Eram Shaikh

Eram Shaikh

Content Head & Editor

Expertise :

SaaS content writing



Education :

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (International Business)


I write about AI tools and SaaS content at DemandSage. At the same time, I’m the person responsible for the editorial calendar.

I’m passionate about content, which is why I also work actively on LinkedIn. The goal is to help emerging writers and editors stay updated with the latest trends, tips, and more!

At DemandSage, I act as a bridge that connects SEO and content team to create content for humans rather than simply search engines.


Back in 2020, I started my career as a freelance content writer for the WordPress niche.

Over the course of time, I have helped brands with my content that is not only created for search engines but also for humans always putting YOU first.

With the same aim in mind, I work at DemandSage to manage the content pipeline and workflow by working closely with the research and content team. 

Besides seeing the tectonic shift in the writing industry, I love talking about writing, editing, and AI tools here. Ultimately, my primary aim remains to help people stay updated with the latest AI tools and leverage their power to their best potential!

Simply put, I talk about the tools I use as an editor every day. You will find me sharing glimpses of my experiences with different AI tools in the market.

Apart from writing and editing, I hold a keen interest in arts and music. So, writing is not the only time when you will find me holding my pen! In my free time, you will catch me picking a book, drawing strokes on a blank paper, or moving my body to the rhythm I love.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Business administration, specializing in internal businesses in 2021 from the University of Pune, India.

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