Blockchain Statistics of 2024 (Market Size & Users)

The blockchain market has steadily grown over the years. Its market value increased from $4.19 billion in 2020 to $19.36 billion in 2023.

It is fascinating to see that the blockchain industry is worth billions even though just 3.9% of people worldwide use it.

Let us take a closer look at the number of blockchain users, adoption rate, and more in this article. 

Blockchain Statistics for 2024 (Quick Insights)

  • More than 300 million people worldwide use Blockchain.
  • Over 85 million people worldwide use Blockchain Wallet.
  • The blockchain market is predicted to reach $32.69 billion in 2024.
  • The global spending on blockchain solutions is forecasted to reach $19 billion in 2024. 
  • There are nearly 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence. Of these, 9,024 cryptocurrencies are considered active.
  • Nearly 90% of the businesses surveyed reported deploying blockchain technology in some capacity.
  • 86% of people believe Blockchain technology can enhance their business.
  • Crypto users lost $1.8 billion in 2023 hacks and scams.

Block Chain Users

Nearly 1 in 20 people worldwide use Blockchain. That is quite low compared to the number of people who are aware of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

Besides, the highest number of Blockchain users are from the Asian continent, followed by Europeans.

More Than 300 Million People Worldwide Use Blockchain

This means that 3.9% of the global population will use blockchain in 2024. 

If we talk about region-wise usage, then 160 million people in Asia use the technology, while just 1 million people in Oceania use it.

Blockchain Users In Different Regions Worldwide

The following table displays the number of blockchain users in different regions worldwide. 

RegionNumber of blockchain users 
Asia160 million
Europe38 million
Africa32 million
North America28 million
South America24 million
Oceania1 million

Source: Kruschecompany, Zippia. 

Over 85 Million People Worldwide Use Blockchain Wallet

The number of blockchain wallet users has grown significantly over the past few years. There were just 10 million blockchain wallet users in 2016. This number reached 80 million in 2021. 

This was an increase of 70 million blockchain wallet users in just 5 years. 

Number Of Blockchain Wallet Users

The following table displays the number of blockchain wallet users recorded over the years. 

Year Number of blockchain wallet users
202285.08 million
202180.24 million
202063.48 million
201944.51 million
201831.91 million
201719.34 million
201610.69 million
20155.34 million
20142.71 million
20130.89 million
20120.07 million

NOTE: Although the figures are from 2022, that’s the latest data available.

Source: Kruschecompany, Statista.

Blockchain Market Size

The blockchain market is predicted to reach $162.84 billion by the end of 2027. The market is currently estimated to be valued at over $32 billion.

The market is predicted to grow by $143.48 billion in a span of just four years.

The Blockchain Technology Market Size Is Forecasted To Reach $32.69 Billion in 2024

Further, the forecast states that the market will be valued at $162.84 billion by the year 2027. 

Increased investments in blockchain technology and the rising adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems are major factors contributing to the growth of the blockchain market. 

Market Size Of Blockchain Technology

The following table displays the blockchain technology market size recorded over the years:

YearBlockchain market size
2027*$162.84  billion
2026*$94.89 billion
2025*$55.54 billion
2024*$32.69 billion
2023$19.36 billion
2022$11.54 billion
2021$6.92 billion
2020$4.19 billion
2019$2.55 billion
2018$1.57 billion
2017$0.98 billion

Source: Statista

Cryptocurrency Statistics

The number of cryptocurrency users increased by 415 million in the past three years. 

This rapid growth in the number of users is due to the increasing awareness about crypto and blockchain among people worldwide. 

Here are further details about the cryptocurrency users. 

There Are Over 516 Million Cryptocurrency Users Worldwide As Of 2024

This is an increase of 90 million cryptocurrency users compared to 2022. The number of users in that year was recorded to be 425 million. 

The number of crypto users grew by more than 377% since the beginning of 2021

Number Of Cryptocurrency Users

The following table displays the number of Cryptocurrency users recorded over the years. 

YearNumber of Cryptocurrency users
2023516 million
2022425 million
2021295 million
2020101 million
201835 million
201718 million

Source: Statista.

There Are 9,024 Cryptocurrencies In Existence As Of 2024

While there have been over 20,000 cryptocurrencies launched to date, only 45% of them are currently active. The rest of the cryptocurrencies are either inactive or discontinued.  

The following table displays the number of active cryptocurrencies recorded over the years. 

YearNumber of active cryptocurrencies

Source: Statista

Blockchain User Demographics

Men’s interest has always been more significant than that of females in the blockchain and crypto markets. 

This is because females consider the market very risky and avoid its usage or investing in it. The same goes for Asians, as they prefer not to invest in the crypto markets.

Here are further details about the Blockchain and Crypto user demographics. 

Males Are More Than Twice As Likely To Have Used Cryptocurrencies

22% of the males reported that they had used cryptocurrencies, while just 10% of females said so.

As per a survey by CNBC and Acorn, 16% of men and 7% of women invest in blockchain technology.

The following table includes further findings from the survey. 

Investment TypeShare of Males InvestingShare of Females Investing
Blockchain Technology16%7%
exchange-traded funds14%7%
Individual Stocks40%24%
Mutual Funds30%20%
Real Estate36%30%

Source: Science Direct

62% Of The Crypto Owners Are White

Considering the fact that 69% of the population in the United States is White, it comes as no surprise that the highest percentage of Crypto owners in the United States are White.

The following table displays further details about the ethnicity and race of crypto owners in the United States. 

Ethnicity/ Race Percent of Crypto ownership 
Black or African-American8%

Source: Morning Consult.

57% Of The Total Number Of Crypto Owners In The United States Are Millennials

Most of the crypto owners belong to the working class and are financially educated about crypto and other assets. Hence, the highest number of crypto owners are Millennials. 

At the same time, the second highest share of crypto owners is GenX. 

The Share Of Crypto Owners By Different Generations In The United States

The following table shows the share of crypto owners by different generations in the United States. 

GenerationPercentage of Crypto Owners
Gen Z13%
Millennials 57%
Gen X20%
Baby Boomers10%

Source: Morning Consult

Business Blockchain Statistics

With the advancements in industries worldwide, almost 9 in 10 enterprises have adopted the usage of blockchain or are looking forward to it. 

Let us take a closer look at figures related to the adoption of blockchain by businesses worldwide. 

Nearly 90% Of The Businesses Surveyed Reported Deploying Blockchain Technology In Some Capacity

Incorporating Blockchain Technology Is A Strategy Embraced By Almost 90% Of The Businesses Surveyed

Furthermore, 87% of businesses said they plan to invest in blockchain in 2024.

42% of the Businesses that are already utilizing the technology are benefiting from its security capabilities. Another 42% of the businesses said they benefitted from its copy protection capabilities. 

Source: Coin Telegraph, Deloitte.

86% Of People Believe Blockchain Technology Can Enhance Our Integration Toward More Touchless Business Processes

In the Same survey, 91% of respondents expected to see a quantitative, verifiable return on their blockchain investments in the next five years.

Source: Delloite. 

Companies Like Adobe, Allianz, Baidu, etc Use Blockchain Technology

Here is a list of the top 10 companies that use Blockchain technology. 

CompaniesBlockchain Network Used
AllianzHyperledger Fabric, Corda
Andreessen Horowitz Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Celo, Near, Arweave, and others 
Ant GroupAntchain
AnthemHyperledger Fabric
A.P. Moller—Maersk TradeLens, Hyperledger Fabric 
BHPMineHub, Hyperledger Fabric 

81 Companies Of The Top 100 Publicly Traded Companies In The World Are Using Blockchain Technology

This list also includes companies that are still researching about the blockchain technology.  

However, 65 companies on the list have begun or completed the process of incorporating blockchain technology into their operations.

Source: Zippia.

77% Of Executives Said That Not Adopting Blockchain Technology Will Put Their Company At A Competitive Disadvantage

Over 3 out of 4 executives said blockchain technology is a game changer and is here to stay. Besides, 56% of the surveyed executives said that blockchain can disrupt their industries.

77% Of Executives See Not Using Blockchain As A Competitive Disadvantage

The following table includes details about the most popular blockchains among the top 100 public companies. 

BlockchainNumber of top companies who use it. 
Hyperledger Fabric26

Source: Zippia. 

Blockchain Spending And Adoption

With the increase in the adoption of blockchain, its spending worldwide is forecasted to reach $19 billion in 2024. However, in 2017, the spending on blockchain solutions was recorded to be just $0.95 billion.

Hence, the industry is forecasted to witness an increase of $18 billion in spending in just seven years. 

Here are further details about the adoption and spending on blockchain technology.

The Global Spending On Blockchain Solutions Is Predicted To Reach $19 Billion In 2024

In the year 2021, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions was recorded to be just $6.6 billion. Hence, the spending on blockchain solutions is predicted to increase by over $12 billion in just 3 years.

The following table displays the global spending recorded over the years for blockchain solutions. 

YearWorldwide spending on blockchain solutions 
2024$19 billion
2021$6.6 billion
2020$4.5 billion
2019$2.7 billion
2018$1.5 billion
2017$0.95 billion

Source: Statista

Almost 3 In 10 Organizations In The Banking Sector Have Adopted Blockchain Technology 

Over 90% of the banks in the United States and Europe have started blockchain-related projects. This has boosted the usage of blockchain in the banking sector.

As a result, Banking is the sector with the highest distribution of blockchain market value.

Distribution Of Blockchain Market Value By Sector

The following table displays the distribution of blockchain market value by sector. 

SectorMarket Share
Process manufacturing11.4%
Discrete manufacturing10.9%
Professional services6.6%

India Has The Highest Blockchain Adoption Rates Worldwide, With A Global Crypto Adoption Rate Of 1

Nigeria and Vietnam follow India on the list and take up second and third place, respectively. 

The United States ranks 4th in blockchain adoption, while the United Kingdom ranks 14th with global crypto adoption rates of 0.37 and 0.12, respectively.

Note that the highest crypto adoption rate is 1. 

Here are further details about the countries with the highest blockchain adoption rates worldwide. 

4United States

Source: Chinalysis, Statista.

Crypto Fraud Statistics

With the rise in the usage and adoption of blockchain and crypto, the number of cybercrimes has increased rapidly. 

AI-powered phishing scams, BRC-20 exploits, and new smart contract vulnerabilities are some of the biggest threats that crypto projects and investors are likely to face in 2024.

Crypto Users Lost $1.8 Billion In 2023 To Hacks And Scams

The number of single incidents increased by 90%, from 168 in 2022 to 319 in 2023.

A total of ​​$1.6 billion was lost as a result of hacks in 247 incidents, while fraud accounted for $103 million lost in 110 incidents.

The third quarter of 2023 proved to be the most disastrous, accounting for a third of all losses registered during the year.

Besides, in terms of monthly losses, the highest was recorded in November at $343 million.

However, 13.5% of the stolen funds, or around $231.7 million, had been recovered in 19 cases.

Here are further details about the months in 2023 that witnessed the highest losses to crypto frauds.

  1. November: $343 million lost 
  2. September: $340 million lost 
  3. July: $320 million lost

Source: The Block

The Cryptocurrency Losses That Occurred In 2023 Decreased By 54% Compared To 2022

Cybercriminals stole a record $3.8 billion in cryptocurrency in 2022. Meanwhile, the theft of $1.8 billion was recorded in 2023. 

The losses in 2022 witnessed a 15% increase than the previous year. In 2021, $3.3 billion worth of cryptocurrency was stolen by cybercriminals. 

Besides,  there were 198 reported crypto thefts in 2022. A 45% increase compared to last year. A total of 136 cases of crypto thefts were recorded in 2021. 

Source: Chinalysis, Comparitech

Ronin Network Faced A Loss Of $620 Million In March 2022

This was the biggest cryptocurrency heist of all time.

A senior engineer in Ronin Network downloaded a PDF file containing spyware. This gave the attacker control of four of the network’s private validator keys.

As a result, the cybercriminals stole more than 173,000 Ethereum, worth $595 million at the time, plus another $25.5 million from a bank account.

Some of the other biggest cryptocurrency heists of all time are Poly Network, Binance, Coincheck, and more.

The following table includes further details about them.

Cryptocurrency heists Loss OccurredDate
Ronin Network$620 million March 2022
Poly Network$610 millionAugust 2021
Binance$570 million October 2022
Coincheck$534 millionJanuary 2018
Mt. Gox$470 millionFebruary 2014

Source: Persona

Bitcoin Statistics

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency, with a market cap of more than $964.71 billion.

Its current price is over around $44,000. Analysts at Blockware Solutions predict that the 2024 Bitcoin halving could cause the price to reach $400,000.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest figures related to Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Is $944.71 Billion

This is approximately over 45% of the total cryptocurrency market value. The value of all existing cryptocurrencies is around $1.05 trillion.

Source: Bankrate

An Average Of More Than 400K Transactions Takes Place Daily On The Blockchain Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin transaction volume was highest in December 2023 in current times.  Bitcoin generally has a higher transaction volume than other cryptocurrencies, except Ethereum. 

It is often processed more than one million times per day.

The following table displays the average daily transactions recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain over the months. 

Month, YearNumber of daily transactions on the blockchain of bitcoin
Jan 2024460,379
Dec 2023724,837
Nov 2023410,936
Oct 2023437,895
Sep 2023280,334
Aug 2023433,684
Jul 2023446,746
Jun 2023446,825
May 2023421,021
Apr 2023561,448
Mar 2023308,895
Feb 2023335,341
Jan 2023312,359
Dec 2022243,946
Nov 2022272,102
Oct 2022290,008
Sep 2022292,553
Aug 2022258,575

Source: Statista.

Bitcoin’s Blockchain Size Almost Reached 500 Gigabytes In 2023

In August 2023, the Bitcoin’s blockchain size was 493.28 GB. The database saw exponential growth by nearly one gigabyte every few days. 

Here are further details about the size of the Bitcoin blockchain over the months.

  • Jul 2023: 488.2 GB
  • Jun 2023: 480.74GB
  • May 2023: 473.51 GB
  • Apr 2023: 465.84 GB
  • Mar 2023: 458.38 GB
  • Feb 2023: 448.96 GB
  • Jan 2023: 440.76 GB
  • Dec 2022: 435.43 GB
  • Nov 2022: 430.28 GB
  • Oct 2022: 424.91 GB
  • Sep 2022: 419.67 GB
  • Aug 2022: 414.6 GB

Source: Statista. 

Ethereum Statistics 

Ethereum is the next most popular blockchain worldwide, with a current price of $ 2,249.30 per ETH. Its market cap is $ 270.33 billion.

Here are further details about Ethereum. 

There Are 129.17 Million ETH In Circulation

Unlike Bitcoin, which has a limited supply, Ethereum has an infinite supply.

Total Ethereum (sum of all currently existing Ethereum)129,171,125 ETH
Ethereums sent avg. per hour (last 24h)58,359 ETH ($133,018,166)
Avg. Transaction Value (last 24h)1.27 ETH ($2,898)
Median Transaction Value0 ETH ($0)
Avg. Transaction Fee0.0029 ETH ($6.56)

Source: Bitinfocharts.

The Average Ethereum Blockchain Transaction Per Day Was Recorded To Be 1,087.72K

Ethereum is processed over one million times per day in 2022. This figure has stayed relatively stable in recent years. 

The following table displays the average Ethereum transaction per day recorded over the years. 

YearEthereum transactions per day
November1,087.72 K
Oct 20221,063.25 K
Sep 20221,225.89 K
Aug 20221,035.14 K
Jul 20221,158.62 K
Jun 20221,054.43 K
May 20221,149.14 K
Apr 20221,211.67 K
Mar 20221,167.12 K

Source: Statista. 

Future Of Blockchain

By 2026, the business value added by blockchain will increase to over $360 billion.

Further, by 2030, it will surpass the value of $3.1 trillion.

Hence, with current and future trends, blockchain is predicted to make a big revolution in the coming decades.

Apart from that, blockchain will play a major role in the following 5 areas in the upcoming years.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Government 
  • Finance – Banking
  • Medical
  • Marketing.

Furthermore, in 2024, the integration of AI, blockchain, and virtual reality is expected to lead to a future of digital interaction.

Source: Gartner, BAP Software.

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