23+ Shopify Side Hustles to Start in 2024 (Trending)

Shopify— the all-inclusive e-commerce giant, has been a game changer for full-time small to large business owners; we all know that. But in this article, you’ll learn about 24 Shopify Side hustles that will allow you to take that holiday you’ve been planning a bit early!

Side hustles are the new term for part-time or working dual jobs. But these need not always be stressful and exhausting. Your side hustle can be related to your main source of income and consume only your non-working hours.

I came across this while learning my way around what Shopify is and what it is about. I noticed a way to generate a fixed income around Shopify and its features and noted them in the article below.

Read on!

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Overview – Top Shopify Side Hustles!

While searching for additional income opportunities, we came across 24 ways to utilize spare time and earn more money from it. Because why not?

Here are our top picks:

Sr.noBest Shopify Side hustles
3.Flip Shopify stores
4.Corporate gifting
6.Design services
7.Consulting services
8.Digital Marketing
9.Become an affiliate partner
10.Managing a Shopify store

Shopify Potential

Shopify has caught the right winds in recent years and is sailing with over 172 countries and 4.12 million websites currently using Shopify. They registered a staggering $1.5 Billion in the first Quarter of 2023 – which gives an idea of the scale Shopify operates on.

Setting up your store is easy and probably the USP of Shopify. Check out our steps to help you get signed up for their free trial and see what it is exactly.

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Shopify Side Hustle – In Detail

Now, let’s zoom in to more details about what are the Shopify Side hustles that you can consider to give an additional boost to your monthly earnings.

These are obviously our thoughts on how Shopify can be used to start a Side hustle, and there can be others we may not know of.

1. Coaching – Online Courses, Masterclasses, and Tutoring

The education market is larger than it seems. With students and the mode of education inclining more towards online, this can be a high-earring option for you.

Make sure you are offering a unique genre/branch of education. Check that it isn’t overcrowded, study the latest trends and try to integrate them into the way of your teaching.

Shopify Coaching
Image by Standret on Freepik

2. Print On Demand

With many apps available on Shopify, you can design your products and sell them without worrying about inventory, wastage, and shipping.

Some of the products you can sell are – Printed t-shirts, Socks, Jackets, and many more!

3. Dropshipping Business

What is dropshipping? This is a worry-free business option where you don’t buy, produce or sell the products yourself. You act as the bridge helping the customer reach a supplier and vice versa.

This is a great option to gain constant income as you don’t have to be fully involved in this and don’t even have to keep a stock.

Shopify Dropshipping business

If you want to learn more about Dropshipping, here is our detailed guide on How to do Dropshipping on Shopify and the Top Dropshipping Suppliers.

4. Digital Products

You can also sell digital products like music, ebooks, art, and graphics, as these come with zero to no costs attached. 

This is a great way to start your business venture without a hefty investment and something you can do in your spare time.

5. Flip Shopify Stores

Flipping a Shopify store is just as similar to any flipping business. You buy a Shopify store for a great deal. Put your markup, smoothen the rough ends of the store, and sell it at a much higher price.

Learn how to invest and convert a store into a profitable one correctly and How to Buy a Shopify Store with our guide.

6. Custom merchandise

You can hop on the custom gifting trend and sell products related to it. Gifting often confuses the buyers, and customization is often the go-to preference.

Products you can sell are handcrafted products, jewelry, apparel, etc.

Image by rawpixel.com from Freepik
Image from Freepik

7. Corporate Gifting

This is one sector that will always need orders in bulk. Corporates often require gifting options for annual ceremonies, for VIPs of a meeting, and for many such events.

You can work with them and local suppliers and curate personalized gifting options which can be delivered in bulk.

8. Thrift Store

Thrifting of clothes is yet another cost-effective way of running a business. You only need an eye for detail and the right source to get your clothes.

Find a rag house near you if you can, or hunt for places that sell good quality clothes at a dirt cheap rate and flip them from your store with a margin.

9. Photography

Many new and small business owners do not have a photoshoot done for their products and their brand. As the visual appeal is a plus-side of any Shopify store, owners are always looking for a professional photographer.

Product photographer
Image by Freepik

If you have got a knack for product photography, this is a huge market waiting for you.

10. Design Services

Setting up a Shopify store is easy and can be done within hours. But not everyone can do it right. Selecting a font, checking the text alignment, and the website layout comes naturally to a web developer.

Web designers can take up this Side hustle and work with businesses wanting to make their stores/websites look better.

11. Consulting Services

If you are an e-commerce expert or a seasoned business person who knows where to handle a business online, you can opt for consulting.

This can be a great platform for you to help budding entrepreneurs and have a secondary income stream adding to your experience and expertise.

12. Influencer Marketing

Shopify store owners need promotion, and they definitely need an influencer promoting it. Leveraging the influencer’s reach, a brand can grow drastically, and similarly, the influencer can grow with the help of your brand.

If you are an influencer yourself or manage a talent agency, definitely look into this ever-demanding option. 

Image from Canva
Image from Canva 

13. Digital Marketing Services

New businesses, as does a Shopify store, always need a helping hand to create an online presence. Digital marketing can prove vital in spreading the word about a product.

These services would include curating brand campaigns, email marketing, managing social media, and paid ad online ad campaigns.

14. SEO Optimization

A part of creating an online Shopify store includes optimizing search engine presence. Where and how your page appears when searched matters a lot.

There is a blind spot to this sometimes, but those who know the e-commerce game know the importance of good SEO.

Bonus: To know more about SEO for Shopify, you can refer to our Shopify SEO checklist to help you boost your visibility.

15. Content Writing

A brilliant, affordable, and unique product is nothing without an equally good description of it. This is where content writing comes into the picture.

Content writing

Businesses need a writer for their products, brand stories, policies, and blogs. This is a big market and is often overflowing with opportunities.

16. Virtual Assistant 

This is a unique service and probably not considered by many. As small business owners are often the brains behind the innovation, the admin work can be overlooked.

Taking the responsibility of sorting calendars, meetings, and other formalities can potentially boost a business and extra earnings for you.

17. Offer Language Assistance

Shopify lets users sell their products across borders with multiple currency options. This opens the door for products and their descriptions in multiple languages.

Multi-language speakers and writers can take this opportunity to help users sell their products and brand story across language barriers.

Offer Language assistance

18. Audit and Maintenance

There can be times when a user may create a Shopify store, and it may not work. Auditing what’s wrong and for general checkups of a store is also a great way to earn for Shopify experts.

These can be done routinely to maintain the health of a Shopify store.

19. Manage Inventory

Though Shopify gives an efficient tool for managing inventory online, the complex task of managing it physically exists. Storing, maintaining records, and labeling can be time-consuming. 

manage inventory
Image from Canva

Warehouse owners who already work with deliverables and are experts in logistics can add to their income stream with this. 

20. Manage a Shopify store

Here you can manage an entire Shopify store for users who are invested in other businesses, and the Shopify store is just a small branch for them.

This is a step up from auditing and consulting. Maintaining multiple small businesses this way can ensure income from multiple sources.

21. Become an Affiliate Partner

One can also become an affiliate partner for Shopify and promote its features and subscription plans. You will get unique affiliate codes, which you will have to sell.

You can do that by any means of expertise that you operate via blogs, youtube, podcasts, and other content streams.

22. Shopify POS

Shopify offers a POS (Point of Sales) service, which enables you to take payments in physical locations, which helps expand your e-commerce venture to an additional income.

Having a physical store also helps build trust and adds to your brand identity as well.

23. Financial overlook

Shopify is easy to use, but while working across countries and currencies, there should be a sound knowledge of finance and that country’s taxes.

The payment getaways, the transaction fees, and other complexities give an opportunity to finance professionals to add to their wallets in exchange for their expertise.

24. Shipping

One of the integral parts of any product cycle is its actual delivery. Selling across countries requires a good connection with suppliers who would take the responsibility of transporting your product.

Small businesses and even Warehouse owners can be targeted to offer a shipping service based on the level you want your Side hustle.

overseas shipping
Image from Canva

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Conclusion: Shopify Side Hustles

These are a few ways to use Shopify for your secondary income without great investments and risks and start earning more at the end of your month.

Ensure you analyze the market and the time required for a side hustle. But keep room for your side hustle to grow, as you never know when it may become big and replace your primary income sources.


How do I side hustle on Shopify?

Using Shopify as a platform, you can earn part-time in many ways. Some of the cost-effective ways are Flipping Shopify stores, giving virtual assistance, Coaching and consulting.

Can Dropshipping be a side hustle?

Definitely, dropshipping can be a side hustle and even the best one, maybe. You don’t have to produce, own, sell or ship a product but only have to make the seller meet its customer.

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