Helium 10 Pricing & Plans (2024) — Which Is Right For You?

Helium 10 is the ultimate companion for helping sellers on Amazon and Walmart boost their business. It’s a seamless platform with the most advanced tools. Plus, the Helium 10 pricing plans are affordable and pocket-friendly, too.

Each plan is made for different types of sellers and fulfills Amazon FBA needs. For instance, if you want to test out the platform or get started, the free starter plans worth $29/month are for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate or expert-level seller, Platinum and Diamond plans are your best bet.

In this article, I will thoroughly discuss all the plans offered by Helium 10, along with helping you choose the right one.

Let’s get started, then!

Helium 10 Pricing & Plans 2024

There are three pricing plans for Helium 10, including Free, Starter, Platinum, and Diamond. These plans are available in monthly and yearly subscriptions. 

However, Add-On plans can be added to your existing plans to enhance the structure.

Additionally, I have reviewed Helium 10 in-depth on my blog, which will give you a precise understanding of my experience choosing between pricing, features, and other essential factors.

Pricing StarterPlatinumDiamond
Monthly Subscription$39/month$99/month$279/month
Yearly Subscription$29/month $79/month$229/month 

I recommend buying the annual plans as they offer you an extra three months of use for free. 

Tip: You can use our Helium 10 coupon and grab your desired plan at a discounted price. 

Plus, as mentioned in my blog on the Helium 10 black Friday offer, you can take advantage of the black Friday offer.

1. Starter Plan – $29/month

The Starter plan is better suited for beginners just entering the e-commerce world or selling on Amazon. With this plan, you get plenty of beneficial tools with limitations on use. 

It costs $39/month with a monthly subscription and $29/month with an annual subscription.

What does it offer?

  • Get unlimited use of X-Ray.
  • Limited usage of Cerebro, Magnet, Black Box, and Inventory Management.
  • Track 1 marketplace on Amazon.
  • One user access.
  • Get access to the Freedom Ticket (Amazon FBA Training Course offered by Helium 10).
  • Connect 2 seller.

Who is it for?

The plan is for beginner-level sellers and those who wish to experience using Helium 10. It has the perfect set of tools to get started.

2. Platinum Plan- $79/month

This plan is for Amazon sellers who want to boost their new business by using advanced tools and streamlined management. 

It costs $99/month with a monthly subscription and $79/month with an annual subscription. It is quite reasonable compared to other Helium 10 alternatives. You can explore this article to check out the Helium 10 alternatives if you have any doubts.

What does it offer?

  • Get access to all features in the Starter plan.
  • Complete access to all product research tools.
  • Get unlimited access to features like Cerebro and Magnet.
  • Take Follow-up of 5000 emails.
  • One user access.
  • Get 20 product alerts.
  • Track up to 500 Keywords.

Who is it for?

The Platinum plan is for new and existing Amazon sellers who wish to explore the Helium 10 products and experience using them. 

Additional perks of the plan –

  • The Helium 10 platinum plan lets you connect  2 Amazon Seller Accounts of   Central or Walmart.
  • You get to enjoy complete access to the Freedom Ticket; in case you missed it above, it is an Amazon FBA training course offered by Helium 10.

3. Diamond Plan – 

The Diamond Plan is Helium 10’s most popular plan for single users. It is specially made for expert-level Amazon sellers. It gives you access to multiple tools and extra features with unlimited usage. 

This plan contains highly advanced top-tier tools to ace the Amazon marketing game at just $279/month with a monthly subscription and $229/month with an annual subscription. Here’s what the Diamond plan offers:

What does it offer?

  • Access to all premium features of the Platinum plan.
  • 5 Users can access the tools.
  • Connect up to 5 seller accounts.
  • Track up to 2,500 keywords.
  • Get 200 product alerts.

Who is it for?

The Diamond plan is specifically structured to help expert Amazon sellers who know their way around e-commerce business and Amazon marketing. 

However, if you are a new seller and want to try this plan, you can still try it with a monthly subscription and then decide if it suits your needs. 

Additional perks of the plan –

  • You can connect 2 Amazon Seller Accounts of Central or Walmart.
  • You get the Freedom Ticket ‒ Complete Access to learning

So, these were the standard plans offered by Helium 10 that make the platform a perfect companion for Amazon and Walmart sellers. 

However, another good alternative to Helium 10 is Jungle Scout. If you wish to see which is better, our comparison of the two platforms is your best bet.

Exclusive Adtomic & Diamond Bundle – $349/month 

Besides the standard Helium 10 plans, the platform offers an exclusive Adtomic & Diamond Bundle. It is a mixture of the standard Diamond plan with an add-on. 

It is specifically made for sellers who wish to save more money while running a PPC campaign automation. This bundle is super helpful to make your newly launched product go viral.

What does it offer?

  • The bundle offers everything as the Diamond plan and the features mentioned below.
  • You can create and optimize your PPC campaigns while managing them with the Adtomic & Diamond bundle.
  • It gives you clear, actionable analytics to track your business status.
  • The plan allows you to get AI-powered suggestions to manage your business better.
  • You can access advanced templates and automation.

Add-Ons on Subscription Plans

If you’re not satisfied with the offerings of any standard plans, Helium 10 has brought you three add-on plans. Moreover, you can keep competitive intel, automate your PPC campaigns, get expert coaching, and much more.  

These add-ons can be added to any of your existing standard plans to enhance the structure of the plan. Here is a preview –

ParametersAdtomicMarket Tracker 360Elite
PricingStarting at $199/monthstarting at $500/monthstarting at $399/month
Special FacilityA.I. Powered PPC ToolMarket IntelligenceExclusive Training
DescriptionYou can create and optimize PPC campaigns while managing them with the help of A.I. easily.It gives you access to highly accurate insights that help you grow and surpass your competitors.This plan allows top-tier sellers to reserve networking and selling to scale the business faster.

‘The Supercharge Your Brand Plan’ Option For Feature Expansion

As if all the plans above were not offering enough, Helium 10 has yet another greater plan for expert Amazon sellers. The plan is called ‘The Supercharge Your Brand Plan,’ the name cannot be more accurate than this.

This plan does exactly as the name says, helping you scale your business plan with more ultra-advance features while allowing multiple users on the platform.

Here’s what ‘The Supercharge Your Brand Plan’ offers –

The plan offers a diverse range of features in the categories given below.

1. Product Research

  • 500 uses of the Black Box.
  • Unlimited access to Trendster.
  • 20,000 requests access for Xray.
  • 5,000 requests access for Walmart X-ray.

2. Keyword research

  • 500 uses of Cerebro.,  
  • 500 uses of Walmart’s Cerebro.
  • 250 uses of Cerebro Advanced Brand Analytics for registered brands.
  • 2,000 uses to track Cerebro history.
  • 1,000 uses of Search Expander.
  • 50 uses of Magnet.
  • 150 uses of Walmart’s Magnet.

3. Listing Optimization

  • 300 uses of Listing Analyzer in the tool or 5000 ASINS in the Insights Dashboard.
  • Listing Builder of 300 Product Listings and 100 Suggested Searches per month with 50 versions per listing (all synced with Amazon).
  • Unlimited use access to Scribbles.
  • Unlimited use to Frankenstein.

4. For Operations

  • 5,000 ASINs Alerts.
  • Follow-up of 50,000 emails per month. 
  • Unlimited use of Refund Genie.
  • 10,000 SKUs of Inventory Management.
  • Unlimited use of Business Valuation.

5. For Analytics

  • Track Up to 15 Markets with Market Tracker.
  • You can access 5,000 ASINs with Profits features on the Insights Dashboard.
  • Unlimited use of Profits.
  • Unlimited use of Walmart’s Profits.
  • Track up to 10,000 keywords with Keyword Tracker.
  • Track up to 250 keywords with Walmart’s Keyword Tracker.
  • You can give 500 boosts to Keyword Tracker.

6. For Marketing

  • Adtomic 
  • MT360 with 5 Free Markets (American region)

Which Helium 10 plan is right for you?

All four plans offered by Helium 10 are helpful for different user categories, from beginners to expert sellers. 

Here’s how –

  • Free Plan: Best for Beginners looking for Helium 10 Introduction. 
  • Starter Plan: Best for Beginners to get started with.
  • Platinum Plan: Intermediate-level sellers who wish to upgrade.
  • Diamond Plan: Best for expert Amazon sellers (sellers familiar with e-commerce)

In case you’re facing any trouble while choosing the right plan, Helium 10 is a quiz tool for you. The Helium 10 Seller Journey quiz helps you find the most suitable plan to boost your business on Amazon.

Can we use Helium 10 for free?

Helium 10 has a free plan that offers basic usage of the tools they offer in the paid plans. You can also call it a limited version of all the Helium 10 tools. Please find out how to get Helium 10 for free with my article about Helium 10 free trial.

For example, the Celebro feature by Helium 10 can only be used twice a day, and only 20 keywords can be tracked. 

This plan gives you the perfect opportunity to test out Helium 10 without spending a penny.

Diamond Plan –Know What’s In The Store For You!

If you are an existing Helium 10 platinum plan user looking to upgrade your e-commerce game, you can bet on the Diamond plan.

Simply put, the diamond plan allows you to access all the premium features offered by Helium 10, helping boost your business. 

The Diamond Plan offers the features included in the Platinum Plan while catering to expert sellers needing tools to keep their marketing game up to date. 

Some of its features include:

  • You get Free access to the Amazon PPC ad tool and Adtomic.
  • You get to access Index Check 2x along with Keyword Tracker, Alerts & Follow-Up.
  • Inventory Management with Unlimited SKUs.
  • Walmart Marketplace tools with unlimited usage.

Money-back Guarantee on Helium 10 Plans

If you end up unsatisfied with any of the plans offered by Helium 10, you don’t have to worry about getting your money back.

That being said, Helium 10 has a 7-day money-back Guarantee policy that activates the moment of your first purchase. 

To apply for the policy, you must contact Helium 10 customer support and file a refund request. After reviewing your request and eligibility for the issue, the customer support team will process your refund as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Is Helium 10 worth your money?

Helium 10 pricing plans are diverse while offering the best tools to single users and teams. 

The low-price plans are helpful for taking advantage of the features, while the high-priced plans are for growing your business with advanced tools.

Therefore, before purchasing, I recommend taking the quiz offered by Helium 10 or simply going through the information above. This way, you can choose the most suitable plan for your business. 

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