SEO PowerSuite Discount (2024) – 65% OFF Coupon

Looking for working SEO PowerSuite discount coupons? Then, look no further!

SEO PoweSuite is one of the most powerful platforms utilized by SEO professionals and marketers. Hence, the platform rarely offers discount codes or promotional codes. However, you will find great discounts on its various yearly plans. 

In the following article, we have provided a detailed guide to claiming massive discounts on SEO PowerSuite. 

Along with that, we will also provide a step-by-step guide on how you can redeem your discount. 

Exclusive SEO PowerSuite Discount Codes for 2024

SEO PoweSuite currently does not provide any discount codes or discount coupons. 

However, to save on its plans, you can go with 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year discount plans that suit your budget and your needs. 

Plan DurationProfessional (Discount)Enterprise (Discount)
1-Year Plan50%65%
2-Year Plan20%20%
3-Year Plan34%34%

Here are a few of the discounts provided by SEO PowerSuite on their plans.

1. 50% Discount On 1-Year Professional Plan

SEO PowerSuite provides a 50% discount on the 1-year professional plan. You can avail of this discount just by visiting the website and purchasing the plan.

2. 65% Discount On 1-Year Enterprise Professional Plan

SEO PowerSuite provides 65% off on 1-year enterprise plans. The discounted price can help enterprises to save dollars. 

3. 20% Discount On A 2-Year Professional Plan

SEO PowerSuite provides an additional 20% discount on the 2-year Professional and Enterprise plan. You get a 20% discount on the already discounted prices. 

Hence, visit the website and claim the discount from the SEO PowerSuite website. 

4. 34% Discount On 3-Year Plans

An additional 34% discount is provided on the 3-year plans of SEO PowerSuite. You get great discounts on the 3-year plans.

How To Claim SEO PowerSuite Discount? (Step By Step)

Now that you are aware of the discounts available on SEO PowerSuite, you are indeed interested in claiming the discount. 

So, how can you claim the discount available on SEO PowerSuite?

Here is a step-by-step guide to claim your discounts on SEO PowerSuite.

Step 1: Visit the official website of SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Discount - Overview

Step 2: From the menu bar located at the top of the window, click on the ‘Pricing’ option.

Step 3: Once you have clicked on pricing, you will be redirected to the pricing page. 

Step 4: From the pricing page, you can check out the plans and choose the plans that best suit your needs. 

Once you have decided which plan to go with from the wide variety of options available, you can proceed to buy the plan. 

SEO PowerSuite Discount - Pricing Page

Step 5: Here, to show the detailed steps, we decided to go with the 1-year professional plan. Hence, click the ‘Order Now’ button of the plan you have decided to purchase.

Click On Order Now

Step 6: You will then be redirected to the billing page. Here you can choose the method that you prefer to pay the bill. 

SEO PowerSuite provides options like VISA, PayPal, American Express, and other methods to purchase the plan. 

 Redirected to the billing page

Step 7: Fill out all the required details and then click the ‘Place Order’ button. 

Click On Place Order Now

Voila!  You have successfully claimed the huge discount on ‘SEO PowerSuite Discount.’

Features Included In The SEO PowerSuite Toolkit

With the SEO PowerSuite toolkit, you will be able to access the following tools and features:

  • Precise Rank Checker: SEO PowerSuite tracks rankings of keywords and websites in over 450 search engines. You can check ranking progress by date and graphs.
  • Powerful Keyword Research: Get hundreds of keyword ideas with metrics like monthly traffic, keyword difficulty, quality, and PPC analytics.
  • Rankings: Track the rankings of your website and your competitors on multiple search engines. Conduct research for specific keywords or titles.
  • Strategy Drilldown: Extract competitors’ SEO strategies. Find out how and for which keyword they are ranking on top in the search engines. 
  • Site Audit: Discover all the SEO and technical issues that are dragging down your website through the complete site audit feature. 
  • Task Scheduling: Schedule your SEO tasks with this feature. If you want to automate your repetitive tasks, this tool can be a great asset.
  • Reports: With this drag-and-drop report editor, you can build custom and white-label SEO reports. 

Is There a Free Trial Available On SEO PowerSuite?

Unfortunately, No! SEO PowerSuite doesn’t offer a free trial on its premium plans. However, the platform offers a free plan that provides you limited access to its core features. There is no time limitation, so you can use it as long as you want. 

Users can download the SEO PowerSuite for free to avail themselves of the basic offerings.

The free plan is a great starting point for beginners with a limited budget. They can upgrade their plan to a paid one whenever they need to. 

SEO PowerSuite Plans And Pricing

SEO PowerSuite has two basic plans -the Professional and Enterprise plans. 

The Professional plan is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Comparatively, the Enterprise plan is suitable for large companies. 

Besides, it offers pricing for one year, two years,s and three years. Hence, you can pay the bills yearly. 

Here are the details about what SEO PowerSuite offers in its plans and their pricing. 

Sr.NoOfferings FreeProfessionalEnterprise
1.1-year price$0$299/year$499/year
2.2-year price$0$239/year$399/year
3.3-year price$0$199/year$333/year
4In-app content optimizationavailableavailableavailable
5Tracking unlimited Keywordsavailableavailableavailable
6Reports can be saved in the form of PDF to the computer or in the cloudNot availableNot available.available
7Site auditing and crawling500 URLsunlimitedunlimited
8Scheduling the reports and their deliveryNot available.Not availableavailable
9Integration with tools like WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.availableavailableavailable
10Data export in .csv, .sql, .htmlNot availableNot availableavailable
11SEO Reports can be printed on paperNot availableWith watermarksAvailable without watermarks
12Link auditing and the tracking of backlinks.1100 Linksunlimitedunlimited
13Scheduled SEO tasks.Not availableavailableavailable
14Projected done can be saved.Not availableavailableavailable
15A reliable query processing system for captcha-free examinations.Not availableavailableavailable
16Link prospecting and outreach.1000 prospectsunlimitedunlimited

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Conclusion: Claim 50% OFF on SEO PowerSuite

If you need to boost your SEO tactics and want to upskill your keyword research, SEO PowerSuite is surely a go-to option. It is a great tool to help you rank your Website on the search page. 

If you use SEO PowerSuite on a regular basis, you can get exclusive discounts on yearly plans. For maximum savings, you can choose the 3-year plan and get a total of 82% discount. 

If the above article has helped you, you can check our website for more discounts and discount codes. 

FAQs On SEO PowerSuite

How much does PowerSuite cost?

SEO PowerSuit has a free plan. Besides, it has two plans, namely Professional and Enterprise. They cost $299 per year and $499 per year, respectively. The business plan is suitable for small businesses, and the Enterprise plan is well-suited for large companies. 

Does PowerSuite help find keywords?

SEO PowerSuit helps you perform in-depth keyword research. It provides the user’s keyword research software to help them with the task. The software makes research easy for beginners, intermediates, and advanced SEO. 

What is an SEO suite?

SEO Suite is a toolkit that optimizes your Magento 2 store for search engines. Besides, this tool kit comes with extensions like canonical URLs, metadata templates, HTML sitemaps, etc. 

Does SEO PowerSuite provide a free trial?

SEO PowerSuite doesn’t provide a free trial but provides the users with an option to choose a free plan. This free plan includes limited SEO tools, features, and functionalities. Users can download the SEO PowerSuit for free to avail themselves of the basic offerings.

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