Semrush Academy Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

Semrush Academy offers a wide range of courses on topics like SEO, PPC, SMM, SEM, and content marketing. The courses are taught by industry experts such as Brian Dean, Andy Crestodina, and more.

In this Semrush Academy Review, I’ll share my insights from my experience after taking a few important modules.

By the end of this review, you’ll get to know if the courses offered by Semrush Academy are worth it and who should opt for them.

Semrush Academy Overview

Course formatVideo Lessons
Average lesson duration30 – 45 mins
Number of instructorsMultiple (7+)
Number of courses37
SEO courses22
Content marketing courses6
Marketing career courses3
PPC / Sales / SMM2

Now, let’s look at these things in detail

Semrush Academy Instructors

Semrush Academy has courses created by Industry experts. When I say experts, I mean people like

Brian Dean – CEO of Exploding Topics and the founder of BacklinkO

Nathan Gotch – Author at The SEO Entrepreneur and featured in many prestigious SEO publications.

These are just 2 of the many instructors. You can check the full list here.

Semrush Academy Review - Overview

Verdict: The instructor base of Semrush Academy is powered by True industry experts who have scaled their ventures to cater to multiple million visitors over the years.

Contents of Semrush Academy (At A Glance)

  • Complete knowledge of Search Engine Marketing, including SEO, PPC, and Keyword Research. 
  • Newest and most recent SEO techniques and trends;
  • How to use Semrush products to assist with your SEM and other digital marketing needs. 

Semrush Academy offers two types of course content: learning modules and “tutorials. 

The tutorials mostly deal with how to use Semrush tools for doing various SEO and digital marketing activities. Learning modules, on the other hand, aim to provide theoretical knowledge related to various marketing methods.

They currently offer more than 36 courses that cover everything from using Google Analytics to Keyword Research to Content marketing.

Verdict: The contents of Semrush Academy cater to every segment of Digital Marketing, from organic search to PPC. No matter where you are in your content marketing journey, there is something for everyone.

Semrush Academy Courses

There are dozens of modules related to various digital marketing domains on Semrush Academy. The modules are categorized into six different categories, as you’ll see below. Let’s take a quick look at all of them: 

Semrush Academy Courses

#1. Semrush Academy SEO Course

The largest bouquet of courses Semrush Academy offers is for SEO. They have over 20 courses on the topic, all of them packed with information on how to deal with the SEO of your site at various stages. They also incorporate different tools from the SEMRush suite in the course material.

Here is the list of different SEO Courses in the Semrush Academy:

  1. Fundamentals of Marketing Analytics by Jeff Sauer
  2. GA4 for SEO — How data helps businesses grow by Jeff Sauer
  3. Content-Led SEO by Brian Dean
  4. How to Boost Lead Generation with SEO by Devesh Khanal and Benji Hyam
  5. How to outrank your competition in Local Search
  6. Marketing Analysis by Fernando Angulo
  7. Local SEO Course by Greg Gifford
  8. SEO Fundamentals Course by Greg Gifford
  9. Backlink Management Course by Greg Gifford
  10. Growing Your SEO Agency with Semrush by Greg Gifford
  11. Mobile SEO Course by Greg Gifford
  12. How to Get More Customers with Your Small Business Website by Wes McDowell
  13. Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals by Eric Enge
  14. Role of Content Course by Eric Enge
  15. Technical SEO course with Bastian Grimm
  16. On-Page and Technical SEO Course by Semrush Academy
  17. Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course by Semrush Academy
  18. Advanced Competitive Research Practices by Semrush Academy
  19. Competitor Analysis by Semrush Academy
  20. Audit Your Online Visibility by Semrush Academy
  21. Semrush Site Audit Course by Semrush Academy
  22. Semrush SEO Toolkit Course by Semrush Academy. 

Check out our take on SEO Tools across various categories:

#2. Semrush Content Marketing Course

Content Marketing is the present and future of marketing, so it’s no surprise that Semrush Academy includes courses related to this topic as well. The courses focus on how to achieve your various marketing goals with the power of content and how to utilize Semrush for content marketing.

Here are the courses offered under the content marketing radar:

  1. Fundamentals Of Content Marketing With Ashley Segura
  2. How To Write Effective PR and Link Requests By Adam Reimer
  3. Content And SEO Agency Playbook Course With Andy Crestodina
  4. Mastering Digital PR By Brian Dean
  5. Advanced Content Marketing By Brain Dean
  6. The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Profitable Small Business. 

#3. Semrush Academy PPC (Pay Per Click) Course

Did you know that 65% of SMBs have a PPC campaign as of 2024? Well, now you do!

Semrush Academy offers two courses that aim to teach the basics of PPC and all the tactics required to maximize conversion.

Semrush Academy PPC

Here are the PPC courses that Semrush Academy offers:

  1. PPC Fundamentals Course by Joel Bondorowsky
  2. PPC Automation Course by Navah Hopkins. 

#4. Semrush Social Media Marketing Course

With 4.9 billion people on social media platforms globally, it is another essential component of digital marketing strategy. Therefore, it is no surprise that SMM courses are also a part of Semrush Academy. They offer two courses related to the topic that help the users gain a better understanding of their target audience on social media platforms and how to create a long-term relationship with them.

Social Media Marketing

Here are the SMM courses offered by Semrush academy:

  1. Social Media Marketing Crash Course by Janet Machuka;
  2. Building a Social Listening Program”. It’s offered by Christina Garnett. 

#5. Semrush Selling On Amazon Course

Sales courses on Semrush Academy

Selling is the lifeblood of any business, and that’s why Semrush Academy includes some courses on the art of selling, too. These courses guide users regarding how to launch products and start selling them on Amazon. Each lesson is approximately an hour long.


Here is the list of sales courses offered by Semrush Academy:

  1. How to Start Selling by Robyn Johnson
  2. How to Sell on Amazon: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide by Robyn Johnson. 

#6. Semrush Course Marketing Career

These courses aim to teach you about aspects related to building a career in the digital marketing field. They train you on topics like optimizing your LinkedIn profile, hiring a digital marketer for your business, and getting hired as a digital marketer by others. Here are the modules included under this category: 

Marketing Career
  1. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile with SEO by Heather Jackson
  2. How to Hire a Digital Marketer by Eli Schwartz 
  3. How to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer by Nathan Gotch. 

Verdict: There are a total of 35+ courses on various digital marketing topics in the Semrush Academy and I was able to take 6 of them at the time of writing this post. Content-Led SEO by Brian Dean, and Backlink Management Course by Greg Gifford were two of them.

Well, I found them to be helpful. Although they were meant towards to beginner and intermediate audience. There were some tips that even full time professionals can make use of. Overall a good spend of time. Worth it 👍

Pricing of Semrush Academy

Now, this is the best part about it. Semrush Academy is a platform that offers all the courses for Free!

Simply put, you can learn anything you want to learn from their instructors using the courses they have put up on their platform without spending a penny.

Pros and Cons of Semrush Academy

After taking a look at the modules, pricing, and other aspects of Semrush Academy, now it’s time to take a quick look at the pros and cons of this platform. Here they are:

Pros Of Semrush Academy

  • Highly-qualified and experienced instructors;
  • The content is educational, helpful, and informative;
  • All courses are beginner-friendly;
  • Prepares you for the use of Semrush tools;
  • Free of cost learning.

Cons Of Semrush Academy

  • Organization of courses is not the best. With dozens of courses, it can be a bit challenging to determine what you should learn first;
  • Besides SEO and content marketing, there’s a lack of modules that cover other topics in detail. 

Verdict: The pros outweigh the cons. The decision is pretty for you to make 🙂

Who Is It For?

Anyone interested in learning more about how to grow their business through SEO, email marketing, and content marketing can join Semrush Academy. It is also a great choice for anyone wishing to begin a professional career in affiliate marketing, blogging, or digital marketing. 

Certificate and Recognition

The Semrush Academy Certificate

At the end of each course, you need to pass a test to verify that you have actually completed all the modules and are skilled enough in each of them. The test requires you to answer a few multiple-choice questions on topics covered in the course in a time-bound manner. Every course has different number of questions and different allotted time to answer those questions.

Certificate and Recognition

To pass the test, you must score at least 70%. Once you do, you’ll receive your certificate from Semrush Academy bearing your name.

Now, given how strong is the brand of Semrush in the digital marketing field, a certificate from them would obviously do well for your resume. 

How To Get Started With Semrush Academy?

Follow these steps to get started with Semrush Academy:

  1. Visit the official Semrush Academy portal. Once there, click on “start learning”
  1. You will be redirected to a window which will have all the courses displayed. Look for the course you want to view and click on “start learning” below it.
Click On Start Learning Button
  1. Now, a pop-up will appear, asking you to “Log in” or “sign up.”

If you’re already a Semrush user, you can sign in with your Semrush account. Otherwise, you can sign up with new credentials.

Sign Up Or Log In On Semrush
  1. Your account will now be created. You can start taking the lessons.

Some Important SEMRush Resources At Demandsage:

– Read Semrush Review Is The Tool Worth It?
– Try Semrush Free For 14 Days and decide for yourself.
– Know How Semrush and Ahrefs stand against each other head to head.

Semrush Academy Alternatives

Semrush has many competitors, so it’s not surprising that its Academy initiative also has alternatives available in the market. 

The most popular ones among them are Moz Academy and Ahrefs Academy.

Here’s how Semrush Academy compares to them:

CriteriaSemrush AcademyMoz academyAhrefs Academy
PriceFreeDifferent pricing for each courseFree
Free courseYesYes (Limited)Yes
Paid CourseNoYesNo

Verdict: Semrush Academy offers a unique combination of free courses with a certificate. You won’t find both these things together in any of its alternatives, which gives it an edge over the competition. 

Verdict On Semrush Academy Review: 

My honest conclusion to this would be – Go for the free learning stay for the quality.

Because hands down, this is a goldmine of information. If you go to learn from a expert like Brian Dean and others, you easily have to spend multiple hundred dollars.

You get everything for free, that too with a certification! Give it a chance, you wont regret.


Which SEO course is the best in Semrush Academy?

The “Semrush SEO Crash course with Brian Dean” is arguably the best SEO course on Semrush Academy. It’s best because it offers detailed insights not only about SEO but also about how various Semrush tools can be used to speed up the process of your SEO tasks.

Does Semrush certification cost anything?

No. The Semrush Academy certificates are issued completely free of cost after you finish any Semrush course by passing the associated exam.

Is a Semrush membership required to participate in Semrush Academy?

No, a paid subscription is not necessary. You just need to create a free Semrush account, and you can get started with your learning. 

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