amazon’s product page code, KDP analysis tools might display incorrect data, and it sometimes takes days to fetch correct information.

What Is the Price of The Helium 10 Software Suite?

We found Helium 10 prices comparatively higher than other software with similar functionalities. However, Helium 10 packs far more feature than other tools. It bundles them into different packages with their respective prices to offer more comprehensive and tailor-made solutions. You can choose the package depending on the extent of your operation as an Amazon seller.

Helium 10 Review - Pricing

Helium 10 is available with five different price tags, each with its own set of features. These are Basic, Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Custom. As expected, the basic plan only allows a glimpse of what’s in store. The rest of the four plans increase in price as you move from Starter to Elite, each unlocking new features.

Starter Plan$29/monthFBA training is available. Trendster is available for the month and Blackbox / 5 uses. Unlimited access to Cerebro and Magnet Misspellinator available for 20 uses.
Platinum Plan$84/monthAll starter pack features. Unlimited Misspellinator. Index Checker is available for 150 uses/month. Listing Analyzer is available for 20 uses/month.  Up to 100 ASINs alerts.Up to 5000 / month follow-up. Inventory Management is available for up to 20 SKUs. Up to 2500 keywords trackers and 3 Market trackers. Amazon Attribution up to 20 links.Portals QR Code Generator up to 10 codes / 10,000 scans per month.
Diamond Plan$209/monthAll features of the Platinum pack are available. Complete access to Black Box, Trendster, and X-Ray features. Unlimited access to Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator.  Frankenstein features are available. Index Checker up to 300 uses/month. Listing Analyzer up to 50 uses/month. Up to 300 ASINs alerts.Up to 15000 email/month follow-up.Market Tracker for up to 5 matches. Keyword tracker for up to 5,000 keywords. Atomic includes up to $20k / month of ad spend. Up to 50 links for Amazon Attribution.Up to 6 portals for Portals Landing Page Builder.40 codes / 100,000 scans per month for Portals QR Code Generator.
Elite Plan$399/monthEverything from the previous plans. Allow participation in quarterly in-person workshops.  Connect with experts for monthly live training. Allow access to premium Facebook groups.

If it’s confusing to you about which package to choose, we will advise you to have a glance at the extent of your business operation. For most sellers, platinum suffices. It includes the FBA training course, too; therefore, even if you are a novice, you will get the gist of the platform. Besides, it provides enough freedom in terms of functionality to optimally use Helium 10.

Final Verdict: Helium 10 Review (2023)

To summarize our Helium 10 review, we will indeed suggest going with it if you wish to survive the turbulent Amazon selling space and see your business grow. It’s an ingenious software suite thoughtfully developed to be essential as well as incredibly practical simultaneously. The extensive array of tools and relative ease of use make Helium 10 one of the best Amazon Seller tools.

The slight downside with Helium 10 is its support and price. You may find cheaper alternatives, but when you compare the price-to-performance ratio, Helium 10 appears way ahead. During our test, we found Helium 10 adept at offering deep insights into market trends and gaps and evaluating market data.

It’s an all-in-one seller tool that bundles everything in a single dashboard and allows seamless functionality. In short, it’s a reliable software suite that impresses with its ease of use, robust functionality, and reliable services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Helium 10 have a free trial?

Yes, Helium does have a free trial, and you can use it infinitely. But it is for absolute beginners. if you are a well-established business or looking to scale your business to the next level, you should check out their paid plans.

Does the Helium 10 Chrome extension come with all the plans?

Yes, you can use the Helium 10 chrome extension with all the plans, even with the free one.

How much does Helium 10 cost?

Helium 10 has three different plans that cost between $29 to $209. You can save 25% by subscribing to their annual plans.

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