Twitch Statistics In 2024 (Users, Revenue & Streamers)

Twitch first began as Justin.TV introducing the idea of ‘lifecasting.’ The platform was relaunched in 2011 with features for users to stream their lives and daily activities.

With over 140 million monthly active users and over 30 million daily active users, Twitch dominates the game streaming division in 2024.

Amassing huge 23 billion watch hours on the platform, Twitch is home to over 7 million streamers.

In this article, I have curated a list of the most significant statistics about Twitch users, revenue, and usage.

Twitch Users Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • Twitch has over 140 million monthly active users as of 2024.
  • Over 7.30 million people stream on the platform every month.
  • About 30 million users use Twitch daily.
  • Twitch gets an average of over 2.55 million concurrent viewers.
  • The United States has an estimated 44 million Twitch users.
  • Twitch generated around $164.96 million in revenue from in-app purchases.
  • Twitch generated an estimated $2.8 billion in revenue in 2022.
  • People spent 23 billion hours consuming content on Twitch in 2023.
  • The United States has over 20.6% viewership of Twitch.
  • Users Aged 20-40 years make up 69% of Twitch Users in The United States.

Twitch Users Statistics

Twitch gained more than 3 million monthly users within its first year after launch.

With the audience’s growing interest in live-streaming content, Twitch is experiencing a surge of active users.

The number of Twitch users has been growing steadily and has the potential for a promising future.

Twitch Has Over 140 Million Monthly Active Users As Of 2024

Receiving around 2.3 billion hours of video views in some of its high engagement months, Twitch has a strong monthly user base.

140 million monthly active users flock to the platform monthly to watch live streams as of 2024.

Twitch Has Over 140 Million Monthly Active Users

Source: TwitchTracker, CNET.

Twitch Has Around 30 Million Daily Active Users In 2024

Due to the high number of streamers and continuous live streams, the audience on Twitch is glued to the content.

Getting over 30 million users, the games and daily life live streams on Twitch attract and engage viewers on a daily basis.

Twitch Has Around 30 Million Daily Active Users

Most daily active users are seen during the weekends and slightly fluctuate over the weekdays.

Source: TwitchTracker

Twitch Gets An Average Of Over 2.55 Million Concurrent Viewers In 2024

As you read this, at least 2 million people are currently watching live streams on Twitch.

There are over 2.55 million concurrent viewers on Twitch in 2024, a small increase from last year’s 2.45 million users.

There Are Over 2.55 Million Concurrent Viewers On Twitch

The average number of Twitch concurrent viewers peaked in 2021, reaching around 2.78 million.

The number of users watching simultaneously on Twitch has increased gradually over the years.

Here is a table showing average concurrent viewers on Twitch over the years:

YearAverage Concurrent Viewers
20242.55 million
20232.45 million
20222.58 million
20212.78 million
20202.12 million
20191.26 million
20181.07 million

Source: TwitchTracker

The United States Has An Estimated 44 Million Twitch Users 

Comprising more than 20% of the viewership, Twitch has the largest user base in the United States.

Twitch is projected to have about 44 million users in the United States, which is an increase from the prior year’s users.

There were around 34.6 million United States Twitch users in 2023, and the number of users in the United States is set to reach 51.6 million by 2024.

Here is a table with United States Twitch users over the past few years:

YearTwitch users in the United States
202451.4 million
202344 million
202233.2 million
202131.4 million

Source: Statista, Backlinko

Twitch Revenue Statistics

Twitch makes money through playing ads on streams, in-app purchases, and from the Twitch partner program.

Users and creators have adopted Twitch closely, which has helped it generate millions of dollars in revenue, and the live-streaming platform has seen steady growth over the years.

In addition to the platform’s value, Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million in 2014. 

Twitch Generated An Estimated $2.8 Billion In Revenue In 2022

After making under 500 million in revenue in 2016 and 2017, Twitch’s revenue jumped to billions in 2019-20.

Generating over $2.8 billion in revenue, Twitch was one of the highest-earning game streaming platforms in 2022.

Despite the high number of revenue generated, the revenue is estimated to reach its peak in 2024.

Twitch’s Revenue Over The Years

Here is a table with Twitch’s revenue over the years:

2022$2.8 billion
2021$2.67 billion
2020$1.89 billion
2019$1.23 billion
2018$880 million
2017$300 million
2016$275 million

Source: BusinessofApps

Twitch Generated Around $61.47 Million In Revenue From In-App Purchases In The First Half of 2023

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play, Twitch’s Android and iOS applications are used widely worldwide.

The revenue from in-app purchases was highest during the pandemic, generating over $361.78 million in 2021.

The combined in-app purchases revenue for Q1 and Q2 of 2023 was around 61.45 million.

Twitch’s In-app Purchase Revenue

Here is a table with Twitch’s in-app purchase revenue over the years:

YearIn-app purchases revenue
Q2 2023$29.95 million
Q1 2023$31.52 million
Q4 2022$32.31 million
Q3 2022$36.31 million 
Q2 2022$39.31 million
Q1 2022$56.16 million
Q4 2021$70.99 million
Q3 2021$90.2 million
Q2 2021$99.05 million
Q1 2021$101.54 million
Q4 2020$73.52 million
Q3 2020$62.38 million
Q2 2020$52.11 million
Q1 2020$28 million
Q4 2019$17.95 million
Q3 2019$13.65 million
Q2 2019$11.07 million
Q1 2019$10.32 million
2018$20.8 million

Source: Statista

Twitch Users Demographic Statistics

Twitch majorly supports the streaming of gaming content, and many people from every age group or gender are using the platform in 2024.

Since most of the Twitch users reside in the United States, we will explore the demographic statistics of the United States and global Twitch users.

65% Of Twitch Users Are Male, While 35% Are female

Although the number of female gamers is increasing, Twitch experiences a noticeable gender gap in users globally.

Globally, males dominate the game-streaming platform with a 65% share, and females comprise 35% of the share.

65% Of Twitch Users Are Male, While 35% Are Female

In the United States, 63% of Twitch users are male, and 37% are female. However, the share of male and female Twitch users differs in various regions worldwide.

Source: GWI, Statista

Users Aged 20-40 Years Comprise 69% Of Twitch Users In The United States 

Gaming is prevalent among people aged between 18 – 34, hence the average Twitch user is considered around 26 years old.

Users aged 20-29 make up 35%, and people aged 30-39 comprise 34% of Twitch users in the United States.

Therefore, the users aged between 20 and 40 years are the most prominent on Twitch.

Twitch Users By Age In The United States

Here is a table showing Twitch users by age in the United States:

AgePercentage of users
18-19 years6%
20-29 years35%
30-39 years34%
40-49 years16%
50-59 years7%
60-64 years1%

Source: Statista

33% Of The United States Twitch Users Have A High School Degree

A survey conducted among 4,589 respondents in 2023 revealed that most Twitch users are literate, and a majority of them have a degree of some sort.

Around 25% reported having a bachelor’s degree, while 33% reported to possess a high school degree.

Here is a table showing the distribution of Twitch users in the United States by education:

EducationPercentage of Users
No formal education/ elementary school0%
Some high school4%
High school degree33%
Vocational/Technical school14%
Bachelor degree25%
Masters Degree18%

Source: Statista

Twitch Usage Statistics

Facilitated with long, uninterrupted gameplay viewing, Twitch is used extensively by gaming enthusiasts all over the world.

The live chat and interactive features make the user’s time worthwhile on the platform.

Twitch Ranks 5th As The Most Commonly Used Social Media Platform Among Gamers

Twitch has gained popularity among gaming audiences, and many gamers find their favorite gameplay or creators on Twitch.

However, being a live-streaming platform Twitch has not gained much traction as compared to Youtube.

YouTube has the first place with 48.77% of gaming users share while Twitch has only 9% of the gaming users share.

Here is a table with detailed usage of social media platforms by gamers:

PlatformUsage percentage

Source: DataReportal

Mobile Devices Account For 35% Of All Twitch Views

Though Twitch does not report the sources of views like YouTube, it is estimated that around 35% of the users watch Twitch streams from mobile devices.

On the other hand, YouTube receives over 70% of its views from mobile devices.

Source: Backlinko 

Over 23 Billion Watch Hours Were Consumed By Twitch Users In 2023

An average live stream on Twitch being 6 – 8 hours long. Twitch users watch an average of 1.7 billion hours of content every month. 

With an average of 2,446,000 viewers watching streams concurrently, Twitch users watched over 1.840 billion hours of content in December 2023.

Twitch Users' Hours Watched Yearly

Here is a table with Twitch users’ hours watched yearly:

YearHours watched
202323.2 billion
202222.4 billion 
202122.8 billion
202018.6 billion
201911 billion
20189.3 billion
20176.5 billion
20165.2 billion
20154.7 billion
20142.9 billion

Source: TwitchTracker

Twitch Has Over 7.30 Million Monthly Streamers

With over 93,300 channels streaming concurrently, Twitch has an average of 7.30 million streamers per month.

Twitch Has Over 7.30 Million Monthly Streamers

The average number of monthly streamers on Twitch peaked in 2021, with over 8.46 million streamers.

Here is a table with the number of active monthly streamers on Twitch over the years:

YearNumber of active monthly streamers
20237.30 million
20227.63 million
20218.46 million
20206.90 million
20193.46 million
20183.39 million
20172.0 million
20161.8 million
20151.70 million
20141.50 million

Source: TwitchTracker

Twitch Has Over 105K Average Concurrent Channels In 2024

Twitch has seen a rapid increase in average concurrent channels since the pandemic.

The number of average concurrent channels almost doubled from 49.5K in 2019 to 105K in 2021.

The overall concurrent channels on Twitch have increased by 2044.90% in the last decade.

Here is a table showing concurrent Twitch channels over the years:

YearAverage concurrent Twitch channels

Source: TwitchTracker

The United States Has Over 20.6% Viewership Of Twitch

With over 44 million active Twitch users, the United States has the largest Twitch viewership share globally.

Over 50% of game enthusiasts are from China, Twitch lost a big chunk of its viewership when China banned it in September 2018.

Twitch now functions in other countries like Germany, Korea, Russia, and Japan with a somewhat considerable viewership percentage.

Here is a table showing Twitch usage percentage by country:

United States20.6%

Source: Backlinko, Similarweb

Twitch Streamers And Games Streaming Statistics

Since Twitch is mainly made for streaming games, it attracts many gamers and game viewers to the platform.

The game streaming platform also showcases some of the biggest games and is a reason behind a game’s success in many cases.

Ninja Is The Biggest Twitch Streamer With Over 19 Million Followers

Growing on Twitch is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow a Twitch channel.

Ninja has acquired a massive fanbase of over 19 million followers since joining Twitch back in 2011.

Next on the list are Auronplay Ibai Rubius and xQc, with over 10 million Twitch followers.

Here is a list of the most followed Twitch streamers in 2024:

ChannelTwitch followers
Ninja19 million
Auronplay16 million
Ibai15.4 million
Rubius14.8 million
xQc12 million
TheGrefg11.8 million
Tfue11.4 million
Juansguarnizo11.2 million
Shroud10.7 million
Pokimane9.4 million
ElMariana9.2 million
ElSpreen8.9 million
Sodapoppin8.9 million
KaiCenat8.6 million

Source: Twitch

League Of Legends Is The Most Viewed Game On Twitch With Over 60 Billion Views To Date

Since games are the lifeline of Twitch, From Esports to casual, there are thousands of various games being streamed on the platform daily.

The most viewed game on Twitch is League of Legends, which has more than 60 billion views overall since its launch.

With over 36.53 billion views, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the second most viewed game on the platform.

Here is a table featuring the most viewed games ever on Twitch:

GameNumber of views on Twitch
League of Legends60.52 billion  
Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)36.53 billion
Fortnite32.97 billion
Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO)38.92 billion
DOTA 224.87 billion
Minecraft16.76 billion
World of Warcraft15.45 billion
Hearthstone15.29 billion
Rust5.88 billion
Rainbow Six Siege5.3 billion

Source: Statista

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