Best Helium 10 Alternatives Of 2024 (Reviewed)

When you think of an Amazon seller suite, Helium 10 comes to your mind by default. That’s because over 2 million Amazon sellers trust this tool to succeed on Amazon. But still, why do sellers look for Helium 10 alternatives?

Helium 10 is undoubtedly a great tool, but it’s rising prices and limited functionality in small plans are the major reasons sellers try to find solutions in other Amazon seller tools. 

So, I have decided to test popular Amazon sellers and eCommerce tools with similar features to Helium 10 and curated a list of the top 10 Helium 10 alternatives. This list was created after considering facts like pricing, overall features, data accuracy, and other benchmarks. 

For this alternatives list, I also went through tons of user reviews of each tool. I have included a few of them inside for each tool so you can know what people have to say about each tool. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the list. 

Helium 10 Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2024)

Before jumping to the details, let’s take a quick look at all the alternatives and where they excel compared to Helium 10. 

S.No.Helium 10 AlternativeBest ForPrice
1Jungle ScoutAll-in-one solution$49/month
2ZonGuruListing and SEO optimization$49/month
3SellerAppKeyword Suggestions $49/month
4Viral LaunchSplit testing for listings$69/month
5Perpetua PPC automation$250/month
6AMZscoutUncover top-selling products$49.99/month
7ZonbasePriority support$37/month
8A2XHuman-based automation and support$19/month
9TeikametricsAI-powered automationCustom pricing
10DataHawkBetter analysisCustom pricing

Now, let’s compare all the tools with Helium 10 one by one and pick the best alternative that fulfills all your Amazon business requirements.

Note: The ratings mentioned below are based on my research and reviews of other users.

1. Jungle Scout (Paid) 

Ease of use4.9
Customer service/support4.9
Free trial4.0
Value for money4.8
Overall ratings4.7

First on my handpicked list is obviously Jungle Scout – the biggest competitor of Helium 10. If you are a novice with no experience, I would suggest you go with this tool suite. The beginner-friendly tools of JS help you find the best products to sell on Amazon. 

Helium 10 alternative -Jungle Scout

At Jungle Scout, you will find solutions to all your problems related to selling on Amazon. Even existing sellers can find tailored solutions to grow their business. 

Its Product Database contains the data of 475 million products listed on Amazon. And the reliable metrics help you find the best profitable product within your niche. 

Furthermore, Jungle Scout’s average data accuracy is 84.1% in all metrics, which is better than any other Amazon seller tool. Compared to this tool, Helium 10 is only at 74%. 

The Supplier Database of Jungle Scout is one of the most unique tools you can find on any seller tool and one of my personal favorites. It helps you find verified suppliers near my location from whom I sourced products to sell on Amazon.

If you don’t believe me, check my in-depth Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout comparison and find out yourself. 

You can also read my detailed Jungle Scout review to know how it works!

Key Features

  • Access to 17 exclusive Amazon seller tools
  • Find hundreds of profitable products for your store from the Product Database
  • Find relevant keywords to optimize and rank your listings
  • Manage inventory, sales, and profits
  • Find a supplier near your location with the exclusive Supplier Database feature


  • Basic: $49/month
  • Suite: $69/month
  • Professional: $$129/month

You can also try Jungle Scout for free for 7 days!

You can save up to 30% using our working Jungle Scout coupon code.

Why Choose Jungle Scout over Helium 10?

Jungle Scout tends to offer more beginner-friendly tools with affordable buying options (such as packages with discounts).

You will also get more accuracy on the data you retrieve from Amazon, which can be a major reason for choosing this tool over Helium 10. 

Jungle Scout testimonial: 

“Jungle Scout has been an invaluable asset in helping our company launch our first product on Amazon. Their tool, customer support, and learning resources are amazing, especially for sellers who need a little extra guidance with developing a successful sales channel.” – Rick Wysocki ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. ZonGuru (Paid)

Ease of use4.3
Customer service/support4.6
Free trial4.5
Value for money4.7
Overall ratings4.6

While Helium 10 does contain a keyword tracking tool, ZonGuru is specifically optimized for laser-focused SEO to boost your Amazon listings’ organic rankings. 


What I genuinely appreciate about ZonGuru is how its carefully researched data helps uncover golden long-tail keywords with high search volumes that are right for targeting. Keywords easily overseen by Helium 10 yet searchable by motivated shoppers and much easier to rank for against lighter competition. 

I tried ZonGuru for thorough keyword research, tracking, and listing optimization. And surprisingly, it elevated my organic traffic by over 200% without spending on expensive paid advertising. You can also try its free trial to get a taste of its premium features for free. 

Key Features

  • Uncovers long-tail keywords with high search volume
  • Chrome extension for easy access to tools
  • Email and review automation
  • Listing optimization
  • 7-day free trial


  • Researcher: $49/month
  • Seller: $79/month

Why Choose ZonGuru over Helium 10?

For sellers who appreciate the value of organic visibility and are unwilling to go over their budgets on PPC ads, I can’t recommend ZonGuru enough as a Helium 10 alternative.

ZonGuru testimonial: 

“As somebody starting out in the Amazon selling business ZonGuru is an invaluable tool. The ability to research products, see what is actually selling, and avoid pitfalls is priceless. Without ZonGuru, I would just be flying blind when it comes to product selection and, to be honest, probably wouldn’t be selling on Amazon.” – Tony Moore ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. SellerApp (Free & Paid)

Ease of use4.8
Customer service/support4.7
Free trial4.8
Value for money4.5
Overall ratings4.7

Looking for a tool that offers services to manage sales, marketing, and operations under one platform? If so, SellerApp is the one-stop solution for Amazon sellers. The tool helps businesses find the best products within their niche and preferred marketplace. 

Seller app

Both SellerApp and Helium 10 offer keyword management tools for sellers. However, with SellerApp, you can get more comprehensive results and top keyword suggestions for your listing and PPC campaigns. 

It also offers a free plan that includes major features such as PPC analysis, profit overview, Chrome plugin, index checker, and many more. I opted for their 7-day free trial, and their features are perfect for small and mid-size businesses. 

Key Features

  • PPC optimization and automation
  • Keyword discovery
  • Profit management 
  • Provides actionable suggestions for listing optimization
  • Free plan and free trial for beginners


  • Pro Lite: $49/month
  • Professional: $99/month

Why Choose SellerApp over Helium 10?

Compared to Helium 10, SellerApp is more affordable and easy to use. Even if you are not on a paid plan, you will get enough access to run your Amazon business for profit. 

SellerApp testimonial

“SellerApp has been a great help for my online business! It has so many useful features that help me save time. It’s user-friendly and has great customer support. Highly recommend!” – Joe P ⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. Viral Launch (Paid)

Ease of use4.5
Customer service/support4.5
Free trial4.3
Value for money4.4
Overall ratings4.4

Recognizing the opportunity to support sellers not just through launch but the entire product lifecycle, Viral Launch is slightly more specialized than Helium 10 when it comes to ongoing optimization.

Areas they really excel at include fine-tuning product listings for maximum conversion rates post-launch and automating the complex process of bid management.

Viral Launch

I rely on Viral Launch the most these days for their unique “Listing Dojo” tool. This feature allows you to effortlessly split test elements of your listings to determine which visual layouts, copy styles, banners, etc., will actually move the revenue needle with visitors. 

Together these innovations significantly scale results faster than attempting manual optimizing through Helium 10 alone. Plus, Viral Launch offers reliable fundamentals for product research, market intelligence, inventory management, and more to round out your seller toolkit. 

Key Features

  • Amazon product filtering
  • Competitor monitoring
  • 14-day free trial for new sellers
  • Organic and PPC keyword ranking
  • Customized automations available 


  • Essential: $69/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199/month

Why Choose Viral Launch over Helium 10?

Viral Launch’s split testing feature helps sellers decide which listing can actually make sales on Amazon. This real-time feature can be a key point in picking this tool over Helium 10. 

Viral Launch testimonial

“Viral Launch is absolutely fantastic! When it comes to market research, competitor analysis, and product evaluation, no one does it better, more succinctly, or clearly, all while maintaining the highest standards of user-friendliness. Viral Launch is my business’s best kept secret.” – Kenneth Oddeck ⭐⭐⭐⭐

5. Perpetua (Paid)

Ease of use4.3
Customer service/support4.5
Free trial3.9
Value for money4.7
Overall ratings4.3

For sellers focused on product validation and market opportunity identification, Perpetua (previously known as Sellics) delivers robust analysis by extracting demand, competition, sales volume, revenue trajectory, and other key indicators from the Amazon marketplace.

This analysis delivers an at-a-glance perspective on launching a specific product.

Perpetua -Helium 10 alternative

Helium 10 suite fails to provide end-to-end solutions when it comes to campaign launch, management, and optimization. Perpetua surprisingly edges both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout in this field.

Its AI-powered technology and algorithms automate campaign operations and increase ROI and conversion. 

I also appreciate Perpetua’s Sonar reverse ASIN lookup technology that reveals profitable niche keyword opportunities based on top-ranked listings you can steal, as well as their Inventory Forecasting algorithms projecting future sales to optimize stock levels.

The only major drawback is its higher pricing with free trials, which can make any seller think twice before investing. 

Key Features

  • PPC campaign automation on Amazon, Walmart and Instacart
  • Analyze ad performance with AI-powered algorithms 
  • Find profitable keyword opportunities with the Sonar tool
  • Exclusive Inventory Forecasting to maintain inventory levels 
  • Set a daily budget and ACoS


  • Starter: $250/month
  • Growth: $550/month
  • Pro: $550/ % of ad spend 

Why Choose Perpetua over Helium 10?

Compared to Helium 10, Perpetua offers more robust automation tools and support in terms of ad campaign management. If your online business completely relies on PPC, the tool is highly recommended. 

Perpetua testimonial: 

“Very good Amazon PPC Tool. The PPC tool has helped our business significantly. We manage multiple accounts, and Perpetua has really reduced the amount of time it takes to optimize each one of these accounts. The tool has also helped us to increase sales and improve efficiency on many of our accounts.” – Chris Jenkins ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. AMZScout (Paid)

Ease of use4.7
Customer service/support4.8
Free trial4.2
Value for money4.9
Overall ratings4.7

If you find yourself overwhelmed exploring Helium 10’s vast array of tools, check out AMZScout’s simplified product research capabilities. This tool can be an excellent replacement for keeping things simple yet powerful.


AMZScout’s proprietary technology helps you find overlooked niches that actually generate profits. I tried their Chrome browser with the free trial, and surprisingly, it came up with better options compared to Helium 10.

This tool reveals the demand macros for specific search volumes and niches so you can find lucrative keyword opportunities. 

While AMZScout may not offer end-to-end software support across the customer journey, its strategic focus and lightning-fast product selection are second to none.

For sellers realizing product vetting is their key point above all else, the tool solves that efficiently at a similar Helium 10 pricing.

Key Features

  • Amazon keyword research tools
  • Yearly trends report
  • Chrome browser extension 
  • Works for multiple business models
  • Lifetime subscription available


  • Standard: $49.99/month (free trial available)
  • Yearly Bundle: $379.99/year
  • Lifetime Bundle: $1,599.99/lifetime

Why Choose AMZScout over Helium 10?

AMZScout offers almost similar features as Helium 10. But one thing that Helium 10 doesn’t offer is lifetime offers. AMZScout offers discounted lifetime offers for sellers with lifetime updates. 

AMZScout testimonial: 

“As a relatively new seller on Amazon, I find AMZScout to be a really useful tool that has provided great insights and absolutely helped me make better business decisions.” – Trevor Curran ⭐⭐⭐⭐

7. Zonbase (Paid)

Ease of use4.5
Customer service/support4.8
Free trial4.0
Value for money4.8
Overall ratings4.5

Zonbase is another interesting Helium 10 alternative combining fundamental FBA support across inventory/revenue tracking, listing management, and product research.

The tool tends to help sellers through one-on-one guidance from onboarding calls all the way until your items reach page one ranking for target keywords. 

Helium 10 alternative -Zonbase

These individual coaching touchpoints bring excellent accountability throughout your seller journey to avoid stalling on priorities.

Additionally, Coaches provide exceptional techniques as your needs evolve to stay one step ahead of the competition. They even provide hands-on tactics for selling on Amazon as a beginner.

You can also hire an Amazon expert on Zonbase to handle tasks such as new product launches and PPC management on Amazon. This will save you a lot of time, and you will be able to focus on growth and business expansion. 

Key Features

  • Extensive product database to find highly profitable products
  • Reverse ASIN lookup for keyword research 
  • Do-it-for-you services available
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • 7-day free trial


  • Standard: $37/month
  • Legendary: $97/month 
  • Diamond: $297/month

Why Choose Zonbase over Helium 10?

Suppose you are seeking a higher level of ongoing coaching access paired with reliable FBA tool fundamentals. In that case, Zonbase makes for a well-rounded Helium 10 alternative – especially for newcomers still navigating the ropes of selling on Amazon.

Zonbase testimonial: 

“Fastest Chrome Extension and easy to get and analyze sales data. Tons of amazing tools, accurate keywords, product research, and hot trending products. Easy to use and gives across the board information that enables to grow sales. Good Customer support for PPC and Listing Optimizer.” – Pinak Williamson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

8. A2X (Free & Paid)

Ease of use4.7
Customer service/support4.8
Free trial4.7
Value for money4.5
Overall ratings4.5

A2X is one of the best accounting tools for eCommerce, but for a great reason. It offers automation services for accounting but with experts behind the solution. Not typical AI-assisted automation. 


Beyond the sheer hours saved manually exporting order data, A2X brings added visibility by automatically calculating fees, identifying reimbursements, and projecting cash flow scenarios to optimize profit. This transparency helps me make smarter business decisions backed by real-time financial insights rather than best guesses.

While A2X isn’t designed to support core product research, listing optimization, and campaign management like Helium 10, it absolutely shines, granting peace of mind about the financial health of your Amazon business.

Key Features

  • Handle 200-10,000 orders per month
  • Access to unlimited marketplaces
  • Email and live chat support
  • Free trial on all plans
  • Sell on multiple channels


  • Mini: $19/month
  • Starter: $49/month
  • Standard: $69/month

Why Choose A2X over Helium 10?

Despite having tons of Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 lacks financial and accounting for cash flow management. A2X provides you not only with financial visibility but also cost-effective solutions for your Amazon store.

A2X testimonial: 

“A great tool. I wish I had found it earlier. It will save you hours of work. It effortlessly transfers all the account sales data for Amazon and Shopify to Quickbooks.” – Thomas F ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

9. Teikametrics (Free & Paid)

Ease of use4.2
Customer service/support4.3
Free trial4.6
Value for money4.7
Overall ratings4.4

Recognizing advertising management as a consistent pain point for Amazon sellers, Teikametrics deploys best-in-class AI technology. It assumes responsibility for optimizing your PPC campaigns based on key metrics and trends.

Additionally, the tool saves hours of time you may waste on managing bids and ad copy iterations.


Beyond entirely hands-off campaign management surpassing Helium 10’s degree of automation, Teikametrics provides further assistance crafting killer listing content and imagery through their creative division.

Combine limitless AI-powered PPC refinement with supplementary assets boosting on-page conversions and revenue growth unlocks unlike ever before.   

Compared to Helium 10, Teikametrics specializes in bleeding-edge automation for a notoriously manual component of selling on Amazon.

This is the real game changer if you are ready to embrace ads without burning hours endlessly.  

Key Features

  • Create goal-based campaigns
  • Opportunity forecasting and product tracking
  • Automated bidding for Amazon and Walmart
  • Campaign dashboard to manage everything
  • Fraud protection


  • Custom Pricing

Why Choose Teikametrics over Helium 10?

If you prioritize AI-powered automation for optimization and campaign management, Teikametrics is a far better choice than Helium 10. 

Teikametrics testimonial

“Teikametrics knows how to optimize. They intake KPIs, and they ensure the advertising strategy is deployed efficiently. They have staff members who clearly know their stuff. They showcase excitement and adeptness at the ability to tackle challenges as a partner.” – Michael C. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

10. DataHawk (Free & Paid)

Ease of use4.6
Customer service/support4.7
Free trial4.8
Value for money4.3
Overall ratings4.6

DataHawk stretches Helium 10’s capacities through built-in support. It seamlessly integrates your Amazon data flows across additional environments like Excel, Google Sheets, Data Studios, and more for next-level analytics and business intelligence opportunities. 


If regularly extracting Amazon performance data to identify optimization areas or report insights across your e-commerce company sounds appealing, DataHawk simplifies this process through magical automation. 

Key Features

  • Track organic keywords ranking over time
  • Generate keyword ideas
  • Detailed SEO insights 
  • Track changes in BSR and sales rank
  • Monitor listing changes of competitors


  • Custom Pricing

Why Choose Data Hawk over Helium 10?

If you are looking for data transparency and flexible ownership, you can choose DataHawk over Helium 10 without having second thoughts. 

Data Hawk testimonial

“The best feature of DataHawk is how they made keyword ranks tracking, I believe. It’s just the right way, and I wanted to have tool like this long ago (was doing tracking manually) – and mainly this is a perfect embodiment of what I thought of in my mind. Much more clear and visually understandable than Helium10Keyword Tracker.” – Arthur B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Conclusion: Best Helium 10 Alternatives (2024)

Every tool in this list is unique in its own way and offers next-level solutions for different purposes. 

There’s no doubt Helium sits on the top compared to all these tools, but it’s pricing and steep learning can be overwhelming for new sellers. 

Besides, you don’t need all the tools in its suite in order to get success on Amazon.

If you are a beginner, Jungle Scout is a much better option with all the tools in its inventory

For similar features with lifetime access, you can go for AMZScout and relieve yourself from paying monthly or yearly.

I hope my hands-on experiences (both positives and drawbacks) on these Helium 10 alternatives will assist you in making well-informed software decisions advancing your Amazon selling venture. 

Most of them offer a free plan or a free trial, so make sure to check out your preferred tool before investing your money. 

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