11 Best AI Voice Generator In 2024 (Tested & Compared)

To help you find the best AI voice generator, I dwelled into 50+ tools and thoroughly tested each. Based on my experience with them, I have shortlisted 11 voice generators with robust capabilities.

I tested each tool in the list, and you can find my audio tests in the descriptions to give you a glimpse of the output I received from these tools.

To give you a quick verdict, here are the top three AI voice generators that stood out for me. 

  • Eleven Labs (Free): Overall best AI voice generator
  • PlayHT (Free): For enhanced transcription
  • Murf.ai (Free): Best for users looking for a voice changer

Besides these three tools, I also have more options that you can try. The list will include paid and free AI voice generators that you can test out!

So, stay with me to the end of this article and find out what’s in store for you!

Top AI Voice Generators of 2024 (Handpicked List)

Here are my top picks and a summary of each tool to help you understand the top AI voice generators.

AI Voice GeneratorBest ForPriceFree option
Eleven LabsSpeech synthesis (add emotions and accents)$5/month & $1/month for first monthYes
PlayHTCustom phonetics and acronyms$39.00/month (Starter)Yes
Murf.aiVoice changer$29/month per user (Basic)Yes
ListnrPodcast hosting, recording, and editing$9/month (Student)Yes
SpeechifyAI Dubbing$99/month (Individual)No
Genny by LOVOPronunciation editor$36/month (Basic)Yes
SynthesysUser-friendly UI $23/MonthNo
Resemble.aiNo AI Watermark$0.006 per secondFree trial
DescriptCollaborating Overdub voice$12/month (Creator)No
TypecastAnimated audio-video content $7.99/month (Basic)Yes
Clipchampaudio -video editor, and Speaker Coach$1.99/monthYes

Let’s learn more about each of these AI voice generators and see what they are capable of:

1. Eleven Labs (Free & Paid)

Eleven Labs is a realistic, versatile, and aware AI audio-generating tool that produces over 100 voices in 20 different languages, giving you plenty of ways to generate a voice using AI. 

It creates exceptionally real-sounding voices packed with a simple UI for users to navigate. Out of all the options we wrote about, Eleven Labs’s voice added more weight and emotions to words, which made it stand out from the rest.

The best part is that it has a Free Version called – the Base Plan. This plan is perfect for anyone to test speech synthesis. 

Eleven Labs

Additionally, it lets you create random voices with the voice design feature, which I’m looking forward to using in the future.

Furthermore, the tool works with details. The Elevan Labs’ Voice Lab feature was specifically the game changer for me due to its ability to customize voices and adjust settings as per the script/text’s requirement. 

Eleven Labs User Review

Key features

  • Clone your voice
  • Community voice library
  • SSML for advanced speech controls
  • Detailed Voice customization features
  • Speech synthesis (add emotions and accents)
  • Voice synthesis in real-time with Streaming API


  • Human-like AI-generated voices
  • The free plan also includes advanced features.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for efficient voice generation.


  • You only get limited control over the speech.

Best for

  • Narrating a book
  • Voiceover for YouTube videos


Eleven Labs offers a free plan that lets you use 10,000 characters per month and create up to 3 custom voices. Paid plan starts from $1/month for the first month and $5/month then onwards.

2. PlayHT (Free & Paid)

PlayHT is an efficient AI voice changer that offers a text-to-speech file creation tool, allowing users to edit and modify the files. I was amazed by the advanced features and the precise voice synthesis, that too for free.

While exploring the tool, Play.HT did everything for me, from converting text-to-speech files to allowing my text to be spoken in any language. 

All of this is possible due to its cutting-edge machine learning that helps make TTS files sound reality-like and accurate. 

PlayHT -AI voice generator

But what helped me was its ability to adapt to any language easily, making my audio files sound like I had given them a voice. It did not expose my work by processing the voices in all languages naturally with the machine learning algorithm. 

This also offers an ai-transcription and translation feature, but I tried to review it for you. This feature is powered by IBM, Google, and Amazon (trustworthy sources).

As the last test, I tried this tool to help a friend grow their YouTube channel for a few days. The end result was quite satisfactory by implementing this tool for voiceover, transcription, and translation.

The only flaw I found with it is that the tool doesn’t offer plans below $30, which can offer fewer words (in the text) with advanced features. Though the free plan is there, you don’t get advanced features with it.

PlayHT User Review

Key features

  • Create custom phonetics and acronyms
  • Celebrity voice cloning
  • Text–to-voice editor
  • Make conversational voiceovers with different voices
  • Fine-tune the pitch, pauses, and voice rate.
  • Reuse the custom pronunciations


  • Pronounces terms and acronyms clearly.
  • Allows up to 2500 words even in the free plan. 
  • Lets you voiceover content due to its conversational voiceover feature.
  • Ultra-realistic voices after using customized pronunciations.
  • Multiple non-English languages are available.


  • No plan is available below $30 for a small number of words while using advanced features.

Best for

  • Translation and dubbing
  • Podcasts
  • Voiceovers


You can use the free plan of PlayHT. However, it comes with restricted features. To unlock advanced features, you can opt for its paid plan starting at $29/month.

3. Murf.AI (Free & Paid)

Murf.AI is a versatile tool that is an all-in-one AI voice generator. You can play with its features to adjust your pitch, interjections, speed, and speech emphasis.

I used Murf.ai to create text-to-speech to create YouTube shorts and start going viral through stories. I chose thriller stories, which are quite popular nowadays. 

I went to the Murf.ai dashboard and chose the create project option to start the project. The further process was quicker than expected. 

Murf.AI user interface

Next, I clicked on video between the audio and video options, allowing me to choose the perfect format for my video.  

dashboard of Murf.AI

Later, I moved to the voice selection part, which had 120 voices in 20 languages. For the best outcome, I chose the most intimidating voice for my thriller short video. 

Using Murf.AI

Next, for the script part, I only added it and edited it with the editing features and Viola! My job was done. 

What struck me next was the additional feature of adding visuals to your story, which made everything come out perfectly.

Overall, it has the perfect features to be on my list of best AI voice generators!

Murf.ai Testimonial –

Key features

  • Voice over video
  • Beginner-friendly UI
  • 120 voices in over 20 languages.
  • Customize pitch, inflection, emphasis, and emotional tone.
  • Google Slides TTS extension and Free audio library.
  • Voice changer and voice cloning


  • Ability to sync voice for videos makes your job 10 times easier.
  • Intimidating African-American voice collection with Murf.Ai.
  • A smooth and easy-to-use web interface helped me finish the task quickly.


  • Consumes a little extra time when you attempt to create a multi-character dialogue.

Best for

  • Podcast editing
  • Spotify ads
  • Animation videos


To upgrade from the free plan, you can get the basic plan worth $19/month with more benefits.

4. Listnr

Listnr gives you access to 142 languages and 900+ voices and features like a voice changer, text-to-speech converter, text-to-speech human voice, and YouTube videos.

Listnr has additional features, such as a transcriber to convert audio into text, voice cloning, and an embeddable audio player that lets you share your content globally. 

When I used it for my voiceover scripts, I didn’t even need an extra subscription to use the voices from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure. 

Primarily, I used Listnr for Voiceover for my videos, and I was actually satisfied with it, knowing I could use it for free, too. 

Listnr -best Ai voice generator

The high-quality voices helped me keep my video professional, and I really liked customizing the voices to my personal intentions. The process using text-to-speech and voiceover speech is easy to follow, avoiding confusion for users.

To get started, I chose a voice, pasted my script, and saved it. Further from the saved file, I copied the embedded link to the same audio and pasted it into the audio player settings to customize the voice. Short and simple. 

Listnr  UI

Imagine the amount of time you could save and the number of files you can create quickly. 

Overall, it’s an amazing and free AI voice generator!

Listnr Testimonial –

Key features

  • Podcast hosting, recording, and editing
  • Audio player widget
  • Text-to-speech API
  • Insert a link to an article or blog and convert it into a narration.
  • Audio analytics
  • Automatic RSS Field for podcasts.


  • Offers voice from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Change the speaking and pronunciation style for a natural touch.
  • You can turn your articles into audio blogs with the embeddable audio player.
  • The UI offered by Listnr is user-friendly.


  • Words decide the pricing rather than characters.
  • Listnr doesn’t allow you to use uncompressed WAV for downloads.

Best for

  • Beginners starting a new podcast.


Listnr has a free plan that offers 1000 words/mo with 1GB storage and access to over 300 voices. You can get the affordable student plan worth $9/month or an individual at $19/month for more advanced features.

5. Speechify

This is one of the finest text-to-speech readers that helps you read through emails and PDFs, helping the user summarize the text instantly. Speechify offers dubbing, voice cloning, voice-over, and an AI video generator feature. 

Speechify lets you listen to content from your browser and Google Chrome, iPhone, Android, and Mac apps.

For aspiring content creators who are camera-shy, Speechify has many things in store for you. Whether you wish to make content on food, fitness, education, or any other niche, Speechify has an AI voice-over tool for you.

You can also choose the voices of famous celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Snoop Dogg, MrBeast, etc. 


The process surprisingly takes a few minutes only and has been a game changer for someone like me with a busy schedule. 

I was only required to either paste a script or import one from files and render the text by sentence paragraph. Next, you choose the voice of voiceover in your preferred language.

Further in the process, I adjusted the voices with basic and advanced settings, including add, pause, pitch adjustments, and more options that were pretty quick, too. 

Speechify user interface

Moreover, the Text-to-speech feature is a lifesaver when it comes to reading texts. It couldn’t get easier and more natural than Speechify was providing to me. 

Speechify Testimonial –

Key features

  • AI Dubbing
  • Control audio speed
  • Natural Human HD voices.
  • Reading speed adjustment
  • Advanced skipping and importing.
  • Additional tools to highlight and take notes.


  • Speechify is efficiently capable of making life-like text-to-speech.
  • Simply change AI reading speed with its speed customization feature.
  • I was able to highlight and take notes while I was reading the text.


  • The tool’s primary target customers are people who read with TTS. 
  • You cannot access Speechify audiobooks without a premium subscription.

Best for

  • Easily reading texts via audio


You can go for the free plan if you don’t want to spend on an AI voice generator. However, the basic plan is available at $99/month which you can opt for a better experience.

6. Genny by LOVO AI

Genny is the AI text-to-speech product from Lovo AI which can generate emotional voices and can express up to 25+ emotions. It can even show hesitation, sound drunk, shout, and cry

It saves you a bundle of time for creating and editing content with its ability to create video scripts, beautiful art, and photos using AI. Dubbing over videos and adding sound effects or soundtracks are easily executed by Genny, with over 100+ languages.

The entire process of voiceover on this tool was the same as others if you have your script ready. However, the show stealer is the AI Writer feature, which also allows you to generate a script by entering some basic information.

Genny by LOVO AI

Plus, with a constant need for voiceovers, I could definitely take advantage of the AI writer feature for scripts.

I was impressed with the user-friendly interface and design when I started using this tool. No more juggling between confusing features and techniques.  

The drag-and-drop feature specifically saved a lot of time in the voiceover process. Next, all that was left for me was to simply add my script, choose a voice, and wait for Genny to work its magic.

Additionally, the TTS and voice cloning feature was a cherry on top for my teammate, who worked on other niches. 

For example, the TTS tool might come in handy to you if you read a lot, while voice cloning helps you clone your own voice to make the texts more personalized.

Genny by LOVO AI Testimonial –

Key features

  • Speech emphasis
  • Pronunciation editor
  • Text-to-speech & Voice cloning
  • 500+ voices with 150 languages and accents.
  • Customize speed, intonation, and pronunciation.
  • Genny AI Writer for script writing assistance. 


  • Genny was very easy to understand for me due to its clutter-free UI.
  • It has better female voices than most AI voice generators I have ever tested.
  • The tool doesn’t waste your credits if you re-generate the same speech.


  • Genny by LOVO doesn’t support emphasis and pause customization.

Best for

  • Audiobooks
  • Corporate training
  • Education and explainer videos


Among all the affordable plans, you can start upgrading your experience with the $29/month creator plan.

7. Synthesys

Syntheses is an all-in-one AI generator tool. It can handle all your AI-related requests by generating AI-curated voices, videos, images, and avatars. This helps you create content effortlessly, especially the ones related to audio.

When looking for that unique factor in Synthesis, I found out that it can also help in making a video out of text. 


Synthesys also offers a Text-to-video. It allowed me to select over 80 avatars to lip-sync my script, allowing me to use it for extra personalization and add that visual touch to my content.

Additionally, to create social media posts and a thumbnail to promote the same content, I used another helpful feature – The AI Image Generator by Synthesys.

Synthesys Testimonial –

Key features

  • Unlimited voiceover downloads
  • Share created voice
  • Extensive library of professional voices
  • Cloud-based application
  • Multiple human-like AI avatars and lip sync with the audio.
  • Customize outfits and backgrounds.


  • It additionally offers an AI image generator Chrome extension.
  • Synthesys offers natural-sounding voices like most of the top AI vice generators.
  • The tool is budget-friendly, allowing you to test the tool.


  • The limit to download is only 120 mins per day.

Best for

  • AI branding videos
  • Radio commercials
  • Storytelling


Syntheses do not offer a free plan for the users to try the services. However, you can opt for its paid plan at  $23/month.

8. Resemble.AI

Resemble AI lets you expand your AI voiceover needs and enables you to use your own voice for it. Resemble AI is not limited to text-to-speech like many options. This tool offers additional features like speech-to-speech, emotions, and localization. It also assists in converting your voice into over 60 languages.

While experimenting with Resemble.AI, the tool’s accuracy in generating an AI voice that replicates your own voice was proof of its potential.

The user-friendly interface was something I really appreciated. It made everything sorted for new users.  

Like others, Resemble allows you to perform the basic voiceover and voice cloning tasks. However, I wondered what is that extra element it offers that can benefit me from this tool.


Then, I stumbled upon Resemble.AI’s capabilities to go beyond voice cloning and voiceover and integrate with GPT-3 to generate natural speech. 

It made my job of creating or writing scripts much easier while giving me the freedom to use the vast library of voices and style my content my way.

Also, note that I found the tool lacking when it comes to the collection of voices. It could’ve been extended a little.

Resemble.AI Testimonial –

Key features

  • AI watermark
  • Deepfake detector
  • Web-recorded custom voices.
  • Unlimited audio downloads.
  • Upload custom data with PRO
  • Cross-lingual support with 24 languages with PRO.


  • Since this tool specializes in voice cloning, the generated voice sounds natural.
  • It perfectly adds emotions to the clones’ voices.
  • The voice swap option was enough for me to convert my voice into a completely different one.
  • 30-day free trial to test out the tool.


  • The voice collection could have been extended, as it only has 50 voices.

Best for

  • Blogs
  • Narration


Once the 30-day free trial ends, you have to upgrade to the paid plan. Note that the trial comes with limited features and a limit of 250 words. The basic subscription plan costs $0.006 per second, and then you can upgrade to the Pro plan with custom pricing.

9. Descript 

Descript is an impressive tool for everything around podcast creation. It contains a feature called ‘Overdub,’ which lets you create an ultra-realistic voice clone of your voice. Descript uses Lyrebird AI to achieve the superior quality of AI voice generations. 

For the type of videos I create, I constantly seek new, innovative tools that can help enhance my storytelling. The Descript AI captivated me with its unique ability to create a voice for my favorite character. 

Altogether, it’s been a really good experience to use Descript. The tool’s initiative to show clients samples of episode scripts displays satisfaction with their experience.

It’s amazing how considerate Descript is to let us users write scripts and work using the audio file and transcript simultaneously. 


Once the process is finished, we can download the raw project for sound editing and cleanup in a different DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

 I’m satisfied with the outcomes of using Descript for editing, sound design, and exporting in other projects. 

I still find it difficult to suggest Descript to anyone starting a podcast, even with all of its flaws and restrictions.  However, you can find a task to use Descript somewhere in your work process.

Descript Testimonial –

Bonus: Check out how Descript can be your perfect fit for podcast editing with our list of top AI podcast editing tools.

Key features

  • Multiple voice creation
  • Ultra-realistic voice with Lyrebird AI
  • Voice generator included with Descript subscription
  • Remote recording.
  • Automatic transcription
  • Screen Recording to record audio.


  • You can clone your voice with Descript.
  • It allowed me to test out the AI generator from their website.
  • The AI-generated voice is useful for making videos with the same tool.


  • English is the only language offered for AI voice generation.

Best for

  • Recording and editing a Podcast using AI


While the free version is sufficient for anyone looking for a quick solution, you can opt for a more enhanced user experience and additional professional tools with the paid plan. The creator tool costs $12/month.

10. Typecast

Typecast offers realistic AI voice characters (virtual actors with text-to-speech ability. The process of making content with Typecast is pretty easy. 

For instance, I tried the templates offered by the tool to see how it works with AI-generated voice. After choosing the educational template, I got a script-ready template. The only job I had to do was edit it my way, and Viola, you content it ready!


You can also create your content without the template, so I tried that out, too.

I got started with the ‘Create new’ option, chose a suitable character from the list, and started writing my script. 

How to use Typecast

After this small process, all that was left was generating AI voices for the text. I saved time while getting 2-3 content done in half an hour including the editing part.

The tool can apply 300 lifelike voices while choosing any animated character from the collection. There are a few helpful templates for making documentaries, audiobooks, and educational content.

Typecast Testimonial:

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective production by cutting costs by 4 times.
  • Vivid AI voice emotion with prompt input.
  • Vast character library
  • Audio and video content creation
  • Large collection of virtual characters.
  • Detailed speech control with PRO.


  • I got to choose a new character with a new background from a large collection.
  • I appreciate the quick and easy video editor that saved so much time.
  • There are a total of 4 different pricing plans to choose from, including a free plan.


  •  Creating transcriptions becomes a bit slow at times.


In case you decide to move forward from the free trial, the Basic plan only costs $7.99/month.

11. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is primarily a video and audio editor that also helps you as a user-friendly AI voice generator. The best part about it is that you can use it offline, too. 

Whenever my Wi-Fi is down, I simply use it in offline mode, allowing users to use the tool when the internet is not available.


The tool offers you 170+ voices for text-to-speech tasks in the free version and in the premium plans. Also, there is no watermark with the free version, which I actually prefer. 

Moreover, if you find it difficult to record your audio confidently, there’s also a speaker coach feature in the webcam recorder tool.

ClipChamp Testimonial –

Key Features:

  • Plenty of Video templates 
  • 170 voices with AI text-to-speech 
  • Web camera and screen recorder.
  • Large video library.
  • Save branded kits along with your logo, font, and color schemes.
  • Text transitions 


  • The thing I liked the most about this tool is its free version has almost all its features.
  • For people who are new users, the user-friendly UI can be understood easily.
  • Plenty of templates are available for social media content creation.


  • The AI voice collection is the default Microsoft TTS voice. It takes away the natural factor from them.


Climchamp offers a free plan and a premium plan of $1.99/month and $119.99/year.

What is AI Voice?

An AI voice generator is a tool that can convert text into speech, also known as text-to-speech (TTS). It analyzes the text input and generates a sound similar to that of a human or lets a user create a clone of their voice.

This cloned voice can then be used for various purposes, which would help record narrations for YouTube videos, create audiobooks, voiceovers for education purposes, and more. Some are highly capable and can add emphasis, change tone and mood too.

How does an AI Voice generator work?

Like conversational AI tools, AI voice generators process natural language and algorithms to understand written text and combine it into generating speech.

It studies the appropriate accents across languages and learns proper pronunciations, inflections, and modulations humans express in real life. These generated voices can then be used as intended by the user.

Our other AI resources which you can check out.

Verdict – Which AI Voice Generator is The Best?

Helping you generate realistic and natural-sounding voices is actually possible with the AI Voice Generator list mentioned above.  

They are powerful with similar and unique purposes to help you create podcasts, audiobooks, video voiceovers, and whatnot. 

Out of all the tools, here are my top 3 best AI voice generators recommendations: 

  • Eleven Labs –  For accurate voice cloning and customized voice synthesis.
  • PlayHT – For ease of use, variety of language, and enhanced transcription.
  • Murf.ai – For multiple customization features, a smooth process, and a user-friendly interface.

Since most of them offer free versions or plans, you can test it out yourself! Let us know which one you like the most. 

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