Jungle Scout Review 2023: Is It Worth It (My Verdict)

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Still hesitant to press the buy button for Jungle Scout? Some doubts still persist in the mind. Let me ease the decision-making process for you with a full-fledged Jungle Scout Review based on my personal experience.

Indeed the Amazon seller tool market is getting crowded every day with new entrants. But Jungle Scout, a veteran in the arena, still stands tall, unmatched in capabilities, and still the favorite of hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers. Why?

For me, it’s the unmatched accuracy, the extraordinary features, and the highly organized interface. Some might tilt a bit towards Helium 10, but thousands of people, including me, owe their Amazon success to Jungle Scout.

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So don’t worry, I will reveal everything, good or bad, about Jungle Scout per my experience to offer you a clear insight about the software. Ready? Let’s jump right in for a detailed Jungle Scout review.

Jungle Scout Review Quick Verdict (2023)

FeaturesNothing amiss. Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Alert, Inventory Manager, Sales Analytics – Everything to be successful on Amazon is available.
AccuracyNo compromise here. Data is accurate and reliable. Accuracy hovers around 85%
SupportSpeedily resolve issues. However, it lacks phone support. Also, email support sometimes takes an hour or more to reply.
User InterfaceCrisp and easy to navigate. Plus, all the features are neatly stacked and are easy to retrieve.
PriceA bit high whether you go with the Basic, Suite, or Professional pack. However, the functionality and the extent of service that Jungle Scout provides make it worth every penny.

So, is Jungle Scout a worthwhile product?


Can you build a profitable business selling on Amazon with Jungle Scout?

Most definitely, and with this detailed Jungle Scout Review, I will help you understand why?

Jungle Scout Overview

It won’t be an overstatement that Jungle Scout, an American SaaS company, nurtures a whole breed of Amazon sellers (including me, too), enabling them to find the most profitable products and helping them to stay up a notch from their competitors.

The search and analytics features are too good, and never fail to find the golden nuggets. Besides, I find the dashboard too smooth, and navigating it is really a breeze.

Jungle Scout Overview

Moreover, the data-centric approach, a massive database of ASINs, and powerful algorithms to fetch real-time information are still a rarity exclusive only to Jungle Scout.

However, glitches are frequent and indeed annoying. Moreover, the product portfolio analysis is not as thorough as it should be and is sometimes too confusing.

And no free trial! That will be heartbreaking to many who want to test the water with Jungle Scout without committing too much.

What Have I included In My Jungle Scout Review?

You and I are on a quest to know whether Jungle Scout is the best Amazon Seller tool or not. Therefore it’s imperative to analyze the length and breadth of Jungle Scout deeply. Only then can we clearly understand the dexterity of this high-performance software and the flaws that might elude a cursory glance.

I will begin with accuracy because of what good a research tool is if it’s not accurate. Next, we will move to the features it includes and test how good Jungle Scout Support is. Moving further, we will check out the pros and cons of Jungle Scout and, lastly, understand how many dollars you have to shed to retrieve the services of Jungle Scout in the price section.

What Features Does Jungle Scout Offer

To answer this, I will say Jungle Scout offers tons of features. It’s so feature-packed that if you’re a newbie, it will take some time to grasp each of them. However, as always, the core focus is on product research – I think that’s the backbone of doing business on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Features

Here are some of the attractions that enable Jungle Scout to be in the ranks of top Amazon FBA tools;

Massive Product Database

Competitor or comprehensive market analysis is still an essential part of Amazon FBA. Thankfully, with an extensive product database, Jungle Scout offers immeasurable insights into product trends, turnover, market movements, and sales velocity. Using the information, you can easily find potential market gaps and use them to your advantage.

Supplier Database

The Jungle Scout Supplier Database is a resource that helps Amazon sellers source and connects with suppliers for their products. It contains contact information for manufacturers and suppliers across China, USA, and other countries. The database is constantly growing and updated as Jungle Scout adds more suppliers and verifies them. 

Having a pre-qualified list of suppliers helps Amazon sellers source products more efficiently compared to independently finding and vetting manufacturers. However, suppliers still need to be thoroughly evaluated for any partnership. Overall, the Supplier Database aims to make global sourcing simpler for FBA sellers.

Opportunity Finder

Another excellent tool that scours both historical as well as real-time data and helps you find the most lucrative niches and products. With Opportunity Finder, you will never be short of profitable products and emerging niches with great potential.

Product Tracker

An intuitive little tool that helps you keep track of certain products and how they are treading on the Amazon marketplace. It allows you key information about when to jump over a possible opportunity.

Keyword Scout

Visibility is everything on Amazon. But to be ever present in front of customers, you need keywords that a potential buyer will likely enter for a search query. The Keyword Scout features enable you to dive deep into a comprehensive database of millions of keywords, including the search volume you can use for listing optimization and PPC campaigns.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics clearly shows how fast a particular product is selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout is unmatched in this regard and offers comprehensive details about product sales estimation, finding fast-selling products, and adjusting your own product listing to maximize profits.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

It does not necessarily count as a feature, but it still is an invaluable offering from Jungle Scout. In fact, for me, the real fun begins with the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. It compresses the powerful attributes of the software in a tiny extension and plugs it right into your favorite browser – far more accessible and convenient.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

And I find myself using it more often than the web app version of Jungle Scout, primarily because it allows powerful features on Jungle Scout right in your browser.

Moreover, you can apply the analytics features of Jungle Scout even when you are Browsing the Amazon website.

Like a product? Just tap the Chrome extension icon and instantly get key data about that particular product – including sales, product ranking, profitability, and much more.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout?

Accuracy means a lot when data is the reason your whole business is running. Thankfully, Jungle Scout is too committed for accuracy. In fact, in its early days, it was only meant to be a product research tool; obviously, Jungle Scout had to invest heavily in data accuracy.

Since then, Jungle Scout has bloomed into a full-fledged FBA seller tool but still retains the same accuracy levels. However, don’t expect it to be 100% accurate in every aspect. The official website states that Jungle Scout has around 84.1% accuracy.

However, I have personally tested three of my products doing $15000, $12000, and $17000, respectively. Comparing the actual sales data with the sales estimate feature, I found the numbers to be around 85% correct.

Who Is Best-Suited For Jungle Scout?

If you are a beginner seller who is planning to start selling on Amazon but didn’t find the perfect product to sell yet, then Jungle Scout is the best option for you to begin. Jungle Scout can not only help you find the right product to sell but also find the best supplier for it, analyze the competitors for the same products, and help you launch the product on your Amazon account. This will save you hours of time which you can utilize to focus on marketing and conversions.

Jungle Scout can be the stepping stone you will need to start your selling journey on Amazon. It has plenty of tools, such as an opportunity finder, product database, sales analytics, keyword scout, and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. The data you get on Jungle Scout is also very accurate, so you can rely on the data and take required actions based on it. The product database has advanced filters that you can use to filter out the best product that very less people are selling, but it is high in demand.

Pros & Cons Of Jungle Scout

Like every other tool, Jungle Scout has its pros & cons, and here we have listed them all.


  • A lot of free resources are available for any Amazon seller to learn how to sell on Amazon.
  • You get detailed metrics of products, such as revenue, average sales, best seller rank, and so on.
  • Analyze the latest market trends by tracking the products of Amazon.
  • To simplify product research, they have an opportunity finder tool for you to use.
  • You can choose your desired supplier for the product you want to sell on Amazon on Jungle Scout’s supplier database.


  • You can get started with the basic plan of Jungle Scout, but for growth, you need to upgrade your plan, which might be over your budget.
  • There is no way to try the tools of Jungle Scout without buying its subscription.

How Robust Is Jungle Scout Support?

Although there are only two avenues to retrieve support related to Jungle Scout, I have found them to be robust. You can reach the team via email or the live chat support option. The latter is just OK and only offers solutions to standard issues. On the other hand, the email option promptly connects you to a real person and offers a better chance of speedy resolution of your queries and concerns.

I have often reached out to the Jungle Scout customer support team and found them adept and well-versed in the nitty gritty of its features and functioning. Besides, the reply time is often less than twenty minutes; I have even received a reply within ten minutes of raising a ticket. However, the standard reply time is one hour, and sometimes the duration can extend to five hours.

And recently, Jungle Scout has extended its specialized support to Jungle Scout Cobalt which caters to established brands and agencies. Therefore, if you are an enterprise-level seller, you will have a dedicated team well-versed in enterprise-related issues at your disposal.

Anyway, there’s no live phone support, and it hurts at times. A high-performance software with hundreds of thousands of loyal followers still lacks phone support is a hard pill to swallow and definitely leaves me disgruntled sometimes.

Jungle Scout User Interface

Jungle Scout isn’t one tool but an amalgamation of many. And neatly compiling so many tools in a single dashboard is no easy feat. But I must say, Jungle Scout has done a great job in this regard. Even a newbie just starting with Jungle Scout can quickly learn its way around. The interface is crisp and curated to cater to every need of Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout User Interface

The dashboard presents a detailed snapshot of key metrics about how your business is faring on Amazon. Besides, the dashboard also provides helpful resources to troubleshoot any issues that might crop up while finding your way around different tools. Furthermore, you will find product databases and opportunity finder tools right on top to dive deep into product research straight away. You can even analyze PPC campaigns or make adjustments right from the home dashboard.

What’s Good In Jungle Scout?

  • Jungle Scout Is Fast – Whether product research, keyword research, or any other analytics, Jungle Scout instantly fetches accurate and reliable data.
  • Historical Data – The Professional plans let you access data that goes as far back as two years. It instantly gives you more insight into a product than your competitors.
  • Top Notch Accuracy – OK, I have talked about it earlier; however, it sure is an advantage of Jungle Scout. One that gives you peace of mind that your decisions and strategy are based on reliable data.
  • Amazing Profit Estimation Functionality – It allows easy tracking of the daily sales and profit and keeps you informed about how well your business is doing.
  • The dashboard is Interactive – It allows easy tracking of all the sales data. Besides, it also includes all the features with easy accessibility – no clutter.
  • Review Automation Tool is Too Good – Reviews create perceptions and impact a brand’s image. Review Automation Tool is a great help in this regard as it allows seamless tracking of all the reviews and gives insight into where you are lacking.

Jungle Scout Limitations

  • Temporary Glitches – There are bugs or something, but Jungle Scout often experiences glitches. Probably due to the sheer volume of functionalities that it includes. However, it significantly impacts the user experience.
  • PPC Section is limited In Functionality – You can’t modify or set rules for PPC campaigns directly from the dashboard.
  • Complex Pricing Structure – Despite being a quintessential tool, Jungle Scout is still pricey. Besides, the pricing structure is complex and, at times, overwhelming.

Jungle Scout Price – How Much Does It Cost?

Jungle Scout Pricing
Packs PriceFeatures
The Basic PackMonthly – $29Yearly – $349Product Tracker Upto 20 Products
3 Searches per day in Opportunity Finder
3 Searches per day in Keyword Scout
Full access to AccuSales™ Estimates
The Suite PackMonthly – $49 Yearly – $589Product Tracker for Upto 150
Products Amazon Sales Estimator upto 1000 estimates/months
Historical product tracking data for upto three months
Full access to Review AutomationRank Tracker help for up to 3,500 keywords
Full access to Academy Training
Professional PackMonthly – $84Yearly – $999Access to Six users
Product Tracker Upto 1,000 products
Amazon Sales Estimator upto 1500 estimates/month
Historical product tracking data upto 6 months
Historical keyword data upto 2 years
Rank Tracker upto 5,000 keywords
Listing Grader upto 500 / month
Full access to Priority Onboarding

Getting the gist of Jungle Scout pricing is like successfully solving a math puzzle, at least for a newcomer.

There, I said it.

But why am I saying that? Because Jungle Scout offers not one but three subscription packages. You can also check our Jungle Scout discount page to get an additional discount on your purchase.

  • The standard packages
  • Suite Plans
  • Custom Enterprise Package

Let me breakdown it down for you;

The Basic Pack | Monthly – $29 | Yearly – $349

The package starts with the basic plan, which is for the neophytes getting their feet wet with Amazon FBA, and the orders aren’t just raking up just yet.

With just $29/month, you can subscribe to the basic pack. The plan offers you all the core tools ( both search and automation) of Jungle Scout.

The Suite Pack | Monthly – $49 | Yearly – $589

Now we are in business. You know your way of selling on Amazon, and it’s time to shoot for the stars. At this level, I will recommend opting for the suite pack.

You retain all the core functionality the basic pack plan offers, plus additional tools to find untapped gems. At the same time, the Suite pack allows seamless Amazon business management.

For $49/month, you have advanced research and analytics tools, more extensive keywords and product data, review automation, and advanced PPC tools at your disposal.

Professional Pack | Monthly – $84 | Yearly – $999

A growing team, growing experience, and growing hunger to be more profitable? Hop on to the Jungle Scout professional plan and dive deep into keyword and product research.

Professional Pack allows six users at once. Besides, you can track 1000 ASINs and access the product’s tracker data that goes as far back as six months. Likewise, you can retrieve 2 years of historical data while doing keyword research.

Thrilled? These goodies are available for 84/month, or you can pay a one-time payment of $999 and enjoy the pack for the whole year uninterrupted.

Note: Each pack includes both Jungle Scout Web App and the Chrome extension, whether you go with Basic, Suite, or professional plan. On top of that, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the service.

Jungle Scout Package Pricing Explained

Apart from standard plans, Jungle Scout also offers package plans, and here we have explained them in detail.

Jungle Scout Package Pricing

1. Start-up Suite: The pricing of this plan is $189, and it lasts for three months. With this plan, you will get all the features of the Suite plan, 90 days of historical data on product tracking, one year of historical data on keywords, a getting started checklist, training courses, weekly Q&A sessions, and priority onboarding.

2. Entrepreneur Suite: The pricing of this plan is $349, and it lasts for six months. All the features of this plan are similar to the Start-up Suite plan.

3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp: The pricing of this plan is $999, and it lasts for 12 months. This plan gives you access to all the features of the professional plan, Freedom Builder Bootcamp course, six months of historical data on product tracking, two years of historical data on keywords, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

If you think Jungle Scout is not the right fit for you, then I would suggest you check out these Jungle Scout Alternatives and choose the best option from them.

1. Helium 10

The #1 alternative to Jungle Scout is Helium 10 because it offers all the features that Jungle Scout does, and it is good for all types of sellers, whether they are just starting or in the growing stage. The user interface of Helium 10 is also beginner-friendly, and all tools you can find on the dashboard with ease.


You can also check our detailed Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 comparison to see which one is the best among the two.

2. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is the second-best Amazon FBA tool that offers better data accuracy after Jungle Scout. It can be the perfect alternative to Jungle Scout since most of the tools both Viral Launch and Jungle Scout offer are pretty similar. It offers you product research, keyword research, a listing analyzer, a product launcher, and so many other tools to help you grow your business.

Viral Launch

3. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout offers a complete toolset to help you easily sell on Amazon. It offers you tools like product database, super URL, and keyword research, and you will also get market insights directly from experts. This will help those who just started selling on Amazon and need guidance to grow their business.

AMZ Scout

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Final Verdict: Jungle Scout Review (2023)

In my experience, Jungle Scout is a great FBA seller tool; probably the best investment in your Amazon business.

So far, the accuracy has been really good for me, and I have relied heavily on the data provided to formulate my strategy for selling on Amazon. Product research tools are great, and so is the Advertising Analytics tool. Also, I have never faced any issues with the Chrome extension as well as the web app,  besides some minor glitches.

However, I can’t deny that there have never been bumps while using Jungle Scout. The keyword research tool is marred with bugs. Besides, the product portfolio analysis to lacks depth. Also, the prices are on the higher side and indeed put off newcomers, while the absence of a free trial only adds insult to injury.

But still, the level of data it makes available in terms of product research, price trends, sales estimates, etc., undoubtedly makes it worth every penny. Therefore, Jungle Scout surely is quintessential if you wish to grow as an Amazon seller.

FAQs on Jungle Scout

Is there a free trial available on Jungle Scout?

No, there is no free trial available on Jungle Scout. However, Jungle Scout does offer a money-back guarantee of seven days. If you cancel your purchase within seven days, then they will refund your money without asking any questions.

How accurate is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the most-accurate Amazon seller tool available on the market, but it is also not perfect. According to a report, it was determined that the data provided by Jungle Scout has a 25.41% margin of error.

Can I get a discount on Jungle Scout?

Yes, Jungle Scout offers a 55% discount on its yearly plans, and it also offers package plans that can save you up to $1500 on your purchase of the Freedom Builder Bootcamp plan.

Is there any better alternative to Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a great Amazon seller tool, but it does not offer advanced tools for you to grow your business; that’s when you should start looking for a better alternative to Jungle Scout, and some of them are Helium 10, AMZ Scout, Viral Launch, AmazeOWL, and so on.

What marketplaces does Jungle Scout support?

Jungle Scout completely supports Canada, the UK, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and France. It also supports the US market, but some of its features are limited there.

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