12 Best AI SEO Tools & Software In 2024 (Ranked)

Is it too overwhelming for you to keep a check on all SEO metrics? Don’t worry; here’s a list of AI-powered SEO tools that can do the heavy lifting for you.

Well, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that SEO is an uphill task. However, a little sprinkle of AI can greatly simplify the process. Besides, the digital landscape shifts swiftly, and it’s difficult to keep pace. However, a mix of AI keeps you in the race and helps you stay ahead in the game.

Thankfully, there’s a whole breed of new-generation AI-powered SEO tools to simplify the entire search engine optimization process. Whether you want to do keyword research, study search trends, explore content ideas, or optimize SEO KPIs, there’s an AI SEO tool for you.

Want to know the top AI SEO tools to power your SEO campaigns? Here’s a detailed list for you, which I have prepared after thorough research. Besides, I have been using some of them, and the outcomes are truly amazing. 

What Are The Best AI SEO Tools – Quick Overview

4AI SEO ToolKey Feature
1. SemrushAll-in-one SEO tool that helps you monitor your backlinks & keywords, optimize content and manage marketing campaigns.
2. BrightEdgePowerful enterprise solution for content performance monitoring equipped with the DataMind AI system. 
3. MarketMuseSolid content analysis and comparison tool for uncovering content vulnerabilities and extracting low-competitive keywords.
4. MarketBrewUnique search engine modelling tool to help you deeply analyze search patterns and decipher how to rush through SERP and attain higher search ranking. 
5. HubSpot CMS HubPowerful CRM solution with outstanding content automation and analysis capabilities.
6. CanIRankAI-driven SEO tool to compare your site against millions of others and find out possible weaknesses in SEO strategy. 
7. Surfer SEOHighly adept AI-powered content optimization and on-page SEO analysis tool. 
8. Pave AISolid artificial intelligence-backed SEO tool to extract valuable insights from Google analytics data.
9. Frase.ioUseful AI SEO tool to generate content ideas and craft search engine-friendly content.
10. OneSpotRobust AI SEO tool exclusively designed for content personalization through its proprietary content sequencing technology.
11. SE RankingPerfect AI SEO tool for individuals, SEOs, and agencies to boost organic traffic
12. Jasper AICreating SEO-optimized content, images from texts and analyzing & improving existing content with the help of Surfer SEO

Below are my top recommendations for the best AI SEO tools in 2024.

1. Semrush

Best For – Auditing Websites, Finding Backlink Opportunities, Keyword Research, and helping businesses through various marketing tools.

Rating – 4.9/5


When it comes to SEO, the first tool that comes to our mind is Semrush.

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers solutions for every type of business. This tool allows you to compare your business to your competitors to see where you are lagging behind. You can track your business’ progress and the ROI with Semrush.

This AI SEO tool offers tools like backlink crawler, site audit, rank tracking, keyword explorer, content optimization, social media management, competitor SEO analysis, and many more. The way Semrush can help you grow your business, there’s no match to it. The backlink crawler can keep an eye on your backlinks and help you remove any harmful backlinks.

It also offers SEO reports with detailed insights that can give you the edge you need over your competitors. You can also manage your social media campaigns using the management tool and capitalize on the missing opportunities as well. Semrush has an easy-to-use interface and every tool you can find easily on its dashboard directly.


We also have an exclusive Semrush coupon that can help you save up to 17% on your subscription.

Pro – $129.95/month

Guru – $249.95/month

Business – $499.95/month

2. BrightEdge 

Best For – Measuring Content Performance and optimizing for business through AI

Rating – 4.9/5


Regarding SEO tools that heavily leverage AI, nothing seems ahead of BrightEdge. It’s a renowned content performance monitoring tool that employs its proprietary DataMind technology – a dedicated artificial intelligence system to identify search intent, optimizing content accordingly, and by extension, bring more traffic.

With BrightEdge’s artificial intelligence system, you can easily uncover search trends, automate keyword research and implement actions based on the results. This way, you can curate content the right way with the right mix of keywords and target the right users. It’s a data-driven and efficient approach to ranking content easily.

Besides, BrightEdge’s artificial intelligence combines three powerful components:

The Content discovery feature leverages artificial intelligence to unearth potential high-value content ideas and suggests ways to improve content performance. 

The Content Development feature monitors and guides key SEO activities like text and heading optimization, crosslinking, and more.

The content activation features allow you to activate content on the website anytime you want.

Moreover, BrightEdge helps SEOs optimize each page of your website for boosting organic reach and elevating user experience. On top of that, the BrightEdge ContentIQ system helps you audit websites and resolve critical errors that might prevent the site from achieving a higher ranking. 


BrightEdge offers customized pricing.

3. MarketMuse

Best For – AI-driven website content and SEO analysis

Rating – 4.8/5 


If you find it too tiresome to do an extensive on-page SEO and content analysis, I think you will, particularly like MarketMuse. It’s an AI-backed content analysis and monitoring tool that scans millions of content on the internet and reveals the potential gaps in your content strategy.

Being a content writer myself, I particularly appreciate the Optimize Brief and Create Brief tools that simplify Content outline building. However, the content editor feature is a little heavy, and it’s a trouble to use the formatting options correctly. Other Than that, it’s perfect.

You can quickly initiate content analysis to uncover untapped keyword opportunities that could increase your website’s ranking in SERP. Besides, MarketMuse monitors your content for consistency and relevancy and offers suggestions if any improvement is needed.


Standard Plan – $7,200/year

Premium Plan – $12,000/year

4. MarketBrew

Best For – Modelling target search engines to uncover factors that derive ranking. 

Rating – 4.9/5


MarketBrew is truly a milestone in AI-based SEO tools. MarketBrew specializes in search engine modeling. Besides, the platform takes pride in how quickly it caters to users’ requests.

MarketBrew offers a complete road map for achieving higher search ranking through statistical modeling of search engines and then allowing a comparison between the top performer and your site.

It employs machine learning and particle swarm optimization to code a basic search pattern for your targeted search engine. Then the tool closely analyzes what differentiates a higher-ranking website from a lower-ranking one and provides suggestions accordingly. It even minutely examines HTML content or Meta description to uncover possible reasons one site ranks better than another. 

MarketBrew further offers deep insights about specific issues hindering your progress in SERP. Overall this AI SEO tool is a great SEO data visualization tool that provides a practical approach to improve and optimize your site. 


Price available only on request. 

5. The HubSpot CMS Hub 

Best For – AI-based content optimization for better conversion and more traffic. 

Rating – 4.9/5 

The HubSpot CMS Hub

You might know Hubspot as an effective CRM solution businesses can use to deliver extraordinary customer experience. However, the HubSpot Market automation features outstanding functionality that enables users to curate and publish high-quality content.

On top of that, HubSpot facilitates a whole automated workflow to power marketing campaigns ranging from email, paid advertising, chats, and more. Additionally, you also have at your disposal an extensive array of integration options to further optimize workflow.

Moreover, Hubspot also includes a powerful AI-driven content strategy tool that employs machine learning algorithms to understand how search engines associate keywords with your content. You can utilize the information to curate pillar content and supported topics to catch users’ attention and derive traffic.


Starter – $23/month

Professional – $360/month

Enterprise – $1,200/month

6. CanIRank 

Best For – AI-backed recommendation to improve search ranking 

Rating – 4.7 


CanIRank is an intuitive little tool that exploits AI to scan multiple websites and then offers suggestions to improve SERP position based on gathered data.

Incidentally, CanIRank can reveal potential gaps in your SEO strategy so that you can send them timely and stay relevant in the search ranking. The best part is that the AI tool doesn’t just provide data but actual suggestions to guide you in the right direction. To offer its suggestions, CanIRank sifts through hundreds of thousands of websites, analyzing their position and strategies. It then proceeds to craft a roadmap you can follow to accelerate your website’s organic growth. 

Moreover, CanIRank offers a keyword difficulty score to determine what keywords will work best for your website. Interestingly, the whole analysis is performed by sophisticated machine learning algorithms that eliminate any guesswork and hand you a concrete action plan about what you should tweak.

Besides, the weekly snapshots of search ranking and the suggestions to nullify the negative changes are particularly helpful. However, I have found the link opportunities it suggests are sometimes not as valuable as they appear.


DIY Individual – $49 per month

DIY Pro – $79 per month

DIY Agency – $299 per month 

7. Surfer SEO 

Best For – Content Optimization and On-Page SEO

Rating – 4.8/5 

Surfer SEO 

Content is the magnet that attracts visitors. It’s the anchor point around which the whole SEO strategy revolves. Therefore content optimization is a massively important task that needs constant effort. But Surfer SEO dramatically simplifies the process by leveraging AI. And that is why it has earned a place in my list of best AI SEO tools.

With only a few details, Surfer SEO constructs a complete picture of your website’s content, comparing it with your competitors. In addition to standing against your competitors, Surfer SEO suggests ways to outrank them through content optimization.

The site audit feature of Surfer SEO draws power from its AI algorithm and quickly finds out and fixes potential gaps in your content strategy that might be holding your site back in SERP. Besides, Surfer SEO also lends its AI capabilities to uncover lucrative keywords and content ideas that could propel your website to new heights.


Basic: $59/month

Pro: $119/month

Enterprise: $239/month

8. Pave AI 

Best For – SEO data analytics 

Rating – 4.8/5 

Pave AI 

If you are an SEO proposal professional, you must be aware that Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about crucial SEO matrices regarding your site. Pave AI, a helpful utility tool, sprinkle a pinch of AI into whole Google Analytics data and offers you actionable insights to improve your SEO strategy.

Pave AI can efficiently work with any website that uses Google analytics. Besides, it can also fetch data from Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook ads, etc. The algorithm extracts data and presents it in an easily readable format to inform you about possible vulnerabilities in your strategies and the improvements needed.

Besides, you can even receive personalized reports, including data-backed suggestions cross-referencing the recommendation with millions of combinations to offer the most practical approach.

Besides, the automated insight that users receive saves time. Also, you can easily segment the reports based on key matrices like demographics, trends, acquisition, etc. In short, it’s a tailor-made solution to turn data insights into impactful SEO and marketing strategies. 


Starter – $199/month

Growth – $499/mo

Professional – $999/mo  

9. Frase.io 

Best For – Generating content ideas and fixing content gaps

Rating – 4.8/5


Frase.io is another highly intuitive AI SEO tool that assists you in curating content that search engines love. In addition to AI algorithms, Fraser.io also draws power from natural language processing to optimize a website’s content. It also mends possible lags in on-page SEO that might hinder your website’s growth in SERP. 

Frase.io is packed with a comprehensive array of features that helps you tackle various SEO aspects. But, being a writer myself, I truly appreciate its content briefing feature. You can easily share these content briefs with your colleagues so they can create content that resonates with your audience. 

Fraser.io also packs a SERP analysis feature to track your progress on search engines. Besides, its AI-backed news story generator tool is truly ingenious and arms you with intuitive tools that quickly generate SEO-optimized news stories. Furthermore, the AI-powered tool helps you create better content through content ideas and keyword suggestions. 


Solo – $14.99/month

Basic – $44.99/month

Team – $114.99/month

10. OneSpot 

Best For – Content personalization for targeting individual visitors.

Rating – 4.8 


The engagement rate is the fundamental matrix that defines the success or failure of an SEO strategy. What better way there will be to boost engagement than target individual visitors with personalized content? It seems daunting, right? Not with AI, though. There’s an AI SEO tool that exactly does that. It’s called OneSpot. 

It’s a unique AI SEO tool specializing in individual visitor targeting through its patented content sequencing technology. OneSpot scans the website’s history and then suggests content ideas based on user behavior on the site. 

OneSpot inserts one snippet of code to achieve better engagement and, by extension, more conversion. OneSpot monitors every website visitor and constructs a user’s profile. This list allows the owner to mold content based on a particular user and establishes a lasting connection.

Additionally, you can even optimize your email marketing campaigns with OneSpot. It automatically inserts catchy subject lines, relevant content, offers, and more based on individual users. 


Available upon request.

11. SE Ranking

Best For – Tracking keyword rankings, auditing websites, tracking & checking backlinks, analyzing the competition, and content marketing.

Rating – 4.5/5


SE Ranking is one of the best AI SEO tools, and it comes with so many features that can help you improve the organic traffic of your website with ease. Their rank tracker helps you track the performance of your keywords along with spying on competitors, like how their keywords are performing on the SERPs.

With its keyword research tool, you can find the best keyword opportunities because it shows in-depth data on each keyword, such as search volume, trend, and keyword difficulty. With their backlink checker tool, you can analyze the backlink profile of any website and find the best backlink opportunities for your sites as well.

The site audit tool shows you the complete overview of any website, like how much traffic they are getting, which keywords are ranking, and other things. This helps you analyze your competitors and also allows you to compare your websites with theirs. 

The on-page SEO checker allows you to check the SEO of your pages, like what changes you need to make to optimize it for search engines properly. It also offers some amazing agency tools that can help agencies create reports under their brand name and improve the website traffic of their client’s websites.


There are three pricing plans available on SE Ranking, and you can also save up to 20% on your subscriptions.

Essential – $39/month

Pro – $89/month

Business – $189/month

12. Jasper AI

Best For – Creating SEO-optimized content, images from texts and analyzing & improving existing content with the help of Surfer SEO

Rating – 4.5/5

Jasper AI

Jasper is an artificial intelligence platform designed to assist with search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation. It aims to make SEO more efficient for businesses and marketing teams through its powerful natural language processing capabilities.

One of the key ways Jasper helps with SEO is by generating content ideas. The AI analyzes your website, competitors, industry, and target keywords to come up with relevant topics and article ideas that are likely to rank well and attract search traffic. This saves you time brainstorming and researching ideas.

Jasper also writes SEO-optimized content when provided with a topic. It creates natural-sounding drafts tailored to your voice and desired keywords while following best practices for on-page optimization. This includes things like optimal word count, keyword placement, heading structure, media integration, and outbound linking. The AI can produce entire blog posts, product descriptions, web page content, and more.

In addition, Jasper provides AI-powered keyword research. It examines your existing content and suggests additional high-potential keywords to target based on search volume, competitiveness, relevancy, and more. The keyword data helps inform content development.


Jasper offers two pricing options, and with annual pricing, you can save up to 20% on your purchase. It also offers a 7-day free trial on both plans.

Creator Plan $49/month

Teams Plan – $125/month

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Conclusion: Best AI SEO Tools (2024)

AI SEO tools can be a real aid in achieving better search ranking and bringing in tons of visitors to your site. Given how the SEO landscape changes and the competition is reaching the skies, AI SEO tools will only become more relevant with their advanced monitoring and analyzing capabilities.

With the right AI SEO tools, you can have better control over your SEO efforts and a bird’s eye view of whether your SEO strategy bears any fruit. Besides, these tools also offer clarity about your potential weaknesses and suggestions on rectifying them quickly.

To conclude my best AI SEO tool guide, here are my recommendations;

MarketMuse – Perfect for SEO and content analysis. 

Surfer SEO – A super helpful, AI-driven tool for content optimization.

OneSpot – Perfect for implementing a truly unique approach to your SEO efforts – content personalization.

Other than that, consider BrightEdge, if you are an enterprise or established agency. Indeed, it’s the top AI SEO tool for tracking content performance.

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