16 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners (2023)

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Affiliate marketing can be hugely profitable, and I am saying it from my own experience. But only with the right knowledge could you tap into this gold mine of online business.

That’s why I have made enrolling in top affiliate marketing courses my habit. It helps me stay updated with industry trends and the latest affiliate marketing strategies. 

However, out of thousands of courses, only a few are real gems covering actual topics that make you a successful affiliate marketer.

To save you from the heavy lifting that I went through, I am going to reveal those top affiliate marketing courses here.

If you share my interest in affiliate marketing, you will find my handpicked selection of the best courses worth reading. You can pick the course that fits your preferences and arm yourself with the right knowledge to make it big in the affiliate marketing industry.

16+ Best Affiliate Marketing Courses (Most Recommended)

Here is the list of the best affiliate marketing courses you should try.

CoursesCreated BySuitable ForPrice
1. The Authority Site SystemAuthority HackerBeginners$599
2. The Affiliate LabMatt DiggityIntermediate to advanced marketers$997
3. Blog Growth EngineAdam EnfroyAdvanced marketers$3297
4. Authority Hacker ProAuthority HackerMarketers who make a modest profit$2497
  • Authority Site System — The Most Successful & Practical Course (For Beginners)
  • Blog Growth Engine — Learn How To Make 7 Figures Income With A Single Blog
  • The Affiliate Lab — One of The Popular Affiliate Marketing Courses (10000+ Students).
  • Authority Hacker Pro — The Best Course for Building Authority Site from Scratch.

1. The Authority Site System- Authority Hacker

Recently, I found that Google is favoring authority websites over niche websites, especially after recent algorithm updates.

So, I advise you to have a mix of niche and authoritative sites for a more balanced approach to affiliate marketing. And the best way to learn about creating authority websites is through the authority site system course. Incidentally, it helps you create an authoritative website from scratch.

If you are a beginner, then you are going to face a lot of challenges in creating an authoritative website. You need to do market research, keyword research, design & branding, content creation, link building, analytics & tracking, and more.

This affiliate marketing course will teach you a proven systematic approach to building authoritative websites.


What’s Included In The Course:

  • 15 in-depth modules
  • Over 180 video lessons which include real-life case studies
  • Building websites that quickly pass Core Web Vitals
  • Using expired domains to get results quickly
  • Learn branding, content creation, site structure, and more
  • Access to the library to pre-built templates
  • Access to exclusive Authority Hacker community

What I liked About the Course (Pros)

  • I particularly appreciated their systematic and comprehensive teaching approach, which is nothing short of spoon-feeding.
  • The in-depth teaching methodology that covers everything from keyword research to link building gives you real insights to get started with affiliate marketing and achieve success.
  • Its Facebook community is the most lively that I found. You can easily find answers to almost everything about the course.
  • And the 30-day complete refund policy gave me the confidence ( thankfully, I did) to invest in the course, which is in no way cost-effective.

What I Disliked About the Course (Cons)

  • It’s the price that was something I found to be at the higher end of the spectrum.

Pricing: You can purchase this course for just $997 with one payment. If you don’t want to pay at one time, you can pay six installments of $297. This will give you lifetime access to the course and updates. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this course.

2. The Affiliate Lab By Matt Diggity

My first exposure to affiliate marketing came through Matt Diggity’s video on YouTube. And I was hooked to the point that I instantly enrolled in his Affiliate Lab course.

The founder of Diggity Marketing, Matt Diggity, created The Affiliate Lab to help affiliate marketer rank, monetize, and flip high-competition affiliate websites. In this course, he shares the refined versions of all the SEO techniques & methods which he learned over the years.

He tested different techniques on hundreds of websites to see which methods were best and provided promising results.


I have applied his techniques in competitive niches and got terrific results from them. And as a cherry on top, Diggity’s also teaches you how to flip an existing website to make profits instantly.

If you follow his affiliate marketing course thoroughly, you’ll learn how to build websites from scratch and become a successful affiliate marketer.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Over 160 videos which consist of 24+ hours of affiliate marketing training programs.
  • Access to 6 plug-and-play templates & tools
  • Access to many SOPs and Checklists
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Uncover keyword opportunities in the keyword explorer
  • Learn how to build a website from scratch
  • Create an online persona to build trust & authority

What I liked About The Course (Pros)

  • I liked the affiliate combined with the SEO teaching approach.
  • It is beginner friendly.
  • I love the fact that it’s always updated and continually adds new modules.
  • The bonus stack ( Website Flipping Masterclass, Checklists & SOPs, AI Content Generation Playbook, etc.) alone is worth the money.
  • No upsells, which is certainly full filling, meaning you won’t be bombarded to pay extra for additional secrets.

What I disliked About the Course (Cons)

  • In a few modules, I found the sound quality not good, which is detrimental to the learning experience.
  • I was a little hesitant to opt for the course when I found out there’s no refund policy.

Pricing: There are two payment options to get this course. If you choose to pay in a single payment, you will need to pay $997, saving up to $217. If you choose to pay in two payments, then you will need to pay $597 in two payments.

3. Blog Growth Engine By Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy is one of the best bloggers of 2023, and I am an avid reader of his blog, adamenfroy.com. It still baffles me how quickly his blog rose to prominence. He started his blog back in 2019, and within two years, he started earning over 200K a month.

He quickly became part of the 7-figure club in revenue, which he teaches in his course Blog Growth Engine. If you are just starting a blog or already have a blog and want to take things to the next level, this course is the most recommended affiliate marketing course.


He launched his course in June 2021, and now he has over 500 students learning from his course. After starting his blog, Adam quit his job within six months, paid all his student loans, reinvested in his blog and future, and traveled worldwide while working.

So this is what a successful blog can do for you, but to reach his level, you need to work hard and give your time.

But you don’t need to experiment and fail over and again like Adam did because you can just learn from his mistakes with this course.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Over 50 hours of video lessons
  • 10 Different modules to learn
  • Over 30 individual lessons for you to learn
  • Access to different blogging templates that you can use to create your blog
  • Learn everything about link building
  • Learn how to create quality content that ranks on Google
  • How to turn blogging into a startup

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • I particularly appreciated the fact that Adam doesn’t hold back anything. He teaches the exact same strategy that he used to grow his blog to $90k per month.
  • Likewise, there’s something for everyone, which I liked – so no matter where you are in your journey to affiliate marketing, you will indeed find for yourself some value bombs.
  • Its advanced keyword research module and the additional methods that take you beyond affiliate earning are golden nuggets that I haven’t found in other courses.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • It’s a self-paced learning program, and I am not very fond of it. It might happen that people lose focus or interest halfway and drop from the course.

Pricing: The pricing of Blog Growth Engine is $3297, which is expensive compared to all the other courses on this list.

4. Authority Hacker Pro- Authority Hacker

At one point in my affiliate marketing journey, I was stuck with websites that weren’t getting enough traction. That’s when I stumbled upon the Authority Hacker Pro course, and there’s been no looking back since then.

The Authority Hacker Pro course is for those established websites that aren’t generating enough revenue. This affiliate marketing course will teach you email marketing, different affiliate marketing strategies, business optimization, general website growth, and internal processes.


This affiliate marketing course is for intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers because it provides the blueprint for growing, building, and flipping affiliate sites.

Apart from your course, I also loved their growth webinars. They are insightful, and you’ll learn the most advanced SEO techniques you can implement on your websites. It’s not a regular course with some lessons. It is a complete suite of different courses on different topics.

What’s Included In The Course

  • How to build a content team
  • Learn everything about email marketing
  • How to build a profitable website from scratch
  • Five blueprints that include SEO, Content, Social Media, Monetization, and Business Optimization
  • Access to Authority Hacker Pro community
  • Learn about blogging and guest posting
  • Website speed optimization

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • A glittering advantage of the course, in my opinion, is the 360-degree approach to affiliate marketing.
  • I particularly appreciate that the course completely focuses on white hat techniques that ensure sustainable long-term growth and profitability in affiliate marketing.
  • In some cases, you can avail of up to 40% discount, which significantly brings down the cost and make the course more affordable.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • Seats are limited, which I think deprives many would-be affiliate marketers of learning real skills.
  • I have noticed that a few of the blueprints haven’t been updated in a while.

Pricing: You can pay $2497 once for lifetime access to this course, including any future updates. You can also pay 12 installments of $249 to access this course.

5. Savage Affiliate By Franklin Hatchett

In my opinion, Franklin Hatchett is one of the best coaches in the affiliate marketing world. When I was a beginner in Affiliate marketing, I was searching for an affordable yet extensive course on marketing funnels. And my search ended with Savage Affiliate by Franklin Hatchett.

The course proved to be a game changer for me and significantly advanced my knowledge about integrating affiliate marketing business with well-optimized funnels.

With its funnel academy, you can learn how to integrate your affiliate marketing business into funnels. The course also refined my knowledge about creating highly converting funnels to bring in affiliate sales.


Many automated email marketing systems are available in the market, but if you don’t know how to set them up, then it’s of no use to you.

This course teaches you how to automate your email marketing to capture and send emails. With its SEO academy, you can learn everything about SEO from Franklin’s personal experience.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Over-the-shoulder affiliate marketing training
  • Complete funnel training & setup
  • Amazon affiliate marketing training
  • Google SEO traffic mastery training
  • Access to the inner circle of Franklin Hatchett
  • Complete Website training & set up
  • Web hosting affiliate method training

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • Throughout the course, I never came across something that sounded too technical. This approach of Franklin Hatchett makes the course really suitable for beginners.
  • Franklin’s excessive focus on understanding niches and effectively finding them is a real help for affiliate marketing neophytes. It ensures that learners choose the most suitable niche, minimizing the chances of failure.
  • Most importantly, the in-depth knowledge of sales funnel building and its incorporation into the affiliate marketing blog allows this course to stand out.
  • I also learned much about generating free traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Forums, etc., from the Savage Affiliate course.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • Franklin doesn’t shy away from teaching Black hat techniques for website optimization and ranking like PBNs. I am not a supporter of Black hat SEO and will advise beginners to stick to white hat techniques only.
  • There’s some upsell in the form of a click funnel subscription. If you don’t sign up for a ClickFunnels subscription, you won’t be able to use the free funnels provided by Franklin.

Pricing: There are two pricing options available for this course. If you pay $197 once, you will get access to the complete course with no extras. If you pay $297 once, you will get access to the complete course with some exclusive extras.

6. The Project 24 System By Income School

Another excellent course that has transformed my affiliate marketing business is Project 24. I was awestruck by the practical techniques taught in the course.

The course has a simple approach and is designed to help affiliate marketer grow their affiliate marketing business. It is a web company that teaches entrepreneurs how to make a 4,5, or 6-figure affiliate marketing website.

With this course, I learned to create online business affiliate sites from scratch, harness the power of video, SEO methods & techniques, and monetize websites.


If you are a non-technical person, this course can be a good choice. The only thing this course lacks is that it does not teach you anything about link building and keyword research. Instead, it teaches you SEO basics, email marketing 101, and more. You can also learn how to make money through YouTube with their module “The YouTube System.”

What’s Included In The Course:

  • The complete affiliate marketing course
  • Access to members-only podcasts
  • Live virtual masterminds
  • The full blogging system
  • Learn about site monetization
  • A 60-step blueprint for becoming an expert from a beginner
  • Multi-platform expertise such as Google, Pinterest, and YouTube

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • Only a few marketers ever reveal their sites; it’s because of the possibility of negative SEO. But the project’s 24 creators don’t shy away from it and have revealed their potential money-making site just to teach the learners practical affiliate marketing tactics.
  • One of the big pros of the Project 24 course, in my opinion, is that they don’t solely rely on affiliate commissions. They also teach ways to make money through display advertising, helping learners to diversify their income stream.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • Nothing on advanced SEO stuff, which in my view, is a big shortcoming of The Project 24 System course. It means users have to find other avenues to learn advanced SEO skills.
  • Another downside, in my opinion, is that the course doesn’t provide lifetime access. It needs annual payment for continued access to the course, which makes it quite expensive.

Pricing: You can get access to this course for a year at just $449. If you think it is the right option, you can renew your subscription to this course for $249/year after the first year.

7. 1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn

If you need a comprehensive course that teaches you all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, look no further than 1.2.3 Affiliate Marketing. This course is designed for beginners, intermediates, and affiliate marketing experts.

I took it to further my understanding of affiliate marketing and learn the best strategies to navigate this competitive industry effectively.

Pat Flynn created this course, and he is already one of the most prominent affiliate marketers in this industry. If you want tips & tricks on affiliate marketing, you can also follow his blog Smart Passive Income.


This course has interactive video-based affiliate marketing training programs. These programs can help you get sales from affiliate marketing; even a beginner can do that with this course.

But the thing I truly appreciate is that the course taught me how to identify the products that are best to promote, enabling me to get a better affiliate commission.

And I just loved that you also get the weekly office hours of Pat Flynn. It has allowed me to interact with the veteran and obtain personalized guidance.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • How to pick the best platform to do affiliate marketing
  • How to choose the right products to promote
  • How to build trust with your visitors
  • How to use the power of proof
  • How to turn affiliate relationships into business relationships
  • How to promote products legally
  • Access to private SPI Academy Circle community

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • One thing I particularly appreciated about the course is the direct access to Pat Flynn. This way, I was able to clear my doubt directly from the course creator.
  • Segmented mastermind groups based on the extent of business is also helpful. You get to interact with like-minded people and grow.
  • I also liked the concise nature of the training that explicitly focuses on affiliate marketing.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • The course doesn’t include anything about traffic generation, which is the ultimate aim of online business. It’s one of the biggest downsides, in my opinion.
  • I have noticed that the course is not updated in a while, which is a big setback because online is a dynamic world, and strategies become obsolete in a matter of months.

Pricing: You can get access to this course for just $599 once. You will get lifetime access to this course and any future updates. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their affiliate marketing training.

8. Clickbank Success By Udemy

You know, you can earn without creating a website in affiliate marketing? It’s true, and ClickBank Success is the perfect course to learn the tricks, in my opinion.

When I was a neophyte in the affiliate marketing arena, Clickbank caught my fancy. It’s one of the best ways to make money, but I wasn’t quite sure how to utilize the platform effectively.

Then I found the ClickBank Success By Udemu course, and it was a game-changer.

With the Clickbank success course, I learned to choose profitable products that I could quickly sell. It is the best course for beginners to learn everything about affiliate marketing in a nutshell.


The instructor of this course is KC Tan, and he reveals all his secrets to earning money through Clickbank in this course.

It saved me the hassle of creating websites, and the best thing was I didn’t have to shell out too many dollars to get all the knowledge. It’s budget-friendly and gives you lifetime access to the course. A win-win in all aspects.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Three hours of on-demand video
  • 24 articles on strategies
  • Certificate of completion
  • Learn how to choose the right product to promote on Clickbank
  • Learn how to promote products of Clickbank on Facebook
  • Discover new affiliate marketing strategies
  • Learn to create a profitable advertising campaign

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • I found the support really crisp. If you have doubts, the team will clarify them promptly.
  • The course gets into the details regarding concepts and strategies to ace Clickbank affiliates.
  • The course’s affordability also deserves mention. The low entry barrier due to price makes it a risk-free investment.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • I was disappointed with the video quality. Sometimes, the images are way out of focus, making it challenging to discern with its about.

Pricing: The one-time pricing of this course is $119.99, but you can purchase this course at a discount on Udemy whenever a sale occurs.

9. Commission Hero By Robby Blanchard

If you’re interested in Clickbank affiliate and want to make money without prior experience in affiliate marketing, then Commission Hero is the right affiliate marketing course for you. This course is taught by none other than Robby Blanchard, who is one of the best Clickbank affiliates.

Clickbank is an affiliate network connecting with popular brands to help affiliates and vendors make money.


Commission Hero differs from other courses on this list because it focuses on getting affiliate commissions using paid traffic instead of organic traffic. This is not a comprehensive affiliate marketing course where you can learn to start a blog and earn affiliate commissions through it. Robby teaches how to run effective Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, and ads on different social media platforms

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Learn all the techniques of #1 Affiliate uses
  • Learn to make $1000 in a day
  • Access to a three-step system for making commissions online
  • Access to Commission Hero private coaching group
  • Complete done-for-you landing pages
  • Access to Robby’s Facebook Super Profit Training System
  • Live weekly QnA and coaching

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • The course includes sales funnel templates which remove the hassle of creating one yourself. It gets you started with funnels in no time.
  • I appreciated the fact the course focuses heavily on training to identify profitable affiliate offers.
  • I also liked the fact that the course especially emphasized paid advertising. It helped me scale my affiliate business through paid media in no time.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • It’s a hefty investment because you will need a significant budget to get started with paid ads.
  • There’s a real issue of ads accounts shutting down. And I found the methods to avoid these bans not very effective.

Pricing: The Commission Hero course costs $997 once. You can also pay for the course in two installments of $597.

10. Fat Stacks Bundle By Jon Dykstra

As I told you earlier, I am a fan of niche websites. And if you share my likings, then Fat Stacks Bundle By Jon Dykstra will be a perfect affiliate marketing course for you.

Jon Dykstra, the owner of FatStacksBlog.com, has created the course Fat Stacks Bundle, which focuses on creating niche websites and how to earn money through those niche sites.

The best thing I found is that Jon actually adheres to what it teaches. With the same strategies he teaches in the course, he is making around $50K/month. And his methods are proven because many of his students ( including me ) are earning through their niche sites.


This course differs from the Authority Site System course because it focuses on earning through Google ads instead of affiliate commissions. However, you can also use your niche site to earn affiliate commissions because getting money from all sides doesn’t hurt. If you are a beginner, this is the right course.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Access to 11 different core courses
  • Learn how to select a profitable niche & domain
  • How to set up a website tutorial
  • Learn the value of long-tail keywords
  • How to autopilot the content of a niche website
  • Learn to build links naturally
  • Learn everything about on-page SEO

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • Jon teaches the frontline strategies that he applies to his own blogs.
  • The 30-day money-back guarantees significantly simplified the onboarding for me – no worries about losing money if the course didn’t meet my expectations.
  • I found the community forum lit with value bombs regarding affiliate marketing – it alone with dollars.
  • Teaches multiple traffic generation methods, which was a real help to me as it diversifies the traffic avenues for affiliate websites.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • I was a bit disappointed with the content creation part. The course advocates quality content but doesn’t provide practical advice to do so.
  • I found the course layout confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to make the head or the tail of the course.

Pricing: The pricing of the Fat Stacks Bundle course is $497, which gives you one year of access to the course, and you can renew your subscription at just $97 every year.

11. Learn How To Build High-Quality Affiliate Websites By Udemy

I know the confusion and uncertainty when you are new to affiliate marketing. You need spoon-feeding to learn your way around. And that’s what the ‘Learn How To Build High-Quality Affiliate Websites By Udemy’ do.

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing course to set up your first blog, or you’re just searching for the best niches and haven’t found them yet, this is the right course.

Andrew Williams is the instructor of this course. He has proven to be an outstanding guide in my affiliate marketing journey. His experience and insights have taught me how to find the best niches for my blog, create a fully-fledged affiliate website, set up WordPress, create a trusted and reliable author bio, and so much more.


And the thing I loved most about the course is that you don’t need to be a pro; you don’t need to be a pro; you can start from scratch and learn everything about the world of blogging. This course is excellent for those who want to use affiliate marketing as a side hustle or full-time thing and earn a living.

However, even after finishing this course and learning everything from it, you may not earn anything from your affiliate online business because it takes a lot of time for beginners to earn from an affiliate website.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Learn to build high-quality affiliate sites without any hassle
  • Learn everything about affiliate marketing and how it works
  • Earn a passive income from your affiliate website
  • Learn to monetize your website
  • Setting up your WordPress website
  • Create social channels and author bio before publishing any content
  • Learn to create the main content for your website

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • The hand-held approach is noteworthy, in my opinion, and particularly suitable for beginners.
  • The lucid language of the course is another advantage that deserves mention.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • General information on WordPress might not be useful for intermediate or expert affiliate marketers.
  • The creator sometimes seems to be in a hurry and does not offer practical advice. For example, there are no real insights about building or ranking affiliate websites.

Pricing: The pricing of this course is $89.99, but you can get this course at a discount when you buy it during Udemy sales which come almost every month.

12. Passive Income Geek

The Passive Income Geek course has a real significance in my affiliate marketing endeavor. It is one of the top online affiliate marketing programs created by one of the best affiliate marketers, “Morten Storgaard.”

Morten has over 14 years of experience in affiliate marketing. He builds a website with the intent to get them to make money as passively as possible. Unlike many other course creators, Marten’s affiliate sites are very translucent and share some of them publicly.

Passive Income Geek

Also, Morten successfully runs a portfolio of his successful sites alongside passive income geek. Passive Income Geek covers everything that one affiliate marketer should need to know to start a successful affiliate site. 

What’s Included In The Course:

  • How to choose a niche
  • Finding the perfect domain name and setting up a site
  • Find the perfect affiliate program.
  • How to do SEO & creating content
  • Outsourcing 
  • Monetizing your site

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • It was awesome to have early access to Ezoic. It ensured that my website was ready to display ads and churn money right from the beginning.
  • I was amazed by the pricing – it’s comparatively much lower than other courses.
  • The courses heavily focused on finding untapped affiliate opportunities, which I think is critical for affiliate success.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • Absolutely no details regarding the technical aspects of website building. I think a course that projects itself as beginner friendly should cover a bit of it.
  • No advanced SEO stuff like link building etc. is another disadvantage that forces users to look for other avenues.

Pricing: The pricing of Passive Income Geek is $297 for one year and $99 for each additional year. 

13. Digital Worth Academy

Digital Worth Academy is an excellent online training program that has guided me step-by-step in building a successful affiliate marketer and authority website. But what thrilled me more is the expertise of its authors – Andrew Hansen and Sara Young. The duo has been making money from affiliate marketing for over 20 years.

Signing up for Digital Worth Academy gives you lifetime access to several exclusive tools designed to help you as a successful digital marketer with their in-depth training. 

Digital Worth Academy

This course is an excellent option for anyone looking to build a career in affiliate marketing. It has equipped me with all the knowledge needed to thrive in the industry and build a successful affiliate marketing career. The only downside of their course is its price is high compared to many other online courses on our top lists.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • How to find a perfect profitable niche
  • How to select niche-specific keywords and affiliate products to promote
  • How to build a successful affiliate website
  • Build SEO-optimized content and monetize them
  • Off-site SEO to boost rankings and traffic

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • The course takes a long-term approach, and I like it. It prepares the mindset that affiliate marketing requires dedication.
  • One aspect of the Digital Worth Academy course that impressed me most is that it touches on the subject of content creation in excessive detail.
  • The course structure is refined, and I had no difficulty navigating it. It is neatly stacked in 7 models with 30 components and 150 total videos.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • The course is not updated in a while, and if it remains idle for a bit longer, I am afraid it will lose its value and viability.

14. Blog Biz Launch By Create And Go

At some point in your affiliate marketing career, you will start thinking about scaling the business. The same was the case with me when I heard about Blog Biz Launch by Create and Go.

If you are planning to start a blog business and then get into affiliate marketing to earn money, then this course is perfect for you. This course has taught me everything I needed to start and run a blog business. The creators of this course are a team of bloggers who already have successful blog websites in different niches. With this course, you don’t need any technical or coding skills to start your blog business.

Blog Biz Launch By Create And Go

I must say, venturing into the blog business was overwhelming at first. The industry is already crowded, and there are already plenty of marketers with successful blog businesses. I had lots of questions – how am I going to start? Will I get a return on my investment? Thankfully, the course offered satisfactory answers to all the questions related to starting a blog business. With this course, you can also escape from your 9-5 life and build a successful blog business from scratch.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Learn to set up and launch your very first website
  • Use a customizable theme to design your website
  • Create content that stands out from the herd
  • Email trust funnel templates as a bonus
  • Lifetime access to the course with future updates
  • Learn to build your audience
  • Learn to use Google SEO to your advantage

What I liked about the course (Pros)

  • The A to Z approach to teaching affiliate marketing makes it comprehensive and detailed.
  • The email marketing module was most helpful to me. The course contains readymade email templates that get you started with email marketing in no time.
  • Additional bonuses like Affiliate Programs and Marketplaces Round-Up and Email Trust Funnels Templates expand the scope of the course.

What I disliked about the course (Cons)

  • I would have liked the courses more if they had delved a bit deep into social media traffic.
  • The basic stuff wasn’t very helpful to me, so I had to skip most of the lesson on basic stuff.

Pricing: You can buy this course with a one-time payment of $297, or you can pay it in two installments of $157/month.

15. The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners 2023

Another one of my favorite affiliate marketing courses from Udemy – The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners 2023.

You get to learn everything about affiliate marketing from the owner of a famous digital marketing agency, Joshua George. It is not one of those courses where you will learn only about theory but never how to apply the learning. Joshua teaches you everything by doing everything step-by-step. From the moment I enrolled, I was immersed in practical techniques. The course starts by teaching you everything about affiliate marketing basics.

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners 2023

But the best thing is that the course has greatly helped me find profitable affiliate marketing niches with ease. It also helps you in finding the best affiliate marketing programs. And most importantly, the course also taught me the seven different strategies to get traffic to my affiliate website.

The course has everything in it, and after finishing this course, I am sure that creating affiliate websites will become a child’s play for you.

What’s Included In The Course:

  • Learn to validate affiliate marketing niches
  • Learn to make affiliate sales without a website
  • Learn to generate affiliate revenue using email marketing
  • 11 hours of on-demand videos
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • No previous knowledge of affiliate marketing required

    Pricing: The actual pricing of this course is $84.99, but you can get it at just $12.99 during a Udemy sale.

    16. Multi-Profit Site – Doug Cunnington

    Doug Cunnignton is a real inspiration for affiliate marketers like me. He is a hugely successful affiliate marketer himself, who has created multiple successful websites in the Amazon affiliate niche.

    Based on his experience, he created this course that is now helping new affiliate marketers in generating six figures from Amazon affiliate sites. Doug is also known for his famous blog Niche Site Project which is one of the best blogs on affiliate marketing and was featured on Ahrefs and CNBC.

    Multi Profit Site - Doug Cunnington

    In this course, he created a step-by-step blueprint, and the course includes proven techniques, principles, and strategies that will work for everyone who follows them religiously.

    I particularly appreciated the pace of the course. It doesn’t feel like a drag – it’s on point and concise. The course only lasts for eight weeks, and during this time, you will learn competitor analysis, finding the perfect niche, link building, how to create compelling content, setting your first niche website, and how to build your email list from scratch.

    What’s Included In The Course:

    • Create your first niche website and start getting organic traffic on it within eight weeks
    • 12 units of video lessons
    • Choosing the perfect niche to start with
    • Finding the best keywords for your website
    • How to use the best SEO tools
    • Creating the best content for your website

    What I liked about the course (Pros)

    • I valued the one-on-one training sessions with Doug Connington.
    • The course allows you to pay in installments – it made the course affordable and pocket friendly for me.
    • I was thrilled with the fast-paced nature of the course. It doesn’t beat the bush and helps you create websites that drive traffic within two months.

    What I disliked about the course (Cons)

    • The one-on-one coaching is only available with a Premium subscription. That’s a big opportunity missed for those on the standard plan.

    Pricing: There are three pricing options available to get access to all the courses of WSO. The VIP membership costs $23.95/month, the platinum lifetime membership costs $127 once, and the lifetime membership costs $69.95 once.

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    Conclusion: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses (2023)

    So this is our list of the best affiliate marketing courses; now, the only question remains: Which one is best for you?

    We recommend The Affiliate Lab and The Authority Site System courses start. These courses have helped us in building Demandsage from scratch. But if you want an affordable course, you can choose Affiliate Marketing Masterclass, which is excellent for beginners.

    If you’ve already built a website generating revenue and want to scale that website to the next level, then we recommend the Authority Hacker Pro course.

    We hope you can choose the best course for yourself with our list. Let us know your thoughts on these courses in the comment section below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between Premium courses vs free courses?

    It’s hard to find a free course that offers excellent value, as most of its content is outdated or useless. But it will be excellent for beginners who are new to online. Premium courses, on the other hand, offer great value for your money, they are constantly being updated, offer regular support, and the list goes on. 

    What are the best online affiliate marketing courses?

    These are our team’s favorite and best premium online-affiliate marketing courses you can try. 
    The Authority Site System– Authority Hacker [$997 for lifetime access]
    The Affiliate Lab By Matt Diggity [$997 single payment can save up to $217, or $597 in two payments]
    Blog Growth Engine By Adam Enfroy [$3297]

    Do I need to invest money to start affiliate marketing?

    You don’t need any money to start an affiliate marketing website. Some affiliate programs don’t require any prior payment. All you need is to signup for their affiliate program and start promoting. You’ll need to pay those ad platforms to show your ads if you go with paid ads. 

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