12+ Best Clickbank Alternatives (High Paying in 2024)

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Affiliate marketing is a familiar term since the early 1990s, before the Internet era. Now that there are thousands of players in this lucrative industry, it’s hard to keep up with the trends.

In this blog, you will find all the answers to your questions.

  • Best Clickbank alternative
  • Why do you need Clickbank alternatives?
  • The key features and differences for each alternative

So that you can decide and find your favorites among the best ClickBank alternatives.

Why Do You Need Clickbank Alternatives?

Although Clickbank has always had positive reviews from all over the world, if you consider, there are a few reasons why ClickBank can fall short.

  • A large amount of competition

If you have a business, there are competitors, also. Thus, several products that are found being promoted by ClickBank can also be seen on others sites too. It is difficult for ClickBank to make new reliable customers. 

  • Slow customer service

Poor customer support can annoy you many times. A lot of customers have complained that they do not answer all questions asked and sometimes none of them. Thus, we can say, it may dissatisfy you with its customer service.

  • Charges on ClickBank accounts

Sellers need to pay a fee of 49.95 dollars for one-time activation. And further, for multiple additional accounts, they need to pay a 29.95 dollar amount for each account. 

  • No Notifications

This is the main disadvantage of ClickBank that it does not notify affiliates about the product sold. However, you can check the data of your sale through your account. If you are doing any business, you should at least take some responsibility for the same, but some users found it a shortfall of ClickBank.

  • Delayed payment for beginners

So, if you are just getting started with ClickBank, it might not satisfy you for the first payments. The payment cheque gets delayed from 30 to 60 days.  

  • Low-quality Products 

There are more than six million digital goods for sale on the ClickBank marketplace. So it appears to be simple to choose a worthwhile product to advertise right away. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products out there that aren’t worth your time.

List Of The 12+ Alternatives For Clickbank (2024)

Here are some of the best Clickbank alternatives here. Rollover to check this detailed guide here.

Sr. No.Clickbank AlternativePrice
1.ShareASale$35/mo transaction fees
2.CJ Affiliate Network$500/year, roughly
4.Buy GoodsFree
5.Amazon AssociatesFree
7.PeerflyQuote based plans
10.eBay Partner NetworkFree
11.Rakuten AdvertisingFree
12.Market HealthFree

1. ShareASale

ShareAsale is among the best alternatives to Clickbank as it holds a wide network of 4000 merchants.  It deals in the sale of only physical products. It is trending in the market because of its networking with big brands and easy signup process.  

You can explore as many affiliate programs as you want and complete them for your audience. Apart from this, one thing which makes it exceptional from other networks is that it provides real-time tracking through which you can observe and manage your sales in real-time. 

Clickbank Alternative - ShareA Sale

Second, this is completely free for affiliate marketers and offers commission rates of around 10 to 40 percent. The one thing which is quite challenging for new promoters is that the minimum payment threshold is $50 which may not be achieved by them. 

Top features of Shareasale:

  • Effortless sign-up process.
  • Easily customize your affiliate links.
  • Outstanding search options.
  • The best part is transaction fee is paid by the ShareASale merchant.
  • The report, analyze and tracking features
  • Payable affiliate commission.

Pricing details: One-time network sign-up fee which is $625 occurs only after your setup is completed. They also have a network transaction fee which is equal to 20% of the commission amount which is paid to the affiliate.

Note:  Your account needs to generate a minimum of $35 in transaction fees and if you fail to do so you will be charged the amount needed to bring your monthly fees to $35.

2. CJ Affiliate Network

With its oldest inception(1998), CJ Affiliate Network is also the preferred choice of promoters for affiliate networks.  Earlier it was known as Commission Junction but after 2003, ValueClick acquired it and made it Conversant CJ Affiliate. CJ Network provides both physical and digital products.

CJ Affiliate Network

The better thing which CJ Affiliate holds as compared to Clickbank and ShareASale is the minimum payout threshold is $10 which is $50 in them. This affiliate platform is known for its premium brand networks which include brands like Apple and Home Depot. However, the downside of this network is that you will earn less commission as compared to others. 

Top features of CJ Affiliate:

  • It provides real-time analysis and monitoring.
  • Strong reporting feature.
  • It supports android, IOS and desktop versions.
  • A plethora of customizable product widgets.
  • Deep link generator 

Pricing:  Even after researching a lot we found that it charges network access- $500/Yearly. Also a deposit for affiliate payments and network which is approx $3000.

Since there are no fixed prices for different plans. You can contact their staff for more precise details regarding the software pricing.

3. JVzoo

The user-friendly interface of JVzoo makes it an ideal affiliate platform for digital products. As compared to Clickbank, you can have a better experience while using JVzoo. Variety can be found at Clickbank, but the other features are better at JVzoo. 


JVZoo works on the CPS commission model, which is among the best models for affiliates. However, this platform is completely free, so you will get a commission on every sale apart from your earnings which means your earnings will rise. 

 Top features of Jvzoo:

  • Sell unlimited programs
  • instantly deliver your products, save time and money
  • Auto Affiliate Payments
  • Seamless integration, list your products and start recruiting affiliates.
  • Recurring payments
  • Drop and click the sales funnel

Pricing:  no set-up or maintenance fee. 100% free for affiliates. Also, only pay when you make a profit. Also, you keep 100% of the commissions you earn.

4. Buy Goods

BuyGoods is one of the best alternatives to Clickbank because of its wide networking in both physical and digital products. Established in the year 2005, BuyGoods has taken over the good marketplace within a short period. Like Clickbank, BuyGoods gives two commission models CPA and RevShare. 

Buy Goods

BuyGoods pays on a weekly, twice-a-week, and thrice-a-week basis. The type of payout offered by BuyGoods is suitable for those marketers who are experienced and earn more than $30,000 per month. But if you are a beginner, then you could choose among other affiliate programs which suit your requirement better. 

Top features of buying goods:

  • Helps you sell more online.
  • Track your sales, analytics, reporting, and advertiser management with BuyGoods online tools. 
  • Customized  check-out pages
  • Order bump-ups and upsell
  • Live card abandonment
  • 24/7 customer support

Pricing: You can promote directly and get paid three times a week. BuyGoods.com offers commissions on average of $50 – $100.  Now, this can offer you a significant boost in revenue for your business.

5. Amazon Associates

The perfectly curated affiliate network for content writers and social media influencers to monetize their traffic is Amazon Associates. Free to join in which you can start earning money through the special amazon affiliate link.

You can choose from the list of products from the Amazon catalogue you want to promote on your amazon affiliate website. The joining process is very easy and user-friendly for bloggers. Moreover, you can blindly trust the platform as Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world. 

Amazon Associates

Along with this, Amazon Associates also offers unwavering and the best feature security to its marketers. Cons are always associated with Pros and here Amazon Associates’ con is its only 24-hour cookie as it is only valid for only 24 hours to pay after your first click and which is very less as compared to other platforms. 

Top features:

  • Work with the world’s biggest online retailer. 
  • Good Linking Features. 
  • Is safe and secure both for the buyers and the sellers
  • Almost all goods are available 
  • Product Advertising API.
  • Amazon remembers the traffic you send to their site for 90 days straight.

Pricing:  Amazon also has a commission rate of up to 9%. There are other categories such as mobiles, gold & silvers and storage devices on which amazon offers a little bit of commission.

6. Maxweb 

Maxweb has emerged as one of the top CPA network platforms in the highly competitive environment. 

It has a network with the industry’s top converting VSL (video sales letter) offers. This platform is highly suitable for affiliates with paid social and media buying. 


With Maxweb, you can promote products from the domains of health-based supplements, retail, e-commerce, beauty and skincare, and of course, digital products. Moreover, Maxweb used to provide great offers to marketers to keep them in touch for a long. Maxweb follows the same payout model as BuyGoods. This is among the best alternatives to Clickbank if you want to affiliate products for social media and aesthetic products. 

Top features of Maxweb:

  •  They have the highest Paying CPAs 
  •  Premier Offers 
  • Automated Weekly Payouts  
  • Top-notch VSLs In The Industry

Pricing: They process payments once a week. And there are no charges for setting up an account and all. But there is a required monthly earning you need to qualify:

  • Weekly – Wednesday if revenue falls below $15,000 a month
  • Twice a week – Monday and Wednesday if revenue is between $15,000 and $29,999 a month.
  • Thrice a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ($30,000+ a month)

7. Peerfly 

PeerFly is a popular affiliate network that works on the Cost-Per-Action (CPA) model in which marketers don’t have to wait until the product promotion is done. In Peerfly, you can promote products from many domains, including fashion, health, and eCommerce. 


When compared to Clickbank then definitely Peerfly is behind in the race of providing a wide variety and involves a difficult verification process. Peerfly has also received feedback for slow customer support and the issue is still going on. 

However, free training is given by Peerfly to all the new affiliates to help them out with the tools.  Peerfly is widely scattered all over the globe and claims to have marketers in 165 countries out of 195. 

Top features of Peerfly

  • Guaranteed highest payout
  • Variety of payout options
  • Provides exclusive offers
  • A CPA-based network that works for their affiliates

Pricing:  Since it offers a quote-based plan. You can directly contact the vendor.

8. Skimlinks

After Amazon Associates, Skimlinks is another affiliate network specially curated for content writers and editorial teams in which they can earn out of the content they create. Skimlinks closely works with other affiliate networks to connect publishers to affiliate programs. Through a single code, Skimlinks will turn your product links into affiliate links, which allows marketers to get revenue. 


From installation to link management and analytical tools, you will get the best of everything at Skimlinks. The entire process is extremely smooth and gives less headache to the marketers.  

The big drawback which comes with Skimlinks is that it offers a monthly payment option which could be a bummer for marketers. However, Skimlinks is a good platform and has a lot of merchants in its kitty, but the bad part is they stay only for a very short time and the reason is unknown. 

Top features of Skimlinks:

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Analyse your revenue, clicks, and top merchants per link per page with just a click.
  • Grab coupons and special offers in the offer section

Pricing:  It’s free to join. There’s no up-front cost to sign up, install and use any of their services.

9. Systeme.io

If you are looking for a marketing platform, then Systeme.io is the right destination for you. It would help you launch, grow and scale your digital business.

Systeme.io can help you create sales funnels, create & manage online courses, send automated emails, run affiliate programs, create a website from scratch, and can automate your entire work.


 In Systeme.io, you will get all the features under one roof like unlimited emailing, file storage space, and membership site members.  You can earn a 50% commission on your affiliate link that is used in a sale every time, as well as in all future purchases. This way, you will earn lifetime commissions.

Top features of Systeme.io

  • Granting access to a membership site
  • Helps you to subscribe to any email campaign
  • Create an order for a physical product
  • Automatically cancel access to a product

 Pricing: It does have a free trial option( $0/month).

After that, if you’re a Startup save 5000 contacs for  $27/month, $47/month for   10,000 contacts and  Unlimited for $97/month ·

10. eBay Partner Network 

eBay requires no introduction as it is already known by people around the globe even those who are not involved in affiliate marketing. This is among the top and one of the best Clickbank alternatives which come to mind. 

On eBay, pre-used products are its forte but still, 80% of the brand new products are selling on it, which includes a wide range of software products, digital courses, and health supplements. 

eBay Partner Network 

With the eBay affiliate network, you can also earn VIP status if you are driving, determined traffic. Similarly to Amazon Associates, it offers a 24-hour cookie policy which is a downside of eBay. Secondly, its commission structure is sometimes quite complicated for marketers.

Top features of ebay  partner network:

  • Classify your earnings
  • Diversify your revenue streams easily
  • Share your items and sell
  • Get credit for your final value fees

Pricing:   EPN has a low joining threshold. The joining process is super simple. They pay commissions once a month for accounts that have earned more than ten units in currency ($10, 10 euros, etc). 

11. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is one of those affiliate marketing platforms where you can only promote physical goods. It was previously known as Linkshare; Rakuten acquired it back in 2014, and now it is known as Rakuten Advertising. Rakuten has a strict process for selecting its affiliate marketers, so there is no chance for beginners or intermediate affiliate marketers to get started with Rakuten.

Rakuten Advertising

This platform is only for those marketers who are focused on promoting physical goods, and it can help them earn really good commissions. Rakuten works with many famous brands like Papa John, Ray-ban, JetBlue, Vans, Nvidia, Lego, and so on. The commission rate on Rakuten varies from publisher to publisher. You can also promote digital services on Rakuten along with physical products.

Top features of Rakuten Advertising:

  • Works many famous brands worldwide
  • Versatile commission models (CPC, CPL, CPA, and CPS)
  • Dedicated manager to improve conversions
  • Deep linking, rotating banners, and data feeds
  • Payout in 25 different currencies
  • Receive payments through PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check

Pricing: It is completely free to start with Rakuten advertising as an affiliate marketer. The only issue is that it has a lot of requirements you need to qualify to become an affiliate marketer.

12. Market Health

Market Health is another alternative to Clickbank, but it is completely different from others because it focuses on the health and beauty industry. It offers a completely different experience than other affiliate networks that are listed here. This is the go-to place for affiliate marketers if they are planning to promote health and beauty products. You are completely wrong if you think they offer very few products to promote.

Market Health

Because Market Health has over 200 products, you can promote them any way you want. The products are from different categories like weight loss, general health, skincare, health and beauty, men’s health, colon health, cosmetics, and more. You can easily sign up for this platform and instantly promote products.

Top Features Of Market Health:

  • Industry’s highest commissions
  • Promote best-selling products and earn with ease
  • Choose from over 200 health & beauty products to promote
  • Real-time affiliate tracking to help you track your conversions
  • Earn recurring commissions on product subscriptions
  • Get free resources like banners, landers, and more to promote with ease

Pricing: You can sign up on Market Health for free, and the minimum payout on this platform is $20. You can earn up to 50% commissions on products.

Conclusion: Best Clickbank Alternatives (2024) 

To conclude, ClickBank is probably one of the best of all affiliate networks to begin with.

That being said, we still can’t ignore the serious competitors it has like eBay and amazon associates. 

So now is a good time to search to look for Clickbank alternatives and build up a great business.  

 Since there are plenty of ways you can make money with affiliate marketing so there is no point in doing only one thing. Go on and explore!

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