56 Google Search Statistics — Text, Voice & Visual (2023)

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you need an answer to some query? majority of the people will say, “Let’s Google it”.  Yes, a billion others think this way too, and that is why Google has to process around 8.5 billion queries every day.

Have you ever wondered about the staggering numbers behind those everyday searches? And how does Google manage to process billions of queries? Well, all your curiosities will be solved here.

In the following article, you will come across the top searches of Google, the latest stats related to Google searches in all three formats — text, voice, and visual searches. this will help you better understand the search engine and how its algorithm works!

Let us get into it, shall we?

Google Search Statistics(Top Picks)

Google Search Statistics - Overview
  1. 8.5 billion searches take place on Google every single day. That converts to 99,000 searches per second.
  2. 15% of Google searches are unique, which is equivalent to 1.275 billion unique queries every day.
  3. Google Search owns approximately 92% of the search engine market share.
  4. 84% of people reported using Google more than 3 times a day. 
  5. Out of the total queries searched on Google, 91.8% are long tail keywords. 
  6. Users use autocomplete features of Google 23% of the time they search for something. 
  7. 90% of the users click on the front set of the search results. On the other hand, only 0.44% of the people visit the second page of the search results.
  8. 23% of the site traffic is from organic searches. 
  9. Over 60% of Google searches are from mobile devices. 
  10. In the year 2022, “Wordle” was the most searched keyword

How Many Google Searches Per Day?

  1. 8.5 billion searches are processed by Google every day. That is equivalent to 99,000 searches every single second and 594,000 every single minute.

Here is a table breaking down the number of searches that Google performs:

Time FrameNumber of Google Searches
Every Second99,000
Every Minute594,000
Every Hour35.64 million
Every Day8.5 billion
Every Month26.28 billion
Every Year9.5 trillion

How Many Google Searches Does An Average Person Do?

  1. An average person makes 3 to 4 Google searches each day.

Moreover, 84% of the people said they use Google more than three times a day.

Most Searched Queries On Google In 2022 (Year In A Nutshell)

  1. “Johnny Depp” was the most searched person and “Euphoria” was the most searched TV Show on Google in 2022.

Here is a table showing the most searched terms on Google in different categories in 2022:

CategorySearch Term
PeopleJohnny Depp
AthletesNovak Djokovic
MatchesIndia vs England
MoviesThor: Love and Thunder
RecipePaneer Pasanda
TV ShowsEuphoria
House PlantsPhilodendron
SongsTak Ingin Usai – Keisya Levronka

You can check out Google Trends to find all the latest trends in Google searches. These trends are segregated by State, Country, trends by year, daily Google trends, etc.

Google Search Engine Statistics

  1. Google has 92% of the search engine market share globally.

when we looked into device-specific market share, we found out that Google has 72% of the desktop market and 92% of the mobile search market. No wonder it has to process billions of queries each day.

  1. Google considered more than 200 factors when delivering user search results.
  1. Google’s search index comprises more than 100,000,000 GB. 
  1. A site’s CTR improves by 30.8% when it moves up one spot in Google’s Search results. 

Google Search Usage Statistics. 

  1. 46% of product searches begin on Google, while 54% of the searches for products start on Amazon
  1. 85% of the users find what they search for without modifying the initial term. On the contrary, 15% of the initial search terms do not lead to the desired result.
  1. 55% of teens in the US reported that they use Google Assistant daily. 
  1. Users choose the autocomplete suggestions 23% of the time they search on Google. 

Google Search Statistics For Business. 

Google Search Statistics - Business
  1. Google search and advertising tools contributed $426 billion in economic activity in the United States in a single year. 
  1. Google’s total search volume increases roughly 10 to 15% every year. 
  1. Google’s keyword trends witnessed that 91.8% of the queries on Google are long tail keywords. 
  1. 42% of the users use Google Maps to search for nearby results for local queries. 
  1. $1 spent on Google Ads makes $8 profit on average for a business. 
  1. Google will edit the submitted meta description in 62.78% of cases for search results. 
  1. Between 16% to 20% of the annual Google search queries are new. 

How Many People Are Likelier To Click On The Top Results On The Google Search Page?

  1. 90% of the people said they are likelier to click on the front set of results.

Additionally, 60% of mobile users said that they are very likely to click on the first 2 or 3 searches on the page page. 

  1. Besides, It is reported that only 0.44% of the users visit the second page of the search results. 

Sources: Oberlo, 

How Many Site Visits Are Through An Organic Search? 

  1. Organic search results are responsible for producing 23% of site visitors. 

Source: Google Analytics.

Google Lens Search Statistics

Visual search is on the rise and Google Lens is probably the leading tool for it in the market. Let us understand the numbers associated with it in this section.

  1. Google Lens is used for 8 billion visual searches per month.

that is like 2.5 times more volume it achieved than the previous year.

  1. Google Lens can detect over 1 billion items!
  1. Google Lens can translate text in over 100 languages.
  1. Identifying objects is the top use case of Google Lens.

Here is a table showing the most popular Google Lens use cases:

Use CaseShare of People Using It
Identifying Objects35%
Translating Text25%
Exploring Menus15%
Finding Visually Similar Images10%
  1. Optimizing title tags with relevant keywords can boost the chances of a page ranking in Google Lens, as 32.5% of Lens results have a matching keyword in the page’s title tag.
  1. 15% of all Google Lens results also rank on the first page of Google SERPs for the same search term.
  1. Pinterest accounts for 7.2% of Google Lens results, and Amazon accounts for 4.1%.

Source: ARInsider, BacklinkO.

Google Voice Search Statistics

It is estimated that by 2024, the global voice recognition market will reach $26.8 billion, and the number of voice-enabled digital assistants will reach 8 billion. Let us take a look at voice search statistics associated with Google in this section.

  1. More than 20%  of the searches in the Google App are done using voice search.
  1. More than 30,000 smart home devices are supported by Google Assistant (Google’s own virtual assistant software application).
  1. voice assistants are able to answer 93.7% of all Google search queries.
  1. More than 80% of the voice search answers on Google Assistant are from the top three search results.

Mobile Google Search Statistics 

  1. 63% of the organic traffic on Google in the United States originated from mobile devices. 
  1. 69% of Google’s paid ads clicks in the US are from mobile devices. 
  1. Mobile searches for the local business grew by 250% over the past few years. 

What Is The Share Of Google In The Mobile Search Market?

  1. Google accounts for 96.17% of the global search engine market worldwide In 2023.

The following table displays the worldwide market share of the mobile Google search engine over the years:

Month Mobile Market Share Of Google. 
August 202395.4%

Source: Statista. 

What Is Its Share Of Google In The Desktop Search Market?

  1. Google owns 84.08% of the worldwide desktop market share of the search engines, while Bing owns only 8.95%. 

The following table displays the worldwide desktop market share of the leading search engines. 

Search Engine. Desktop Market Share Owned. 

Source: Statista. 

What Is The #1 Searched Thing On Google Worldwide?

  1. The most searched keyword on Google Worldwide is “cricbuzz”. It has a search volume of 213,000,000. The second most searched keyword worldwide is the weather, with a search volume of 189,000,000.

The following table displays the top 10 most searched keywords worldwide, along with their search volume. 

RankKeywordsSearch Volume
3WhatsApp web140,000,000
6Sarkari result120,000,000
8sarkari result90,000,000

Source: Ahrefs

What Is The #1 Searched Thing On Google In The US?

  1. The #1 search on Google is “Facebook“. It has a search volume of 144,000,000. The second most searched thing on Google is “Youtube“. 

The following table displays the list of Google’s top 10 most searched keywords in the US.

RankKeywordSearch Volume
8   Gmail60,000,000
10Home Depot47,000,000

Source: Ahrefs

What Is The Most Searched Question Globally?

  1. The most searched question on Google worldwide is “how many ounces are in a cup”. It has a search volume of 3,900,000. The second most searched question is “how many centimeters is an inch” with a search volume of 2,000,000. 

The following table displays the top 10 most searched questions on Google worldwide. 

RankKeywordSearch Volume
1“how many ounces in a cup”3,900,000
2“how many centimeters is an inch”2,000,000
3“how late is the closest grocery store open”2,000,000
4“cuando cobro”2,000,000
6“what to watch”1,400,000
7“what time is it”1,200,000
8“where the crawdads sing”1,100,000
9“where is my train”1,000,000
10“o que significa”950,000

Source: Ahrefs. 

What Is The Most Searched Question In The US?

  1. The most searched question on Google in the US is “What to watch”. It has a search volume of 1,300,000. The second most searched question on Google in the United States is “what time is it” with a search volume of 1,200,000. 
RankKeywordSearch Volume 
1what to watch1,300,000
2what time is it1,200,000
3how many ounces in a cup1,100,000
4where the crawdads sing1,100,000
5how i met your father cast850,000
6where am i780,000
7where my refund740,000
8how many ounces in a gallon650,000
9how many weeks in a year650,000
10dove cameron640,000

Source: Ahrefs. 

Google Trends Of Past Year (2022)

Google has released the Google search trends for the year 2022 at the beginning of the year 2023. If you are interested to know the details about these trends, you can take a look at the following section, which includes Google trends around the globe in 2022. 

What Was The Most Searched Keyword In The Year 2022?

  1. “Wordle” was the most searched word in the year 2022, while the second most searched topic was “India vs England”.

The following table displays the top searches for the year 2022. 

RankTop Searches
2India vs England
3Queen Elizabeth
5World Cup
6Ind vs SA
7iPhone 14
8India vs West Indies
9Indian Premier League
10Jeffrey Dahmer

What Was The Most Searched News keyword In The Year 2022?

  1. The most searched keyword for news was “Ukraine”. “Queen Elizabeth passing” was the second most searched news topic as of 2022. 

The following table displays the top news searches of the year 2022. 

RankTop Searched News
1Queen Elizabeth passing
3Election results
5Powerball numbers
6Hurricane Ian
7Johnny Depp verdict
8Texas school shooting
9Will Smith Oscars
10Roe v Wade

Who Was The Most Searched Person On Google In 2022?

  1. The most searched person on Google was “Johnny Depp” as of 2022. On the other hand, the second most searched person was “Will Smith.” 

The following table displays the most searched people on Google as of 2022. 

RankTop Searched People
1Johnny Depp
2Amber Heard
3Will Smith
4Chris Rock
5Vladimir Putin
6Novak Djokovic
7Anna Sorokin (Delvey)
8Andrew Tate
9Rishi Sunak
10Simon Leviev

Who Was The Most Searched Actor On Google In 2022?

  1. Just like the most searched people’s list, “Johnny Depp” was the most searched actor in the year 2022. “Will Smith” was also the second most searched actor. 

The following table displays Google’s most searched actors worldwide as of 2022. 

RankTop Searched Actor
1Johnny Depp
2Will Smith
3Amber Heard
4Chris Rock
5Jada Pinkett Smith
6Joseph Quinn
7Evan Peters
8Andrew Garfield
9Julia Fox
10Ezra Miller

Which Were The Most Popular Google Searches Worldwide? 

  1. Wordle was the most popular Google search in the United States as of 2022. It was also the most popular search in Canada and the United Kingdom. 

The following table displays the most popular Google searches worldwide in 2022. 

Country. Most Popular Google Search. 
United States Wordle
United KingdomWordle
MexicoDani Alves
BrazilElections 2022

Sources: Google Trends.

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Wrapping Up: Google Search Statistics (2023) 

That’s all about Google search statistics. 

With more than 99,000 searches taking place every second, the Google search engine presently does not have any threat from competitors. In fact the domination is so much that there is barely any competition.

We hope these statistics are able to help you understand the state of Google search in 2023. Let us know if we missed anything. Happy googling!

Bonus: Look at the top 100 queries and questions on Google searched worldwide and in the USA till June 2023. Read the list here.

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