Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout (2024) – Which FBA Tool is Better?

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout – which Amazon seller tool is best for FBA sellers?

This question is often asked by aspiring sellers who want to leverage the Amazon tool suite to launch and grow their business. Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offer a wide range of features and set of tools that seem almost similar to each other. 

However, it is necessary to know which one offers the best research tools and insights without making sellers lose their pockets. This process can take too much time and a lot of manual research. 

So let me help you simplify the process with the following Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout comparison. I have compared both tools and their core features side by side with an in-depth analysis. 

Let’s get started.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Comparison Table

Before you jump to the in-depth analysis, let’s take a quick look at my verdict of features compared between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. 

Features Helium 10Jungle Scout
Specialization All-in-one features, detailed metricsProduct and keyword research, expert training
User InterfaceFeature-rich UI, might have a steeper learning curveIntuitive UI and UX, easy to use
Accuracy (My Tests)80.1% 78%
WorkflowsDetailed insights, robust optimizationSimplified, AI-assisted workflows
AI ToolsAI-assisted chat, listing builder, PPC automationAI-assisted chat, listing builder, profit analysis
SupportFree learning resources, Freedom ticketFree detailed video tutorials, JS Academy
Mobile AppYesNo

Who Is Helium 10 Right For?

Helium 10 stands out through its sheer depth of accurate Amazon data. It’s built to handle high volumes of product searches with an extensive set of filters. Experienced sellers making data-driven decisions will appreciate Helium 10’s breadth of capabilities.

It also suits larger sellers and agencies managing multiple accounts who need to track tons of keywords and products. The suite integrates nicely to provide a centralized dashboard if you sell on multiple marketplaces.

Overall, Helium 10 is better for established sellers who have specific processes in place and want maximum analytics power. The steeper learning curve doesn’t deter these sellers since they know exactly how they plan to use the tool’s capabilities.

Who is Jungle Scout Right For?

Jungle Scout offers a smoother onboarding experience through simplified features and dedicated support resources. Their tools guide new sellers step-by-step through finding products, sourcing suppliers, optimizing listings, and launching their first product.

The simpler interface helps new Amazon sellers access the core selling data they need without getting overwhelmed. Jungle Scout also makes it easy to request reviews, manage inventory, and connect supplier databases.

Jungle Scout best suits beginner sellers looking for an intuitive toolset with extensive training and community support. It scales from early product research through successful selling and provides more assistance in launching your Amazon business.

Overview of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout

Let’s know a little bit more about Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. 

Helium 10 Overview

Helium 10 was launched in 2015 by popular marketing expert and podcaster, Manny Coats and his visionary partner Guillermo Puyol. They focused extensively on providing the most accurate Amazon data possible to minimize risk for sellers. Helium 10’s mantra centers on leveraging data to “dominate Amazon.” 

The company has expanded from its original Chrome extension to over 20 tools integrated into a complete analytics and operations suite. However, data remains at Helium 10’s core, as evidenced by specialized tools focused on indexing issues, reviewing product opportunities, and custom benchmark reporting.

I have explained briefly about Helium 10 here. But I have explained every detail and feature offered by this tool in my in-depth Helium 10 review.

Jungle Scout Overview

Jungle Scout debuted in 2015, founded by Greg Mercer to provide better visibility for sellers after his early experience selling supplements on Amazon. The focus from the beginning was an intuitive workflow simplified for new sellers. 

Over time Jungle Scout has retained that ease of use while expanding into a comprehensive suite of both web and mobile apps. The platform covers the full journey – product research, supplier sourcing, inventory management, PPC ads, and powerful analytics.

Extensive training resources like the Jungle Scout Academy and dedicated support teams round out Jungle Scout’s offering to provide more integrated business assistance.

To know how to get started with this platform, take a quick look at my detailed Jungle Scout review and find out more about it.

Accuracy Test: Which One Is Accurate?

All Amazon sellers rely heavily on sales volume estimates to measure product viability. A few units difference in accuracy substantially impacts your revenue projections when predicted over thousands of units.

Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout leverage complex algorithms factoring in Best Seller Rank, seller rating, availability, and proprietary signals. They combine historical snapshot data with real-time analytics tracking.

Jungle Scout claims to have more accuracy than other Amazon tools out there. But is it true? Let’s find out by comparing the sales estimation capabilities of both platforms.

I have picked a Buy Box product on Amazon, while both Chrome extensions are active on the page. Scrolling down the page, you will find the Helium Calculator that calculates revenue and sales for similar products. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout -accuracy

Suppose, you are going to launch a similar product within the same category. That means you will be sharing the Buy Box with your competitor for similar products.

You can add yourself as the competitor to get an exact estimation of monthly sales and net revenue according to the current listing.

Helium 10 calculator

For the same listing, I have tried Jungle Scout to estimate sales. First of all, I had to fill up the details manually as it doesn’t offer this feature on its Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout estimate sale

The difference in the number is actually a bit high. But after comparing the actual sales, the numbers were almost too close.

Jungle Scout calculator

Overall, the test shows Helium 10 has a slight edge in estimating actual sales volumes. On a sample of test products, Helium 10 estimated exactly correct sales 29.5% of the time vs. Jungle Scout’s 15.9% dead-on accuracy.

Helium 10 also averaged closer to actuals with a variance of 22 units above or below the real sales. Jungle Scout showed a wider variance of 35 units above or below. 

The numbers can fluctuate product by product, but in the aggregate, Helium 10 appears roughly 10% more accurate in sales volume forecasts. Again, both tools provide estimates sufficient to assess product viability. However, Helium 10 has more precision in analyzing individual product performance.

My Verdict: Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offer accuracy with absolute precision. However, the sales estimation from Helium 10 was slightly better than Jungle Scout. 

All Features Comparison: Jungle Scout and Helium 10

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are both capable Amazon seller tools, but the following features comparison will give you an exact idea of which tool suits the best according to your FBA selling needs.

1. Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface makes the first impression on users. Both platforms have unique UIs and UXs, but they serve the necessary purpose to respective users.

After connecting the seller account to Helium 10, you will see your dashboard something like this.

Helium 10 dashboard

The dashboard shows at-a-glance statistics such as product catalog, sales, revenue, and a chart of fluctuation of key metrics over time. The look is great and separate color-defined lines will explain everything. 

Helium 10 UI

When you click on the “Tools” section from the menu, you can view and access all the tools. All the tools are well-categorized, so you don’t have to go through guesswork. 

The Jungle Scout dashboard is pretty straightforward with its key metrics. Once the seller account is connected, it shows the complete sales analytics and business performance of the previous 7 days by default. 

Jungle Scout dashboard
image source: Jungle Scout

However, you can change the time to view your store’s historical data whenever you want. Access the Profit Overview section to check the breakdown of all your spending, fees, and ROI over time.

JungleScout UI

Talking about the featured tools, you can access all of them from the left banner. All the tools are categorized, but they are not visible like Helium 10. You have to drag the cursor to each section in order to view and access any tool. 

For users’ convenience, Jungle Scout has put all the tools on the dashboard page, so you can learn what their purpose is and how they help users. 

My Verdict: Both tools are unique and easy-to-navigate interfaces. All the menus and options are self-explanatory on both platforms. So this section is a clear Tie

2. Product Research

Product research is a tedious process that takes hours and lots of effort if done manually. With Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, it can be done within minutes and a few clicks. 

Helium 10 – Black Box

Helium 10 has two main product research tools: Black Box and Trendster. The Black Box tool is commonly used to find sustainable products capable of bringing sales all over the year. 

Meanwhile, Trendster only focuses on finding trending products that last for a season or occasion. It is great for sellers looking to elevate their sales in a short time.

Black Box has a set of advanced filters that can be filled to find the perfect winning product to list in your inventory. 

Helium 10 Black Box

These filters can be a little bit too much for beginners, so they can use the simple filters to find potentially profitable products.

Helium 10 black box filters

After setting up the filters, you will get a detailed list of products lined up according to the best product opportunity. 

Helium 10 product lists

You can check the box to create a list of product opportunities. At the same time, you can click “Run Cerebro” for selected products to find filtered keywords for SEO and listing optimization. I will talk about this tool in the keyword research section.  

Jungle Scout – Product Database

Jungle Scout’s Product Database follows a similar module for initial product research. You can fill out perimeters to find a compressed list of product opportunities.

Jungle Scout - Product Database

Beginners who don’t have much knowledge about these perimeters can use preset filters to find ideas faster. After setting up the filter, you will get a product list with valuable data metrics.

Jungle scout preset filters

If you haven’t decided on a niche yet, use Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder to get your hands on lucrative niche opportunities. The tool follows the same filters to curate the list.

Jungle Scout opportunity finder

The niche score in this tool is the biggest factor when choosing a niche. Choosing between 7-10 is ideal for sellers who are targeting low-competition yet high-demand products to sell on Amazon. 

My Verdict: Jungle Scout offers a simplified set of tools to find niches and products by including decision-making insights. Helium 10 is quite detailed and more advanced. Combined with multiple H10 tools, the research process covers all the aspects that you may have to do with Jungle Scout separately. 

3. Keyword Research

Drilling into keyword performance represents another key selling capability provided differently by Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout.

Helium 10 – Cerebro

Helium 10’s Cerebro keyword tool combines deep search filter configuration with custom recommendations tailored by AI algorithms. 

Helium 10 Cerebro

With each search, you get a list of keyword phrases, along with the keyword distribution (both organic and paid) and word frequency used by shoppers to find a certain product. 

Helium 10 filtered keywords

You can customize your keyword list by considering these factors:

  • Keyword Groups – Combine related keywords through Advanced Operators  
  • Search Volume – Target keywords by monthly volume thresholds 
  • Exact Match Keyword Count – Number of products explicitly matching the phrase 
  • Top 10 Title Density Percentage – How many top ten results contain the words 
  • Number of Reviews – Filter keywords by niche review count range
  • Operation – Whether to include, exclude, or only show keywords meeting the criteria 

While creating a list of keywords, consider Cerebro IQ Score the biggest factor. A low score indicates that the particular keyword has a low monthly search volume with a high number of sellers competing for that keyword. Comparatively, a high score tends to have more search volume with fewer people competing for the keyword. So always go for a higher Cerebro IQ score. 

Cerebro also performs complex analyses like aggregating search volume for multiple related keywords and locating long tail variants. The tool data source updates daily to reflect trends.

Jungle Scout – Keyword Scout 

Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout also uses advanced filters to extract performing keywords for particular listings. You can use a seed keyword or paste up to 10 ASINs to get keywords. 

For the same search query as Helium 10, the Keyword Scout came up with this list.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout 

While Jungle Scout’s keyword research tool doesn’t quite match Cerebro’s extreme customization talents, it still enables helpful keyword filtering, such as:

  • Estimated Monthly Searches – Keyword volume levels and history 
  • Trend – Upward, downward, or flat search popularity
  • Competition – From low to high, depending on organic result counts
  • Opportunity Score – JS metric measuring rank potential  
  • Top Advertisers – Top brands bidding on the keyword

However, you need to remember that keywords with sales trends can give you an edge if you are running PPC campaigns for your listing.

You can use advanced filters to reduce your keyword list to create a keyword list and refine your SEO strategy. 

Jungle scout advanced filters

Additionally, Keyword Scout suggests related keywords to consider, as well as niche expansion ideas. It calculates monthly PPC cost estimates if you choose to advertise particular keywords.

So Jungle Scout Keyword Scout simplifies opportunity analysis through its opportunity score, competition level rating, and integrations like advertising bid forecasting. The tool looks at both search volume estimates as well as tangible context more approachable for average sellers.

My Verdict: Both Crebro and Keyword Scout provide a detailed list of keywords. Jungle Scout’s keyword research gives an edge who want to bid on PPC keywords, while Helium 10’s keywords are better for listing creation and SEO optimization.

4. Listing Optimization

As an Amazon seller, you must know that creating a listing is not enough. It needs to be well-optimized and SEO-friendly in order to rank higher. Luckily, both tools have the capability to do so. 

Helium 10 – Magnet and Scribbles

Helium 10 offers two tools focused specifically on optimizing Amazon product listings – Magnet and Scribbles.

Magnet helps you optimize on-page elements like titles, bullets, and backend keywords. Key features include:

  • Analyze how keywords are currently distributed across listing components
  • Compare your listing to top-ranking listings for the same keyword
  • Automatically generate additional relevant long-tail keywords
  • Insert keywords directly into listings and re-analyze

Scribbles then use AI to write SEO-optimized listing copy tailored to your products (for existing listing). The machine learning algorithm continually analyzes top-performing listings across Amazon to improve suggestions. 

Helium 10 scribbles

Scribbles let you instantly spin optimized titles, bullets, and descriptions. Options include:

  • Inserting keywords identified by Magnet
  • Choosing different styles like compare/contrast or storytelling   
  • Injecting your brand’s tone and messaging   

Between Magnet and Scribbles, Helium 10 provides both robust keyword placement tools as well as AI-generated content to leapfrog manual copywriting. Customize based on brand voice while leveraging Helium 10’s aggregate marketplace knowledge.

Jungle Scout – Listing Builder

Alternatively, Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder also optimizes Amazon product pages through an integrated web app. 

Features that aid product conversion include:

  • Automatic title formulation based on keywords  
  • Outlining key product features as bullet points  
  • Description generation summarizing capabilities, details, uses, and differentiation
  • Integration across Jungle Scout tools like Keyword Scout and Chrome Extension
  • Images and video uploads for enhanced visual storytelling

While the AI writing isn’t as advanced as Helium 10’s, Jungle Scout Listing Builder focuses more on wholesome page construction, tying together title, branding, and verbal and visual content. Suggestions also indicate areas for improvement like adding comparison tables or more technical specifications to listings.

Jungle Scout Listing Builder

But one thing I admire the most is that it helps sellers write AI-powered content using keywords from scratch, while Helium 10 only offers AI optimization for existing listings. 

My Verdict: Helium 10 furnishes the workflow to quickly optimize pages for keyword targets and search visibility. Scribbles AI essentially writes listings for you tailored to conversions. But Jungle Scout drives best practice page structure from title and images down to descriptive content. The tool helps sellers craft differentiated and engaging listings through smart recommendations. 

5. AI Tools

When it comes to AI tools, Jungle Scout is slightly ahead of Helium 10. Both tools offer AI-assisted chat features under their dashboard. 

AI-Assist Chat

With Helium 10 AI chat, sellers can text their queries and get relevant answers to their questions. You will also get the response with the Jungle Scout AI-assist chat as well.

When I asked for a query, Helium 10 came up with this helpful information.

Helium 10 AI chat

For the same query, Jungle Scout’s AI responded like that.

Jungle Scout AI Chat

As you can see, the responses to queries are almost similar on both platforms. However, Jungle Scout’s response was more detailed and aligned with the tools. Still, both chatbots are in the beta phase, so you can expect more in the future. 

Listing Builder

Luckily, you will get AI-powered Listing Builder tools on both platforms. While Helium 10’s Listing Builder is integrated with ChatGPT, Jungle Scout’s proprietary tool works according to Amazon’s ranking algorithms.  

After using the Keyword Scout to pile up relevant keywords, you can use the magical AI-Assist button to create product titles, descriptions, features, and bullet points within seconds. 

Jungle Scout AI assist

AI Assist smartly incorporates all the keywords at the right place, leaving no room for errors. You can either copy the content or follow the same format to personalize it according to your needs. 

There’s a special section for brand sellers using A+ content to create enhanced listings. Those users can leverage AI-assist to create brand-focused listings. 

Helium 10’s Listing Builder is a little bit more complex to use, but it has more advanced options. You can create new listings or optimize existing ones using the new AI assist feature. 

Helium 10 listing builder

To create an AI-assisted listing, you will need to create a list of keywords or find relevant keywords using competitors’ ASINs. After compiling the keywords, you can use “Write it for me” for product title, bullet points, description, and search terms. 

For existing listings, Helium 10 shows green and red indicators that explain whether it needs correction.

Listing assistant

Just follow the given rules, and you will be able to increase the listing quality score and make it rank-worthy. 

My Verdict: Jungle Scout edges Helium 10 when it comes to providing AI assistance for novice users. The detailed breakdown and immediate support from JS AI tools are second to none> However, more advanced users rely on Helium 10 to enhance their existing listings. 

6. PPC Management

Some sellers rely on PPC advertising to rank their products higher than others. However, without proper keywords, automation features, and management, this won’t be helpful for you. Let’s compare PPC tools from both platforms to figure out which one is the best. 

Helium 10 – Adtomic 

Helium 10 offers robust PPC automation through its Adtomic tool. Campaign management includes bid optimization, targeted launches, keyword monitoring, and real-time budget capping. You gain insight into exact impression-click performance powered by AI efficiency.

Helium 10 Adtomic 
  • Initial Campaign Setup – Tailored structure based on goals 
  • Keyword Targeting – Aligns with search volume data from Cerebro  
  • Bid Optimization – Algorithmically sets bids based on rank potential
  • Budget Guardrails – Pacing adjustments to cap overspend  
  • Performance Tracking – Monitors clicks, CTR, conversions & KPIs
  • Custom Reporting – Graphs trends and insights like ROAS

Adtomic integrates tightly with Helium 10 analytics to make data-driven optimization decisions. The tool continually improves campaign relevance through machine learning. This hands-off automation frees sellers from tedious hourly campaign tweaks.  

Set a target budget and let Adtomic handle the rest. The platform balances scale with profitability to maximize advertising ROI.  

Jungle Scout – Cobalt Ad Accelerator

Jungle Scout Cobalt’s Ad Accelerator provides powerful automation tools and actionable insights to help brands and agencies maximize returns on Amazon advertising campaigns. It allows you to easily manage multiple accounts from one centralized platform, implementing bulk changes to PPC and DSP efforts to quickly optimize performance. 

Jungle Scout - Cobalt Ad Accelerator

Customizable bid adjustment automation rapidly improves key metrics like return on ad spend (RoAS), advertising cost of sale (ACoS), and total advertising cost of sale (TACoS). 

Dayparting gives control over campaign spending by the hour, while advanced rules auto-adjust bids based on the performance of campaigns, groups, or keywords. This saves considerable time while targeting the right shoppers, optimizing budgets, and tracking data.

Ad Accelerator analyzes how your optimizations impact real-time sales and key metrics, attributing actions to results. Dashboards visualize critical performance data, and custom reports can be exported to share across teams and stakeholders.

My Verdict: Both Adtomic and Cobalt are the perfect add-ons for Amazon sellers looking to manage their PPC ad campaigns on Amazon. However, Cobalt is suitable for bigger industries and enterprises. Adtomic is more beginner-friendly, and its AI-assisted ad management features make it more handy for users. 

7. Supplier Database

Sourcing reputable manufacturers represents a make-or-break decision ensuring product quality and order dependability. Supplier databases aid discovery.

Helium 10 – Supplier Finder

Helium 10 has this feature embedded into its Chrome extension. This allows you to find suppliers directly from Alibaba while you are simply browsing to find products. 

Helium 10 - Supplier Finder

You can also use filters such as price, MOQ (minimum order quantity), and ratings to sort your list according to your requirements. 

Jungle Scout – Supplier Database

A standout Jungle Scout feature, its Supplier Database, helps identify and evaluate producers and factories when finding new products. You can access import records for 98% of Amazon sellers to understand:   

  • The exact products competitors are buying
  • Manufacturers and brands supplying those items
  • Volume and pricing for production comparisons

This visibility proves invaluable in vetting both manufacturing partners and product ideas based on current Amazon success. Eliminate tons of trial and error attempting imports before seeing validated concepts.  

Jungle Scout - Supplier Database

The database integrates seamlessly with Jungle Scout opportunity scores and product estimates. Sort by profit margin or sales volume, then connect with real-world importers of matching items. 

My verdict: Helium 10 only provides you with a source of Alibaba suppliers with its Supplier Finder feature, while Jungle Scout goes beyond Alibaba and provides you with a list of vetted suppliers from all over the world. Plus, JS also provides all the supplier and shipment details, so you can compare and choose the best. 

8. Support and Resources

Successfully getting started selling on Amazon often relies on comprehensive learning resources. Helium 10 and Jungle Scout take differing educational approaches.  

Helium 10 – Academy and Freedom Ticket

Helium 10 Academy contains all the videos showing how to expertly use the tools in real life. Experts from Helium 10 explain every step so you don’t have test tools on your own. You can watch these videos even with the Helium 10 free trial

The Freedom Ticket by Helium offers more advanced training to Amazon sellers. It not only focuses on using the Helium tools but also guides beginners to start from the very beginning. It can give you an advantage over other sellers who have only basic knowledge of FBA. 

Helium 10 customer support

And you get this course for free with every paid plan on Helium 10. The content and videos in the course regularly get updated according to the new Amazon algorithms and rules. 

Jungle Scout – Academy  

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout focuses intently on new user onboarding through various training mediums. The Academy offers a series of videos and training modules that help sellers start their FBA journey. 

Jungle Scout academy

Additionally, Jungle Scout offers paid coaching and business management services to supplement technology usage. But huge amounts of instruction are provided even with a base subscription. 

Sellers who need more growth and knowledge can go for Suite Packages, which offer live sessions, advanced resources, and weekly Q&As from Jungle Scout professionals. 

My Verdict: Both tools are excellent at providing helpful resources and training for Amazon sellers. However, Helium 10’s Freedom Ticket offers more advanced and updated resources to its users, which undoubtedly can be its USP. 

Which One Offers Better Chrome Browser Extension?

The Chrome extensions provide a quick overview of product metrics while browsing Amazon listings. Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout add helpful data like BSR, sales volume, dimensions, and price history as you assess potential or existing products. 

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

When I searched for a product on Amazon, Helium 10 came up with these data metrics and analytics.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

You can also scan the whole page to discover average estimates of all the products on the first page. This feature is available with the Xray tool that you can use with the Chrome extension while browsing. 

Xray tool helium 10

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

For the same page, Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension offered the same average estimates of products listed on the page. 

You can click on the orange numbers to check the fluctuations of data and prices over time. However, I got better analytics when visited a specific product.

Jungle scout analytics

My Verdict: I’d give Helium 10 the edge here as well because it appends more useful data points directly relevant to opportunity decisions:

  • Estimated net profit per unit
  • Inventory in/out of stock indicators 
  • Exact rating breakdown (how many of each star)
  • Enhanced supplier lookup

Experienced sellers know what specs they need to evaluate. So Helium 10 again wins by surfacing more custom variables at the point of research. Jungle Scout’s simplified approach, though, remains helpful for quick opportunity vetting.

Pricing Comparison –Which One Is Cheaper?

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout both offer tailored pricing tiers to their users. Let’s check out which one is more affordable when compared side by side.

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 offers three plans to Amazon sellers: Starter, Platinum, and Diamond. The platform also offers a free plan (limited accessibility) that allows you to use advanced features without spending a dime. 

Helium 10 Pricing
  • Starter: $39/month or $348/year
  • Platinum: $99/month or $948/year 
  • Diamond: $279/month or $2,748/year 

Every plan comes with different accessibility and limitations of tools. To know which plan is suitable for your FBA business, read our complete Helium 10 pricing breakdown. 

Bonus: Helium 10’s advanced plans with unlimited features can be expensive for some users. Especially for them, I have listed a few Helium 10 coupon codes that work on every Helium 10 plan. Use them before investing in any plan to save hundreds of bucks.  

Jungle Scout Pricing

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout also offers three main plans to their users: Basic, Suite, and Professional. All the plans come in monthly and yearly subscriptions. Subscribing to a yearly subscription can give you a flat 55% discount on monthly plans

Bonus: Jungle Scout regularly offers huge discounts on plans on various occasions. Don’t forget to check out these exclusive Jungle Scout discounts and coupons as they offer additional discounts over yearly plans. 

Jungle Scout Pricing
  • Basic: $49/month or $349/year
  • Suite: $69/month or $589/year
  • Professional: $129/month or $999/year

They also offer package plans apart from regular plans. So it can be confusing for users which one to go with. To eliminate all the confusion, check out the detailed Jungle Scout pricing breakdown to know which one to choose. 

No Jungle Scout free trial can be a major setback for new users. But they can still utilize the 7-day money-back guarantee to try Jungle Scout without any risks. 

My Verdict: If the base plan is ignored, Jungle Scout clearly offers a more affordable pricing plan to their users. Helium 10 recently increased their pricing and their pricey add-ons can be a bit too much for budget-friendly Amazon sellers. 

Testimonials and Ratings: What Are Users Saying?

Now let’s hear what actual customers have to say about Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Helium 10 Testimonials

On Trustpilot, Helium 10 got only 500+ reviews with an overall 3.9 rating. 

Helium 10 testimonials

Recent comments from users:

Good – “I have used Helium 10 more than 3 years. It is a must for Amazon Seller no matter of level – beginner, intermediate or advanced one. There are so many useful features that would easily help you with your Amazon business. There is a video help for more functions. If you need help the support is friendly and patient. Highly recommend it.”

Bad – “Try to “grab” ASIN with their ASIN GRABBER is a joke that demonstrate the high mediocrity of the product. They can give you (sometime…) the 30 first products in a category (ASIN included) but if you use the “ASIN Grabber” it does find any ASIN. Everything is like that with Helium 10… Expensive, unreliable, unstable, unusable.”

Jungle Scout Testimonials

Jungle Scout is way ahead of Helium 10 when it comes to grabbing attention. 

With over 3,600 reviews and a 4.7 rating, Jungle Scout is getting all the praise from sellers all over the world.

 Recent comments from users:

Good – “Jungle Scout made it easier for us to move forward with our business preparation start-up accounts, after not being able to get the results we were looking for. They helped us get back on track and we know that we can get feedback in a timely manner. Thanks, JungleScout!”

Bad – “It is a helpful tool for finding products, but sometimes when you try to order data from high to low (or vice versa), you find products that are out of order. It is not easy to extract data if you require to do additional analysis outside the given tables (let’s say to analyze or track in an Excel).”

Which One is Better: Helium 10 or Jungle Scout? (Final Verdict)

While both tools strongly support Amazon sellers with omnipresent data, I would like to put my two cents on Jungle Scout. The easy-to-use tools, supplier database, comprehensive learning materials, and fairer pricing structure strongly support my verdict. 

For brand new sellers still exploring products or needing to launch their first listings, Jungle Scout provides the more accessible path. The simplified workflows, extensive learning, and handholding resources accelerate getting off the ground successfully.

However, Helium 10 is a bit ahead of Jungle Scout when it comes to providing detailed insights, proper structures, and historical data. That’s why bigger companies and larger businesses on Amazon choose Helium 10 over any other tool. 

So choose Helium 10 if you want robust analytics power across the selling cycle. Similarly, opt for Jungle Scout if starting out and needing to learn as you grow.

Luckily two great options cater to differing needs among Amazon merchants!

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