11+ Best Ads Spy Tools 2024 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Want to spy on your competitor’s ads? Try these best Ads Spy tools to simplify the process and do the ad spying the right way. 

On several occasions, you might have wondered why your ads fail while your competitors’ ads keep churning conversions and profits, especially when you are new to the domain and competing with established players in your niche. Your placement is right, your graphics are immaculate, and your strategy is to the point, but still to no avail. 

Best Ads Spy Tools — Semrush’s AdClarity

Semrush’s AdClarity is our #1 pick for the best Ads Spy Tools.🎯

The tool gives you advertising intelligence for video, social media, and display ads.

You can all the features of this tool with our exclusive 7-day trial.🔥

The secret lies in your competitors’ research, testing, and optimization. I am not saying that you shouldn’t do your own research, but there’s a simple way to get an additional push to your ad campaigns – spy on your competitor’s ads and duplicate their already validated strategy. You will have everything then – perfect ad copy, proper placement, and the strategy you know is already working for your competitors. In no time, you will be on top too, and your ads will convert like crazy. 

But you need robust ad spy tools to assist you in your endeavors. And I am here with the top 11 best Ads Spy tools you can use to uncover all your competitors’ ads secrets and expose their strategies. Well, enough bragging; let’s get down to business now! 

Best Ads Spy Tools: In A Nutshell (2024)

Not enough patience to go through the whole post; believe me, it will benefit you immensely. Anyway, for the uninitiated, here’s a quick overview of the best ad spy tools I have included in this guide. 

Sr. No.Ads Spy ToolsBest For
1.Semrush’s AdClarityGet advertising intelligence for multiple social media platforms, display, and video ads.
2.Big SpyMost professional ad spying tools are suitable for enterprises and medium to large businesses and agencies. 
3.AdSpyA comprehensive ad tracking and analysis platform suitable for affiliate marketers and media buyers with tailored features to spy on competitors’ ad campaigns across various industries.
4.AdbeatMost professional ad spying tools suitable for enterprises and medium to large businesses and agencies. 
5.PoweradspyIntuitive ad spying tool that exploits AI to offer comprehensive ad intelligence capabilities.
6.AdplexityTailor-made solutions that cover individual aspects of online advertising, such as push, native, e-commerce, etc.
7.AdEspressoEfficient ad spying tool focussed explicitly on Social media platforms.
8.PathmaticsIntuitive multi-channel dynamic ad intelligence platform with a host of excellent features.
9.MobideaSpecialized ad spying tool for affiliate marketers with particular emphasis on push and native ad networks.
10.AnstrexBest for finding the best Native, Push, and Pops advertising from top advertisers.
11.DropispyBest for dropshipping store owners or anyone who wants to start a dropshipping business.

In this segment, you will learn about top ad spying tools in detail. I have also covered their features and pricing to give a complete overview.

1. Semrush’s AdClarity – Advertising Intelligence

Ratings – 4.9/5

Supported Platforms – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and all the other social platforms.

Semrush is one of the best SEO & marketing tools, and it also has an ads spy tool called AdClarity. It provides you with exclusive intel on others’ ad campaigns that you can use to run more effective ad campaigns on multiple social media platforms. AdClarity shows you all the digital ads your competitors are running and the impressions they are getting on those campaigns, along with their ad spend.

Semrush's AdClarity - Advertising Intelligence

You will get competitive data of ad campaigns for mobile apps, Google Display Network, direct publishers, top social media platforms, and video ads. Using AdClarity, you can track your competitors’ ad campaigns across display, video, and social media. AdClarity shows you how they are promoting their services and products using these ad campaigns. You can replicate their strategy or form a better one for your ad campaigns.

AdClarity Features

  • Find out your competitors’ geo-marketing strategy and ad spend in over 30 markets.
  • AdClarity shows which channels are most effective for traffic & conversions.
  • Access your competitors’ campaigns’ key stats, such as costs, impressions, clicks, views, etc.
  • Analyze trends, pinpoint the seasonality of campaigns, and see which strategy will be best for you.

AdClarity Pricing

  • Display Ad Only Version – $169/month
  • Social & Video Only Version – $180/month
  • All Advertising Channels – $349/month

2. BigSpy 

Ratings – 4.9/5

Supported Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Admob, Yahoo, and Unity.

Big Spy is perhaps the most suitable ad spy tool for you if you are into affiliate marketing. With Big Spy, you can uncover all sorts of information about your competitors ranging from their landing pages, products they are promoting, keywords they are using, and more.

Best Ad Spy Tools - Bigspy

Additionally, you can spy on your competitor’s ads and extract information like top performers, targeted regions, the times that ads get the most clicks, and more. Big Spy even helps you decipher your competitor’s engagement rate compared to your ads. In short, if you need an ad spy tool that can offer you detailed insights about your competitor’s ad campaigns, Big Spy definitely deserves a try. 

BigSpy Features 

  • Advanced filters to effectively assess competitors’ ads and extract maximum information.
  • Quick working that offers competitor’s data within minutes.
  • Easy to use tool with comprehensive functionality to track competitor’s ad campaigns.
  • Extensive ads library to extract ideas for ads creatives and more. 
  • Top Charts option that showcases the best-performing ads across categories and platforms.

BigSpy Pricing 

  • The Basic Plan costs $9/month.
  • The Pro Plan costs $99/month.
  • The 6-month Pro Plan costs $79/month.
  • The Annual Pro Plan costs $69/month.

3. AdSpy

Rating – 4.8

Supported Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

If Big Spy doesn’t convince you, try AdSpy. It’s another powerful ad spying tool that benefits affiliate marketers and media buyers. It not only reveals ads and creatives of your competitors but also displays data in real-time. Therefore, you can instantly respond to your competitors’ moves and gain the upper hand.

Best Ad Spy Tools - Adspy

Similar to Big Spy, Adspy is also equipped with multiple filters to help you narrow down your search per the social media channels of your niche. You can easily explore the creatives, ad types, ad copy, and other information related to your competitor and adjust accordingly. 

AdSpy Features 

  • Multiple search options, ranging from text, names, and the number of likes to media used in the ad and more.
  • Unique comment search option to track ads with high engagement and uncover the best-performing ads of competitors. 
  • Adept at uncovering demographic data like location, age, gender, etc.
  • Options to search ads based on affiliate networks. Particularly handy for affiliate marketers.
  • Massive database regarding ads. 
  • A super smooth and easy-to-use interface that fetches information instantly. 

AdSpy Pricing

Adspy has a simple pricing structure. It includes a single plan that costs $149 per month. 

4. Adbeat

Ratings – 4.7/5

Supported Platforms – Search-based tool that fetches data from multiple sources.

Adbeat is the most professional ad spy software you can get your hands on. It’s particularly suitable for big companies and agencies that run extensive ad campaigns and churn vast amounts of data. Adbeat primarily focuses on data and offers you unprecedented insights into the world of paid advertising.


Adbeat can unveil all your competitors and lay bare their strategy, creatives, ad spend, media, networks, and whatnot. In addition to competitors’ ad spying, Adbeat offers you many interactive features to optimize your campaigns, utilize your ad spend to the maximum, and achieve the best result. 

Adbeat Features 

  • The primary strength of Adbeat is its massive database. You can find everything ranging from mobile, pre-rolled, and Desktop ads. 
  • Extensive data on ad networks, even including native ad networks including Outbrain and Taboola.
  • Deep insights into competitors’ media buying tactics of competitors. You can extract networks, traffic sources, ad spend, industry, and more. 
  • Extensive support to explore competitors’ creatives, ad copies, media, and landing pages. 
  • Top-notch functionality to evaluate estimated ad spend by individual publishers in your niche. You can quickly assess where your competitors are buying traffic from, their spending, the network they are using, etc. 
  • Unique ‘Similar Publisher’ segment to explore publishers with big spending in your domain. 

Adbeat Pricing 

  • Standard Plan – $249/ month 
  • Advanced Plan – $399/ month
  • Enterprise Plan – Available on request.

5. Poweradspy

Rating – 4.8/5

Supported Platforms – Facebook, Google, Native, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Ads.

Poweradspy is another intuitive ad spy tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help users track and analyze competitors’ online advertising campaigns. Poweradspy focuses explicitly on the PPC advertising market and is intended to help users identify competitors’ successful ad campaigns, analyze their performance, and use the information to optimize their own targeting and ad copy.


On top of that, Poweradspy equips users with a range of features and tools to help them track and analyze their advertising campaigns and improve their overall effectiveness.

Poweradspy Features

  • Impressive data visualization features offer data in an easily readable format like charts, graphs, tables, etc., depicting impressions, clicks, and conversions.
  • Keyword and ad copy analysis features allow users to find their campaign’s best-performing keyword and ad copy. It helps them optimize their campaign for better results. 
  • Poweradspy boasts a massive ad inventory assisted by powerful AI algorithms to help you decipher your competitor’s ad strategy. 
  • Poweradspy also provides a robust filter to search ads based on positioning such as news feed etc.
  • Offer complete visibility about your competitor’s ads. It directly connects you with the live ad; you can visit it, explore the real-time engagement, and more key matrices. 

Poweradspy Pricing

  • Basic Plan – $24.50 Per Month.
  • Standard Plan – $49.50 Per Month.
  • Premium Plan – $74.50 Per Month.
  • Platinum Plan – $124.50 Per Month.
  • Titanium Plan – $149.50 Per Month.
  • Palladium Plan – $174.50 Per Month.

6. Adplexity

Ratings – 4.8/5

Supported Platforms – Push, Mobile, Desktop, Native, Adult, e-commerce, and carriers. 

Adplexity is not one but a combination of multiple ad-spying tools tailored to cater to different audiences. What makes Adplexity special is its focused approach toward ad spying. You have AdPlexity Push, AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Native, AdPlexity Adult, AdPlexity eCommerce, and AdPlexity Carriers tools.


These are all designed to explore competitors’ ads on different platforms such as mobile, desktop, native, etc. In short, Adplexity is a valuable tool for anyone looking to track and analyze their competitors’ advertising campaigns regardless of the platform they are using. You can use Adplexity to identify successful campaigns, analyze their targeting and ad copy, and use the information to improve the overall effectiveness of your advertising efforts.


  • Real-time data from multiple push networks.
  • High Accuracy about ads and publishers.
  • Allow downloading of landing pages with all their features and dependencies.
  • Super fast search features that fetch information instantly. 
  • The advanced search filter to pick the data you need. You can implement filters based on keywords, publisher URLs, advertisers, networks, and more. 

Adolexity Pricing 

  • AdPlexity Push – $129 Lifetime 
  • AdPlexity Mobile – $149 Lifetime.
  • AdPlexity Desktop – $149 Lifetime.
  • AdPlexity Native – $169 Lifetime. 
  • AdPlexity Adult – $149 Lifetime
  • AdPlexity eCommerce – $149 Lifetime.
  • AdPlexity Carriers – $129 Lifetime.

7. AdEspresso

Rating – 4.8/5

Supported Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter

I am sure if you’re into paid advertising, social media platforms must be your top traffic levers. If you manage ad campaigns over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and wish to spy on your competitor’s ads, AdEspresso is a perfect choice. AdEspresso is a complete package that helps you expose the weak points of your ad campaigns, split test them to uncover the most convincing ad copies, and measure their performance.


However, it particularly excels in ad spying. With AdEspresso, you can compare your ad campaigns with your competitors and uncover the factors that increase conversions. Besides, AdEspresso also includes an extensive Ad Gallery to spy on your competitors and get inspiration for ad copies.


  • Create perfect ad copies that instantly catch attention and bring more conversion.
  • Compare ads with competitors and uncover competitors’ ad strategies. 
  • Single dashboard to manage multiple ad campaigns across different channels. 
  • Detailed insights about your ads, performance, key conversion matrices, and data are available in multiple easily readable formats. 
  • Seamless CRM integration to easily manage all the leads. 

AdEspresso Pricing

  • The Starter Plan costs $49 a month with a spending limit of $1,000/month.
  • The Plus Plan costs $99 monthly with no cap on the spending limit.
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $259 and offers unlimited ad spending.

8. Pathmatics

Rating 4.8

Supported Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Display, Video, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat.

Pathmatics presents itself as the dynamic ad intelligence platform that arms publishers with valuable insights about paid ad campaigns across different channels. Incidentally, Patmatics encompasses almost all the platforms advertisers use to send traffic to their offers or landing pages.


Besides, Pathmatics also offers a range of tools for businesses to evaluate the performance of their paid ad efforts and compare them with their competitors.

In short, Pathmatic provides a complete package that allows businesses to measure their advertising campaign’s performance and gain critical insights about their competitor’s ads strategy. 

Pathmatics Features 

  • Multiple solutions tailored to cater to specific business needs and competitors’ ad analysis.
  • Details about publishers’ spending on various channels like Facebook, TikTok, etc.
  • Uncover publishers that are advertising in your space, their ad strategy, spending, creatives, and more. 
  • ‘Pathmatics Explorer ‘, is a novelty in the ad intelligence space that offers extensive market intelligence, including ads served, actual ad spend, competitors’ digital strategies, location or targeted regions and more. 

Pathmatics Price – Does not disclose pricing. It is available upon request and is based on business requirements.

9. MobIdea

Rating – 4.7/8

Supported Platforms – Puch, Natives, Affiliate Networks, and more.

Mobidea has a dedicated ad spy tool primarily focused on finding ads, offers, landing pages, and creatives for affiliate marketers. I was particularly impressed with MobIdea’s huge database that enables users to find competitors and ads on a global scale.

Besides, the tool is constantly updated with new creatives and Ads to help you find the most relevant ad copy in your niche. 


Mobidea Features 

  • Support both push and native ad spying. Mididea fetches data from 27 ad networks and around two hundred affiliate networks spanning sixty countries. 
  • Advanced search option that enables users to search based on several parameters like keywords, verticals, ad duration, etc.
  • Feature to download landing pages.
  • Facility to inform you about any new campaigns your competitor launches so that you can respond quickly and adjust your strategy.

Mobidea Pricing 

  • Native Spy Tool – $69.99 per month. 
  • Native + Push Combo Pack – $139.99 per month.

10. Anstrex

Ratings – 4.6/5

Supported Platforms – Native, Push, Dropship, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Affiliate Marketing.

Anstrex is an amazing ads spy that can unlock the secrets of your competitors’ campaigns. You can spy on the ads your competitors are creating, and you can follow their strategies and create your own campaigns.

It saves you a lot of time that you would spend on research. You get accurate data from all the major countries along with the best-quality residential proxies. 


All the data you get from Anstrex is understandable for everyone. If you want to filter out ad copies, then you can use country, category, tracking tools, affiliate network, ad network, and devices. You can also sort out ads using parameters like duration, popularity, date, etc. You can use specific keywords if you want to find precise ad copies.

Anstrex Features

  • Anstrex Native helps you find winning native ad campaigns by spying on your competitors.
  • Anstrex Push can help you dominate push notification advertising, providing data on profitable marketers and advertisers.
  • Anstrex Dropship helps you find winning dropship products that can also help you manage your store from a single dashboard.
  • Anstrex Pops helps you succeed at pop advertising by following successful advertisers.

Anstrex Pricing

  • Anstrex Native – $69.99 per month.
  • Anstrex Push – $89.99 per month.
  • Anstrex Dropship – Free
  • Anstrex Pops – $89.99 per month.

11. Dropispy

Ratings – 4.5/5

Supported Platforms – Facebook, Shopify, Dropship, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, and Native.

This Ads Spy tool is great for dropshippers, so if you are just starting as a dropshipper or have been doing the dropshipping business for a while, then Dropispy is the perfect tool for you.

There are three main functions of Dropispy: Facebook Ad Search, In-depth Ad Information, and Shop Search. You can search for ads based on the target audience, creativity, number of reactions, and redirect links.


You can find your competitor’s ads and create a strategy for your ads as well. It will also show you which eCommerce platform your competitors are using, and you can see if that platform will be a fit for your business. The in-depth Ad information feature gives you a complete overview of any advertisement’s performance. 

Dropispy Features

  • You can download the media of any advertisement and replicate it completely for your dropshipping store.
  • Dropispy can help you create your own advertisement strategies based on your competitor’s ads.
  • The shop search feature helps you find the best dropshipping stores, and you can also see what products they are promoting.
  • You can click on any shop to get more information on it, such as average order value, number, top-selling products, and so on.

Dropispy Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
  • Premium –  $29.90/month or $14.90/month, paid yearly
  • Business – $249.90/month

Wrapping Up: Best Ads Spy Tools (2024)

Ad spy tools undeniably are a valuable asset for online businesses looking to stay up-to-date on their competition, gather insights on their ad strategy, and uncover the best advertising opportunities.

However, your efforts to effectively spy on your competitor’s ads will fail without a robust ad spy tool. Only the best Ad Spy tools can guarantee accurate data and extensive functionality.

They provide detailed information on competitors’ ad placements, keywords, ad copy, etc., and help you optimize your campaigns and find new advertising opportunities.

In this post, I have included some of the top ad spy tools after sifting through hundreds of options. AdBeat and AdSpy are my top picks; however, you must choose based on your own requirements. Why wait? Then, pick one, use it to gain a competitive edge, and make informed decisions about your ad campaigns and advertising strategies. Good luck!

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