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Canva is the perfect solution for all your design needs. Whether you are a student, business, blogger, or an agency, Canva will help you build anything from Social media posts to Resumes and presentations and everything in between. With its intuitive templates across various fields, anyone can make quick edits and get the design out of their heads on the canvas.

You don’t need to be a designer to use Canva; it is so easy that a person with basic computer knowledge can create a piece of art with the tool.

Canva has a free and Pro version; the free version is open to everyone and has a restrictive usage; the pro version, on the other hand,  is useful for people who seek extra visual ability for professional usage.

Canva Pro gives users access to endless resources and a set of premium features. Many people get confused about whether to pay for the pro plan or keep going with the free version. If you are one of them, This definitive guide to Canva Pro will help you decide which path to choose.

By the end of this blog, you will get a clear idea about Canva Pro Pricing and all the amazing features that await you. 

Let’s get into it, Shall we?

Canva Pro Pricing Breakdown

Canva has a straightforward pricing policy. Users need to decide a couple of things:

  • The Number of users that will share the plan and
  • The manner of billing (Monthly or Annually).

Canva Pro will be priced according to both these factors. Easy enough?

Users who have a lot to deal in visual stuff can definitely go for the yearly plan as it is at a discounted rate of up to 33%.

Users who are not certain about their yearly usage should go for the Monthly plan.

Below is the detailed breakdown of Canva Pro Pricing as of June 2022.

Number of UsersMonthly Plan RatesYearly Plan Rates (Discounted Rate)
1-5$12.99$119.99 (33%)
10$47.99$419.99 (27%)
25$152.99$1319.99 (51%)
50$327.99$2819.99 (26%)

If Your agency is bigger than the above-mentioned numbers, There is an option to get a customized plan for your needs. You can add a number of up to 500 users and get the quotation. 

Above that, you will have to contact Canva Customer support and get the quotation.

Canva Free vs Canva Pro

So, how does the canva free version stand up against the mighty pro version? Here is the detailed breakdown so you can get a clear idea.

Canva FreeCanva Pro
Pricing: 0 (free forever)Pricing: Monthly – $12.99Yearly -$119.99
Over 25k TemplatesOver 610k templates
Over 100 design typesOver 100 Million Stock Photos and elements 
5 GB Cloud Storage100 GB Cloud Storage
0 Brand Kits100 Brand Kits
AbsentImage Background remover 
AbsentSocial Media Post Scheduling 
Absent3000+ custom fonts
AbsentUnlimited Design Resize
AbsentSave Design as Templates
And Much More…

Canva Pro for FREE

Is it possible to get Canva Pro for FREE? It definitely is. 

We have teamed up with Canva to provide our users with a 30-day free subscription to Canva Pro so that you guys can test the product yourself and make a choice.

After using Canva for years, We have been convinced that it is second to none. But it is your time to test Canva Pro. With our exclusive link, you will be redirected to the Canva Pro Free claiming page. Once you sign up by creating a new account, you will get Canva Pro for free for 30 days.

Putting Power into your hands, here is the EXCLUSIVE LINK.

This plan has every feature listed above. You don’t have to pay a cent to claim it. It’s Absolutely Free.

After the trial, if you wish to continue, you can stay subscribed, and your account will upgrade to an annual Canva Pro plan.

Here Is How You Can Get Canva Pro Free For 30 Days (2022)

Here is how to claim 30 day free trial for Canva Pro.

Step #1

Unlock the offer by Clicking on this Exclusive Link. This should get you redirected to the offer page.

Canva Pro Pricing - Official Page

Step #2

Enter your Email and click on “Continue.”

Canva Pro Continue With Email

Enter your Password and click on “Log in”

Canva Pro Log In Your Account

Step #3.

Enjoy Canva Free Trial!

Canva Pro Features |  What’s in it for you?

Canva has no shortage of features. Every time you start building a new canvas, you get blown away by the vastness of the resources you get in the Canva Environment.

My personal favorite has to be their intuitive image editor. You can remove an image’s background, add elements and play with all kinds of stuff and bring an image to life.

Let me take you through all the great features that Canva Pro has to offer.

1. Canva Templates

Canva Pro has a huge collection of 610,000 templates across categories like

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Zoom Virtul background
  • Resumes
  • Brochures, etc.

You name it, and Canva will have a template ready. You can use the template as it is or take it to the editor and add elements to it as per your needs. These templates are 100% customizable.

Canva  Template

2. Canva Photos

Canva has more than 100 million stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics in its library.

You will spend your entire day scrolling through their library and still won’t reach the end as it is updated continuously.

Canva  Photos

If you stick to the free plan, you will only have access to around 270,000 free photos.

3. Canva Elements

You get access to hundreds of thousands of elements with canva Pro. all of them are crystal clear even when panned to the highest degree of your working screen. You won’t have any problems making appealing posters and flyers with canvas elements.

Canva Elements

4. Canva Text

Tone of your writing is not the only way to express your intentions, Font styles play a huge role in conveying messages. Fonts that elicit an emotionVirtualponse can be used to make a brand appear more credible, approachable, or progressive,

With Canva’s set of over 3000 fonts, the possibilities are endless.

Canva Text

5. Canva Audio

Canva allows you to bring your content to life by adding audio to it. Canva has their own library of sounds. You can add music from various genres and instrumentals and even speeches.

Canva Audio
  • Happy
  • Pop
  • Epic
  • Piano
  • Sad
  • Instrumental
  • Ambient, and much more

If you don’t find the ideal track, you also have the option to upload your own!

6. Canva Videos

Canva’s Stock videos are amazing! You get to choose videos up to 1 minute long. And sort them across categories like

Canva Videos
  • Aerial Shots
  • Nature
  • Business
  • Beach
  • Rain
  • Sky
  • Cities, and much more.

Create your own youtube intro or a quick promo video or import your own video file and edit it. All this with Canva Pro!

7. Canva Backgrounds

Choose from millions of images that will serve as your background for any type of canvas. Create your ideal social media post or story by choosing backgrounds across categories like

Canva Backgrounds
  • Landscape
  • Patterns
  • Gradient
  • Abstract
  • Texture
  • Nature
  • And whatever else you can think of!

8. Logo Maker

Canva Has tons of options for designing logos for your brand. Just type in your keyword and you will get ideas for your logo. You can add elements and designs as per your needs and make the logo more unique.

Canva Logo Maker

We will recommend not to use logos as it is from the library because many people share the same resources, it might be possible that some other business is using the same logo as yours. To avoid this, make additional changes and stand out.

9. Brand Kits

This is a standout feature that is very simple yet very efficient. After all, simplicity is the key isn’t it? Canva pro allows you to create up to 100 Brand Kits with personalized logos, typefaces, and colors. Guess how many brand kits you can create with the free plan? Zero.

Canva Brand Kits

Brand Kit allows you to keep all of your core brand visual content in one place so you can develop them whenever you want.

Like Mcdonald’s does everything red and yellow, make your own identity and keep it together using a brand kit.

10. Integration with Popular Apps

Canva integrates with apps like Google Maps, Bitmoji, Giphy, Youtube, Duotone, QR Code, and many others to give you amazing aspects to work with. The bitmoji integration really is something fun to try!

Canva Integration

11. Background Remover

Yet another standout feature from Canva Pro. Many tools have this feature but what makes canva’s background erasing tool is its ability to detect the fine lines between the object in focus and the background.

Canva Background Remover

Canva Pro neatly erases the background from any image, and you can later add your own background.

12. Resize Images

Every social media platform has a standard dimension for its posts. E.g., an Instagram post has a dimension of 1080 x  1080 px, while a Facebook cover has a dimension of 1640 x 924 px.

Canva Resize Image

With Canva Pro, you can resize a canvas precisely as per these dimensions. No more worrying about fitting issues!

13. Custom Download Quality and File Formats

After you are done playing with all the canva features, and you think you need to download the masterpiece that you created. You can do so in multiple formats such as JPEG, PDF, SVG, PNG, MP4, and GIF.

Canva Custom Download

You can also determine the quality of the export. With 1 being the lowest quality and 100 being the highest.

14. Canva Mobile App

The mobile application of Canva is less talked about because people mostly use the tool on their desktops or laptops. Canva’s mobile application is as seamless as its desktop browser version. You can complete your projects on the go and feel no struggle in doing so even on a smaller screen.

Canva Mobile App

All the features available on the desktop version are available on the smartphone app. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 

Is Canva Worth Your Money?

Short Answer – Absolutely Yes.

Here’s why:

Canva Free is an extremely useful tool and is sufficient for most people to work with basic functions.

However, if your work involves visual content, you should consider Canva Pro.

Canva Pro has sufficient editing power to make sure that you can easily create appealing graphical content for any business need, even if you aren’t a designer. Images for your social media, Presentation for your next meeting, a wedding card designer if you are a wedding planner, a banner or advertisement, or even memes! Canva Pro can do it all.

As the world gets taken by the wave of aesthetics, don’t forget to ride it and reap all its benefits by getting a canva Pro subscription.

You can try it for free for 30 days via this link!

Conclusion: Canva Pro Pricing (2022)

As we come to the end of this post, I hope I was able to shed light on all about Canva Pro. If your profession revolves around graphical content, Canva is a must-have tool.

Students and NGOs can take benefit from various offers by Canva. If you are still unsure, Try Canva Pro Fre for 30 Days and decide for yourself.

Make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post. Our team will answer your queries as soon as possible.

FAQs On Canva Pro Pricing

How do I get Canva Pro for free?

All you have to do is Click On This Link – Canva Pro Free for 30 Days. Once you are redirected to the claiming page, enter your email and set a password to your account. That’s it, that is how you get Canva Pro for Free.

What is Canva Pro for?

Canva Pro is a complete image editor and graphic design tool.

Can I use Canva Pro for commercial purposes?

Definitely. You can use Canva Pro for all your commercial and personal needs. There is no restriction on using Canva Pro in any sector.

Can I cancel my canva pro free trial?

Yes, you can cancel canva pro free trial at any time by contacting their customer support.

Is there a Canva Coupon Code?

Yes, you can unlock the Canva coupon code for free 30 days Canva Pro free trial.

Is Canva better than photoshop?

In a way, both these tools have their USPs, Both of them have an array of great features. However, one main differentiating point is that Canva can also be used by people who have limited design and technical knowledge. Photoshop on the other hand needs time to learn and adapt.

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