11+ Best AI Content Detectors of 2024 (Reliable)

While 77% of businesses are using AI globally, the increase of AI writing tools has been significantly higher. While AI tools can be leveraged and have enormous perks, they can negatively impact content, which made me look for the best AI content detectors in the market. 

Over the last 4 months, I have been experimenting with different AI checkers to know which AI detector is accurate. During my research, I came across hundreds of tools, but only a few of them were reliable and could provide accurate results. 

In this article, I have picked the Best AI detectors that I use regularly. You can use these AI checkers for your blogs, assignments, articles, or any content!

Note: These AI checkers might not always provide 100% accurate results, but they can be of huge help to understand if the content is AI-generated. 

Let’s dive right into our top picks.

Top 11 AI Content Detectors for 2024 (Ranked)

Here is a quick overview of all the 10 best AI checkers to make your pick easier!

Sr. No.AI Content DetectorsBest ForFree/PaidRatings
1. CopyleaksMost accurate AI detectorFree9/10
2. Writer.comMost reliable AI content detectorFree8/10
3. Winston AIPlagiarism and AI content detection simultaneously7-day Free Trial8.7
4. GLTREfficient detector for GPT2 model-generated contentFree8
5. Hugging FaceBest Free AI content detector developed by OpenAIFree7.25
6. Kazan SEOAI text detection for SEO purposes  Free7
7. CrossplagAI detector based on machine learning algorithmsFree6.5
8.Content at ScaleSupports multiple NLP models to detect AI-written contentFree6.5
9.Sapling.aiBeginner-friendly tool with high accuracyFree6.5
10.GPTZeroAI content detector with API accessFree6.5
11. Orginality.aiPaid AI content detection tool Paid 6.5

Criteria of choosing these AI content detectors?

The premise was simple: We know which text is human-generated and which is AI-generated; can the tool being tested verify the same?

But to take it a little further, and given one tool acts/outputs differently than another, I added three twists in our research to rank the most reliable AI content detectors:

  • Testing the AI content detectors on text with various niches and sophistication-level
  • Trying to put these AI tools by intentionally creating misleading and factually incorrect content
  • Tricking these text detectors with content that’s a mix of human and AI-generated content 

In addition, I looked at how accessible the tools are, their affordability, speed, integrability, etc., to come to the list presented below.

Here, I will explain in detail the top AI content detectors I came across during my research.

1. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a popular AI-powered plagiarism detector tool that can also double up as an AI content detector. It can detect content generated through ChatGPT and GPT 3.5 models quite accurately.

During my tests, I found Copyleaks to be the most accurate AI checker out of all the tools. The results offered by Copyleaks were accurate and impressive compared to other tools.

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Most importantly, Copyleaks can detect text from nearly every NLP model, including the latest ChatGPT3. The claimed accuracy is around 92%, which was true in our test. The tool was able to identify that the content was AI-generated correctly.

Note that if you use Grammarly and run an AI check on Copyleaks, it may detect AI. In my case, it reduced the human probability. The best part about Copyleaks is that it comes with a free version. Although you will get a limited number of checks, it is sufficient for people with no major requirements.


  • Cover all NLP models, including GPT3.5.
  • APIs for large-scale AI content detection.
  • Chrome Extension available.
  • Robust plagiarism checker.
  • Source code checker.
  • LMS Integration. 

Pros & Cons

Simple interface.No clear-cut scoring methodology to gauge AI-generated content
Detects AI content in 12 languagesApparently, it’s easy to trick this tool
An enterprise solution with API and LMS integrations.
Flexible pricing based on the pages scanned.


Copyleaks AI text detector is Free to use.

2. Winston AI

Winston AI is gradually cementing itself as schools’ and publishers’ most preferred AI detection tool. And for good reasons: it provides two clear and precise AI detection assessments, including an overall AI detection score and a sentence-by-sentence AI prediction map highlighting parts of your text that are likely to be AI-generated.

Winston can also scan large texts and documents in .pdf, .word, and even photo scans.

Winston AI

With its powerful features, it is one of the most reliable AI detectors! You can get started with the Winston AI detection tool with their free trial. But if you go with their paid plan, you can access their plagiarism detection tool, which also gives a readability score on any text.


  • 99% detection rate
  • Works with ChatGPT, including GPT-4
  • Highlights sentences likely generated by AI
  • Scans very large documents, even books!
  • Upload complete files in .word, .pdf, and even scans.
  • Plagiarism detection with sources. 
  • Free readability score. 
99% detection rateCannot do a website-wide scan
Works with ChatGPT and GPT-4No Chrome extension
Highlights sentences likely generated by AINo side-by-side comparison
Additional tools like plagiarism detection and readability scores.


  • Free: Up to 2,000 Words Scan. 
  • Growth: $18/month. Up to 80,000 Word Scan. 
  • Custom: Open for flexible pricing for large-scale requirements

*Annual plan can save 33%

3. Writer

Generally, Writer is known for providing enterprises and agencies with the tools to create content. But lately, the AI Content Detector by Write AI is being loved by its users.

Writer AI Content Detector

It’s pretty straightforward and free to use. One of the best parts is that you don’t even need to sign up! Just enter a URL or text (up to 1500 characters) that you want to test – and in seconds, it tells you the percentage of text that’s human-generated. The higher, the better.

Additonally, Writer rose to prominence for its straightforward integrations and availability for multiple third-party platforms like Chrome, Figma, and Contentful.

During my tests, I found writer.com to be impressive. Compared to other AI detection tools, Writer.com provided accurate results. However, it also provided false reports sometimes.


  • No sign-up is required to use Writer’s AI detection feature
  • User-friendly AI scoring system and dashboard.
  • Can take a URL as input to detect AI text on that particular page

Pros & Cons

Simple and beginner-friendly interface.The sections which are AI-generated are not highlighted
A complete tool with multiple AI writing solutions.


Free to use. But supports only up to 1500 characters.

4. GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

If you specifically want to detect text generated through the GPT2 NLP model, then go with GLTR.

GLTR stands for Giant Language Model Test Room and is a free AI text detection tool developed by the combined team of MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and HarvardNLP. Moreover, the tool has access to the publicly available GPT2 model of open AI and is primarily designed for detecting automated text generated through language models.


For the text you paste/input, GLTR analyzes the probability of each word by comparing text inputs to what GPT-2 would have produced instead.

As an output, it highlights the words in green, yellow or red — in the lowest-to-highest probability order of being AI-generated. Thus, if red word counts exceed the green ones, you might be looking at AI-generated content.


  • Perfected for GPT2-generated automated text detection.
  • Text highlights differentiate between AI-generated and human-written content.
  • Enables forensic analysis of language model text input.
  • Open source software freely accessible on GitHub.
Excels in GPT 2 generated text with high accuracy.Only limited to GP2 NLP model AI text detection.
Can detect AI content in scientific abstracts.A bit complex dashboard.
Accurately scans GRE texts with complex words for AI-generated content.
Reasonable accuracy


Available for free.

5. OpenAI Output Detector (Hugging Face)

Developed by OpenAI, the Hugging Face AI Content Detector is based on the 🤗/Transformers implementation of RoBERTa. It primarily aims at professionals in the AI and machine learning segment to test their ideas.

OpenAI Output Detector

In most aspects, Hugging Face is similar to GLTR and was designed to detect GPT2-generated content. However, instead of highlighting the input text, it simply tells whether the overall content is Real or Fake on a scale of 100%.


  • GPT2 Text detection.
  • RoBERTa (Robustly Optimized BERT Pre-training Approach) base detector.
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface

Pros & Cons

Free open sourceThe use case is limited to GPT2-generated text only.
Simple interfaceInefficient at detecting the latest ChatGPT-based text generation.
Specifically designed to detect the GPT2 NLP output.


Available for Free.

6. Kazan SEO

If you want an AI text detection tool specifically for evaluating SEO content, check out Kazan SEO. You only need to sign up to get started with the Kazan AI detection tool.

 Kazan SEO

This comprehensive SEO tool packs multiple other features alongside AI content detection. There’s a Content optimizer, SERP overlap, text extractor, and keyword clustering tool.


  • GPT3 content detector.
  • Multi-URL scanning capabilities.
  • Intuitive SEO tools.

Pros & Cons

Can detect GPT3-generated text.Needs at least 200 words for reliable results; but can only analyze upto 400 words.
Interactive, beginner-friendly interface.Cannot detect content plagiarism
Far more accurate than other free tools in the category.A bit distracting with all the other tools in the same interface.
Multi-URL import feature to scan content in bulk.


Kazan SEO is free to use.

7. Crossplag

Crossplay mainly offers a plagiarism tool but has extended an advanced AI text detector for some time now.

It’s an intuitive online tool that can detect AI-generated text with reasonable accuracy. Crossplag relies on sophisticated machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to discover the characteristic patterns of AI-generated content.

Crossplag AI Content Detector

Additionally, this AI checker displays results on the severity scale of green to red, where green means human-generated content while red means AI.


  • Machine learning and NLP-based working.
  • Geared for multiple use cases ( education, SEO, etc.)
  • Integrity insights and LTI integrations.

Pros & Cons

Reasonable accuracyNo information about the supported NLP models.
Free to useThe accuracy in detecting GPT 3.5-based AI text is only around 65%.


Crossplag AI content detector feature is Free. However, one needs to pay for the other features.

8. Content At Scale

Content at Acale is another reliable AI detector to analyze text and ascertain whether it’s AI or human-written. It’s a free-to-use platform with numerous that packs additional features like content curation and SEO optimization.

The makers of Content at Scale claim that this AI checker is one of the first ever. It can go deeper than generic AI content detectors to offer more transparent scoring.

Content At Scale AI Content Detector


  • API available on request.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Versatile platform that includes both AI content curation and detection.
  • Reliable accuracy.

Pros & Cons

Detects ChatGPT, GPT4, & Bard contentOnly allow 2500 characters, which amounts to approximately 400 words.
Utilize multiple NLP models to pinpoint AI-generated content effectively.Does not indicate which part is AI written.
Additional content optimization tools and SEO services.


No charge to use content at scale.

9. Sapling.ai

Sapling is famous as a support solution for customer-facing teams. However, the platform has added sturdy and up-to-date AI detector tools. Sapling is one of the top free AI text detectors. Whatever text you input, it outputs the probability of that being AI-generated by a model such as GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT.

Sapling AI Detector

Moreover, it’s noteworthy that its detector for the entire text and the per-sentence detector uses two different techniques to give a high-accuracy output.


  • Integration with Chrome, Google Docs, Outlook, and Word.
  • Detects content produced by GPT3 and other latest models.
  • Multiple tools to improve writing, including grammar checker, auto-complete, snippets, and chat assist.

Pros & Cons

No word limit for now, which is super helpful for testing.Doesn’t highlight the AI written sections in the text.
Committed to adding more functionality soon.Only accurate above 50-word count.
Simple UI with straightforward copy-paste functioning.


  • Free – Support upto 2500 characters 
  • Pro Plan – $25 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan – Available on request.

10. GPTZero

GPTZero is a completely free-to-use AI content detector that is taking the AI industry by storm. Within a few months of its release, it got over one million users!

It can help detect content generated by ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and other AI models. It aims to cater to educators primarily.

GPTZero AI Content Detector


  • Unique scoring markers to detect AI content
  • API solutions for enterprises & organizations
  • Highlights texts to show you how much content is generated through AI
Classifies human written content with 99% accuracyPremium Features for Educators
Premium features for EducatorsOnly detects AI content that is in the English language
Check multiple files at once


The basic version is free to use. However, to get advanced features and bulk text detection, you need to sign up as a teacher and verify yourself. To get API access, you need to join the API access waitlist.

11. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT is one of the most used and Free AI text detectors in the market. 

Do note that it is different from GPTZero. ZeroGPT is an AI company that offers various AI tools, such as the one to talk to ChatGPT directly through Telegram or WhatsApp.

This AI text detection tool uses state-of-the-art DeepAnalyse™ Technology to determine the origin of your text. The creators have analyzed millions of articles and texts comprising both AI-generated and human-written content. As a result, they have developed the highly accurate ZeroGPT algorithm, which can detect the source of text with up to 98% accuracy.



  • Detects text is written by GPT-4
  • The AI content detection has an accuracy of 98%
  • Works with multiple languages
  • Access to other AI tools
  • Completely free to use
It uses DeepAnalyse technology to detect AI-written contentEasily detects the AI content but shows false results for human content
Detects AI text output in all available languagesDoes not detect plagiarism
You can cite this AI text detector


Free to use.

You can also get private API access to ZeroGPT by contacting its team via email.

12. Originality.ai

Starting with our personal favorite: Originality.ai. Claiming to be up to 99% accurate, this tool is arguably the best one to detect whether content is human-written or AI-generated.

It’s powerful and versatile enough to detect AI-generated text from all the major NLP models, like GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, and GPT-J. As per their website, it can even detect GPT 3.5 (DaVinci-003) model-generated AI text.

However, I noticed Originality detecting AI even when the content was manually written. So, despite its claim of being 99% accurate, I wouldn’t entirely call it ‘accurate.’ Instead, you can use it to verify the content along with other AI detectors.

Best AI Content Detectors  - Originality

Originality.ai Features

  • All NLP models are supported.
  • AI content detector and Plagiarism Checker
  • Support Multiple Team Members
  • Full Site scan feature in the pipeline.
  • APIs and Integrations are available.
  • Cost Effective
Includes a Chrome extension to improve the workflow further.No free trial
Includes functionality to detect nearly every NLP-generated model content.Does not show the particular section of content is AI-generated or plagiarised
Includes a chrome extension to improve the workflow further.Supports the English language only


Originality.ai costs $0.01 per 100 words checked. 

There is no limit on the number of users and website scanned and full access to features.

AI Tools of Interest for Creators

How Accurate Are AI Content Detectors?

Like the idea of building a bridge stems from the need to connect two land bodies separated by water/valley, the one uncompromisable aspect of all AI content detectors is accuracy

As seen above, of these AI content detectors, some are free, some are paid – some do a plagiarism check, some don’t – some take large text input, some can’t – and so on. But if any of them is inaccurate, their use is questionable. And the sad news is that no AI text detector tool is 100% accurate. 

As mentioned earlier, I tested multiple tools in different ways for quite some time – but found that the overall accuracy of AI content detectors ranges between 65% and 90%. 

As AI text generators keep evolving, it’s only a matter of time before AI text detectors will catch up to them. Also, as policymakers across the globe are putting AI-related tools under the microscope, something that balances AI creation and detection could be put forth for the good of everyone.  

How to Choose the best AI detection tool?

To find the best AI detection tool that best suits you, first know what you wish the tool to do. By doing that, you can have a better idea of your requirements. 

The best AI checker will have:

  • Text highlighting
  • Plagiarism checker
  • High accuracy of content detection, 
  • Can flag inappropriate content 

With that, also compare your budget against the pricing plans provided. Lastly, many tools have trial and demo versions. You can use multiple tools to know which one is easy to use for you.

Have a proper mix of all the parameters, and you will automatically be able to find the best AI detector for you. 

Which is The Most Accurate AI detector (Our Test Result)

No AI checker is accurate. However, some of these AI checkers do a decent job of flagging AI-generated content. Out of all the tools I have used so far, two of them were able to detect AI easily.

One of the best parts about them is both are my top picks for the best free AI detectors!

  • Copyleaks -92% accuracy
  • Writer.com -90% accuracy

Note: Ratings are based on my personal experience.

Since both tools are free, I make sure to run checks through both before the final copy is done. In many instances, Writer.com detected content as AI written despite writing manually. On the other hand, Copyleaks can detect AI quickly. 

However, I still consider Copyleaks as one of the most reliable AI detectors!

Wrapping Up: Top AI Content Detectors (2024)

That is all with the best AI detectors for your content verification needs. The best AI checker you choose will transform the way you scan and check content. Below are my top 3 recommendations that I think really aced the game:

  • Winston AI – The tool can scan larger documents and even books!
  • Copyleaks – Best AI detector free
  • Writer AI – The tool has a user-friendly AI scoring system and needs no signup to use

Please know that your choice can be completely different from the above. You can let me know in the comments below if you like any other tool than these three. 

On the ending note, these best AI detectors can serve as a helping hand to detect AI generated content. However, I recommend using multiple AI detection tools to be 100% sure!


Should I use an AI checker tool?

Google, on many occasions, has clearly stated that it considers AI-generated content low-quality. Therefore, pure AI content is against Google’s webmaster guidelines. Recently, John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, again asserted that AI-generated content is spam. Therefore, checking your content for originality before publishing it on your website is prudent. 

What AI detection tools should I use?

It depends on your requirements. There are both paid and free AI text detectors available. However, if you are all in for accuracy, I think there’s no better tool than originality.ai. If you are looking for a free tool, content at Scale and sapling.ai is worth considering. While the former is more geared toward accuracy, the latter is committed to AI text detection for all NLP-based models.

Can Google detect AI content?

In all likelihood, Google can detect AI content. Its webmaster guidelines explicitly iterate that AI content is low quality and spam. Therefore, it’s safe to assume it must have placed mechanisms to detect AI content. 

How AI Content Detectors Work?

AI content Detectors rely on the same NLP models that the AI writing tools utilize to generate text. In short, they are trained to detect the inherent patterns and use of words and phrases in AI content. These tools then rate the content based on the likelihood of how Google will see it.

Which is the most reliable AI detector?

While no tool is 100% reliable, Copyleaks has proven itself to have around 92% accuracy in detecting AI written content. Since the tool is free to use, you can test it out!

Can AI content be detected?

Several tools and programs claim to detect whether a text is written by AI or a human. However, the accuracy of these tools is questionable

What is an AI content detector?

An AI content detector is a tool that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish and identify content created by AI writing tools.

What is the Best AI Content Detector?

Our top-rated AI content detector is Originality.ai. It is an essential tool for content operations as it effectively sniffs out AI-generated content and detects plagiarism.

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