8+ Best Frase Alternatives of 2024 (Tried & Tested)

Are you looking for a better alternative to Frase? If so, then you’re in the right place because we have prepared a handpicked list of the best Frase Alternatives just for you.

Frase is an amazing AI tool for creating content, writing content briefs, optimizing content, and analyzing the content. It also gives you questions that people have been asking on the internet for a specific keyword. You can answer those questions within your content. It takes a lot of time for content writers to do research on a topic and then create an outline based on that. But with Frase, they can generate outlines for a topic within a few clicks.

If you want to know more about Frase.io, check our detailed Frase Review here.

This tool comes with a lot of exciting features, but not everyone is going to be thrilled with it. That’s why we have created a list of the best Frase alternatives so that you can choose the right tool for yourself. We have compared all these tools on the basis of their working, features, and pricing.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into the list.

8+ Best Frase Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2024)

If you don’t have the time to go through the complete post, then check our list of these Frase alternatives and what they are best for.

Sr. No.Frase AlternativeBest For
1.Surfer SEOThe perfect alternative to Frase
2.Jasper AIBest for creating AI-based content
3.ClearscopeBest for mid to large-size businesses
4.Page Optimizer ProBest for optimizing on-page of your content
5.MarketMuseBest for large enterprises
6.Semrush Writing AssistantBest for writing marketing copies
7.TopicBest for creating quality SEO content quickly
8.DashwordBest for creating content briefs quickly

Here is the complete overview of all the above tools.

1. Surfer SEO

We suggest checking our detailed review of Surfer SEO to get an insider view.

Surfer SEO is the #1 alternative to Frase because it is the most effective on-page optimization tool. It is an AI-powered content optimization platform that allows you to optimize your content based on your content marketing strategy. With its audit features, you can run an audit for any keyword, and it will show you the top competitors for that keyword. It will also show you how many & what keywords they are covering in their content, how many backlinks they are getting, and so on.

Frase Alternatives - Surfer

You can use the tools of Surfer SEO to improve the on-page SEO of your content and eventually rank for any keyword you want. With its content editor, you can write SEO-optimized content & also improve any existing content. The AI content brief feature can create an outline for any keyword. You can also use Google’s NLP to optimize your content for search engines. But natural language processing suggestions still need improvements because not all the suggestions will improve the quality of your content.

Key Features:

  • Create your content strategy with the content planner
  • Generate AI-based outlines for keywords
  • Create SEO-optimized content using the content editor
  • Optimize your existing pages with the audit feature
  • Use the free keyword surfer extension to check keywords directly on Google
  • Rank your pages on search engines with better content
  • Jasper AI integration is available to help you create content quickly
  • Get live training in the Surfer Academy

Pricing: Surfer SEO offers three different pricing plans. If you choose the basic plan, then you have to pay $59/mo or $49/mo yearly. If you choose the pro plan, then you have to pay $119/mo or $99/mo yearly. If you choose the business plan, then you have to pay $239/mo or $199/mo yearly.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI (Formerly known as Jarvis AI) is one of the best AI writing software available on the internet. Jasper is a great alternative to Frase’s AI writing tools. But it does not have FAQ suggestions, content brief, or content editor features such as Frase. Jasper is considered Frase’s alternative only because of its AI writing feature. With its AI-based algorithm, you can create content for your blogs, marketing ads, web content, and so on.

Frase Alternatives - Jasper AI

You can also use its writing capability to write catchy captions for your social media posts. The content you create using Jasper AI is completely unique and plagiarism free. You can also use Jasper’s Surfer SEO integration to write SEO-optimized content. You can also use this feature to create new content or improve the quality of existing content. They use a proprietary AI-based algorithm to create the content, so you don’t have to spend hours creating content.

Key Features:

  • Access to over 50 templates to create high-quality content
  • Use the AIDA framework to write marketing copies
  • Write compelling product descriptions
  • Generate marketing copy ideas using the PAS framework
  • Create content for Facebook Ads
  • Create your own framework and share it with anyone you want
  • Write in 25 different languages
  • Use the Surfer SEO integration to create SEO-optimized content

Pricing: Jasper AI offers two different pricing plans. If you choose the starter plan, then you have to pay $29/mo or $24/mo yearly. If you choose the boss mode plan, then you have to pay $59/mo or $49/mo yearly. There is an exclusive 5-day free trial available on Jasper AI. Click here to get access to this free trial.

3. Clearscope

Clearscope is one of the first on-page optimization tools on the internet. The co-founder of this tool, Bernard Huang, is one of the top SEO experts in the industry. You can use Clearscope to create long-form content and use it to get better rankings on the search engines. It is the perfect alternative to Frase in creating AI-based content. The content you create using Clearscope will be cherished by your visitors and search engines as well.

Clearscope - Overview

It also comes with a keyword research tool that you can use to find easily rankable keywords. It also allows you to run reports for any topic in multiple locations. You can integrate Clearscope to smooth your content workflow. You can find guides & tutorials on all the tools of Clearscope in the guides section on the official website. It allows you to learn all the basics of Clearscope and SEO, which you can implement in your content.

Key Features:

  • Audit existing content & improve the quality of it
  • Create & organize your audit reports
  • Use the text editor to optimize your content in real-time
  • Create content briefs and outline quickly
  • Google Docs add-on is also available
  • Use the keyword discovery tool to find out the search intent for any keyword
  • Amazing customer support service
  • Create high-quality content within a few clicks

Pricing: Clearscope offers two different pricing plans. If you choose the essentials plan, then you have to pay $170/mo. If you choose the business plan, then you have to pay $1200/mo.

4. Page Optimizer Pro

If you want to get detailed insights into Page Optimizer Pro, then check our in-depth Page Optimizer Pro Review here.

Page Optimizer Pro is another good alternative to Frase. This on-page SEO tool is solely designed to help online marketers in improving the quality of their content. You should choose Page Optimizer Pro over Frase if you want to work on difficult keywords. This tool works really well for competitive keywords. You can use the audit feature to optimize your content and use NLP suggestions to improve the content for search engines.

 Page Optimizer Pro

You can also easily create long-form content on Page Optimizer Pro. The scoring feature of POP is one of a kind, and it can show you the score of your content and gives you suggestions on how to improve that score. You can use its competitor analysis tool to analyze your competitor’s strategies and use that information to create a better strategy. It can also create content briefs for any keyword.

Key Features:

  • Create AI-based content briefs
  • Use the full control setup and analyze your competitors manually
  • Express setup features automate the process of selecting competitors & important terms
  • Get suggestions directly on your Google Docs using the POP Chrome Extension
  • Use the POP content editor to optimize your content
  • Get advanced recommendations directly from the POP dashboard
  • Get detailed content briefs in just a few clicks
  • The user interface of POP is much cleaner than Frase

Pricing: Page Optimizer Pro offers two different types of pricing plans: single-user plans and agency plans. The Single User Plans offers three different pricing options. If you choose the basic plan, then you have to pay $22/mo. If you choose the premium plan, then you have to pay $33/mo. If you choose the unlimited plan, then you have to pay $44/mo or $429/year. The agency plans depend on the number of users you want.

5. MarketMuse

If you are an enterprise-level entity and want an alternative that fulfills your SEO needs completely, then MarketMuse is the one for you. It can easily help you maximize your content marketing efforts. It is a beginner-friendly AI-powered content optimization tool that is trusted by many agencies, content marketers, and SEO professionals from all over the world. You can find the best content opportunities using its content research tool.

MarketMuse - Overview

You can use its AI to automate your complete content creation process. It also allows you to create a well-researched content strategy from scratch that you can implement in your content, and it will easily generate the first drafts for you. You can also use its team management feature and assign different topics to your teams. You can also manage the content for your projects in the content inventory.

Key Features:

  • Get content metrics to improve your content
  • Use AI-stackable filters to make content research easy
  • Check the potential for any topic
  • Collaborate with your team using the team management feature
  • Use the content planner to plan the content for future
  • Create content briefs and assign them to your team
  • Use the competitor research feature to analyze your competitor’s pages
  • Get question ideas similar to Frase

Pricing: MarketMuse offers three different pricing plans. If you choose the free plan, then you don’t have to pay anything ever to use MarketMuse’s tools. If you choose the standard plan, then you have to pay $7200/year. If you choose the premium plan, then you have to pay $12000/year.

6. Semrush Writing Assistant

If you wanna know how we use Semrush, well check our detailed Semrush Review here.

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools in the industry. It also comes with a content marketing platform. To get access to this side of Semrush, you might have to pay a little extra, but it is definitely worth it. The Semrush Writing Assistant is designed for writers and SEO editors. It is an amazing writing editor that you can use to optimize your content for better engagement and search engines.

Semrush Writing Assistant

You can use its topic research tool to find content ideas for your next blog articles. To use this tool, you just need to input a keyword in the search box, and it will show you a big list of topics that you can cover for your next blog. You can use the SEO content template to create content briefs for your topics. You can also use this tool to find out how your competitors are implementing focus keywords in their content.

Key Features:

  • Create more SEO-friendly copies
  • Improve the engagement and readability score of your content
  • Write in a consistent tone of voice
  • Check your content for plagiarism
  • Google Docs, WordPress, and MS Word Add-ons are available
  • Generate ideas for engaging content with the topic research tool
  • Create SEO content brief with SEO content template
  • Audit your website’s content with the content audit feature

Pricing: Semrush offers three different pricing plans. But the Semrush writing assistant is not available on the pro plan. It is only available in Guru and Business plans. If you choose the guru plan, then you have to pay $229.95/mo or $191.62/mo yearly. If you choose the business plan, then you have to pay $449.95/mo or $374.95/mo yearly.

7. Topic

Topic is another great alternative to Frase. It can streamline the workflow of content creation smoothly for any content writer. With the help of this tool, you can create content briefs quickly. This tool is especially known for its content editing features, which is why SEO agencies and content editors widely use it. It can smoothen the research process just like Frase. Many brands such as Elementor, Springboard, and TrustRadius use Topic for all their content creation needs.

Topic - Overview

This tool can help you add high-volume keywords, improve the SEO score, and increase the density of the keywords in your content easily. This will eventually help you rank higher on the search engines. With its content editor, you can create fully SEO-optimized content. Topic’s content grader can help you find what you have missing in your content. It also lets you create content outlines in just a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Research any topic and get suggestions instantly on what you need to include
  • Use the outline builder to create an outline for your article
  • Grade your content with the help of a content grader
  • Reduces the time of manual research
  • Generate a table of content for your content
  • Get blog topic ideas with its blog idea generator tool
  • Use the “people also ask” tool to get FAQ ideas for your content
  • Share the content grader tool with your team members

Pricing: Topic offers three different pricing plans. If you choose the starter plan, then you have to pay $99/mo or $80/mo yearly. If you choose the Plus plan, then you have to pay $199/mo or $160/mo yearly. If you choose the premium plan, then you have to pay $299/mo or $240/mo yearly.

8. Dashword

Dashword is another SEO content optimization tool, just like Surfer SEO and Frase. It can help content creators, digital marketers, and website owners in optimizing their content to get more organic traffic. With their brief content builder, you can create content briefs in no time. To use this tool, you just need to enter the topic. It will analyze top competitors based on that, it will create the content brief.


You can use the content optimization tool to optimize your content before publishing it on your website. It will show you the keyword suggestions which you need to add to your content to improve the grade of your content. It will also show you the readability level of your content so you can make it as simple as possible for your audience to read and understand. They can also monitor your content and tell you when your content needs updation.

Key Features:

  • Get content ideas for your niche
  • Use the interactive builder to add or edit content
  • Share the content brief with your writers with just one click
  • Cover all the important topics in your content
  • Real-time feedback to help you optimize your content
  • Identify your underperforming pages which need to be updated
  • Generate automated keyword reports
  • Import your page automatically

Pricing: There are three pricing options available on Dashword. The hobby plan costs $39/month, which allows you to generate five reports in a month. The startup plan costs $99/month, which allows you to generate 20 reports in a month. The business plan costs $249/month, which allows you to generate 100 reports in a month.

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Conclusion: Best Frase Alternatives (2024)

So here is our list of the best Frase alternatives. Now the only question remains: Which one should you choose?

If you want a tool that offers similar but better features to Frase, then the obvious choice is Surfer SEO. This is one of the best on-page SEO tools available in the industry, and it can easily help you rank higher on search engines with just your SEO-optimized content. If you want to write better quality content with the help of AI, then Jasper AI is also a great option to choose.

We hope you can decide which tool is best for you with our list. Let us know your thoughts on this list of Frase alternatives in the comment section below.

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