9 Best AI Voice Generator In 2023 (Compared)

AI is progressing towards completing a full circle of generation. After conversations, images, videos, and music, now AI can now generate voices that can be so good to fool you for a real human voice.

AI has upped its game and is continuously expanding its knowledge and how it can utilize that knowledge for the betterment of humans. Every AI tool learns and progresses with the amount of data the user provides.

We scraped the internet to find the best AI voice generators in the field for you to choose the one best for you and your needs.

List of 9 Best AI Voice Generators (Ranked)

These are the best picks we found who understand the AI voice generation process well and provide exceptional outputs. In the table below, you will find the tool name, key feature, and starting plans.

Sr. No.NameKey features Pricing
1Eleven LabsSpeech synthesis (add emotions and accents)$5/mo
2Play.htCustom phonetics and acronyms$7.20/mo
3Murf.AIVoice changer$19/mo
4ListnrPodcast hosting, recording, and editing$9/mo
5SpeechifyAI Dubbing$11.58/mo
6LOVO (Genny)Pronunciation editor$19/mo
8Resemble.AIAI watermark$0.006 per second
9DescriptCollaborating Overdub voice$12/mo

Let’s learn more about each of these AI voice generators and see what they are capable of:

1. Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs is a realistic, versatile, and aware AI audio-generating tool that produces over 100 voices in 20 different languages, giving you plenty of ways to generate a voice using AI. 

It creates exceptionally real-sounding voices packed with a simple UI for users to navigate. Out of all the options we wrote about, Eleven Labs’s voice added more weight and emotions to words which made it stand out from the rest.

Eleven Labs overview

Key features

  • Clone your voice
  • Speech synthesis (add emotions and accents)
  • Pay as per the number of characters
  • Community voice library

Best for

  • Narrating a book
  • Voiceover for Youtube videos


Eleven Labs offers a free plan that lets you use 10,000 characters per month and create up to 3 custom voices. The other plans vary as per the number of characters and custom voices

StarterCreatorIndependent publisherGrowing businessEnterprise
$5/mo$22/mo$99/mo$330/moContact sales

2. PlayHT

PlayHT is a text-to-speech audio content creator that covers various voices and languages. It flexes a library of 800 and more natural voices and 142 languages and accents at the users’ disposal using their distinct Machine learning technology.

It lets you clone your voice, which you can use for an audio article, youtube videos, and other human-like voice-over purposes. PlayHT has different types of voices like a voice of an Explainer, Children, a voice with emotions, character voices for gaming and training voices for education purposes.

PlayHT overview

Key features

  • AI podcasts
  • Create custom phonetics and acronyms
  • Celebrity voice cloning
  • Text–to-voice editor

Best for

  • Translation and dubbing
  • Podcasts
  • Voiceovers


Apart from the free plan, the subscription plans for PlayHT are as follows:

$ 7.20/mo$ 31.20/mo$ 49.50/mo
(Limited time deal)
Custom price

3. Murf.AI

Murf.AI is a versatile tool that is an all-in-one AI voice generator. You can play with its features to adjust your pitch, interjections, speed, and speech emphasis.

Users can do more than just generate AI voices with Play.ht. They also get custom editing features for voiceovers with options to mute or delete unwanted parts, remove filler words and sync an audio file with a video.

Murf.AI overview

Key features

  • Voice over video
  • Voice changer
  • Voiceover add-on for Google slides
  • Voice cloning

Best for

  • Podcast editing
  • Spotify ads
  • Animation videos


The basic subscription plan starts at $19/mo for Murf.AI when billed annually

Free planBasic planPro PlanEnterprise

4. Listnr

Listnr gives you access to 142 languages and 900+ voices and the features like a voice changer, text-to-speech converter, text-to-speech human voice, and youtube videos. You can also insert a link to an article or blog and convert it into a narration.

Listnr has additional features, such as a transcriber to convert audio into text, voice cloning, and an embeddable audio player letting you share your content globally. 

Listnr overview

Key features

  • Podcast hosting, recording, and editing
  • Audio player widget
  • Text-to-speech API
  • Podcast hosting

Best for

  • Beginners starting a new podcast.


Listnr has a free plan that offers 1000 words/mo with 1GB storage and access to over 300 voices. The other subscription plans are:

Student planIndividual planSolo planAgency plan

5. Speechify

This is one of the finest text-to-speech readers that helps you read through emails and PDFs, helping the user summarize the text instantly. Speechify offers dubbing, voice cloning, voice-over, and an AI video generator feature. 

Speechify lets you listen to content from your browser, Google Chrome, Iphone, Android, and Mac apps.

Speechify overview

Key features

  • AI Dubbing
  • Control audio speed
  • Available on Android, iOS, and Chrome
  • Reading speed adjustment

Best for

  • Easily reading texts via audio


Speechify has two different pricing plans for text-to-speech, AI voiceover, and for audiobooks.

Text-to-SpeechAI VoiceoverAudiobook 

6. Genny by LOVO AI

Genny is the AI text-to-speech product from Lovo AI which can generate emotional voices and can express up to 25+ emotions. It can even show hesitation, sound drunk, shout, and cry

It saves you a bundle of time for creating and editing content with its ability to create video scripts, beautiful art, and photos using AI. Dubbing over videos and adding sound effects or soundtracks are easily executed by Genny with over 100+ languages.

Genny by LOVO AI overview

Key features

  • Speech emphasis
  • Pronunciation editor
  • Text-to-speech
  • Voice cloning

Best for

  • Audiobooks
  • Corporate training
  • Education and explainer videos


Lovo gives a free plan with a 14-day free trial for the Pro plan


7. Synthesys

Syntheses is an all-in-one AI generator tool. It can handle all your AI-related requests by generating AI-curated voices, videos, images, and avatars. This helps you create content effortlessly, especially the ones related to audio.

Generating voices from text is as easy as 1-2-3 with Syntheses. Users with no prior media or editing experience can be assured of using Syntheses smoothly. The voice edit or customization options are fewer as compared to the other options in our list but cover a good range of uses

Synthesys overview

Key features

  • Unlimited voiceover downloads
  • Share created voice
  • Extensive library of professional voices
  • Cloud-based application

Best for

  • AI branding videos
  • Radio commercials
  • Storytelling


Syntheses do not offer a free plan for the users to try the services, and the basic plan starts from $27/mo. 

Audio SynthesesHuman Studio SynthesesAudio and Human Studio Syntheses

8. Resemble.AI

Resemble AI lets you expand your AI voiceover needs and enables you to use your own voice for it. Resemble AI is not limited to text-to-speech like many options. This tool offers additional features like speech-to-speech, emotions, and localize.

These features assist you in converting your voice into an AI voice, saving you the task of typing a text, adding emotions to the audio, and converting your voice into over 60 languages.

Resemble.AI overview

Key features

  • AI speech-to-speech
  • AI watermark
  • Deepfake detector

Best for

  • Call centers
  • Blogs
  • Narration


Resemble AI has an unusual pricing plan where they do not offer a monthly subscription but charge you per second instead, giving your brain some mathematical exercise!

$0.006 per secondContact team

9. Descript 

Descript is an impressive tool for everything around podcast creation. It contains a feature called ‘Overdub,’ which lets you create an ultra-realistic voice clone of your voice. Descript uses Lyrebird AI to achieve the superior quality of AI voice generations. 

It comes free with a Descript subscription which gives you other additional features like screen recording, remote recording, video editing, and filler word removal.

Bonus: Check out how Descript can be your perfect fit for podcast editing with our list of top AI podcast editing tools.

Descript overview

Key features

  • Collaborating Overdub voice
  • Multiple voice creation
  • Ultra-realistic voice with Lyrebird AI
  • Voice generator included with Descript subscription

Best for

  • Recording and editing a Podcast using AI


The pricing plans include podcast editing features. The plans below are priced if paid annually.


What is AI Voice?

An AI voice generator is a tool that can convert text into speech, also known as text-to-speech (TTS). It analyzes the text input and generates a sound similar to that of a human or lets a user create a clone of their voice.

This cloned voice can then be used for various purposes, which would help record narrations for youtube videos, create audiobooks, voiceovers for education purposes, and more. Some are highly capable and can add emphasis, change tone and mood too.

How does an AI Voice generator work?

Like conversational AI tools, AI voice generators process natural language and algorithms to understand written text and combine it into generating speech.

It studies the appropriate accents across languages and learns proper pronunciations, inflections, and modulations humans express in real life. These generated voices can then be used as intended by the user.

Our other ai resources which you can checkout.

Verdict – Which AI Voice generator is the best?

AI voice generators are bound to excel and ease various daily activities for all human professional and personal needs. These tools are a great way to minimize time and maximize the output of a project a user works on.

Here are the top picks that we liked better than the rest based on their usability and features:

  • Eleven Labs – for its incredible ability to add emotions to audio
  • Play.ht – AI podcast creation
  • Resemble AI – Deepfake detector

Marketers, educators, podcast creators, authors, and content creators are all blessed with these advanced tools as they bring the ability of greater customization to their work. 

Which one are you choosing? Let us know in the comments section.

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