Google Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT Plus – Who Wins?

Gemini Advanced Or ChatGPT Plus

Google has rebranded its AI chat assistant name from Bard to “Gemini” and has launched paid access to a different “Gemini Advanced” plan that is at par with ChatGPT’s “Plus” subscription.

This has led many users like me to wonder if we should trust an old tech giant or a new and trending AI sensation

To settle the hot new debate, I reviewed how both of these AI chatbots with state-of-the-art AI languages compare to each other.

Conducting this research led me to reach a pinpoint conclusion with very evident results. Follow along to know the similarities and differences, and check who’s better – Gemini Advanced or ChatGPT Plus.

Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT Plus – Differences In A Nutshell

The evident differences I mentioned? Here they are:

Key DifferencesGemini AdvancedChatGPT Plus
Language ModelUltra 1.0GPT 4 and GPT 4 Turbo
Coding (HumanEval score)74.4% for Python coding tasks67% score for Python coding tasks
AI image generation4.2/54.8/5
Personal phone assistant
GPT and Plugin store

Note: Gemini Advanced has been launched recently. With time and further testing, we can state more of its key differences.

Gemini Advanced Or ChatGPT Plus?

Now, getting straight to it, Google’s Bard has recently been relaunched as “Gemini” with a powerful new AI model, Gemini Ultra 1.0 or Ultra 1.0. 

This is in line with what OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription has been offering. ChatGPT has been a pioneer in bringing about a revamp into the tech world with its artificial intelligence abilities. 

Now, Google isn’t far behind and has an answer to OpenAI in the form of Gemini Advanced.

What Is Gemini Advanced?

In January 2024, Google announced rebranding its AI chatbot, Bard, as Gemini and Gemini Advanced. This has left enthusiasts speculating about the need for this change, as Google launched Gemini as a separate AI language model back in December 2023 with Bard existing. 

Gemini Advanced

I am guessing this move was necessary to eliminate the confusion between Bard and Gemini, with Gemini being at the core of Google’s AI developments. Consequently, Gemini, which was titled the most capable AI language model by Google, is now renamed Ultra 1.0.

Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 is Google’s latest and largest AI language model available at a price of $19.99/month

Things you get with Gemini Advanced:

  1. AI image generation.
  2. 2TB of Google One storage and benefits worth $9.99/month
  3. Ability to execute complex tasks.
  4. Gemini in Gmail and Docs (to be launched soon)

Gemini Advanced Limitations:

Given that the AI model is still very new and has not been tested to its full potential, the only limitation is the inability to sign up for Gemini Advanced. It is not available in all countries, for people of a certain age, and for workspace accounts. 

Gemini Advanced also can’t take a document as a prompt unless it exists in your Google Workspace. 

Gemini Advanced Limitations

What Is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT still holds the crown as the most preferred AI chatbot for users, with over 180.5 million monthly users. ChatGPT Plus is OpenAI’s paid subscription plan that gives access to its most advanced language model, GPT 4.

What Is ChatGPT Plus

This subscription comes with a bunch of key features that are exclusive to ChatGPT Plus. 

Things you get with ChatGPT Plus:

  1. AI image generation with DALL E
  2. Custom GPT creation
  3. GPT store access 
  4. Over 1000+ plugins
  5. Image-to-text, text-to-voice, and voice-to-text prompts.

ChatGPT Plus Limitations

ChatGPT Plus limitations are mainly faced in its usage:

  1. The message limit is 50 messages every three hours.
  2. Internet browsing results are slower in comparison.
  3. Does not explicitly mention the source of the retrieved information.

With the good and the bad of both the tools laid out, let’s begin by reviewing them side-by-side.

ChatGPT has come a long way since its inception; read through its updates, new features, and pros and cons from this post on the ChatGPT Chatbot

Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT – Major Differences

Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus are both available at a starting price of $19.99/month and $20/month. Apart from the differences between the creators and organizations, Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus have noticeable differences. 

Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Unique Features

Both the chatbots have some features that the other doesn’t. For example, Gemini Advanced gives the user access to Google’s search engine, while ChatGPT Plus uses Bing to execute its internet-powered results.

Gemini Advanced distinct features:

  • MMLU benchmark score of 90%
  • Gemini Advanced can access Google for its web results
  • Enhanced Coding abilities
  • Better control over tone, style, and focus. 
  • Can be selected as primary voice assistant.
  • Powerful image editing on select Pixel phones.

ChatGPT Plus distinct features: 

  • MMLU benchmark score of 86.4%
  • Can be shared between workspaces
  • Powerful data analysis with graphical representation.
  • Custom GPT model creation. 

2. Compatibility

Users can use both these AI chatbots over a wide range of devices. Both Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus are also available in the Apple and Google app stores. 

Gemini Advanced Compatibility:

What’s interesting here is the direction Google is going with its Gemini and the way a Google user uses this AI language. 

With the new Gemini App, you can integrate Gemini directly as your phone assistant, replacing “Google Assistant.” Google had already given a hint of the usage of AI in its future updates, and with the introduction of Gemini Advanced, it seems to have started. 

ChatGPT Plus compatibility:

ChatGPT is available as a mobile app, but it remains a separate service. You cannot use ChatGPT Plus as a default assistant, as you can use Gemini Advanced.

But ChatGPT Plus can assist you in using live audio and images pretty well with its mobile app!

3. AI Image Generation

We have covered the 17 best AI image generators in our other work, where we tested them against each other to generate an image from the same prompt. However, few had the ability to generate images within the chat.

ChatGPT recently announced the addition of a feature to generate an image within a conversation using Open AI’s proprietary image generation model – DALL E. 

Google, on the other hand, can also generate AI images inside a chat but has not specified the image generation model used, yet it is speculated to be the Imagen 2 model. 

Generating images with both is as simple as entering a normal text prompt, unlike some complex AI image generators where you need to define and set a list of parameters to get an output. 

To test the image generation abilities of both, I gave an identical prompt to both of these AI chat assistants. Let’s see the difference. 

Prompt Used: “Generate an image of an evil octopus trying to take over a city. He’s sitting inside a spaceship overlooking a city.”

Gemini Advanced AI image generation

Quite honestly, Gemini Advanced is not impressive in its image generation results. The only upside I found was that Gemini Advanced gives out 4 images at once and an option to generate +2 for the same prompt. 

Otherwise, I found it difficult to get the image I needed, even after explaining the prompt in detail. There are no options to edit the image, nor does Gemini work on editing it via text.

Gemini Advanced AI-generated Image

Gemini Advanced AI-generated Image

ChatGPT Plus AI image generation

ChatGPT Plus has been my current favorite when it comes to generating AI images with ease and up to perfection. It generates AI images of the highest quality and understands the prompt very well. 

The downside of ChatGPT Plus is the inability to give edit features on the go. But, to compensate, it can understand the editing requirements via texts and provide an edited image accordingly.

ChatGPT Plus AI image generation: 

ChatGPT Plus AI image generation

Demandsage Bonus: One such AI chatbot comes very close to providing the editing features of Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus – Microsoft Copilot. It offers editing features on the go with upscaling, aspect ratio options, and more.

Check out a separate comparison of Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT from our other article.

4. Writing Abilities

AI’s role in writing has been long. AI writers and software help users write catchy puns and complex research papers and even help generate fully optimized content for search engines.

But how do Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus perform in this field? 

To get started, I took help from a prompt suggestion displayed by Gemini Advanced and ran it with both Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus. Also, yes, Gemini Advanced also gives suggestive prompts to get you started to generate an image, code, or text.

In order to test their writing abilities, I ran this prompt:

”Write an opening scene for a fantasy fiction novel set in a steampunk 18th century. Be descriptive and historically accurate. Avoid anachronism. The scene should involve Eleanor, a young natural philosopher, on a quest to understand the nature of knowledge and learning. Write in the style of Jane Austen. Build mystery throughout the scene and end with an unexpected revelation.”

Gemini Advanced generated result:

“Miss Eleanor Pemberley possessed a formidable mind, far too formidable for the provincial world in which she found herself confined. Though she lacked the formal trappings of the university, Eleanor’s attic study held more texts of natural philosophy than the meager shelves of the local vicarage. The delicate whirring and ticking of gears filled the room, the product of her latest project: a small clockwork beetle whose gleaming brass wings flittered under the glow of her oil lamp.  Yet, despite her brilliance, a sense of gnawing uncertainty always seemed to shadow her. There was an order to the world, a pattern waiting to be deciphered, and she was determined to crack the code.”

ChatGPT Plus generated result:

In the dim light of dawn, Eleanor stood at the edge of the bustling city of London, her gaze fixed upon the horizon where the modern marvels of steam and iron carved a new skyline amidst the ancient stones. The air was filled with the scent of coal and the distant sound of machinery, a testament to the age of invention that had transformed the 18th century into a canvas of human ingenuity.

Eleanor, with her curious mind and insatiable thirst for knowledge, found herself at the crossroads of the old world and the new. A natural philosopher by passion, she was driven by a quest that was as much personal as it was intellectual—to unravel the mysteries of knowledge and learning, a pursuit that had often left her isolated in a society that viewed her interests with skepticism, if not outright disdain.

5. Coding Abilities

ChatGPT Plus has been regarded as a good option for generating and fixing codes. But it certainly is not the best. Gemini Advanced, on the other hand, boasts its “Advanced Coding Abilities.”

It is necessary to test the coding abilities of both, as it is the current favorite way for many users to use an LLM (Large Language Model). 

According to this Google Deep Mind Gemini report for Gemini Ultra (Ultra 1.0), it has achieved a HumanEval score of 74.4% for Python problems. 

This is in comparison to GPT-4, which could only fetch a HumanEval score of 67% for Python coding tasks. View this official GPT 4 research to learn more. 

Here’s a visual representation of generating a complex Python code:

Prompt used: ‘’Create a Python Code for Bubble Sort”

Gemini Advanced Python Code:

ChatGPT Plus Python Code:

Both ChatGPT Plus and Gemini Advance were able to give out the required Python code quickly. Try it out yourself to see how it works.

Bottom Line – ChatGPT Is Still Better Than Gemini Advanced

My straightforward verdict for this would be ChatGPT Plus. It has to be. It’s a no-brainer. It’s pretty evident how ChatGPT is better in terms of being more useful and valuable for a user.

The access to GPT and the plug-in store gives ChatGPT an added advantage over Gemini Advanced. Plus. The superior AI image generation abilities, prompt understanding, context retention, analyzing documents and visualizing them graphically, and the known limitations also support its worth.

Gemini Advanced is fairly new, and there is very little information available about it. We still don’t know all of its limitations yet. There’s much more to be explored about its abilities as a phone assistant, research abilities, and upcoming updates. 

Thus, ChatGPT Plus rightfully deserves your $20/month till the time!


Who can use Gemini Advanced?

Personal Google account users from 150 countries, including the USA, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, and others who are above 18 years of age, can currently use Gemini Advanced. 

What is Google Gemini used for?

Google Gemini stands for the family of multi-modal AI languages developed by Google, which are further AI chat-focused or developer-focused (with API). 

How do you get Gemini Advanced for free?

Google is currently offering free 2 months of access to Gemini Advanced for over 150 countries and users above 18 years of age for their personal accounts. 

Is Gemini AI free?

Gemini, which was earlier Bard, is free and has been since its launch. It is only the Gemini Advanced access that is priced at $19.99/month. 

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