Grammarly for Outlook: Install & Use Guide

Grammarly for Outlook is an amazing addition that saves your time and allows you to write error-free emails without switching to another platform. 

Grammarly For Outlook has more perks than you think!

In this article, I will explain in detail how to install Grammarly for Outlook, how to use it in different ways, and more. 

So, by the end of this article, you will know how to utilize Grammarly for Outlook in the best way!

Grammarly For Outlook: A Quick Overview 

Grammarly for Outlook is an excellent add-in to ensure your emails are grammatically correct and perfect. 

Grammarly overall is an amazing tool with a high accuracy rate to check grammar, write with better clarity, and deliver content with the right tone that matches your brand. 

By adding Grammarly to Outlook, you can save time as it can work directly within your emails rather than going to the editor or app.

Additionally, you can personalize the settings for Grammarly through Outlook itself. I have done a complete review of Grammarly that you can check out. The review will give you a complete insight into what Grammarly offers. 

You can also use Grammarly’s new feature -GrammarlyGO on Outlook. GrammarlyGO is the new AI writing assistant feature that lets you create new content using prompts. In short, you can also use it as an alternative to other AI chatbots in the market for quick writing assistance. 

Tip: You can check my review of GrammarlyGO to explore its complete potential and how you can use it in your favor!

Installing Grammarly For Outlook

Installing Grammarly for Outlook is no rocket science. 

Previously, Grammarly had a separate extension for Outlook. Fortunately, now you can use it via extensions as well as the desktop app. 

Here is how you can install Grammarly for Outlook in a few steps. 

Step 1: Download the Grammarly app for your desktop (Mac or Windows). Mac users can download the app directly through App Store. On the other hand, Windows users can download the app from HERE. 

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the Grammarly app. Next, click on Get Started. 

Step 3: You will be asked to pick whether you want to install Grammarly for Word or Outlook. Tap on both. 

Step 4: Head to Outlook and click on the Grammarly option. You will now have to log in or signup using your credentials. 

That’s all! You can now start using Grammarly for Outlook. 

How Can You Use Grammarly for Outlook: Different Ways 

One of the best parts about Grammarly for Outlook is that you can use it in multiple ways. For instance, you can use it through a Desktop application, mobile applications, Safari and Chrome extensions, and more. 

Let me break down different use cases and ways to use Outlook for Grammarly. 

1. Desktop App

The desktop application of Grammarly is one of the best ways to use Grammarly for Outlook. 

As someone who is using Outlook directly through my laptop, the extension has made it easier to write instead of copy-pasting my content on the editor and checking it. 

Once you have installed the app on your laptop, you can open the app on your laptop. 

If you are going to draft an email, you can see the Grammarly icon on your Outlook automatically. 

You can start writing, and Grammarly will underline the errors. 

One of the best parts is that the interface is the same as any other Grammarly version. You don’t have to worry about figuring out how it works. 

Here is how Grammarly works in Outlook: 

Grammarly For Outlook - Working

Additionally, you personalize the basic settings of Grammarly by clicking on the logo of Grammarly at the bottom right. 

Furthermore, you can also turn off Grammarly for Outlook either for the particular session or for 30 minutes. 

Turn Off Grammarly For Outlook

2. Chrome Extension

Another incredible way to use Grammarly for Outlook is through the Chrome extension. 

If you need assistance with how to install and use Grammarly for Chrome, you can check out my quick guide. 

Once you download the extension for Chrome, you can use it directly on Outlook. 

So, if you are using Outlook through your Chrome browser, you can use it similarly to the desktop version. 

Content Score On Grammarly Chrome Extension

3. Safari Extension 

As someone who uses Safari for their day-to-day tasks, I absolutely recommend using Grammarly for Safari

You don’t have to install the extension for Safari separately. Instead, you need to download the application directly from the App Store. 

Once you download it, it will automatically start working on Safari without having to set up or go through any lengthy procedures. 

Overall, you can easily use Grammarly through the Safari extension for Outlook. 

4. Mobile App

Grammarly offers a mobile app that allows you to use Grammarly everywhere you type. 

You can install Grammarly’s keyboard, and it will work similarly to the web version, where it will underline the errors and suggest corrections. 

If you are using Outlook on your mobile, you can install the app for iOS and Android!

Personally, I use Grammarly’s mobile application often, and until now, it hasn’t given me any issues. 

Grammarly For Outlook: Pricing

Grammarly doesn’t provide a separate pricing structure if you want to use it on other platforms, including Outlook. Since Grammarly offers a free plan, you can use Grammarly on Outlook for free. 

The free version offers pretty good features for people who want to use it for basic editing and checks. On the other hand, you can opt for Grammarly Premium for advanced features and corrections. Grammarly premium starts at $12/month. 

While Grammarly doesn’t offer a free trial for its premium version, you can try Grammarly Business for Free for 7 days. Besides, if you’re confused between the free and premium versions, you can check my comparison of Grammarly free and Premium to learn the difference between the two in detail. 

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Final Thoughts: Use Grammarly For Outlook 

Grammarly for Outlook comes in handy for working professionals who use Outlook for their day-to-day tasks. 

From my experience, it has helped me to write my emails more clearly and saved me plenty of time. 

Additionally, it takes a few minutes to set up the app and use it. Note here that you don’t have to use Grammarly Premium to use it on Outlook necessarily. 

For the basic corrections and checking, you can use the free version. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using Grammarly for Outlook with the guide I mentioned above!


How can I install Grammarly for Outlook?

Installing Grammarly for Outlook is quick and easy. You can download the app directly for your desktop or download it via the official website. Once you download the app, you can set up your Grammarly account and start using it. 

Is using Grammarly for Outlook free?

Grammarly’s free version is available for Outlook, so you can use Grammarly for Outlook for free. However, you can upgrade to the premium version if you need advanced corrections. 

Why am I unable to see Grammarly on Outlook?

If the Grammarly logo doesn’t show up when you are writing your email on Outlook, you can try restarting your Outlook. You can check if the app is updated and working. If it is not updated, make sure you keep the application updated. 

How to disable Grammarly on Outlook?

You can disable Grammarly on Outlook either for a particular session or for 30 minutes by tapping on the Grammarly icon inside Outlook itself. 

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