Jungle Scout Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

As a new seller, you might ask – what even is Jungle Scout, and how can it help my Amazon ambitions?

Jungle Scout is definitely a game-changer for Amazon sellers. With its highly capable features and assistance from Amazon experts, sellers can find profitable products and expand their online business. 

However, new sellers are still hesitant to go for this tool as they don’t have enough knowledge about it. And there are plenty of options available at cheaper rates. 

In this Jungle Scout review, I will share my hands-on and unbiased experience with this tool. All the projections and data are included after comparing with the top Amazon seller tools, so you will find both good and bad of this tool.

Let’s get started. 

Jungle Scout Review: In A Nutshell

  • Jungle Scout is a premium Amazon Seller tool catering to small businesses from enterprises.
  • From finding a niche to expanding your FBA business, Jungle Scout provides access to the necessary tools and training with every plan.
  • The handy Jungle Chrome extension pulls out data directly from Amazon product pages that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.
  • Its AI-assisted Listing Builder helps sellers create an optimized listing that actually ranks for given keywords.
  • Discover tracking and spy tools to monitor your competitors’ listing and pricing strategies.
  • Find vetted suppliers from its unique Supplier Database feature to source products for your Amazon store.
  • Manage your inventory and stock levels with its accurate demand forecasting technology.
  • Track your keyword performance, sales, and ad spending under a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons

Like others, every tool and software has upsides and downsides. As an honest reviewer, I will show both sides of this coin so you will know if this deal is worth it or not.


  • Extensive range of features for all types of sellers
  • Beginner-friendly research tools for products and keywords
  • Super-convenient Chrome extension
  • Inventory management and demand forecasting
  • Detailed and most accurate sales analytics and reports
  • Location-based supplier database (verified and vetted)


  • Need a good knowledge of FBA in order to use its features
  • Opportunity Score and LQS can be confusing sometimes
  • Limited PPC functionality 
  • No free plan or trial 

Who Needs Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is suited for all types of Amazon sellers: 

  • Beginners: The software is easy to use with a shallow learning curve. Features like Product Tracker and Inventory Manager simplify inventory decisions. 
  • Seasoned sellers: Advanced users can take advantage of niche product finding, keyword research, listing optimization, and intelligent repricing. 
  • Agencies: The platform provides the complete package to manage clients’ Amazon accounts and make data-based decisions. 

In particular, Jungle Scout brings the most value to sellers who:

  • Are pursuing Amazon as a full-time business
  • Manage multiple products with significant revenue
  • Want to frequently launch new products

For very small-scale or occasional sellers, the cost may be prohibitive. But for anyone serious about Amazon, Jungle Scout is an invaluable assistant. 

Jungle Scout Overview

Jungle Scout is the leading software designed specifically for Amazon sellers. The platform contains a vast array of tools, including 17+ powerful tools such as Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Product Database, and many others. 

Jungle Scout Overview

People admire this tool for its exceptional product and keyword research capabilities. The tool not only simplifies the process of research but also finds winning products to sell on Amazon for new and established sellers. 

Key Features of Jungle Scout (Explained)

Jungle Scout contains all the features an Amazon seller needs to launch and grow their FBA business. Here are some features that make it the best Amazon research tool for sellers. 

1. Opportunity Finder

Formerly known as Niche Hunter, the Opportunity Finder is one of the most powerful features of Jungle Scout. With its sharp parameters, you can uncover high-demand, low-competition niches with plenty of product opportunities. 

Opportunity Finder -Jungle Scout

However, beginners often get confused with so much data and parameters to set in while searching for a niche. So it is crucial to go through the expert video tutorials if you don’t want to waste hours on your own. 

The Niche Score decides which niche is better according to your parameters. Green numbers typically show healthy LQS (listing quality score), which is ideal for sellers to go with. 

2. Product Database

The Product Database is one of the core features of the Jungle Scout suite – mostly used for product research. T

his feature also follows the same format as the Opportunity Score to unearth product opportunities from its 70 million product database. 

Jungle Scout Product Database

Many private-label sellers neglect this tool, as they are about to launch their own products on Amazon. In reality, it can be extremely helpful for sellers to identify similar products and their information.

It will give you a great idea of price fluctuations and rankings over time. 

3. Product Tracker

As the name says, the Product Tracker monitors sales and metrics of selected products and provides you with real-time reports.

You can either create a group of similar products and add multiple different products that are ranking on top. This will help you track your competitors’ strategies and changes made by them to stay on top. 

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

The ability to download the reports as a CSV file makes it more convenient for sellers. You can download up to 100 CSV files every week, which is more than enough for even established sellers. 

4. Keyword Scout

If you are doing keyword research, Keyword Scout is going to play a key role for you. With this tool, you can see what keywords shoppers actually use to find a specific product.

You can pick multiple ASINs, paste them in the search box, and select the marketplace to find those relevant keywords.

For example, I have picked a competitor’s ASIN to search their keywords with Keyword Scout. Here’s what it comes up with.

Keyword Scout

As you can see, the list shows the top keywords shoppers are using to find this product. Jungle Scout organizes these keywords in a manner so sellers can pick relevant keywords and phrases that are easy to rank.

The “Relevancy Score” is the key factor in choosing a keyword if you are a beginner. A higher score indicates how closely the phrase is related to your seed keywords. However, if you are 

5. Listing Builder

Creating an optimized listing for Amazon is one of the most challenging tasks for sellers, especially for a beginner.

Luckily, the Listing Builder simplifies the process by guiding you in every step so you can create a well-optimized and SEO-friendly listing. 

Listing Builder -Jungle Scout

 While creating a listing, you can see the listing quality score in the right section. 

Listing optimization score

All you have to do is follow the instructions while listing creation. The green tick will determine how good your title, features, and descriptions are.

Once created, it will score your listing after comparing it with top competitors. An LQS score over 7 is good to launch in your preferred marketplace. 

6. Inventory Manager

This feature is a boon for exiting sellers who are struggling to manage their inventory. The Inventory Manager tool forecasts future inventory levels using the sales data over time. 

Basically, many sellers overstock/understock their inventory without measuring the market demand and trends. This costs them to show an “out of stock” label just because they don’t have enough inventory to sell. In other cases, sellers pay long-term FBA storage fees as they won’t be able to move their inventory within the given time.

The Inventory Manager’s powerful prediction algorithms eliminate these risks by predicting the right inventory levels for sellers based on demand, trend, and Buy Box sales. 

7. Academy 

The Jungle Scout Academy is a step-by-step training program for novice Amazon sellers. With a series of video tutorials and learning resources, the Academy provides actionable insights covering all the basics for launching and expanding an Amazon business. 

You can access Academy Training with any Jungle Scout plan. But the Suite packages and Freedom Builder Bootcamp are specially designed for beginners who want to master the FBA business. With this package, you will get personal support and live training from Amazon experts. 

How Accurate is Jungle Scout?

When I compared Jungle Scout with other top Amazon seller tools, it came on top with absolute accuracy. Basically, it has two accuracy levels:

1. Database Metrics: Some product details like pricing, dimensions, and fulfillment pulled from Amazon are 100% accurate. Jungle Scout updates these data hourly, so you get almost real-time and the latest catalog data.

2. Estimated Metrics: Some metrics, like sales estimates, opportunity scores, and demand forecasts, depend on Jungle Scout’s predictive algorithms. They use machine-learning models to consider over 50 parameters to reverse engineer projections. 

Here is what I found out after comparing exact data from 5 seller accounts and data provided by Jungle Scout:

  • Monthly sales estimates: 10-15% error 
  • Daily unit sales estimates: +/– 15-20%
  • Overall Revenue: +/– 10% 

Overall, Jungle Scout has an accuracy of 84%, higher than other top Amazon seller tools.

Manual estimation can take too much time, so you can safely rely on its data and predictions over other seller tools. 

About Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension brings product data directly to Amazon product listing. This allows quick evaluation of a product without leaving the Amazon website. 

Key features of the extension include:

  • Sale estimators
  • Opportunity score
  • Rating breakdown
  • Bestseller rank tracking
  • View price history 
  • Product tracking
  • Export data to CSV

The extension provides glanceable data to gauge potential before doing a deeper dive with web app tools. It’s perfect for initial product screening.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension provides a quick overview of all the items listed on a product page. It allows you to instantly compare top products and their monthly estimates within seconds. 

However, the Jungle Scout web app is more accurate and ideal for initial research. The Chrome extension is great for estimating demand and opportunity for seed keywords. 

How to Use Jungle Scout? (Step-by-step Guide)

I have used many Amazon seller tools in the past, but Jungle Scout was the easiest to use. Even beginners can master all the JS tools once guided. If you don’t how to use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension, you can follow these steps to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. 

1. Finding a Niche with Opportunity Finder

First, you will need to choose your preferred marketplace and categories that you are interested in to start your Amazon business. If you are unsure about the category, you can just check the “select all” box. 

Finding a Niche with Opportunity Finder

After that, you can set various parameters in the filters to find niche opportunities based on your preferences. 

Make sure to keep the competition low to high so you don’t have to jump into highly competitive categories. Also, exclude top brands from the filter unless you want to resell branded products. 

Filters -Jungle Scout Review

As soon as you hit the search button, Jungle Scout comes up with tons of niche opportunities (specific categories) and metrics such as average sales, search volume, price, trend, competition, and seasonality. 

niche opportunities

Consider Niche Score a key factor in choosing a specific niche. The score is calculated based on the competition level and quality of the listings. Scores above 7 are typically good for business.

A lower niche score tends to have more competition, with many sellers selling similar products. Make sure to avoid such categories. 

2. Hunt for Winning Products

You don’t have to separately use another Jungle Scout to look for profitable products. Just select a dominant category from the niche opportunity and click on the View option next to the Amazon logo.

It will come up with sales volume, search volume, seasonality, and price history over time (up to 2 years). 

Finding products on Jungle Scout

You will also find a “Top Products” section at the top right corner. Clicking on this option will explore the whole section of profitable products existing Amazon sellers are selling under this niche. 

Top Products

Every item in this list contains all the estimates, including current prices, monthly sales, reviews, and ratings. This will give you a good idea of what products can be ideal for your FBA business. You can create a list of products by checking the box. If you consider them launching, this list will help you track these products for changes made by your competitors. 

3. Find Suppliers

Now, you have a list of potentially profitable products. But there’s a problem – where you will source products from? The answer is the Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

You can find related suppliers by product, company, and ASIN. Just enter the product name or ASIN manually to find the nearest sellers to source products. 

Finding Suppliers

Within seconds, Jungle Scout comes up with a list of suppliers with exact details of total shipments and customers. 

Search products on Jungle Scout

Collect contact details and contact them to negotiate your prices for bulk orders. For best practices, order samples from various suppliers and choose the one with the highest quality and profit margin. 

And that’s it. This is how you can find and source winning products to sell using the Jungle Scout web tool. 

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers access to monthly and discounted yearly subscriptions with three broad pricing plans – Basic, Suite, and Professional. 

There are many misconceptions about Jungle Scout Free Trial. Check our detailed guide to find answers to all your queries about it.  

Jungle Scout PlansMonthly PriceYearly PriceBest For
Suite$69/month$49/monthGrowing FBA businesses
Professional$129/month$84/monthEstablished Amazon sellers

Check out our detailed Jungle Scout Pricing breakdown to find the best-suited plan for your Amazon business.  

Jungle Scout Pricing

Apart from standard plans, Jungle Scout offers packages specially tailored for FBA sellers looking to enhance their FBA knowledge.

It comes in 3-month and 6-month Suite bundles, but you will get priority onboarding and weekly live sessions from experts on Jungle Scout.

Money Back Guarantee: Every plan on Jungle Scout is backed with a risk-free 7-day money-back policy. If you are not satisfied with Jungle Scout services, you can cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase to get a 100% refund. 

You can also grab our working Jungle Scout discount and get up to 30% off on your purchase!

Jungle Scout Ratings & User Testimonials

As a category leader, Jungle Scout enjoys exceptional word-of-mouth and public ratings among the Amazon seller community.

It earns shining reviews across top software review platforms:

  • Trustpilot – 4.7 stars (3,600+ reviews)
  • G2 – 4.6 stars (154 reviews)
  • Capterra – 4.5 stars (115 reviews)

Here’s a small quotation of raving testimonials from actual users:

Trustpilot Logo

I recently had the pleasure of using Jungle Scout, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I reached out with a concern, the customer service team displayed unparalleled responsiveness and professionalism. They promptly addressed my issue, leaving me thoroughly impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction.


Source: Trustpilot

G2 logo

Jungle Scout has a very good Chrome extension that helps quickly determine what are the sales of any competitor. The accuracy is good enough for any kind of research – market or product research. It has all the options that an Amazon Seller may need for tracking and upgrading their business. They also provide very good and timely customer support.

Diyana D

Source: G2

Jungle Scout Alternatives

I compared Jungle Scout with many seller tools, and three tools came out close in terms of providing end-to-end solutions – Helium 10, Viral Launch, and AMZScout.

Jungle Scout AlternativeEase of UseDate AccuracySupportFree Trial/ PlanPricing
Jungle ScoutEasy84.1%Priority Onboarding SupportNo$49/month
Helium 10Difficult79.3%Chat, email Free Plan$39/month
Viral LaunchMedium74%Email, help center14-day $69/month
AMZScoutVery Easy44.3%Phone, email Free Plan$49.99/month

Helium 10 goes above & beyond Jungle Scout when it comes to providing an all-in-one solution. However, it has a steep learning curve and expensive plans that are only suitable for professional sellers and enterprises. We have done a detailed review of Helium 10 that you can check out.

You can also check our detailed Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 comparison to see which one is the best among the two.

As a full marketing service, Viral Launch mainly focuses on listing optimization and product launch. For sellers who are looking for ultimate growth, this tool is a must-try. 

If you are looking for a long-term subscription, AMZScout can be a great choice for beginners and intermediate sellers. If detailed analytics are ignored, this tool is almost similar to Jungle Scout. 

Final Verdict: Is Jungle Scout Worth It?

Overall, Jungle Scout is an ideal tool for every need for Amazon sellers. It neatly ties together product research, keyword research, tracking, inventory planning, and market intelligence. 

For any serious Amazon seller, there is no better platform. For some new sellers, it might be a little expensive. Also, no free trial can be a downside. But the 7-day money-back guarantee will do the same job for concerned sellers. 

I hope this in-depth guide will help make an informed decision for sellers looking to start a business with Jungle Scout. The tool is highly recommended for newbies who just starting out an Amazon business from scratch.

FAQs on Jungle Scout

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

No, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial for new users. However, they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee that allows you to use all the advanced features without any risks.

How accurate is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the most accurate Amazon seller tool available on the market, but it is also not perfect. According to a report, it was determined that the data provided by Jungle Scout has a 25.41% margin of error.

Can I get discounts on Jungle Scout plans?

Jungle Scout offers up to 55% discount on all yearly plans. Existing users can also get an exclusive Jungle Scout 32% discount on Suite plans.

Is there any better alternative to Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a great Amazon seller tool, but it does not offer advanced tools for you to grow your business; that’s when you should start looking for a better alternative to Jungle Scout, and some of them are Helium 10, AMZ Scout, Viral Launch, AmazeOWL, and so on.

What marketplaces does Jungle Scout support?

Jungle Scout completely supports Canada, the UK, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and France. It also supports the US market, but some of its features are limited there.

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