ChatGPT Chatbot: How To Use The Trending AI Chatbot? (2023)

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ChatGPT has gained a lot of hype in such a short time. It is a product created by Open AI. In this post, we will look at ChatGPT in detail. Right from how you can get started with the bot to how you can use it for different purposes than just normal questioning and answering.

In today’s era of growing usage of artificial intelligence, the release of a chatbot like ChatGPT has added to the excitement of tech enthusiasts. Some even compared ChatGPT to Google. But, is it competent enough? Take a look at all the data below to decide for yourself.

Enough of talks, Lets get straight into our topic.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-automated software that uses machine learning and deep learning to respond to the questions asked by the users. It efficiently responds to all the fact-based questions asked by the users. Also, it does a great job of generating answers that require creativity and imagination. 

However, it is inefficient to respond to queries or conversations involving EQ. ChatGPT is not programmed to address human emotions or feel any of them. Hence, you would be disappointed if you asked it, “How do you feel today?”. 

How to use ChatGPT Chatbot (Step by Step Guide)

Getting started with ChatGPT is really easy. You can follow our quick and easy guide and be a master at using the AI chatbot in no time. Let us show you how you can get started:

Step 1: Visit The Official ChatGPT Website.

You can click HERE to get redirected to the official ChatGPT website. Once you are there, click on “Try ChatGPT”

ChatGPT Homepage

Step 2: Sign Up For ChatGPT Account.

In this step, you will have to create a ChatGPT account. Click on “Sign up” to move to the next step.

 ChaGPT Sign Up Page

Step 3: Enter Your Email Address.

In this step, you will see a box asking for your Email ID. Enter the required details and click on “continue”

Enter You Email Address

You will also have to verify that you are not a robot in this step. Just tick the box, and you are good to go. It’s quite ironic, right? a bot asking us to prove that we aren’t one of them!

Lets move further.

Step 4: Set A Password To Your Account.

In this step, you will have to assign a password to your ChatGPT account. Enter a strong password or use Google suggested passwords to fill in the details. Once done, click on “Continue” to move to the next step.

Step 5: Verify your Email.

You will get an email from OpenAI in the inbox of the email you provided. Open the email and click on “Verify email address.”

Verify your email

Once done, you will be redirected to a different window to resume your ChatGPT account creation journey.

Step 6: Enter Your Name.

Enter your first and last name in the required fields and click on “Continue.”

ChatGPT Tell us about you

Step 7: Verify Your Phone Number.

Enter your phone number and “click on send code.”

Verify your phone number

Enter the 6-digit code in the required field and click on “continue.”

enter phone verification code

Step 8: Get Started With ChatGPT

After you’re done verifying your phone, You will see a few pop-up boxes explaining how ChatGPT works. Click on “next” until the final pop-up box.

ChatGPT Final Step #1

In the end, click on “done” to end the process!

ChatGPT Final Step #2

Yess! We made it. Your ChatGPT account has been successfully created. You can start using it right away.

The red box hilights the typing area which you can use to give commands to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Dashboard

Later in this post, we will discuss various ways you can use ChatGPT in 2023.

before that, let us discuss some extraordinary qualities about ChatGPT Chatbot.

What Qualities Make ChatGPT Stand Out?

ChatGPT answers the questions as straightforwardly as you would expect from a robot. chatGPT is not framed to converse like a humanoid robot. Instead, it is just a chatbot that will help you figure out all the problems that do not involve emotions. 

You can also use it to get solutions that require common sense and questions that have a variety of answers. 

ChatGPT does an excellent job of using the feedback answers from the users to modify its next reply. You won’t be able to feel any emotions in your chat, but you will surely get logical answers from it for almost every question.

ChatGPT is smart enough to not give any answer on questions that are sexually inappropriate or may harm the sentiment of races and religions around the globe.

Features of ChatGPT. 

OpenAI says they have created ChatGPT to interact with the users and create meaningful conversations. The chatbot has capabilities that can both captivate the users and shock them. Some responses by the bot mat even land you laughing on your floor. 

The features of ChatGPT are as follows:

  1. ChatGPT can remember what the users have said earlier in the conversation and generate optimized answers according to the previous feedback and replies from the users.
  1. Another spectacular feature is that the chatbot helps the users by providing them with follow-up corrections and helping them to have a clear idea about the topic they are having a conversation on.
  1. Some users may fool the chatbots into inappropriate requests, which may lead to significant crimes. ChatGPT is trained to identify harmful and indecent requests and decline them. BUT! It is not fully safe yet! More insights about this in the next section. Scroll down to know more.

Limitations of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a model programmed to converse with the users. However, there are various chances of errors occurring in the conversation, as OpenAI has reported that they are open to user feedback.

Every program has some limitations or drawbacks, and chatGPT is no exception. Here are a few limitations observed in the working of the ChatGPT chatbot.

  1. ChatGPT has outdated data: ChatGPT is trained on data from September 2021. Since then, The world has changed, alogorithms have been updated, online frameworks have new functionalities.
  1. ChatGPT can give out nonsensical answers: ChatGPT can sometimes write nonsensical responses that may be plausible-sounding and inappropriate in their context.
  1. ChatGPT is sensitive to sentence and phrase formations: It may not give you a valid answer on your first input, while on the second try, it may generate a proper reply after rephrasing your question. 
  1. ChatGPT overuses some phrases: Additionally, it may need more proper implementation of verbal communication in its chat. The replies may need to be better optimized and may create confusion for the reader. 
  1. ChatGPT is redesigned: The model was originally programmed to clarify the open-ended questions by asking the details about them. However, the model was redesigned, and now ChatGPT is programmed to guess the user’s search intent of the question. This is a con in our view because irt is not fully developed yet and that is why it gives out some non sensical outputs.
  1. Can Give Out Harmful Outputs: Despite programming the model to decline inappropriate requests, it may respond to some harmful instructions and provide the user with questionable and biased replies.

It has been seen that ChatGPT was also able to give out malicious codes that could help cyber criminals to carry out attacks and do illegal things online.

How Will ChatGPT Help You?

ChatGPT may help you to write codes and debug them. It also helps the users to write essays on any required topics. The chatbot’s imaginative and creative part helps create imaginary stories and plots. These stories are astonishing and question human capabilities. 

Ahaa! That’s not it. ChatGPT can also help you decorate your rooms and plan the designs for the renovation. There are innumerable possibilities of tasks that can be done with the help of the chatGPT. 

You can also have a philosophical discussion and engage the bot in conversations with high philosophical meaning. The bot might only sometimes respond in the desired way. You may also ask the bot about its view on practical matters.

ChatGPT is also efficient in writing full-length articles and generating the writings on all the platforms asked. You can ask the bot to write on any desired topic.

Seeing the usages, ChatGPT is undoubtedly scary and horrific when thinking deeply about it. 

Is It Safe To Use chatGPT?

The official page of OpenAI that has created ChatGPT warns the users of ChatGPT about the harmful answers that they may get from the chatbot. 

It states that the chatbot may sometimes generate incorrect information. Also, the website warns us about the harmful instructions and the biased content that ChatGPT can produce. 

Hence, ChatGPT cannot be claimed to be safe and secure. You are at high chance of encountering wrong and triggering responses as the chatbot is still learning and developing. 

Examples of ChatGPT Working.

Let us look at a few of the conversations I had with chatGPT. It was entertaining to converse with a chatGPT and explore new topics.

ChatGPT did a great job answering my queries. here are the examples with screenshots.

Example 1: Making ChatGPT To Write a Blog.

I asked ChatGPT to “Write a blog on how to use spoon” and here is the response:

ChatGPT Writing a blog

Example 2: Asking ChatGPT to Marry me

I asked ChatGPT “Will you marry me?” and here is the response:

chatGPT question and answer

Example 3: Asking ChatGPT a Question on AI.

I asked ChatGPT “How can AI conquer humanity” and here is the response:

chatGPT question and answer #2

Intresting Ways In Which We Can Use ChatGPT

Right from writing your college assignments to keyword research for your website, ChatGPT can do it all. Let us have a look at some of the popular use cases of ChatGPT in 2023 that you might want to try out:

For starters, I asked ChatGPT itself to tell me its use cases. Here was the response:

ChatGPT Use Cases

Eveyrone knows that we can ask simple things to ChatGPT and it will give us a output. But are the more complex tasks that can be achieved using this extraordinary chatbot? Let me show you below with examples. Scroll down to know more:

Example 1: Using ChatGPT As a Summarizer

I asked ChatGPT to summarize a text. and it did a good job doing it. Screenshot of the result below:

Using ChatGPT As a Summarizer

Example 2: Using ChatGPT For Keyword Research

I asked ChatGPT to give me long and short tail keywords for my SEO website. It did give me a list of 3 long and short tail keywords each.

The Keywords were very basic and did not have any supportive data such as “search volume” or “Keyword Difficulty” ratings.

Along with the keywords, it also gave a short note about the keyword research.

I have attached screenshot of the results below:

Using ChatGPT For Keyword Research

To test ChatGPT further, i gave it a more precise command saying i need keywords for my SEO website with their supportive metrics. ChatGPT gave me an output saying it doesn’t have real time data and hence cannot answer my query properly. It further suggested me to use Keyword research tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. Take a look at the screenshot below to know more.

Using ChatGPT For Keyword Research

Example 3: Using ChatGPT For Making Things Simpler

You can ask ChatGPT to explain you any topic like you’re a kid. For example, i asked it to explain me ‘astrophysics’ like I’m a 10 year old.

ChatGPT did not let me down, it explained me the topic in a fun way. results in the screenshot below:

Using ChatGPT For Making Things Simpler

Example 4: Using ChatGPT For Grammar Correction.

Another exciting use of ChatGPT is that it can be used as a grammar correcting tool. For example, i took a paragraph from carl sagan’s famous speech – the pale blue dot. i removed all the punctuation in it using a tool and pasted the plain text in chatgpt and asked it to punctuate it.

And guess what! ChatGPT gave a a really good output. See the screenshot below to know more.

Using ChatGPT For Grammar Correction

We can use ChatGPT for various other grammatical helps such as:

  • Rewriting a sentence with correct grammar.
  • Breaking down a plain slab of text into paragraphs.
  • Checking the Grammar of a paragraph.

Example 5: ChatGPT for Translating Languages

We can also use ChatGPT for translating foreign languages into the one we understand. I tried translating japanses into English and it works flawlessly! Results in the screenshot below

ChatGPT for Translating Languages

Example 6: Playing Games With ChatGPT

Yes! you heard it right. you can play various games with ChatGPT. For this example, i asked the bot to play a game of Xs and Os with me. Here is how we started the game. Screenshot attached below:

Playing Games With ChatGPT

Wrapping UP: ChatGPT Chatbot 2023

So, this was my take on ChatGPT and some of its aspects. ChatGPT is a huge thing and it is not stopping anytime soon.

I hope that the above article has helped you to know the details about the most hyped chatbot ever! Also, after having a detailed look at the features and the limitations of the chatbot, it is surely not competent enough to be compared with Google (As of now).

What are your views about chatGPT? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-trained model that uses machine learning to understand and converse with the users. 

Why is ChatGPT so good?

ChatGPT is trained to reject inappropriate content, follow up with the questions and provide logical answers. It also converses using creativity and can even write blogs. 

Who owns ChatGPT?

OpenAI owns ChatGPT. The company is known for its artificial intelligence-based work. The company has shared samples showcasing the functioning of the chatbot on its website. 

Is Chat GPT free?

Yes, the chatbot is free. It is available online for the use of people. The users can use it and provide their feedback to the company. The chatbot is in the learning phase, and hence input from the users helps the programmers to make it better.

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