Frase Review 2024: How Does It Help You? (My Experience)

So this is our super in-depth review. This isn’t just another me-too review; I have been using Frase for a while and sharing my experience with this tool. 

In this Detailed Review of Frase, I’ll cover:

  • What’s In a Nutshell – What’s new?
  • How does it work (Interface Explained)
  • What makes it stand apart?
  • Who should use Frase?
  • Some of Frase’s alternatives?
  • Frase integration with other tools & services
  • Frase pricing review
  • Is worth the hype or not?

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Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the review here.

Frase Review: In A Nutshell

Frase is an AI-powered content platform that helps you – research, write and optimize high-quality SEO content.

These are the modules of Frase which make it stands apart:

  • Content Brief: Brief module helps you curate well-researched content briefs in minutes. 
  • Content Writing: The writing module helps you to generate high-quality articles, which are high converting with a click of a button.
  • Content Optimization: The optimization module helps you to optimize your content to your top-ranking search competitor. 
  • Content Analytics: The content analytics module helps you discover new content opportunities and easily prevent content decay. 

The Frase content module is an SEO-powered tool that helps you find questions the target audience is asking around any particular topic. Once you enter any keyword, it does in-depth research and provides suggestions to help you write a well-optimized article. 

Frase Review   - Overview

With a button click, you can easily create a content brief. In fact, you can choose from some predefined templates of the content brief. It shows useful data and metrics of ranking competitors such as – average word count, the average number of images, number of heading used, etc. 

Once you start writing the content within the editor, the Frase tool will also give a topic score from 0 to 100%. If your score is low, your post isn’t optimized as per the top-ranking competitors. 

What’s New In Frase? SEO Add-on 

Yes, if you’re willing to unlock some more powerful features, you will have to pay $35/month extra. 

Frase Review - SEO

The SEO addon module of comes with these powerful modules:

  • Frase AI Writer: Nowadays, AI writers are the new thing in the market. Just like Jasper AI – a powerful ai writing tool. Frase also provides access to the Ai write. You can easily create content with a button click using the AI writer. 
  • Keyword Search Volume: Yes, with this module, you can easily unlock the search volume of keywords right on the outline builder. 
  • SERP data enhancement: This module will add up SERP data and add useful data metrics such as domain authority and backlinks. 

These are some of the new modules you’ll get with the SEO addon. Later in this review, I’ll cover all the features and other aspects of this tool. 

How Does Frase Work? (User Interface Explained)

The interface of Frase is straightforward. To get up and running, you need to have a paid subscription to get started right away. You can also signup for a free trial of seven days or even get the monthly plan based on your requirements. 

Once your purchase is made and the account is set up, it’s time to personalize the account for the best results. When you log in for the first time, you will easily land on the Frase feed. 

Here, you need to click on the “Get Started” button right under the Frase Content. And then, you need to click on the “Content” on the left-hand corner. 

Now the interface of Frase starts, you will have the left sidebar where you can access different modules of Frase. When you click on the Question Ideas, input the keyword, and hit the enter button, the magic will happen. 

Frase Review - AI Writer

Frase will crawl different places to answer different queries regarding the same topic, such as Quora, Google Autocomplete, Reddit, etc. 

Now you have two different options either to import the document from the top right corner. Or select the questions with the traffic potential and then click on the Create Document button. 

Frase Hack Tip #1: 

Here’s the catch: if you’re running a website where you’re getting regular organic traffic, you can click on Google Traffic right below the question ideas section. Doing this will integrate your Frase account with Google Search Console. 

Frase Review - Google Analytics

What’s more, Frase will also analyze your sites’ data and then extract all your queries – what your website visitors are asking from the web pages. 

Frase Hack Tip #2: 

Now, if you’re wondering if there are any topic gaps within your post, to find the content gap, click on the Concept Map, and then Frase will crawl Wikipedia and then offer relevant suggestions.  

After that, you just need to select your workflow and the search type thing. Right under the workflow module, you need to click on “Create New Content.”. To optimize the content, click on the click Import and optimize the content. 

Frase Review - Create A Account

You can choose under the search type either pick the “Top Google Result” or manually choose any competitor. Once you’re done choosing that, click on the create document button. 

I have made all the changes, and now Frase will crawl the top-ranking competitors for all your keywords. After a few seconds, it will redirect you to the Frase editor. 

Frase Review - Editor

On the editor, you will see a new document with all your SEO keywords and the questions you have selected. 

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the content brief. Look here; you have the option to either paste from the whole content brief. Alternatively, you can go through each block, select the ones you want, and easily paste them into a Google doc. 

Cool Hack: If you spot a section of stats right from your competitor’s post that you want to use, you can click it and paste the content into the editor right away. 

What’s more, Frase also suggests using the topic density. It suggests you use the average number of keywords in your content. This feature is one of the top features of Frase. 

Once you’re done creating the content and the content brief, you can simply click the export button on the top bar and assign the content to writers.

Frase Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using Frase.


  • You can use the features of Frase for five days at just $1.
  • Competitor research tool gives you a complete overview of your competitors.
  • You can content briefs quickly and use the brief to write the complete article in the AI writer of Frase.
  • Find the questions to cover in your article that most people ask on the internet.
  • Frase integrates with Google Search Console, Google Docs, Hubspot CRM, and WordPress.


  • The AI writer can’t write conclusions and introductions properly.
  • The pricing of Frase is a bit expensive compared to other AI writing & SEO tools.

Frase Pricing Structure Explained

The pricing plans of Frase are flexible and affordable. Here I have listed the available pricing plans of Frase. 

Frase Pricing Plans


 The solo plan of Frase costs $14.99 a month, which is suitable for individuals getting started with the SEO content creation process. This plan comes with one user access to seven document credits. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to do document sharing with the Solo plan. 


The basic plan of Frase costs $44.99 a month, which is suitable for freelancers and a small team who want more flexibility. This plan includes access to one user, thirty document credits, and unlimited document sharing. 


The team plan of Frase costs $114.99 monthly, which is suitable for agencies and teams who are looking to scale the content curation process. The plan has three user seat access, unlimited document credits, and document sharing. 

Wait, SEO Add-on costs $35/month; by paying extra bucks, you will access features like keyword search volume, SERP data enrichment, and Frase AI writer. 

Frase Integrations

Yes, Frase also integrates with other tools and services available out there. So here I have listed some of the tools and services which Frase integrates with. 

Google Search Console 

Yes, you can easily connect Frase with your websites’ Google search console. Once you integrate Frase, it will pull out all the keywords your website ranks for and other useful metrics and data. What’s more, Frase also creates clusters of those keywords into a related group. These keywords you can use to create useful content around your website’s niche. You can even link GSC and Google Analytics to have better insights into your websites’ traffic.


Yes, Frase also integrates with WordPress, allowing you to publish your content directly on WordPress. This feature will change sometime, and it’s in staging mode. I wouldn’t recommend using this integration as it could cause a few security issues. 

FAQs Schema

Yes, Frase also has an FAQs schema, which most users don’t use. For our site DemandSage, we are using Yoast SEO plugin for the FAQs schema thing. If you’re not using Yoast SEO or Rank Math, you can use Frase to enable FAQs schema on your WordPress website. 


The HubSpot and Frase integration is only for the Frase Answer engine. Once you integrate HubSpot and Frase, it will allow you to send contact information directly to the CRM of HubSpot. 

As of now, Frase is integrating with these tools and services out there. In the future, Frase might also integrate with other tools and services. I would love to see Frase integrating with Google Docs, which could help you create a content brief on the go. 

Who is Frase Best Suited to?

The Frase tool is specifically designed for three types of users that are listed below:

  • SEO: If you’re an SEO willing to outrank the top-ranking competitors, Frase is the best shot. It helps you check your content against the top-ranking competitors and ensure it’s well optimized. It has been recommended by top SEO experts.
  • Content Marketers: Frase helps you increase the content ROI by creating content that attracts more users and helps you get converting organic traffic. 
  • Marketing Agencies: Frase lets you spend less time on content outline research and curating well-optimized SEO content. Overall, it helps you to scale up your content creation process. 

Note: If you’re looking to use Frase for writing website content like about us, landing pages. I don’t recommend using Frase for such purposes. 

Frase Alternatives

It’s not like Frase is the only shark in the sea; there are other alternatives to Frase available. As per our encounter with other tools, there are three main competitors of Frase, which are listed below:

Surfer SEO

Check a detailed comparison of Surfer SEO vs. here.

Surfer SEO is the direct competitor of Frase, and trust me; it has some cool features to offer. It helps you curate the best-optimized content and outrank the competitors. Surfer SEO is the only content optimization platform with a superior algorithm. Even I listed Frase #1 in our Surfer SEO alternatives post.

Surfer SEO

The stand-alone part of Surfer SEO is that it also provides a Google Docs integration, making it super easy to create outlines and highly optimized content. Frase’s other features are also similar to Frase; however, I would say – Surfer has the edge over Frase when it comes to features and user interface. 


MarketMuse is another reliable AI content planning and optimization tool which helps you with – content research, creation, and research process. Compared to the Frase, MarketMuse has a high pricing structure which is expensive. 


However, I would say, MarketMuse has its own USP and has some cool features to offer. Also, the competitor analysis of MarketMuse is different when compared to Frase. Overall, it’s a great alternative to Frase, which you should look at once. 

Clear Scope

Yes, Clearscope is another competitor to Frase, and it is one of the most popular content optimization tools available. It’s the best-in-class SEO content optimization platform that helps you curate converting and ranking content.

Clear Scope

When compared to Frase, Clearscope is way lot more expensive. However, Clearscope is worth every single penny which you invest. It comes with some robust features which Clearscope doesn’t have; however, some parts of Frase outrank Clearscope.  

Conclusion: Is Worth It In 2024?

So this is our in-depth review of Frase, where I have covered all our experiences with it. Now it boils down to – Is Frase worth investing?

Here’s the answer, if you’re an SEO, Content Marketer, or Agency that curates content, Frase can help you. Yes, it can help you generate content briefs for yourself or writers. Yes, it can save hours that you invest in researching and creating the outline. 

What’s more, the content editor also helps you to optimize your content for a better SEO score. In the end, I would say – is worth the HYPE!

If you’re still unsure about the Frase tool, you should sign up for the seven-day free trial. 

I hope this Frase review suits your purpose well. Now over to you; let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 


Does Frase offer a free trial?

Frase used to offer a 7-day trial for $1, but now they have discontinued this offer. So there is no way you can try the tools of Frase before purchasing its subscription.

Does Frase offer a refund?

Yes, Frase offers a 5-day money-back guarantee to all their premium users. So if you don’t like the services of, then you can just ask for a refund within five days of the purchase.

How can I buy the SEO add-on on Frase?

To buy the SEO add-on, you must go to the subscription section in your account settings. From there, click on the SEO add-on and click on buy to purchase the add-on. Remember, you need a premium Frase account to buy the SEO add-on.

What is included in the Frase SEO add-on?’s SEO add-on includes a keyword research tool, SERP data enrichment tool, and the Frase AI writer, which you can use to generate unique content without any hassle.

Can I use Frase for free?

Yes, you can use the tools of for free. You just need to go to the free tools section on the homepage, where you can try all the listed tools once.

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