11+ Best Helium 10 Alternatives For 2023 (Best Picks)

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Helium 10 enjoys a reputation amongst Amazon sellers; however, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Why? It’s pricey for one thing; there’s a huge learning curve that often deters newbies from opting for it. On top of that, forget about support because it takes forever to get a reply from the support team. Fortunately, there are tons of Helium 10 Alternatives that could fit in the shoes just right. The best part is that you are entitled to a plethora of features that are up a notch compared to Helium 10. Sounds promising? Read our detailed Helium 10 Alternatives comparisons to find the best fit for you and level up your ecommerce game.

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For the heads-up, we will be going into details about the Helium 10 alternatives and retrieving how the product treads, the features it includes, and what task it can accomplish better than Helium 10 Amazon seller tool. Enough to offer you a complete overview? Let’s dive in, then!

Top 11 Helium 10 Alternatives: In a Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.Name Key Features
1.Jungle ScoutMore Focus on Data and Higher accuracy
2.Viral LaunchSplit Testing Feature
3.SellicsBeginners Friendly
4.AspertPowerful machine learning algorithm
5.Sistrix for AmazonMore focused on data analysis
6.BillbeeFaster cloud-based functionality
7.AmalytixExtensive support for the PPC campaign
8.AMALYZERich analytics features
9.TeikametricsExtensive ASIN database
10.SellerAppFree weekly consultation
11.DataHawkDeeper insights into product’s sale

Top 11 Best Helium 10 Alternatives in 2023

Explore the top Amazon seller software below and see how they compare to Helium 10.

#1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is possibly the best alternative to Helium 10. Although some consider it to be very similar to Helium 10, upon comparing, we found Jungle Scout to be a shade better in some departments. Firstly, Jungle Scout is more data-centric and therefore offers more accurate insights about any particular product. Out of the ten searches, Jungle Scout accurately displayed data six times, while Helium 10 was more accurate in four searches. Besides, Jungle Scout offers a more comprehensive database to filter out the best-rated or most profitable items, has better listing management features, and a far more robust price comparison tool.

Jungle Scout

In the past, Jungle Scout was more focused on product research, but recent additions have made it a full-fledged solution to cater to all your needs for selling on Amazon. However, we encountered some bugs while using search tools. Also, the product portfolio analysis tool needs some polishing too. Besides that, Jungle Scout is as thorough as Helium 10 but offers higher accuracy, more features, and enhanced ease of use. We also have an exclusive Jungle Scout discount code to help you save some bucks.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • More Focus on Data
  • Higher accuracy
  • Easily Navigable Interface

#2: Viral Launch

Viral Launch is another best alternative to Helium 10 after Jungle Scout. It also offers a one-stop solution to Amazon sellers similar to Helium 10. It comes with a PPC tool that you can access for free on any subscription plan, and it gives you in-depth data on keywords and products that can help you grow your business. Just like Helium 10, it is a great tool for beginners to get started with, and it also offers plenty of advanced features that intermediate and expert Amazon sellers need to take their business to the next level.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch also has a flagship feature that separates it from Helium 10, and it is called Listing Dojo Tool. This tool allows you to run split tests on your listings to help you find the best listings. Viral Launch is a perfect combination of multiple tools that every Amazon seller needs to grow their Amazon selling business. It also comes with a 14-day free trial where you can try all of its tools before purchasing its subscription.

Why Choose It Over Helium 10?

  • Split testing tool for your listings
  • Detailed competitor analysis data
  • Market Intelligence Chrome Extension for providing profitability data of products

#3. Sellics

Compared to Helium 10, Sellics is more user-friendly and beginner centric. Besides, Sellics presents itself as an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers. Not only does it help you build an ecommerce business from the ground up, but it also provides the necessary tools to ramp up your online presence and stay ahead of your competition. With optimum use of keyword clustering, revenue forecasting, and other vital matrices, Sellics offers a complete picture of the product’s viability, sales, and profit potential.


On top of that, Sellics beats Helium 10 in advertising and automation. Notable features include bid automation, campaign management, analysis, and cost management. We also loved the Sellics autopilot tool; however, the Sellics page sometimes lags, and configuration options are basic and need a revamp.

Why choose it over Helium 10

  • More Suitable for beginners
  • Incorporates necessary tools to support growth.
  • Far sophisticated automation features.

#4. Adspert

Adspert is a veteran and brings to the table a decade’s worth of experience helping users grow profitably on Amazon. Adspert combines cutting-edge machine learning and automation technology to support users, speed up their operations and optimize profits. AI-enabled algorithms allow automatic data analysis and correlation to compare products, generate reports, and place bids.


Besides, adspert offers far more sophisticated and comprehensive PPC automation features than Helium 10. The AI-enabled algorithm automatically optimizes bids and adjusts them depending upon the keywords, products, and placement. However, we encountered delayed information reporting, which might affect PPC campaigns and could display inaccurate details.

Why Choose it over Helium 10?

  • Backed by Machine learning algorithms.
  • AI-enabled data analysis.
  • More extensive PPC automation features.

#5. Sistrix for Amazon

Next in line for the best Helium 10 alternative is Sistrix. The Sistrix module concentrates more on boosting visibility and achieving better ranking and hence better sales. The measuring tool allows more comprehensive data and key matrices than Helium 10. Moreover, the reverse ASIN feature truly puts Sistrix way ahead of Helium 10. Incidentally, Sistrix comes out to be 3x better in finding keywords as compared to Helium 10.

Sistrix For Amazon

However, Sistrix lags in the PPC department and, therefore, won’t be suitable if you wish to run elaborate Amazon PPC campaigns. Besides, Sistrix also does not provide as detailed reports about a particular product as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. Other than that, if building a business on Amazon is your primary concern while maintaining good visibility, more hits, and increased profits, Sistrix could be a good Helium 10 alternative.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • Broader focus on data analysis.
  • More adept at boosting visibility.
  • Much better for keyword research and analysis.

#6. Billbee

Billbee brings the power of the cloud, ensuring faster operations and more accuracy. Its USP is multichannel retailer support, including Amazon FBA. On top of that, Billbee offers a complete after-sales solution for seamless, hassle-free selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Although not as feature-rich as Helium 10, it still incorporates enough functionality to manage sales operations easily.


Payment reconciliation and Merchandise management are two features more developed than Helium 10 and include more functionality. Besides, the cross-channel adaptability is undoubtedly a great help for those who have a presence on multiple ecommerce channels. However, inventory is not transferable if you use multiple platforms, which might create issues while handling orders from multiple portals.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • Cloud-based functionality.
  • Faster services.
  • Comprehensive after-sales management tools.

#7. Amalytix

Amalytix is a leading name when it comes to Amazon analysis tools and boasts a massive user base. Amalytix is unique because it provides support for both vendors and sellers alike. It offers a simplified interface to manage product listings, analyze keywords and track performance indicators.


Besides, Amalytix also offers Amazon FBA reach analysis, reporting features, and Amazon Controlling instruments. On top of that, Amalytix also includes a whole range of tools to manage PPC campaigns effectively. However, we found that the detailed report function is not as detailed as it claims and sometimes lacks key data.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • Equally suitable for vendors as well as Sellers.
  • Comprehensive support for PPC campaigns.
  • Interactive Performance Indicators.


If you wish to go with an Amazon seller software that is as feature-rich as Helium 10 or perhaps a tad better, consider AMALYZE. It’s one software that offers tons of analytics features to simplify your job as an Amazon seller. The most notable is the highly versatile keywords analysis tool which is further complimented by advertising reports and evaluation tools. Despite hefty features, AMALYZE, unlike Helium 10, presents them in a sleek, easy-to-navigate dashboard that is both beginner-friendly and highly intuitive.


With a single click, users can analyze multiple products, identify promising products, monitor ASINs, evaluate a particular brand or profile a seller. Moreover, AMALYZE comes with a free chrome extension which we will definitely recommend to use, primarily due to its ability to fetch heaps of data from your existing listing. In short, whatever functionality you expect from Helium 10, you get with AMALYZE, plus some additional benefits which make it a perfect fit to trust with your Amazon sales operations.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • A plethora of Analytics features.
  • Crisp user Interface.
  • One-click data analysis for existing listings.

#9. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is another Amazon Seller tool that offers a one-stop solution to effectively manage the processes involved in selling on Amazon. It boasts an extensive ASIN database, allowing features at par with Helium 10. You have a range of analytics tools at your disposal for product research, tracking key performance metrics, and managing sales operations. Besides, Teikametrics also offers features like profit estimates, trends, listing creation, etc. Similarly, most users who prefer Teikametrics over Helium 10 find it clutter-free and easy to administer.


Additionally, you will also find features like SEO management which Helium 10 lacks. Employing it allows you to boost visibility and, in turn, accelerate sales. Although Teikametrics involves excellent features, we think it’s more oriented towards PPC management and therefore lags a little in other key aspects, like search operations and product analysis.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • SEO management to boost visibility.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Extensive ASIN database.

#10. SellerApp

If you neither want Helium 10 nor Jungle Scout but still crave an Amazon seller tool that could rival both, SellerApp is just the tool you need. Its expertise lies in finding out golden nuggets buried deep under tons of products that come and go without creating a mark on Amazon. SellerApp keywords and product research tools are too robust and allow deep Amazon product analysis. There are several other features that SellerApp boasts, which you won’t find on Helium 10, but the most noteworthy is PPC automation. The PPC Custom Rule Bidding allows you to control your PPC campaign at the keywords level.


Besides, the tool offers in-depth insight into your listing, offering valuable suggestions for a more solid and rewarding presence on Amazon. Moreover, SellerApp also packs features like Competition Intensity of a keyword, Multiple seller tracking, Search visibility trends, etc., which are presently missing from Helium 10. On top of that, when you onboard SellerApp, you also receive weekly consultation calls from Customer Success managers to make the most of your selling on Amazon.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • Multiple Seller tracking.
  • Free weekly consultation calls.
  • PPC custom rule bidding.

#11. DataHawk

Last on our list is DataHawk, a particularly new entry in the Amazon seller tools market. However, it quickly made a name for itself and is considered a viable alternative to Helium 10. Apart from the regular data analytics and monitoring tools, DataHawak also offers an Account Reports feature, which you won’t find on Helium 10. Incidentally, DataHawk presents sales data in a more straightforward and easy-to-read format that allows valuable insight into how well your products are performing on Amazon.


However, it lacks a PPC module and therefore does not allow PPC management. Moreover, feature-wise, DataHawk is not as sophisticated as Jungle Scout, SellerApp, or Helium 10. In any case, we found DataHawk to be flexible, highly customizable, and much more accommodating in terms of data than Helium 10.

Why choose it over Helium 10?

  • Simple to use.
  • Allow deeper insights into the sale of the products.
  • Well thought out user interface.

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Conclusion: Best Helium 10 Alternatives (2023)

All the Helium 10 alternatives presented here can be viable choices. However, choosing one for yourself must be based on your requirements, the level of expertise you have selling on Amazon, and at what level your business is right now. If you have just entered the ecommerce arena and are exploring the options, start with Sellics. It’s beginner friendly and offers the tools you need to kickstart your venture on Amazon.

However, if you are in search of something more sophisticated, something that could match the complexities of Helium 10, go with AMALYZE. It is indeed a versatile and reasonably feature-rich Amazon seller tool that could easily match up the functionalities of Helium 10.

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